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  • High Scalability: NetNut's proxies are designed to be highly scalable, ensuring they can handle varying demands, from simple online anonymity tasks to collecting data from challenging targets.
  • Fastest Datacenter IPs: NetNut boasts some of the fastest datacenter proxies available. This speed ensures quick data retrieval, making web scraping and other online tasks more efficient.
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee: Reliability is a hallmark of NetNut's service. They guarantee a 99.9% network uptime, ensuring that users experience minimal disruptions or downtime.
  • Limitless Datacenter IPs: NetNut operates premium Datacenter servers, providing proxies with one-hop connectivity. This means traffic isn't routed through end-users devices, eliminating potential bottlenecks and ensuring a smooth flow of data.
  • Quality Assurance: All of NetNut's servers are located on major internet routes or at ISP network connectivity points that they completely control, ensuring the quality of the service.
  • Dedicated Support: Users benefit from top-tier support, including assistance from a dedicated account manager and full integration support when needed.


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NetNut Datacenter Proxies provide a highly scalable and reliable proxy solution, boasting over 150K worldwide IPs. Designed for both businesses and individuals, these proxies ensure outstanding performance with load-balancing servers for unlimited concurrent sessions, fast data retrieval, and a user-friendly interface, all backed by a 99.9% uptime guarantee and top-tier support.

NetNut Datacenter Proxies offer a diverse range of pricing plans, starting from the Starter Plan at $1/GB to more advanced packages that provide greater value per GB, with each plan tailored to accommodate varying data needs and levels of support, ensuring both affordability and flexibility for users.

NetNut Datacenter Proxies Location:

NetNut's Datacenter Proxies boast a vast global presence, ensuring users have access to a wide range of IP addresses from various countries. Here's a detailed breakdown of their IP distribution:

  • United States (US): NetNut offers a staggering 2,316,791 IPs, making it one of the most extensive pools available.
  • Mexico: Users can access 556,454 IPs from this North American country.
  • France: From the heart of Europe, NetNut provides 967,890 IPs.
  • Italy: A significant European presence is further established, with 696,832 IPs from Italy.
  • Germany: Another European powerhouse, Germany, contributes 864,182 IPs to the pool.
  • India: Catering to the Asian subcontinent, NetNut offers 1,087,258 IPs from India.
  • Canada: From the northern part of the Americas, there are 588,437 IPs available.
  • United Kingdom (UK): The UK adds a substantial number with 956,262 IPs.
  • Argentina: Rounding off the list, South America's Argentina provides 580,293 IPs.

Specification: NetNut Datacenter Proxies

Proxy Brands


Pool Of IPs


Average Proxy Speed


Billing Type

Bandwidth Based Subscription

Proxy IP Type

Datacenter IPs

IP Rotation

Static IP Proxies

GEOtargeting (Proxy Filter)

Country-Level Targeting

Proxy Rotation

Sticky Session

Proxy Protocol


Proxy User Access

Private Proxies, Shared Proxies

Proxy Authentication

Username + Password

Proxy Integration

Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

Free Trials & Refunds

Free Trial

Free Trial

7 Days

Money-Back Guarantee


Location Supported

Canada Proxies, Germany Proxies, India Proxies, UK Proxies, US Proxies

Pricing Plan

Starter Plan, Advanced Plan, Production Plan

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NetNut Datacenter Proxies


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