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  • IP Rotation Features: Users have the flexibility to rotate their IPs either manually, at specific intervals, or using an API. This dynamic feature offers an added layer of security and adaptability for different tasks.
  • Unlimited Data & Clean IPs: Airproxy promises unlimited data usage without throttling. Moreover, their IPs have a 0% Spam & Fraud score, ensuring smooth operations without being flagged.
  • Dedicated SIM Card: Each proxy comes with a dedicated SIM card, meaning no sharing of IPs. This enhances user privacy and security.
  • Transparent Pricing: The pricing structure is clear with an option for a 72-hour trial at €9.90. For longer durations, the cost is €87 per proxy for 30 days, which includes unlimited bandwidth, dedicated SIM cards, and limitless IP rotations.
  • Flexible Payment Options: They accept a variety of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, crypto payments, and wire transfers, making it convenient for users worldwide.


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When it comes to web scraping, multi-account handling for social media, and sneaker copping, the right proxy is a must-have. Enter Airproxy's Mobile Proxies, a solution that seems to cater to the modern proxy user. It boldly positions its mobile proxies for a variety of uses, including Instagram, Facebook Ads, scraping, and more. This speaks volumes about the company's faith in its product.


  • Mobile-Based Proxies: Unlike traditional proxies that originate from datacenters, Airproxy provides mobile proxies. These are based on mobile IP addresses, mimicking real users' behavior, which significantly reduces the risk of detection.
  • Dynamic IP Rotation: Airproxy offers its users the flexibility to rotate their IP addresses either automatically at set intervals or manually via an API. This feature is invaluable for tasks like web scraping, where multiple requests from the same IP might lead to bans.
  • Unlimited Data Usage: One of the significant pain points with many proxy providers is data limits. Airproxy eliminates this concern by offering unlimited data, ensuring users can operate without worrying about exhausting their data limits.
  • Dedicated SIM Card for Each Proxy: Each proxy provided by Airproxy comes with its dedicated SIM card. This means that users get unique IPs, enhancing security, and ensuring there's no overlap with other users.
  • Tax Invoice Facility: For businesses and professionals, Airproxy provides tax invoices, allowing them to account for and write off their proxy expenses.
  • Customizable IP Change: Beyond the automatic IP change feature, users can set specific intervals for IP rotations or even opt for changes at particular times of the day, offering tailored proxy experiences based on individual needs.

Price and Location

Situated in Italy, Airproxy specializes in delivering top-notch mobile 4G proxy services. These proxies operate using predominantly Vodafone SIM cards, though they are versatile enough to accommodate specific Mobile Number Operator (MNO) requests from their clientele. What sets Airproxy apart is its commitment to authenticity. By utilizing their in-house modems and SIM cards, they exclusively offer Italian proxies, ensuring genuine and reliable IP addresses for users.

A monthly subscription to Airproxy's services comes at a competitive price of €87 per proxy. This package encompasses a plethora of features, from unlimited bandwidth and a dedicated SIM card to flexible IP rotations and instantaneous delivery.

For those in need of bulk proxy solutions, Airproxy intimates the availability of special discounts on larger orders. However, for a detailed pricing breakdown, a direct consultation with the company is recommended.


Airproxy's Mobile Proxies offer a comprehensive solution for those in the market for reliable and undetectable proxies. With a plethora of features, dedicated SIM cards, and a user-centric approach, they seem to be a strong contender in the proxy world. While the pricing might be on the higher side, the features on offer could justify the cost for serious users. All in all, Airproxy seems to be paving the way for the next generation of proxy solutions.

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Airproxy Mobile Proxies
Airproxy Mobile Proxies


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