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Smartproxy ISP Proxies

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  • ISP Static Residential Proxies: These proxies are IP addresses assigned by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to devices. They offer the complete anonymity of a residential proxy with the speed of a datacenter proxy, making them suitable for intensive tasks.
  • Effective for High Traffic Tasks: The combined stability of residential proxies and speed of datacenter proxies make ISP proxies ideal for handling high-traffic tasks, offering a high success rate and effectiveness on various websites.
  • Customizable Plans and Flexible Pricing: Smartproxy offers different subscription plans that match various needs. It also provides an option for a 3-day money-back guarantee. The pricing per GB starts from $14 and can be as low as $9.5 based on the plan chosen.
  • On-Demand IP Rotation and Unlimited Bandwidth: These proxies offer the benefit of rotating on-demand IPs. This means you can change your IP address whenever needed, providing a higher level of anonymity. Additionally, they provide unlimited bandwidth allowing for continuous, unrestricted web activities.
  • Broad Use Cases: Smartproxy's ISP proxies can be used in a variety of contexts, including social media marketing, eCommerce management, SEO monitoring, price and travel aggregation, AdTech tasks, market research, web data collection, and brand protection.
  • Comprehensive Security: Smartproxy ensures secure payments with 256-bit SSL encryption. It supports various payment methods, including Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Amex, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  • User-friendly Interface and 24/7 Support: Smartproxy offers hassle-free integration with a user-friendly dashboard that includes complete usage statistics. They also provide 24/7 support via LiveChat, dedicated account managers, and developer-friendly documentation.
  • Geographical Freedom: With ISP proxies, you're able to break free from geographical restrictions and access online marketplaces or other geo-restricted content from different locations, boosting your global reach.


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Smartproxy ISP Proxies provide a robust and efficient solution for individuals and businesses looking to leverage the power of proxies for their online activities. These static ISP proxies combine the stability of residential proxies with the speed of datacenter proxies, providing high-speed performance with an uptime of 99.99%. Smartproxy offers flexible plans, 24/7 support, and features like rotating on-demand IPs and unlimited bandwidth.

They currently offer a shared IP pool, with over 16,000 static residential proxies based in the US, ensuring excellent coverage and performance. Additionally, Smartproxy is working on bringing dedicated IPs in the near future, further enhancing their service offerings.

Smartproxy ISP Proxies Use Cases

  1. Social Media Marketing: With ISP proxies, marketers can run multiple social media automation tasks without risking being flagged or blocked for suspicious behavior. This is because the proxies provide different IP addresses, making the tasks appear as if they are being carried out by different users.
  2. Web Data Collection: For businesses that rely heavily on web scraping, ISP proxies are invaluable. They allow companies to scrape websites at scale, bypassing anti-scraping technologies to collect the data that fuels growth.
  3. E-commerce Management: ISP proxies help break free from geographical restrictions. This is beneficial for businesses that want to access different online marketplaces from various locations. They can monitor competitors' prices, product availability, and more, all from a seemingly local perspective.
  4. SEO Monitoring: ISP proxies allow for the accurate gathering of search engine data, enabling businesses to conduct comprehensive keyword research and track rankings for specific locations. This is particularly useful for businesses with a global customer base that needs to monitor and improve their SEO performance across different regions.

Smartproxy ISP Proxies Price and Plan

Smartproxy ISP Proxies offers a range of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Starting from the Nano plan for smaller data needs, they scale up to the Advanced plan for enterprise-level requirements. Each plan ensures robust features like rotating on-demand IPs, 99.99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, and sessions.

Notably, they also offer a 3-day money-back option across all plans. The cost per GB decreases as you upgrade your plan, making it cost-effective for users with higher data requirements. Each plan is billed monthly, and the Enterprise plans also include dedicated account management for enhanced support and service.

How to Use Smartproxy ISP Proxies

Setting up and using Smartproxy ISP Proxies is an easy process and can be done in a few simple steps:

  1. Sign Up: Start by creating a Smartproxy account. You can do this by visiting their website and following the sign-up prompts.
  2. Choose a Plan: Once your account is set up, select a static (ISP) residential proxy plan that best fits your requirements. They offer different plans based on your data needs.
  3. Configure Your Proxy Request: The next step is to configure your proxy request. This will involve setting up the proxy server in your preferred internet browser or software.
  4. Synchronize Your App (Optional): If you are using a specific application or bot, you can synchronize the proxy request formulation with it. This step may vary depending on the software you are using.
  5. Set Your Target: With your proxy configured, you can choose any target website or online service. Smartproxy ISP Proxies allow you to leverage unlimited bandwidth and concurrent sessions, giving you the freedom to run as many tasks as you need.
  6. Run Your Tasks: With everything set up, you can now run your tasks without worrying about interruptions or IP bans. The best part is that you can keep the same IP for as long as you need.

Specification: Smartproxy ISP Proxies

Proxy Brands


Pool Of IPs


Average Proxy Speed


Billing Type

Bandwidth Based Subscription

Proxy IP Type

Residential IPs

IP Rotation

Static IP Proxies

GEOtargeting (Proxy Filter)

Country-Level Targeting

Proxy Rotation

Sticky Session

Proxy Protocol


Proxy User Access

Private Proxies

Proxy Authentication

Username + Password

Proxy Integration

API Endpoint, Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

Free Trials & Refunds

Money Back Guarantee

Free Trial


Money-Back Guarantee

3 days

Location Supported

US Proxies

Pricing Plan

Nano, Micro, Starter, Regular

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Smartproxy ISP Proxies


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