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  • Global Coverage: Shifter offers one of the most extensive residential proxy networks, with coverage in every country in the world and over 31 million residential IPs. Regardless of where you connect from, Shifter's networking technology provides you with the fastest speeds.
  • Advanced Residential Proxies: Shifter provides both rotating and on-demand proxies. Rotating proxies shift IPs at a custom interval, providing a high level of anonymity, while on-demand proxies offer a single entry point for requests, removing the need to manage multiple proxy ports.
  • Unlimited Sessions: This means that users have the ability to run as many concurrent sessions as they need without any restrictions. This feature is particularly useful for users managing large-scale operations, as it allows them to scale their projects indefinitely whenever required.
  • Customizable Settings: Shifter allows users to instantly configure IP rotation time, geolocation settings, and the type of proxy used. This level of customization aids in emulating real user behavior, making your activity virtually undetectable.
  • High Uptime and Fast Response: Shifter promises 99.99% uptime and ultra-fast response rates, which are essential for maintaining consistent and efficient operations.
  • Integration and Developer-Friendly: Shifter's residential proxies can be integrated into your applications or 3rd party tools within minutes. This makes it a user-friendly solution, suitable for both non-technical users and developers.
  • Support and Guarantee: Shifter provides 24/7 support and offers a money-back guarantee, demonstrating their confidence in the service's performance and their commitment to customer satisfaction.


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Shifter Residential Proxies is an advanced proxy service, known for its global coverage and lightning-fast speeds. Shifter's network offers over 31 million residential IPs worldwide, ensuring efficient and untraceable operations from anywhere. The service features both rotating and on-demand proxies, giving users the flexibility to customize their settings for optimal results.

With high uptime, rapid response rates, and seamless integration capabilities, Shifter is a user-friendly solution that fits both non-technical and developer-oriented needs. This service ensures that user activities remain virtually undetectable, mimicking real user behavior by offering adjustable IP rotation times, geolocation settings, and proxy types.

Shifter Residential Proxies Locations

Shifter Residential Proxies boasts a truly global coverage, spanning all continents and regions, ensuring reliable and efficient operations for users who need to work from various locations worldwide.

In Asia, Shifter offers proxies in several countries, from the Middle East to the Far East and South Asia, including but not limited to major economies and emerging markets. In Europe, Shifter’s services cover countries from the north to the south, east to west, including the United Kingdom, Germany, and several Eastern European countries.

Shifter also extends its coverage to Africa, with residential proxies available in numerous countries across the continent. This is coupled with its presence in Oceania, where it covers the main economies and island nations, including Australia and New Zealand.

The extensive coverage continues in North America, with Shifter offering residential proxies in both the United States and Canada, along with numerous countries in the Caribbean. In South America, Shifter’s coverage spans across the entire continent, offering users a range of options.

  • USA: 4,736,528 IPs,
  • UK: 1,524,379 IPs
  • Germany: 1,933,754 IPs
  • Russia: 2,176,248 IPs.
  • Australia: 1,028,171 IPs

Shifter Residential Proxies Price and Plan

Shifter Residential Proxies offers two main types of plans to cater to diverse needs: Special Rotating Proxies and Basic Rotating Proxies.

  • Special Rotating Proxies are premium plans providing advanced features such as Geo Targeting and large traffic inclusions. These plans, optimized for speed, are priced higher due to the enhanced features they offer.
  • Basic Rotating Proxies, on the other hand, are affordable plans providing random geo-location features. These plans, while being cost-effective, still offer speed optimization and reliability.

Regardless of the type, all plans give access to Shifter's network of over 31 million residential IPs. They offer flexibility in choosing the number of proxies and traffic inclusions based on the user's requirements. Extra traffic beyond the included amount incurs additional costs.

Specification: Shifter Residential Proxies

Proxy Brands


Pool Of IPs

31 Million

Average Proxy Speed

10.37 Mbps

Billing Type

IP: Port Based Subscription

Proxy IP Type

Residential IPs

IP Rotation

Rotating IP Proxies

GEOtargeting (Proxy Filter)

Country-Level Targeting

Proxy Rotation

Rotating Session, Sticky Session

Proxy Protocol


Proxy User Access

Private Proxies, Shared Proxies

Proxy Authentication

IP Authentication, Username + Password

Proxy Integration

API Endpoint, Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

Free Trials & Refunds

Money Back Guarantee

Free Trial


Money-Back Guarantee

3 days

Location Supported

Australia Proxies, Germany Proxies, Russia Proxies, UK Proxies, US Proxies

Pricing Plan

5 Special Rotating Proxies Plan, 10 Special Rotating Proxies Plan, 25 Special Rotating Proxies Plan, 50 Special Rotating Proxies Plan, 5 Basic Rotating Proxies Plan, 10 Basic Rotating Proxies Plan, 25 Basic Rotating Proxies Plan, 50 Basic Rotating Proxies Plan

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Shifter Residential Proxies
Shifter Residential Proxies


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