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  • Massive IP Pool: HydraProxy Residential Proxies boasts a substantial pool of over 5 million real residential IP addresses. This extensive network ensures a wide range of options for users seeking diverse geographic locations and reliable connectivity.
  • Flexible Geo-location Control: Users have the ability to choose between random IP rotations or specific geo-targeted IPs. This feature is particularly useful for accessing content that is geographically restricted or for simulating traffic from different regions.
  • Various IP Session Options: HydraProxy allows users to either obtain a new residential IP address with every request or opt for an extended sticky IP session that can last up to 30 minutes to 1 hour, with the option for the on-demand rotation.
  • Reputable Source of IPs: The residential proxy pool includes IPs from major Internet Service Providers, which helps in avoiding blocks, cloaking, or throttling, ensuring a smoother user experience.
  • Unlimited Concurrency and Access: Users have the flexibility to use as many IPs as they need concurrently. There is no limitation on the number of concurrent connections, making it ideal for tasks that require simultaneous access to multiple IP addresses.
  • 24-Hour Money-Back Guarantee: HydraProxy provides a risk-free experience by offering a 24-hour money-back guarantee. This allows users to try out the service and ascertain its suitability for their needs without any financial risk.


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HydraProxy Residential Proxies is a powerful and reliable proxy service that offers access to a vast network of over 5 million real residential IP addresses across the globe. It offers flexible pricing based on data usage, starting as low as $5 per GB, with no monthly commitments.

Additionally, HydraProxy boasts features such as unlimited concurrent connections, geo-location control, HTTPS support, and a 24-hour money-back guarantee, making it a versatile and risk-free option for users seeking quality and anonymity in their online activities.

HydraProxy Residential Proxies Locations

One of the strengths of HydraProxy is its extensive geographic coverage, which offers a robust residential proxy pool sourced from major ISPs across more than 100 countries, like

  • US: 1M+ IPs
  • India: 1.5M+ IPs
  • Canada: 141.6k IPs
  • France: 158.2k IPs
  • Germany: 344.4k IPs
  • Italy: 205.2k IPs
  • United Kingdom: 311.2k IPs
  • Russia: 159.4k IPs

Why Choose HydraProxy Residential Proxies

HydraProxy is a popular choice for residential and mobile proxies, especially among small marketers. Here are the main reasons why one should choose HydraProxy Residential Proxies, focusing on pricing and performance:

  • Large IP Pool: HydraProxy boasts over 5 million residential IP addresses sourced from peer-to-peer networks, ensuring security and reliability. This extensive pool of IP addresses minimizes the chances of detection or bans.
  • Flexible IP Rotation System: HydraProxy supports high-rotating proxies that change per request and sticky proxies that rotate after a specific time. Users can keep the same IP address for 30 minutes or up to an hour, which is ideal for tasks that require maintaining sessions for a longer period.
  • Affordable Pricing: There is no minimum monetary requirement, making it affordable for smaller users. Pricing is based on bandwidth, allowing users to pay only for the traffic they use. The smallest subscription plan costs $3 for 1GB (requires buying 150-1000GB in bulk).
  • Acceptable Proxy Speed: Although not the fastest, HydraProxy's speed is decent and can effectively handle most jobs without issues.
  • Proxy Generator Tool: HydraProxy is one of the few companies that offer a proxy generator tool, allowing users to have full control over IP rotation. This feature is included in the subscription without additional costs.
  • Flexibility: Although the standard offering is a 30-minute IP rotation, HydraProxy can accommodate keeping the same IP address for a longer period if you contact its support agents.

Specification: HydraProxy Residential Proxies

Proxy Brands


Pool Of IPs

5+ Million

Average Proxy Speed


Billing Type

Bandwidth Based Subscription

Proxy IP Type

Residential IPs

IP Rotation

Rotating IP Proxies

GEOtargeting (Proxy Filter)

Country-Level Targeting

Proxy Rotation

Rotating Session, Sticky Session

Proxy Protocol


Proxy User Access

Private Proxies, Shared Proxies

Proxy Authentication

Username + Password

Proxy Integration

Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

Free Trials & Refunds

Money Back Guarantee

Free Trial


Money-Back Guarantee

24 Hours

Location Supported

Canada Proxies, France Proxies, Germany Proxies, India Proxies, Italy Proxies, Russia Proxies, UK Proxies, US Proxies

Pricing Plan

Starter, Plus, Agency, Enterprise

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HydraProxy Residential Proxies
HydraProxy Residential Proxies


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