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  • USA-Based: Storm Proxies' private proxies are exclusively based in the USA, ensuring optimal performance and geo-specific advantages for users targeting American digital landscapes.
  • High-Performance Network: They boast a robust 1GB network, specifically optimized for rapid multi-threaded operations, which is crucial for tasks like data scraping and high-speed browsing.
  • Instant Access: One of their standout features is immediate access to proxies post-payment, eliminating any waiting period and ensuring users can start their online activities right away.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Users benefit from truly unlimited bandwidth, ensuring seamless operations without the worry of overages or hidden costs.
  • Competitive Pricing: Their pricing structure is designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from individuals to businesses, making it cost-effective for various user segments.
  • Dedicated Support: They offer 24/7 premium support, ensuring that any queries or issues faced by users are addressed promptly.
  • Comprehensive Packages: Ranging from packages offering 5 proxies to those offering 400, they provide flexibility based on user requirements.


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Storm Proxies Private Proxies is a premium service specializing in providing high-performance, dedicated private proxies based in the USA. With a robust 1GB network optimized for swift multi-threaded operations, they guarantee users seamless online activities, be it browsing or data scraping. Their standout features include instant access upon payment, unlimited bandwidth without hidden costs, and a unique in-house technology ensuring 100% user anonymity.

Features and Benefits:

  • High-Speed & Performance: With a 1GB network, Storm Proxies promises optimized performance for fast, multi-threaded tools. This ensures that users can browse, scrape, or perform any online activity without any lag
  • Instant Access: One of the standout features is the automatic and instant delivery. Once you've made your payment, there's no waiting around. Your account gets activated, and your proxies are set up immediately.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth: No need to worry about overages or hidden costs. Storm Proxies offers unlimited bandwidth, ensuring seamless browsing and data scraping.
  • 24 Hours Money Back Guarantee: This feature is particularly appealing for first-time users. If you're not satisfied with their service within the first 24 hours, you can get a full refund.
  • Premium Support: Round-the-clock support ensures that any issues or queries are addressed promptly.
  • High Anonymity: With their unique in-house technology, Storm Proxies guarantees 100% anonymity. Your real IP remains hidden, ensuring privacy and security.


Storm Proxies offers a range of Private Proxies packages, starting from $10/month for 5 proxies to $640/month for 400 proxies, with the price per proxy decreasing as package size increases. These dedicated proxies boast a 1GB network and unlimited bandwidth and are exclusively based in 3 USA locations, ensuring optimal performance and coverage for users primarily targeting the United States. The price per proxy decreases as you opt for larger packages, making it cost-effective for bulk users.

Specification: Storm Proxies Private Proxies

Proxy Brands

Storm Proxies

Pool Of IPs


Average Proxy Speed

10.92 Mbps

Billing Type

IP: Port Based Subscription

Proxy IP Type

Datacenter IPs

IP Rotation

Static IP Proxies

GEOtargeting (Proxy Filter)

City-Level Targeting

Proxy Protocol


Proxy User Access

Private Proxies

Proxy Authentication

IP Authentication

Proxy Integration

Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

Free Trials & Refunds

Money Back Guarantee

Free Trial


Money-Back Guarantee

24 hours

Location Supported

US Proxies

Pricing Plan

5 Private Proxies, 10 Private Proxies, 20 Private Proxies, 100 Private Proxies

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Storm Proxies Private Proxies
Storm Proxies Private Proxies


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