922 S5 Proxy

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  • Extensive Residential IP Coverage: 922 S5 Proxy boasts an extensive network of over 200 million real residential IPs from 190+ countries worldwide.
  • High Anonymity and Avoidance of Blocks: With a focus on high-quality residential IPs, 922 S5 Proxy provides users with the ability to maintain a high level of anonymity while browsing the web.
  • Precise Location Targeting: 922 S5 Proxy's city-level positioning feature allows users to target specific locations accurately. Additionally, support for zip code and ISP positioning further enhances precision in location-based tasks and research, making it a valuable tool for localized online activities.
  • Versatile Platform and Scenario Support: The service ensures compatibility across various platforms, including Windows, MAC, Android, IOS, and Linux. Moreover, 922 S5 Proxy supports different usage scenarios, such as fingerprint browsers and emulators, catering to diverse user needs for web scraping, sneaker copping, and beyond.
  • Cost-Effective Pricing Plans: 922 S5 Proxy offers competitive pricing plans tailored to different user requirements.


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922 S5 Proxy sets itself apart as a comprehensive residential proxy service with an impressive feature set, budget-friendly pricing, and unmatched global reach. Whether you're involved in web scraping, social media promotion, or sneaker copping, 922 S5 Proxy empowers you to thrive in the digital landscape with confidence and efficiency.

One of the key advantages of 922 S5 Proxy is its city-level positioning, allowing precise targeting of specific regions. Compatibility is another strong suit of 922 S5 Proxy. It offers full support for Windows, MAC, Android, IOS, and Linux platforms, ensuring accessibility from various devices.

922 S5 Proxy Price

When it comes to affordability, 922 S5 Proxy doesn't disappoint. With competitive pricing plans, users have the flexibility to choose the most suitable option based on their specific demands. The “Professional Plan” offers high-purity IPs, 12-hour online time, unlimited bandwidth, and terminals. On the other hand, the “Enterprise Exclusive” plan caters to those managing multiple accounts, granting the freedom to assign IPs to different accounts as needed.

For users seeking long-term stability, the “Static Proxy” plan provides real residential IPs with extended validity periods of 10 days, 30 days, or 90 days. Each pricing plan ensures exceptional value for the vast resources and features offered, making 922 S5 Proxy a cost-effective choice.

922 S5 Proxy Location

With a global footprint, 922 S5 Proxy boasts an extensive presence across the world. Users can access IPs from 190+ countries, including major regions like the US, UK, Vietnam, Japan, Brazil, and many more. This extensive coverage allows businesses and individuals to address international needs, ensuring that no geographical restrictions impede their operations.

  • US: 9,489,397 IPs
  • UK: 166,431 IPs
  • Germany: 4,982,127 IPs
  • France: 2,714,754 IPs
  • Brazil: 9,489,397 IPs
  • Vietnam: 2,896,312 IPs
  • Japan: 3,662,712 IPs
  • Hong Kong: 119,312 IPs
  • Turkey: 6,633,262 IPs

Specification: 922 S5 Proxy

Proxy Brands

922 S5 Proxy

Pool Of IPs

200+ Million

Average Proxy Speed


Billing Type

IP: Port Based Subscription

Proxy IP Type

Residential IPs

IP Rotation

Rotating IP Proxies

GEOtargeting (Proxy Filter)

City-Level Targeting, Country-Level Targeting, State-Level Targeting

Proxy Rotation

Rotating Session, Sticky Session

Proxy Protocol


Proxy User Access

Private Proxies, Shared Proxies

Proxy Authentication

IP Authentication

Proxy Integration

API Endpoint, Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

Free Trial


Money-Back Guarantee


Location Supported

Brazil Proxies, France Proxies, Germany Proxies, Japan Proxies, UK Proxies, US Proxies

Pricing Plan

200 IPs, 375 IPs, 650 IPs, 2250 IPs

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