10 Best Supreme Bots in 2023

Are you having trouble selecting successful Supreme bots from the market? Well, there are many bits but few works. if you think it is time to upgrade your Supreme copping game, then let us reviews the best Supreme bots here.

As the market and demand grow, so is the struggle of most sneakerheads and retailers. Most of these people struggle to cop Supreme sneakers, but the supply of these limited editions is limited. Despite this, the demand is high, and anytime they try to purchase multiple pairs. In a blink of an eye since there is very stiff competition. The first to click on the pair wins it. This is where Supreme bots come in to play a vital part.

There are many Supreme bots online, but most of them are full of frustrations again. However, never use any Supreme bot from the internet. Because there is a high risk of using a default bot to cop on Supreme sites and the long-term effects of banning accounts or blocking your IP addresses, thus, you must be extra careful with your selection process.

Our article will provide you with the best and most reliable Supreme bots we have tested based on their compatibility and other aspects. Let us get started.


Best Supreme Bots

We have listed the 10 best Supreme bots on the market below. We have based our research and test on the compatibility and reliability aspects. When you combine with the best Supreme proxies, enjoy copping multiple Supreme sneakers without hassle or restrictions.

1. SuperBot

SuperBot Overview

  • Platform: Chrome extension
  • Proxy: Support

SuperBot is one of the most outstanding Supreme bots on the market. It is a google chrome extension but guarantees superfast sneaker copping from Supreme sites worldwide. The bot comes with detailed instructions, and we also promise you will have multiple Supreme sneakers to resale for profit and evade the high retail prices of limited editions. SuperBot remains one of the best Supreme bots on the internet.

We adore many things about SuperBot when copping the latest drops from Supreme. Other than using it as a chrome extension, the bot has been around for a long time to gain enough experience, displayed a high and consistent success rate, is extremely faster, guarantees you security, supports Windows and Linux, and also comes with a keyword search feature which enables sneakerheads to automatically add their pairs of Supreme sneakers to cart using keyword.

The bot is built by a professional who understands the process and restrictions of copping Supreme sneakers. This implies the developers are constantly updating it to improve customer experience. The bot support proxies and comes at an affordable price.

2. Wrath AIO

Wrath Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

Wrath AIO is the second bot on our list of the best Supreme bots. This is an all-in-one bot. This means that it does not include only cop limited editions from Supreme sites but also supports other platforms. The name speaks a lot about the bot.

While it has multiple advanced features like performing multiple checkouts within milliseconds, it can also bypass all restrictions on the Supreme websites. The bot comes with an in-built captcha solver and a catch solver, so there is no need to get a third-party tool to help you solve captchas.

Among the fastest Supreme bots on the market, Wrath AIO also ranks on the list with its steady fast speed. And when it comes to proving release notification, Wrath AIO is on another level and highly demanded on the market. The developers are always active, and look out for all the latest information about releases and regular updates with the restrictions.

This ensures you enjoy the quality of your money. Wrath AIO has a user friends interface, offers analytic services on your previous Supreme orders, and supports multitasking. And if you have any questions, customer support is available 24/7 to serve you. Due to the high demand and high success rate on Supreme and other sites, you will always find this bot sold out.

3. Mangopreme

Mangopreme Overview

  • Platform: Chrome extension
  • Proxy: Support

Mangopreme is another reliable Supreme bot on the market. It helps you dominate and destroy all the latest Supreme sneaker drops in seconds. Thus, Mangopreme is also one of the best Supreme bots. The name even implies that the tool is efficient in copping Supreme sneakers and apparel. While browser extension mostly works as a chrome extension, it comes with many advanced features.

To mention a few,  Mangopreme is the fastest chrome extension Supreme bot which guarantees an average of 3 seconds per checkout. Also, the bot has a simple user dashboard and detailed information to guide Supreme sneakerheads, and in terms of scalability, the bot has a default of 5 activations. Thus, you can use Mangopreme for up to 5 devices simultaneously.

Mangopreme is one of the simplest and more convenient Supreme bots. Mangopreme sets up with a few clicks and loads your cloud settings easily. It guarantees users regular updates, supports proxy, and is meant for copping Supreme sneakers. This bot has recorded over 5k successful checkout and no complaints.

4. SuperCopBot

SuperCopBot Overview

  • Platform: Chrome extension and iOS 
  • Proxy: Support

SuperCopBot is a great and reliable bot that, other than supporting Supreme stores, also supports all online shops. It can easily help you grab numerous limited editions without fuss. Thus SuperCopBot is the best and one-stop-shop for purchasing Supreme limited editions.

The developers have curated it to fit all your needs. Based on the advanced coding and its feature, it now comes with the add to cart feature, size selection, multiple keywords, start the timer, restock monitor, any size, and proxy support, among many more. Thus, SuperCopBot consists of the Supreme sneakers winning team currently.

Join the winning team today and grab multiple pairs of Supreme limited goods. But keep in mind that, while it is cheap, these guys do not offer a refund policy. And above all, they guarantee sneakerheads free regular updates, checkout delays, anti-bot measures, refresher, and autofill. SuperCopBot is compatible with iOS other than having a chrome extension.

Thus, it is simple and highly recommended for the first-timer in the Supreme sneakers copping game. You can check out their Twitter handle for any latest updates or restocks for any latest updates or restocks.

5. MEKPreme

MEKPreme Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

MEKpreme is a Supreme bot made by MEK Robotic company. The bot has helped many sneakerheads destroy the restock and initial drops. The bot is constantly changing the protection using Pooky; the bot still stands as the best Supreme bot on the market.

Because MEKpreme is developed with checkout automation features. It was also designed with simplicity and efficiency for the users in mind. Therefore, MEKpreme is a perfect bot and currently slays all Supreme releases.

Compared to other Supreme bots, MEKpreme is relatively cheap, and purchase comes with discord services, of which, after 6 months, you must renew the license. The developers are active in changing the codes, which in turn improves the performance to maintain the consistently high success rate in cooking Supreme sneakers. However, the bot only supports Supreme sites alone, which we hope in the future they will expand t other major sneaker sites.

6. CyberSole

Cybersole Overview

  • Platform: Windows
  • Proxy: Support

Cybersole is among those sneaker bots that support multiple sites. Majorly, it has proved to be efficient in cooking Supreme releases. CyberSole AIO has become one of the best Supreme bots because of the regular updates, proxy support, and affordable pricing.

And one thing we like about the Cybersole bot is that it is a one-stop shop for all your needs and comes with a free mobile application. Thus, you can use your mobile device to cook the grails when far from your desktop.

While it is meant for sneaker sites other than Supreme, the bot is outstanding and guarantees retailers the fastest checkout speed as the sneaker copping game is concerned. With Cybersole, the concurrent connection has never been an issue since the bot is multithreaded.

It also comes accompanied by a captcha solver feature and restocks monitoring capability. The bot aims to build the next generation with automated checkout and boost Supreme release business bigger and better.

7. ANB Supreme Bot

ANB Supreme Bot Overview

  • Platform: Windows
  • Proxy: Support

ANB Supreme Bot goes beyond offering normal Supreme botting services to even helping grab limited editions from other sneaker sites. Thus, it becomes hard to miss out on any vital Supreme releases as ANB Supreme Bot sends notifications to the users once there is a release. The bot can help you multitask and operate up to 2o accounts simultaneously. These guys also ensure that your safety and online privacy are kept safe.

ANB Supreme Bot is a surfacing Supreme sneaker bot in the copping history. It comes with attractive features like retry, automatic checkout, and proxy support. Compatibility with Proxy guarantees you stellar speed and online anonymity.

8. Kodai AIO

Kodai Bot Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

Kodai AIO still rocks, as the name suggests; it supports multiple sneaker sites. This bot has been around for a while and is becoming popular for copping Supreme releases. It has become an untenable Supreme bot for its consistency and high success rate. Sneakerheads can now get the high-demand latest editions in bulk without hassle. The bot ensures that even resellers never miss out on any release with this sneaker cooking tool.

Kodai AIO has a redefined experience based on its ability to cross-platform, simplicity, and proven successful track record. Its dashboard makes sure that the users have immense power to stay ahead of the curve during the hyped Supreme release.

The dashboard also redirects you to access the guide, release calendars, etc. above all, the dashboard hides any complex feature associated with the bot, thus making it the best Supreme bot option even for the newbies in gaming. And if you think of updates, developers are up and active to offer regular updates, which enhances your experience and increases your chances of grabbing these Supreme drops.

9. Plugged AIO

Plugged AIO Overview

  • Platform: Windows, Mac, and iOS
  • Proxy: Support

Well, Plugged AIO is a Supreme bot. True, but its success and features make it rank on another level. It is our favorite Supreme bot on the market because of its convenience and availability. The bot on their wite is always available. When purchasing, you can select between two flavors: Plugged AIO desktop or Plugged AIO iOS.

And purchasing one flavor gives you access to the other, like the iOS version, for free. Both types support cooking Supreme release snd copping other limited edition Supreme apparels. You can as well use this bot for cooking on Footsite.

Something unique about Plugged AIO is that one can create multiple tasks and run them simultaneously. Developers also ensure that users get regular updates and enjoy affordable prices with monthly renewals. The other feature you can enjoy purchasing Plugged AIO license is the discord webhook, AYCD auto solve support and friendly dashboard.

10. SupremeSlayer

SupremeSlayer Overview

  • Platform:  Windows
  • Proxy: Support

SupremeSlayer comes last on our list. If you want to upgrade your Supreme release copping game and cook bulk pairs, go for the SupremeSlayer bot. These guys will provide the ultimate Supreme solution to keep ahead of other sneakerheads for limited editions.

The bot comes with an in-built proxy tester tool meaning they are compatible with proxy. It thus guarantees you online anonymity, the ability to multitask, multiple checkouts, and evading detection and restrictions. They offer global support. Anytime you get an issue, the support tuff is available to help you.

Therefore, SupremeSlayer stands as one of the best Supreme bots. And it also comes with an instant captcha and an inbuilt success monitor feature to track your success, scheduler, and target the Supreme release based on the color and style keyword. Developers of SupremeSlayer also provide updates anytime you need them. SupremeSlayer is a very simple and quick setup. Get the license and say no more queues.


From the list, there are many Supreme bots on the market that are effective in copping Supreme releases from the list. Both work, but each has different features, success rates, and affordability. Therefore, make your selection based on the above aspects. Then, you will be able to find a reliable Supreme bot that fits within your budget but meets all your needs. Otherwise, the above bots have been tested with the aspects in mind and vetted as the best Supreme bots on the market.

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