Top 15 Mobile Proxies of 2023 (Cheap & Stable)

Are you searching for the best and most affordable mobile proxies reliable for automation and social media account management? Please read our article and select the right company that offers the best mobile proxies. Learn from experts and become a pro.


  • Soax – Mobile Proxies with Cleanest IP Pool
  • Proxy-Seller – The Flexible Plan For Mobile Proxies
  • Bright Data – The Most Stable Mobile Proxies
  • HydraProxy – Mobile Proxies with No Monthly Commitments
  • Froxy – A Trustworthy Mobile Proxy Provider
  • The Social Proxy – Best Mobile Proxies for Automation
  • Proxy-Cheap – Best Cheap Mobile Proxies
  • Oxylabs – Premium Mobile Proxy Provider
  • Rayobyte – Best Rotating Mobile Proxies for Web Scraping
  • ProxyLTE – High-Quality US Mobile Proxies
  • – The Best Dedicated Mobile Proxies
  • ProxyEmpire – The Mobile Proxies with the Widest Coverage
  • 3G Proxy – Offers Rotating & Sticky Mobile IP
  • IPRoyal – Offer Affordable Mobile Proxies

Most people have reported things like the frequent security check screen while accessing a p[artricular site. With the PC, you can easily go anonymously. The mobile device is a tricker to evade these restrictions. The good news is that, with relevant mobile proxies, you can browse online in incognito and perform any task without revealing your local IP address.

Never get stuck selecting the best mobile proxy provider. We have you covered in the next section about the best mobile proxies.


Best Mobile Proxies

1. Soax – Mobile Proxies with Cleanest IP Pool

Soax for Mobile Proxies

Soax is the first company to check out the best mobile proxies. The company provides highly reliable mobile proxies and covers worldwide, allowing you to access any website regardless of location and restrictions. However, this excludes the Texas states where you can get blocked.

If not, you can enjoy an IP pool of over 8.5 million with an uptime of 99.99% and offers geo-targeting features from the country and city to the carrier with automatic proxy rotation. This feature alone makes Soax the best mobile proxy provider on the market that guarantees you ultra-fast response time.

Soax has 5 G-optimized mobile proxies, and you can tweak the settings to select the relevant mobile carrier of your choice. These guys regularly update the IP pool size to remove all the blocked and expired IP addresses to ensure customers enjoy the cleanest IP pool.

They have live customer support available 24/7, and they support HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols, making them the best and most flexible proxies on the market. The pricing starts at $99 monthly for 300 ports.

2. Proxy-Seller – The Flexible Plan For Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Seller for Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Seller is next on the list with the best and most flexible plan on their mobile 4G LTE proxies. It is a perfect choice, and one of the reasons we rank it is its affordable pricing plans on the website. On your list, never miss out on the rotating and high-speed mobile proxies that guarantee you efficiency and a high level of privacy.

Proxy-Seller has one of the best features on the market, including access to the mobile proxies private, 99% uptime, and supports HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols as well as you can select to rotate the proxies by link or equally customize.

The company is committed to keeping you safe and generating the IP address from the MEO carrier with unlimited traffic and 24/7 technical customer support. These proxies also offer high anonymity, indicating you can personalize your experience with these mobile proxies. Go for it today and enjoy.

3. Bright Data – The Most Stable Mobile Proxies

Bright Data for Mobile Proxies

Though expensive, Bright Data is the market leader in terms of stability and proxy pool. The company offers one of the best, largest and fastest 3 and 4G mobile proxies with 99.99% uptime and an excellent geo-targeting feature that goes from country to carrier or ASN level. It has perfect location coverage and can unblock any website worldwide. Privacy is their concern; hence these mobile proxies are 100% ethically sourced.

Bright Data also promises that they not only give you good location coverage and mobile proxies but also access to unlimited data and traffic. Start today and say goodbye to the geo-location blocks, restrictions, and captchas. Most engineers worldwide prefer Bright Data mobile proxies due to their high-quality, fastest output, and best network uptime.

This guarantees you the best performance, reliability, and access to daily non-stop innovation. The company has over 7 million mobile IP addresses, and you can select the best package with the option to pay as you use it or start with $500 monthly. Though there is no refund, they have a free trial on the website.

4. HydraProxy – Mobile Proxies with No Monthly Commitments

HydraProxy for Mobile Proxies

HydraProxy is a company that guarantees you the best and high quality as well as the undetectable US 4G mobile proxies for any sensitive site. These proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and access to particular geo-targeted IP addresses. Therefore, one factor making many customers love it is flexible billing without any hidden charges.

HydraProxy also supports HTTPS and socks protocols with a rotation period of up to 30 minutes. They also claim they source their IP addresses from Wi-Fi-connected devices and fixed carriers. This is the perfect choice when you are operating on a tight budget.

Some carriers include Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, giving you access to dedicated proxies with average speed. Unfortunately, they do not offer a free trial but operate on a money-back guarantee policy.

5. Froxy – A Trustworthy Mobile Proxy Provider

Froxy for Mobile Proxies

Froxy is also the next trustworthy firm on the market, with mobile proxies on its website. They promise to keep you completely incognito while you surf online. Froxy is the best when tic comes to offering rotating private mobile proxies so you can maximize efficiency. Let alone the blocking or captchas, as well as the slow connections.

Get Froxy mobile proxies and enjoy an extensive proxy network with over 200 countries supported. This means you can ideally access any place around the world. Select any target country and enjoy access to over 8 million IP addresses with no limit and 99.99% uptime or automatic rotation for stability and reliable outcome.

6. The Social Proxy – Best Mobile Proxies for Automation

The Social Proxy Overview

The Social Proxy is also on the list as the best mobile proxy provider. It sells high-quality 5G and 4G mobile private proxies designed for automation software. These proxies come with unlimited features and untouched connection speed, guaranteeing you an endless IP address stream sourced from legitimate users worldwide.

The Social Proxy is an excellent choice when you want to automate your social media accounts and costs you only a dime. The company also offers customers a free trial to test before committing to the premium package. You can use automatic rotation or customize the proxies to meet your needs.

7. Proxy-Cheap – Best Cheap Mobile Proxies

Proxy-Cheap overview

Proxy-Cheap, as the name suggests, offers mobile proxies with cheap pricing plans. Confirm it's only a click away to access the 3 and 4G  mobile proxies that support HTTP and Socks5 protocols. They are effective and offer good geo-location targeting features in their countries worldwide: Lithuania, France, and the US.

The good news is that Proxy-Cheap gives you access to unlimited bandwidth and IP and user; pass authentication for extra privacy and security. Get it today and enjoy the popular packages for multiple tasks. However, the company does not offer refunds though you can test the proxies with a free trial before getting a premium plan.

8. Oxylabs – Premium Mobile Proxy Provider

Oxylabs for Mobile Proxies

Even though we know Oxylabs for other proxies like residential, the company also offers one of the best premium mobile proxies. It is ranked as one of the best in the market and guarantees unique IP rotations that only take place in-house with no third party involved. Therefore, your data is safe, and you are also guaranteed high anonymity.

Therefore, you can get  Oxylabs 4 and 5G mobile proxies and then filter the IPs to the ASN level, sourced from real mobile gadgets to help block all the restitutions. Oxylabs has over 20 million mobile IP addresses and is stable, indicating that you can even access any challenging website using your mobile without worries. Evade captchas and IP bans on the go. These proxies are simple to integrate; hence even newbies can use them.

9. Rayobyte – Best Rotating Mobile Proxies for Web Scraping

Rayobyte for Mobile Proxies

Rayobyte is still a new company when you think of mobile proxies. Therefore, although they have mobile proxies, they currently have US IP addresses. You are a dragon; Rayobyte makes it clear that their mobile proxies are effective and rotate regularly. It is perfect for data scraping, and the plan is friendly in terms of pricing. These mobile proxies are obtained from the ISPss, guaranteeing a continuous network connection for seamless surfing.

Rayobyte gives customers total control, access to the world-class API, and 24/7 premium support. They have packages for the enterprise., starters and businesses. Enjoy unlimited connections with US mobile proxies at an affordable price for web scraping.

10. ProxyLTE – High-Quality US Mobile Proxies

ProxyLTE for Mobile Proxies

ProxyLTE is a slightly specialized mobile proxy provider on our list today. The company only offers high-quality US mobile proxies on the ensures that you have access to a clean IP address that supports all the protocols, is highly anonymous, has over 4k satisfied customers worldwide, and uses a mobile fingerprint to keep you incognito from getting blocked on any website.

On their website, ProxyLTE has multiple package options to select from, and all are affordable so that you can order proxies for a single day. These proxies are perfect for social media platforms and access to an entire site. They use connection types like broadband wifi and carrier ISP, and you can enable IP rotations anytime. You also have access to the advanced control panel. The only challenge with ProxyLTE is the small IP pool.

11. – The Best Dedicated Mobile Proxies

Airproxy for Mobile Proxies

You have heard of; if not, it is obvious that this is a proxy company from Italy that offers mobile 4G proxies. If the location does not bother you, you can select this company for the dedicated mobile proxies. This is because, instead of counting on the VPNs, this firm relies on the fiber as their server gateway, and every customer has access to the sim card connecting them through the modem for instant output and optimal speed.

Their homepage states that their mobile proxies are undetectable, giving a legit connection and HIgh IP trust score. You can rotate the IP addresses using the API or an automatic option. Get access to unlimited and some of the core features, as well as clean IP addresses. Pricing is not an issue when the company delivers.

12. ProxyEmpire – The Mobile Proxies with the Widest Coverage

ProxyEmpire for Mobile Proxies

Before we close our list, ProxyEmpire also falls under our consideration for good reasons. First, the company provides the best and fast rotating mobile proxies with good location coverage. Therefore, when you are working on evading the geo-restrictions and blocks, this sie the perfect choice on the market. You can count on ProxyEmpire for data scraping and high anonymity. They are available in over 170 countries around the world to enable you to gather data.

From the website, the ProxyEmpire has over 4 million clean IP addresses you can scale to access any content online. The excellent rotating mobile proxies partner with a network uptime of 99.8%. They test every IP address for quality before selling.

The 4G mobile proxies can power any mobile application, and the good news is that, on their plan, they have a rollover bandwidth option. In terms of targeting, you can go up to the ISP level while sending unlimited threads. They also support HTTP and socks5 protocols. Make a choice now; 2GB costs $60 monthly.

13. 3G Proxy – Offers Rotating & Sticky Mobile IP

3G Proxy for Mobile Proxies

3G Proxy is a company whose name can easily mislead you. to make it clean, 3G Proxy offers 4g mobile proxies to the market with averagely large network coverage. Though at first, it was founded as a mobile campaign company as well as direct carrier billing or SMS delivery, it has grown to offer mobile proxies to people.

The good thing is that 3G Proxy relies on real sim cards as opposed to other firms based on ISPs. The supported mobile carrier they have a sim card, and once you get access, you can also enjoy chrome integration.

Though pricing is expensive, you have access to different mobile carriers 4. Besides their plans on the site, you can also request a custom package based on your need with extra location coverage. Meanwhile, it claims to be the most reliable, supporting over 50 countries and over 140 carriers.

14. IPRoyal – Offer Affordable Mobile Proxies

IPRoyal for Mobile Proxies

IPRoyal comes last as one of the affordable mobile proxies providers that also comes with scraping tools. No one controls the proxies, as they are routed based on the client's requests. This company is a fantastic choice when looking for 4G mobile proxies that are fast and trusted by many customers.

Though IPRoyal pans, you can as well rent out the IP addresses and make money. The company guarantees high anonymity, unlimited bandwidth, and online privacy as part of the design. The proxies come with multiple advanced features like IP rotation. If you have a fixed budget, then this is the last option you must have in your mind.

15. ProxyGuys – Premium US 5G Mobile Proxies

ProxyGuys for Mobile Proxies

ProxyGuys promises to produce the best USA 5G mobile proxies that fall within any budget. With little budget, you can access multiple locations to select a single location plan on the platform at an affordable price. This allows you to enjoy unlimited premium bandwidth and instant IP changes with a speed of up to 60 Mbps.

To date, ProxyGuys supports over 50 USA states for the best geo-targeting options and also supports Socks and HTTPS protocols. These 5G mobile proxies are dedicated, and the carrier is Verizon and AT &T.

The company does not offer a free trial but has 24 hours refund policy and 24/7 customer support services. The other features include no logs, 100% ethically sourced, competitive pricing, IP whitelisting, and fast setup time. The pricing is competitive. You will also have access to the free firefox and chrome plugins.


1. Why are mobile proxies not easily blocked?

Every IP address is blockable, but when you compare mobile proxies with other types, mobile proxies are used with mobile gadgets, and you can rotate or change the IP address 3 times daily. This indicates that even if the mobile IP is blocked, it wastes time. Most websites do not risk blacklisting the whole subnet even after they detect spammy activities to evade blacklisting real users on the site.

2. When Should You Use Mobile Proxies?

Normally, mobile proxies route the request using mobile internet-enabled gadgets. Therefore, you can use mobile proxies for any proxy use cases. However, it would help if you kept in mind that mobile proxies are expensive. Therefore, we would recommend using mobile proxies when the other types of proxies fail. The obvious case is social media account automation and management. These accounts detect heavy issues in datacenter and residential. Therefore, mobile proxies were launched to route requests from the mobile automation footprints, making them hard to detect. Still, you can use these mobile proxies for cases when you want to access a site with robust security measures in place.

3. How to choose the mobile proxy provider?

When selecting the mobile proxy provider, it is recommended that you consider going for a company with a strong reputation and is well known among the customers. Therefore, you can easily save your money from being drained. In the above article, we have listed some of the best mobile proxies and tested, vetted, and expert-proved them as real.


Mobile proxies are vital and have multiple use situations besides keeping customers anonymous. These proxies are the same as datacenter and residential though routed through mobile internet-enabled devices; hence you can use them for any proxy use cases.

However, they are expensive. Before you get the package, test with a free trial before committing. The above article contains the best mobile proxy provider that has been tested, proved reliable and affordable, and guarantees you value for your budget in the long run. Select wisely based on the budget and needs.

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