15 Best TikTok Bot to Make You Becoming an Influencer

Is TikTok automation real?  Tiktok bots are effective in automating your account and letting it grow to a higher level. Please read our article to discover the best TikTok bots for account automation before making a decision.

TikTok is here, and we can see a surge in demand. It is already massive. It went live for the first time in 2017, and now the currently active users stand at 75 million. This is a lip-syncing application closer to what was shut down. Before it gets tricky, get your time and create an account to grow your profile.

This is an excellent video generator software, and marketers consider it the best technique to grow their online presence and make money. Automation tools are the heart of all these processes. These tools are what we call Tik Tok bots. You can use them to get a video trend faster and earn a good amount of money. You are here because you need one, or you want to learn how they operate. It is time to start using them.

There are many TikTok bots on the market; however, not all work well. Some of them waste time and never meet your expectations. So, we are here to help you. Our article will cover the best TikTok bots that you can use to boost reach and engagement on TikTok. Let us look at these automation tools.

Best TikTok Bot

Tiktok bots are software designed for automating TikTok activities and growing engagement. Automate your account using the best TikTok bots from our list. They have been vetted, tested and proven by experts.

1. Stormlikes

Stormlikes tiktok growth service

  • Offer: likes, followers, views

Stormlikes is an effective bot in automating your TikTok account. It has been on the market for an extended period. We can attest that this bot is excellent and get your tasks done while you are asleep. It has the ability to multitask simultaneously.

Use Stormlikes in getting more likes, followers and view times on Tiktok and Instagram. Take advantage of this bot and promote your TikTok content on TikTok and Instagram concurrently. When you are a marketer, this is the best for you too. Grow your Tik Tok account, reach more people and take your brand to the next level at the same time.

The bot has an excellent delivery time; the customer support is perfect, friendly user interface and flexible pricing plans. While it is effective on Tiktok, it is also an excellent choice for automating social media platforms. This is an AIO; take advantage of it today.

2. TurboMedia

TurboMedia tiktok growth service

  • Offer: Follows, likes, views, comments

TurboMedia is our favourite Tiktok bot to help you grow the account and manage it even with your absence. If you need more Tik Tok shares, likes, comments, and follows, this is the right choice. Their website is appealing, and we can learn that it does not only work on Tiktok but also other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter and many more.

However, when you purchase it, it does not matter, but they promise to deliver it on time, they guarantee refills, and you can enjoy 24/7 customer support. It does not need your password to get started, and if you are not sure about it, go for their free trial to check for the services.

The bot has an excellent rating, including on Trustpilot. Comparing it to other bots on the market is more expensive, but we assure you of the high quality and secure services. You can select from a wide range of packages. Experience the instant result using the most brilliant way to promote organic growth and increase engagement.

3. YTpals

YTpals tiktok growth service

  • Offer: Follows, likes, views, comments

YTpals is an online-based service provider that can guarantee natural and organic follows, likes, shares, comments and watch time. It also offers premium services to some social media platforms, including Spotify and Soundcloud. They offer reasonable pricing, and their mechanism of operation does not involve a bot. We can say that this is a sub for sub-service; hence it has many reviews. You can get what you are paying for simultaneously.

When you encounter a problem, you can always reach them via the email address or through a ticket. When you buy the premium package, providers ensure that they deliver and take your Tik Tok account to recognition and credibility, promote organic growth, help increase your engagement etc. These guys can deliver more than what they promise to give. They have over 500k happy clients.

4. SocialEmpire


  • Offer: Follows, views and Likes

SocialEmpire is another quick fix tik tok bot that can kickstart your growth journey. The provider can never mess around with their customers. They are one of the severe service providers we have ever come across when it comes to building Tik Tok views, likes and followers, and Instagram engagement. SocialEmpire uses very complicated techniques in its operation and marketing. They guarantee natural and organic engagement as perfectly as possible.

The best part about this software is that it cares about your online security, and they don't request your personal credentials. Gain more likes, views and followers on tik tok using this low-risk option. They offer the cheapest packages depending on your requirements.

5. Social Viral

Social Viral tiktok grow

  • Offer: Follows, likes and views

Social-Viral is an exclusive TikTok bot that guarantees immediate results, genuine likes, views and follows at a cheaper cost. There is a reason why most influencers and celebrities use their services. They offer high standard services. Try and find out. They offer legit engagement while considering your profile safety.

These guys are new, but they always make up for their inexperience using great features and reviews. They are also always online, and they always like to deliver the services on time. They care a lot about their clients. Sit back, relax and wait for the order.

Their pricing is affordable for even newcomers but varies with different features. You get what you pay for. It is a secure HTTPS site; hence we consider it legit. However, they do not have a free trial.

6. Media Mister

Media Mister tiktok grow

  • Offer: Comments, likes, followers, views, shares

Buying Tik Tok followers is risky and against the terms of use. So, Media Mister is the best tik tok bot in accommodating the growth. It has been with us for a long time. They mainly focus on all social media platforms including Tik Tok and are advantageous for making new features and growing with advancement in technology.

For this reason, they have everything you need to automate your tik tok account. They guarantee you safe, secure and affordable services. Their payment system is secure too.

They offer genuine likes, followers, comments and views on authentic accounts, which TikTok can never detect. They are sourced from active accounts with human users. When you buy their services, it enhances your credibility on Tik Tok, makes the profile appealing and attracts new organic followers.

Users have all control of the engagement and pricing. This means the service you receive depends on your budget. But it is easy to use with a well-established site. Even though they don't offer a free trial, they guarantee money back.

7. Fueltok


  • Offer: likes, views, and followers

FuelTok bot can help you achieve the most from the TikTok accounts. This is a number one Tik Tok growth service provider. Their high-quality services come packed with impressive features. You use this bot to automatically follow and unfollow inactive audiences who do not engage with your audience. They also have dedicated customer support to help you when you encounter an issue via live chat.

Besides, you can also use this bot to filter your targets by advanced targeting tools on any activity. They promise you that you can gain more followers and views instantly. The followers are safe and secure real humans. Boost your tik tok account by buying views, followers and likes using FuelTok. They offer 7 days free trial and affordable pricing plans. They mainly specialize in Tik Tok. Take advantage and become viral ok Tik Tok while you can.

8. SoNuker

SoNuker tiktok grow service

  • Offer: Likes, views, shares, comments, follows.

SoNuker claims that they offer the best social media services. When you subscribe to any premium plans, they offer you 10 free followers on Tik Tok. They can connect you to the tik tok community and give you more shares, likes, views, comments and followers. This bot can help you with youtube subscriptions as well. Their pricing plan per tik tok followers is cheap and reasonable.

They have various means of payment that don't need your password. Their services are private, safe and genuine. And when you encounter a problem, their support team is available 24/7. They have the best tik tok marketing services, ensuring faster growth and guaranteed instant delivery and refills

9. Famoid

famoid tiktok grow service

  • Offer:  Views, follows and likes.

Famoid is an online platform that sells social media platform engagements. Our article will base our review on Tik Tok other than Instagram and Facebook or Twitter. Famoid provides Tik Tok views, follows and likes at an affordable price. You only receive what you pay for. They promise to deliver the services in the shortest time possible.

And for Tik Tok, you can purchase separate packages for likes, views and followers. They are safe, organic and authentic to your account. Tik Tok can never ban you from buying followers. They offer a constant stream of likes, follows and views. You can choose any plan from the list.

You can only select the service you can afford. It does not require your password, and delivery is gradual. All packages come with an activated advertising method and 24/7 customer support. You can target the audience and play around with attention to the algorithm to help your account grow. Add followers and grow your brand or videos on Tik Tok to earn revenue from organic followers, likes and views.  Enjoy pure quality from experts.

10. Instafollowers


  • Offer: Follow, likes, share, comment, views and live views.

Besides followers, Instafollowers bot offers many social media services. They can give you real followers at a fee. When you buy their TikTok followers, make your account popular, visible and interactive with new audiences. Aside, users can also buy views, likes, comments and shares but separately.

Each package has a discount which increases with the quantity of the service. They also sell bot followers other than real followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with many more social media platforms.

Recently, they also introduced a new service. You can now purchase live Tik Tok views. Live views are essential as it makes your stream more crowded. It increases your engagement rate and improves your Tik Tok account reach. The provider guarantees instant delivery using a secure payment method. Their support team is also available 24/7.

11. Viralyft

viralyft tiktok grow service


  • Offer: Follows, likes, views, share

Viralyft is among the few companies that claim to help their customers focus on their social media growth.  They are providers that help grow your tik tok accounts and other social media platforms too. They have a lot of features. You can buy likes, views, followers and share your videos to reach more audiences and become famous. Their followers are active and keep engaging with your content from around the world.

Most of the reviews online are against it, but this bot has improved and is ready to outshine any alternative in your life. Rely on this company to get a task done and stay on the current trends. They offer immediate results at the best price. Their secure checkout ensures that your payment method is secured as you get more exposure. This promotion method is safe, secure and never risks your tik tok account. In Case of any issue, support service is available 24/7 to help.

12. TokUpgrade


  • Offer: Follows

TokUpgrade is the best of the best providers designed explicitly for Tik Tok. It covers everything you might need in creating your Tik Tok account profile. The company knows the tactics to take you ahead of others. There is a chance, and you can grab one bot today.

They never get you fake engagement, but they sell real and active followers. And they fully manage the whole process. It can help you get famous on the tik tok account in the shortest time. The company offers many features like targeting your audience, auto-engaging them and growing your account.

Autopilot with TokUpgrade now. They also offer total 24/7  account management, and the growth is safe and 100% secure. It is a worldwide leading Tik Tok tool and can reach more users on your road to greatness. TokUpgrade has a secure HTTPS site with affordable pricing, and thus it is legit and comes with a dedicated account manager. However, it only works on Tik Tok. This is an adaptable Tik Tok bot to help you meet your engagement needs.

13. Trusy Social

Trusy Social tiktok grow

  • Offer: TikTok growth

Trusy Social bot is also our favourite Tik Tok tool on the market. If you need a company to manage your TikTok or Instagram account, never hesitate to try Trusy Social bot. Each plan has a dedicated account manager to offer management services 24/7 and grow your account.

They use many methods in achieving Tik Tok growth. First, it uses a target algorithm formula to send relevant users and create traffic to your account. Secondly, they promote your video to reach more audiences and increase engagement. These methods are on another level and work well. That is the reason why many reputable influencers use it.

It also offers the best customer support and free account audit. When you use the results or reports, you can strategize your marketing plans. It is a reliable provider with effective growth from real followers and likes. However, they don't have a free trial.

14. Social Buddy

social buddy tiktok growth service


  • Offer: Tik Tok Growth

This is the best organic Tik Tok growth service provider. It helps the account grow by increasing followers and likes as one of the best advanced social media marketing methods.

The company promises to deliver organic followers that are interested in your videos. You can target them using hashtags and location. You can also enjoy auto-piloted and real targeted followers. It does not entertain bots or inactive followers.

Most Tik Tok influencers use this bot to get followers on their pages. Just utter the most prominent competitor, and it will create and grow your account similar to it. Their pricing plans are affordable, and they only charge $2.63 per day to get experts to work on your account. The bot constantly optimizes your tik tok account growth.

15. Instamber


  • Offer: Tik Tok Growth

Instamber is a new Tik Tok bot but is quickly gaining momentum in the industry. It can help you grow your followers base and optimize your account using Artificial intelligence technology. This means it is effective in autopiloting follow and unfollow or auto-liking features. To a larger extent, this bot also offers targeted automation. It configures your account growth based on the hashtag and filters through gender and language.

This is a web-based bot, and we can 100% guarantee your safety. From the customers' reviews, this is a great bot and comes with a free trial version. The premium package is also affordable.


1. What is a TikTok bot?

A Tik Tok bot is software that is similar to other social media bots. It uses AI technology to automate account growth while running 24/7. It can execute comments, likes, followers and many more to grow the profile even in your absence. It saves time.

2. Is the TikTok bot safe?

Since there are no regulations yet on Tik Tok, the bots are safe to use. However, you might get some restrictions, and you can evade them. Be smart and set your filter low to avoid violating terms and conditions. The best bots prioritize safety to reduce the banning risks.

3. Is the TikTok bot effective?

We can't conclude that Tik Tok bots are effective because they are yet to be regulated. However, they are increasing Tik Tok effectiveness as more influencers are joining their automation services. They mainly used to generate human traffic, which would have been hard without them. The more interactions with Tik Tok bots, the more its effectiveness in creating accounts grows.


There are many Tik Tok bots you can encounter on the market today. But, not all work well, don't be fooled. Some are here to make profits and suddenly disappear. Our list provides you with trusted, reliable and efficient as well as affordable Tik Tok bots to use in growing and automating Instagram activities.

This is your time to stand out from the crowd and make your Tik Tok account profile popular. Invest in these Tik Tok bots, reach more audiences and promote your videos to start earning revenues.

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