35 Best Free Web Proxy to Surf Anonymously Online

Are you hunting the best free web proxy online? Never struggle anymore; we have written the article for you with top-quality free web proxies to keep you anonymous.

If you want to surf online without restriction and stay anonymous, go for the free web proxies. A web proxy is a secure link between the target website and your device. Thus, you do not have to sign up for the proxy server while surfing. Instead, a proxy server is like a go-between to facilitate the connection traffic before accessing the required website.

Thus, it uses unique IP addresses from public sources to send and receive requests. The free proxies can help you unblock geo-restricted content and sites. Setting them up is simple, and you can set them up on windows, mac, android, Ios, and a browser.

There are many free web proxy providers online. We have done meticulous research and came up with the best and most reliable website you can get them. Here we go now.


Best Free Web Proxy Servers

1. ProxySite

ProxySite for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Evading restriction on facebook contents and unblocking youtube HD video.

If you want a fast and reliable proxy server online, look no more. Here comes ProxySite. This platform offers free website proxies that support IPs from numerous countries worldwide. The site is known for its safety awareness and privacy. You can access multiple restricted media files at a faster speed.

The site hides your IP address and keeps you anonymous while unlocking restricted content on youtube and Facebook. It offers you global access by bypassing various filters. The platform does not only sup[port facebook and youtube but also can access Twitter, Reddit, IMGUR, and google on the go.

ProxySite ensures that the central server does not detect your IP address. the company takes your online security seriously, and it matters. They don't even need your personal information. Instead, you only have to copy and paste the URL of the site you want to unlock.

2. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Compatibility with HTML5 videos and audio playback.

Croxyproxy is an advanced free web proxy provider online. It offers high-quality services to unlock quality video and audio sites for streaming resourceful content. They are faster and ensure that you enjoy non-stop streaming on some restricted sites, besides hiding your IP address to keep you anonymous. Croxyproxy also unlocked videos and audios on YouTube and other social media platforms.

Their advanced technology allows them to access modern sites and applications. Their traffic is regular HTTPS which is hard to detect. And the user does not have to configure anything on the browser. It is a reliable platform that protects your online privacy that seems to be a perfect alternative for a premium VPN. They also have chrome extensions that can help you work well with a few clicks.

The good news is that Croxyproxy supports all sites; thus, you can count on them when you are surfing your favorite site using an encrypted connection. Their technology combines VPN, SSL, and  HTTPS to guarantee that any hacker cannot penetrate. They have a permalink on their website to enable you quickly load your link and evade link rot or misuse in any situation.

3. ProxyScrape

ProxyScrape for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Compatible with all operating systems and come with no download limits.

Though ProxyScrape is well known for offering free proxies online, they also have a free web proxy on their website. Their platform allows you to enjoy the highest level of anonymity and maximized speed when serving various sites.

They also support all modern sites without any limit on the download. They are also encrypted using the SSL, making them hard to detect. You can select the country of your choice, then paste the URL of the target website, and the press goes to get started.

You can use them to unlock any site, even without installing a VPN. You can share your page with your friends using the permalink and support all the operating systems. The platform creates security features without even your presence, including URL encryption. It also authorizes you to enable and disable the cookies on the site. Besides the free version, they also have premium services.

4. Hidester

Hidester for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Advanced protection technology and fast HD video streaming.

Hidester is a platform that offers free web proxy. You can copy the URL of a restricted site and go to this platform to browse anonymously. Although the site ensures security and privacy with faster streaming, it only supports 2 countries. The US is only optimized for China and the second in Europe.

The firm comes with unique security features that guarantee you privacy. It automatically connects you to the target website while you are in shadow, even after accessing the restricted site. For security purposes, the site uses SSL, which makes it hard to detect because it protects your packets from hackers.

They also use 128-bit data, which is hard for hackers to crack. The site does not charge you any money for using their services. Again, the user does not have to register since it only automatically redirects the URL you share with it. Even on the WIFI connection, Hidester guarantees you faster speed.

This makes HD video streaming faster than usual. They also have a chrome extension which is reliable and straightforward to use.

5. Hide.me

Hide me for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Fast, free web proxy with browser extensions.

Hide.me is another reliable site to access an effective free web proxy. Currently, this proxy supports three known locations, including Germany, Netherland, and Finland. But upon pasting your URL, you can filter the output using advanced options to get rid of the cookies, objects, pages and remove the scripts.

The proxies allow you to unblock any restricted site you are blocked from accessing. It is simple, just copy the URL and paste it on the unique blank space on their website to get started. The site has a good rating from Trustpilot. Meaning their clients are satisfied with the services they offer online.

The site works well with no logs since its servers are handpicked and maintained with high standards for privacy and security reasons. They control the accessibility and promise that they never store the IP, not logs. They support all popular protocols and good location coverage. They also offer low ping where the internet connection depends on your provider. More than 2 million clients trust this site.

The hide.me platform is also accessible on phones hence compatible with multiple operating systems. This implies a VPN tool that also offers VPN services to encrypt your data request. It is hard for hackers to access. You can also torrent packets using this platform easily, with anonymity guaranteed.

6. Whoer Proxy

Whoer Proxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Fast speed connection without logs and browser extensions compatible with DNS and HTTP.

Whoer.net is a company that offers premium proxies online at an affordable price. But again, they also have free browser extensions that act as proxies to ensure that you are kept safe and secure. Whoer.net analyzes the workability of your computer settings through the use of Java, WebRTC, and Flash in checking and diagnosing your socks servers.

It scans everything and removes any malware. It also supports crawling at a faster rate. The tool integrates HTTP and DNS to enhance your online security. This is a reliable online anonymizer that can hide your IP address to keep anonymous, ensure fast connection without logs, and you can use to access websites without blocking or restrictions.

When you get their premium package, they also guarantee you money back. Otherwise, the tool is here for any purposes, on any device, and supports any browser. You can download Whoer.net for free on their website and get started.

7. ProxFree

ProxFree for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Tight security with multiple choices to select with a configuration option.

Proxyfree is a website that offers free web proxies online. They claim that their proxies are simple to use as you only have to share the link to the target website. It is a perfect site, especially when you bypass site restrictions or browse the internet anonymously and securely. They guarantee you free online anonymity.

Before pasting your target URL, you can enable and disable SSL security and filter your output based on different parameters. Their server locations are only found in the UK and US, but we hope to add more soon.

Otherwise, you can download various software on their website that is vital. These web proxies are also excellent for accessing restricted content on youtube and Facebook. You can also use it to unblock restricted video or online streaming.

When you enable the SSL, you can freely surf without worrying about your security. The advice is always to use a server closer to your location, and their customer support is also available to help you anytime.

8. VPNBook

VPNBook Web Proxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Compatible with both VPN and proxy platforms and has SSL encryption.

VPNBook is also a  free web proxy provider that still provides VPN on the market. This website uses PPTP in tunneling your data which is encrypted between the LAN and WAN network connections. It also utilizes SSL encryptions for maximum security on your data. You can also use these proxies to bypass all restrictions and evade hackers by masking your real IP addresses.

Due to the PPTP protocol, the web proxy is compatible with most operating systems. It is simple since it does not need login details. Instead, you only have to copy your target URL and paste it on the blank space on their site.

You can randomly select various locations from the UK, US, France, and Canada. The country coverage is growing to help you surf anonymously. Generally, you can use these proxies to hide your IP address and unblock all social media platforms, and it is a web-based tool that doesn't need downloading or third-party software to operate.

9. FilterByPass

FilterByPass for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Free web proxy servers that unblock contents of social media platforms.

Filter bypass is a reliable and effective web proxy on the market specializing in offering free services. It is encrypted with SSL, but they have also added live streaming and adaptive video content streaming features. Their video player can constantly manage the streaming quality, which depends on the quality of your internet connection.

Thus, they guarantee you a great experience, high anonymity, and security while surfing. Besides enabling and disabling java, the proxies have servers located in the UK and US. So, you can interchange between two when surfing and go for the one closest to you.

The website is optimized for any device and perfect for cross-platform. You can also use this platform and render your video streaming only audio by clicking the audio icon.

10. HideMyAss

HideMyAss for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: A free web proxy server with a VPN interface and multiple locations.

HideMyAss, shortened as HMA, is another good free web proxy provider. They claim that their site is regularly updated with increasing location coverage. They are updating intending to make it hard for hackers to penetrate or unlock more different sites worldwide.

Meanwhile, the platform supports a good number of locations. You can use it to access restricted YouTube content regardless of your location. You can also use different filtering options on their website, making work easy.

They say that when you think that a free web proxy is excellent, a VPN is even better. This means they also offer premium VPN besides proxies. But sure, their proxies are effective, keep you anonymous, and have high connection speed.

They have free tools to help you analyze the IPs and conduct the WebRTC tests and DNS leak tests. The VPN interface is suitable for blocking if not disguising your IP addresses from central servers in the blocked country. The site is simple to use, and customer reviews speak a lot.

11. KProxy

KProxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Offers the Operating system unlimited connections with 10 servers and browser extension.

KProxy is a free anonymous web proxy that is readily available online. It offers proxies that protect you from any censorship and evade restrictions. This means you can use KProxy to unblock all restricted contents and visit geo-restricted websites without hassle while kept anonymous.

The unlocking ability comes from the possibility of KProxy to disguise the IP addresses and give you a new one. They also guarantee you privacy and security on your data. They keep changing their proxy servers to make it hard for hackers to penetrate through.

KProxy can also interfere with browsers through the extension to make things happen. You do not have to download the tool. Instead, paste the target website or video even when using a phone and enjoy the excellent experience.

They have 140 different public servers, encouraging you to choose different servers for online protection or evading bans. To access some of the more advanced features, you need to upgrade to the Kproxy pro versions at an affordable price.

12. FreeProxy.win

FreeProxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Best free web proxies for social media communication and email access.

Freeproxy.win is a different site that offers free web proxies. Besides HTTP, it also has a PHP option as a tool. This is perfect for web usage tracing and managing the packages. Thus, the platforms can provide sufficient data when you need it.

They also contain emailing protocols such as SMTP as well as POP3. This ensures that the protocol sends information faster. Thus ensure faster email delivery, efficiency, and authenticity.

Since Freeproxy.win also has IP addresses that once you surf a unique site you can change, it is thus good for unblocking restricted sites. The site reroutes your IP address to the server, making you anonymous when accessing restricted sites or when surfing social media platforms such as Facebook, etc.

On their website, you can select fast, medium, and slow servers depending on your needs. Surf anonymously and unblock all blocked websites using faster servers. They also have lightning faster proxies meant explicitly for streaming video sites. Try them for free, and you can even check out their free VPN.

13. Unblock YouTube

Unblock YouTube for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Specialized web proxy for unblocking YouTube content and other social media content.

Unblock YouTube is a platform that consists of both free VPN and proxies and premium packages for advanced use cases. They have free web proxies covering different UIPs from different locations worldwide. They have also divided their proxy servers as fast, slow, and medium. You can use them to unlock youtube videos, and official website contents were restricted.

Some of their servers are slow, but most of them are faster, and if you manage to pick slow proxies, you can still change to fast with only one click. These IP s are primarily located in the US and UK.

They are perfect for unlocking your videos faster and keeping you anonymous since they mask your real IP address when accessing restricted sites. Even when going for their premium packages, they are still affordable.

14. 4everproxy

4everproxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Unique with multiple/double proxy connections and supports numerous locations.

4everproxy is another reliable website; though it sounds nice, it has been around for a while. It comes with more outstanding features and the fact that it has a double proxy feature. This means you can select a proxy from a particular location but use the IP from a different region. This is connecting 2 proxies to the same server at a go. It is an excellent move to keep you anonymous.

After browning, 4everproxy gives you 2 hours lapse for security purposes. This is important as it helps you clear the history plus the URL you visited. The site also depends on TLS and SSL for extra security and privacy.

It ensures that attackers won't trace you. You can select IP addresses or servers from a comprehensive coverage worldwide. They use cryptography in hiding your information, including masking the IP addresses.

But again, 4everproxy offers you an opportunity to customize your search as you can configure HTTP proxy using your desired IP and port. Hence channeling all traffic through a custom-made proxy. You can mask your IP and change location using their proxies servers to appear anywhere. This is what we call a routing connection.

15. VPNBook Web Proxy

VPNBook Web Proxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Web proxies are SSL protected and perfect for surfing anonymously and securely freely.

VPNBook Web Proxy offers proxies that are perfect for various usages. You can use their proxies to open restricted websites or mask your IP address to keep you anonymous. You can also use Livestream restricted youtube videos. They are well known for encrypting website traffic to bypass some censorship placed by the government.

So, when using VPNBook Web Proxy, they hide your real IP addresses, making it hard for hackers or anyone to trace you. Besides proxies, they also specialize in free ad premium VPNs. The provider also has good coverage from France, Canada, the US, and the UK. They also claim that you don't have to download anything, which is true.

16. Zend2

Zend2 for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: a free service that supports anonymous HD streaming on youtube and Facebook.

Zend2 is a platform that offers you freedom of speed and online anonymity. You can use their web proxy to unblock any restricted or hidden contents without any issue. Though it can mask your IP address to let you stay anonymous, they do not indicate, or the platform does not allow users to select the new location of choice.

Instead, it only enables you to filter the output. Meanwhile, it is a reliable site when you want to go online anonymously at no cost.

Since they support HTTPS, their proxies are compatible with any browser. And the GUIO interface uses visual representation, enabling you to access HD youtube videos even when restricted. They also have a special URL for guides on accessing Facebook and youtube content as far as unlocking is concerned.

17. My-proxy

My-proxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Unblocks multiple sites and proxies are compatible with all Operating systems.

Try the free web proxy from My-proxy if you want a faster connection with HD video quality that supports all the platforms. Their ]proxies are compatible with all OS. They also have a list of different countries where they obtain the IP addresses or locate their proxy servers for public use.

Their proxies are only found in the US and UK, where they have been further divided into fast, medium, and slow proxies. The choice depends on your preference. But all in all, you only have to input your target website onto their website and surf. It opens even restricted websites or lets you stream restricted youtube content.

When it is too slow, you also try their super fast proxy application. They also have MyIPHide products specifically designed for streaming videos on different websites faster than normal. The site guarantees you unlimited surfing, multiple devices, compatibility with all browsers, and they also promise that their services will 100% satisfy your needs.

These guys also have premium packages on their websites. And when you open such censored sites, your IP address remains anonymous.

18. TurboHide

TurboHide for Free web proxy

TurboHide is a favorite website that offers free web proxies. These proxies not only open restricted or censored sites but also hide your IP address and make you surf anonymously. They also ensure that their services are secured through SSL encryption for the better privacy of the clients.

You can use TurboHide to bypass all firewall restrictions at school or work. Keep your online activity private by hiding your IP address.

Their proxies are compatible with various sites, including youtube, social media platforms, Google, bing, as well as Duckduckgo. They only have one server located in Canada but offer different aspects to filter the output. You can try them today since it is free.

19. Weboproxy

Weboproxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Powered by Tor browser to access live program and video websites.

Weboproxy provides a free web proxy that supports various sites, which many providers do not manage. Thus, it also works well on streaming censored youtube content. They prioritize their working on coding data to ensure that your privacy is taken care of. Therefore, Weboproxy has different encryption technology, which runs from HTTPS to the point that there is no tracking by fingerprint.

They use the Tor network that relies on open networks to various protocols. Thus, it is hard for any tracker to crack or any censored site to detect. They also utilize SSL technology to encode content and avoid exposing your IP address and data to attackers. The Guarantees you free services, one-time proxying URL, sharing services, and protected email addresses. Unblock any website using Weboproxy proxies.

20. GenMirror

GenMirror for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Ultra-fast proxies that are compatible with any device and anywhere.

GenMirror is a secured platform by SSL and specializes in offering free web proxies. You can use these proxies to hide your IP address. They also claim that these proxies are perfect for unblocking youtube videos, accessing Facebook, and any blocked website using any devices, including your mobile.

There is no need to install the software; instead, copy the URL and open the censored site anonymously regardless of your location.

They can help you save your bandwidth, especially when opening proxied pages on a blocked site. The site can offer you proxies to ultimately keep you anonymous. Since they use advanced web technology, their proxies consume less bandwidth but ensure that the proxies are ultra fast. Stream the video without any limit online.

21. Anonymster

Anonymster for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: They offer the simplest way to mask IP addresses and unlock multiple sites without dipping into your pocket.

Anonymster is a reliable company that claims to offer reliable free web proxies and 24/7customer support. You can use their proxies to extract data on different websites. When a site is censored, worry no more. Simply copy, URL, and paste on the Anonymster webpage on the blank slide and press surf.

You can also access the free wifi hotspots, access some blocked content on different websites, evade any kind of censorship, and make your online activities private and more secure. Anonymster is incredible since they never ask you for your password or login details.

22. Zalmos

Zalmos for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Guarantees you anonymous online browsing without cookies support.

Zalmos is a free web proxy capable of unlocking all media content. You can unlock all youtube videos and view them privately on anonymity mode. You can also access the HD videos without hassle. This is because Zalmos masks your IP address; you become a ghost user on the internet.

This makes it hard for any provider to track you because the IP address is hidden. In addition, the website also is encrypted, which allows hackers and other people to manipulate and access your data.

One thing we like about this website is the fact that it does not store cookies at all. Cookies are well known to be prone to cyber-attacks. Zalmos automatically connects you to censored websites even without cookies, and at the end of the session, they share everything.

You can also use Zalmos to promote your devices remotely. These guys also sell VPNs on their website that are other tools to bypass any filters as you go.

23. Proxify Web Proxy

Proxify Web Proxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: advanced free web proxy without any popup and remove javascripts to disturb clients.

If you wish to surf a restricted site or website anonymously, then come and try Proxify Web Proxy. They have a free web proxy on their platform. They support multiple countries, and their website is straightforward and secure. Their servers are distributed among the UK, US, and Canada. When using the Proxify basic, you can also protect your data and stay anonymous by masking your IP address.

It uses TLS and SSL for extra security on your data online. The good news is that they do not even have ads on their website that come due to security concerns. This is because advertisements on a sensitive website are easy to trace back to catch you.

This free web proxy works well with proxy pro and proxy basis. The platform runs on a web browser to modify web pages where you visit. It also tends to remove all tracking pixels. As said, Proxify Web Proxy prioritizes your online security more than performance and compatibility.

24. Proxysite.cloud

Proxysite cloud for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Capable of protecting devices even when working remotely and keeps you anonymous.

As discussed, based on other providers from the above list, Proxysite.cloud also offers the best free web proxies al; alongside their premium VPNs. One thing that makes us list is that the proxy provider provides more advanced features. They are perfect for unblocking censored sites, youtube, and YouTube videos.

This creates peace of mind. But again, the website is protected by SSL encryption. It does not only Unlock youtube and google and Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. However, it does not indicate the country where the proxy servers are located or where they are obtaining the IPs they are using to mask clients.

25. Atozproxy

Atozproxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: simple, ultra-fast proxies and mobile-friendly design with advanced web technology.

Atozproxy allows you to access unmetered videos and other content when surfing anonymously. They offer free web proxies with robust bandwidth. They claim that their proxies are faster, and the site has a mobile-friendly design secured by SSL.

Thus, you can access high-quality HD videos without restrictions and listen to any music. We are sure that their web technology can easily entice you when surfing online faster and at a stellar speed ( gigabyte).

The site is compatible with any browser, most OS, and even friendly with the mobile OS. Thus, you can use it on any device. When you want to access a restricted website or censored site, simply copy the URL, paste it on the special box, and tap on the go to easily access it. No one will detect you since the website masks your IP address.

26. SSLSecureProxy

SSLSecureProxy for Free web proxy

  • Highlight: Fast web proxies let you surf beyond restrictions and unblock censored content in your location.

SSLSecureProxy is a firm that offers faster web proxies at no cost. They do not limit you on bandwidth usage. It is perfect at bypassing all the firewalls, unlocking the censored websites, and letting you be unrestricted online. And they encrypt all the connections using a 256 bit SSL connection for secure online browsing.

Like our previous case, this provider also enables you to select the proxy location and go for an IP address from a different location. This is a somewhat double protection that makes it hard for anyone to detect or crack, though for the sake of hackers. It ensures you remain anonymous.

When they mask your IP address, these guys can help you unlock various sites like google, Facebook, adult sites, TPB, 1337x, and youtube videos. They do not implement a logging policy. Thus, your data is automatically deleted within2 hours.

27. Anonymouse

Anonymouse for Free web proxy

  • Highlight:  It is suitable for scanning malicious, high levels of privacy but limited download.

Anonymuose comes last on our list of free web proxies. It is a reliable website that is fast, easy and costs no penny. You can browse a restricted website anonymously without leaving a trace.

The provider also masks your location as well as the IP address. Their connection speed is faster due to faster gigabytes transmission. Since downloads come with malware and the site is sensitive, it limits you on good downloads.

This is vital, especially when protecting your PC from any possible malware. They also have SSL technology used to hide your data from attackers. The web proxies are compatible even with your phone. Just copy the censored link and paste it on their website, set a few parameters, and you are good to firm unrestricted.

28. Other Available Free Web Proxy

There are other various reliable free web proxies online such as:

How to Use A Free Web Proxy

YouTube video

Using a free web proxy is different but straightforward compared with free proxies. Follow these steps to set up and use a free web proxy successfully.

Step 1: Confirm the proxy server layout and locate the dialog box

Step 2: Select your preferred location and proceed

Step 3: Choose the site you want, copy its URL and paste it on the dialog box of a free web proxy.

Step 4: Then tap on the browse icon located on some proxies to access the target website.

Cons of Free Web Proxy

Regardless of your selection, you will always meet some drawbacks if you use a free web proxy.

  • Free web proxy only encrypts a particular quantity of proxies every month. Thus, it is easy to experience the traffic Limits. Sometimes, these free web proxies make your target site behave or respond inappropriately, blocking certain aspects that later compromise your online safety. Therefore, you cannot access all the sites restricted using proxies.
  • A free web proxy cannot, in any case, guarantee you complete protection against ISP and possible spammy activities. This means these proxies risk your privacy while online.
  • They also offer only basic privacy protection while surfing.
  • Besides traffic restrictions, free web proxy also comes with a bad customer experience.
  • Thus, you should consider using VPN or premium proxies for better protection online.

How to Pick A Free Web Proxy

Pick A Free Web Proxy

Free web proxy has some constraints, as discussed above. Thus, before selecting, there are some aspects you need to consider first. This is because every provider online claims that they are the best. Here are some key points to research before taking a step:-

Step 1: Check the reliability of the proxy. The reputation of a proxy provider says everything. Thus, look at the credibility of a free web proxy and test them.

Step 2: The variety and number of servers free web proxy offers. This is paramount as the more servers a company has, the better its services become. Also, ensure that you select a provider with servers closer to your location to maximize the speed. You cannot maximize speed when your servers are far.

Step 3: Lastly is customizability. This also matters; besides rotating IP addresses, it must also offer additional features like disabling cookies, encrypting URLs, and blocking scripts and objects.

The above list guarantees you all the aspects and ensures that you are safe online.


All the above third-party free web proxies are vital to have them at your fingertips. Evaluate them keenly and only select the best that meets your needs. But before deciding, test and make sure that they are working well, fast, easy, and secure. You can even go for the premium package of the budget allows you. However, we guarantee the best services from the above list at no extra cost.

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