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Are you searching for a detailed review about Jarvee? Then read our expert review about Jarve, to get more information. This review will help you make an informed decision!

Automated services are taking up the market due to demand for social media innovations and marketing. Automation software is flourishing. And Instagram is more evident than any other social media platform. Influencers are craving for their Instagram accounts to be organized without much engagement. Most have limited time and fear losing those precious resources.

Jarvee is one of these emerging automation software, and practically, it inherently offers engagement. However, is Jarvee a legit social media growth software? In this review, we will present everything about this tool without favour. Read our review to learn if Jarvee is worth your time and if it can meet all your needs. Keep scrolling.

Jarvee Review

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Jarvee is a famous social media automation software. This tool can help you automate all Instagram tasks as well as social media activities. It is perfect, and marketers are happy using it in growing their accounts and scaling their business to the next level.

While it is helpful to most influencers, this tool also has a negative side. This is because it is not all the bed of roses it offers. Therefore, we have written this review to let you understand every corner of the Jarvee tool, both the good and bad aspects.


Jarvee claims that it is a social media tool that can help you grow your accounts quickly by automating all your tasks. And when you use it properly, the tool can effectively deliver high quality when managing and automating your entire social media accounts from Facebook, Instagram to Pinterest, and the rest.

It can work with very minimal supervision. It supports many social media platforms and automates almost all tasks for each. However, for it to work effortlessly, it should be run continuously. This tool is secure and reliable for handling multiple tasks.

But you should also note that Jarvee is an expensive tool, complicated, and not recommended to non-tech-savvy users. Basically, the idea behind the operation of Jarvee is time efficiency in boosting the time analysis of the Instagram account.

It uses different aspects like followers, views, and clicks. The rest is left for the Instagram algorithm to bring in the magic. It increases the popularity of your social media accounts through constant interaction with the audience. It offers many options, posts, hashtags, comments, and following. Though artificial, Jarvee makes every task look natural to evade detection.

This review is divided into various sections, and let us look at some of its pros and cons.

  • Supports all main social media platforms
  • It is secure and reliable in carrying out tasks
  • Offer an excellent free trial
  • Also has a refund policy.
  • It has many advanced features.
  • Blocks unwanted ads
  • Slow email support
  • Expensive premium packages
  • Complicated to use.
  • Not efficient for single account users

Features of Jarvee

Features of Jarvee

It is also vital to know about Jarvee features before making a decision or trying it. It offers a variety of features on different social media platforms, as shown below:

  • Post scheduling

This is the most prominent feature of Jarvee as a social media software. Jarvee can schedule all Instagram and other social media accounts posts in advance. The tool makes scheduled posts go live at the optimal time to generate real and high engagement rates. This is important when targeting a specific audience, especially when you have limited time online. The tool can work for you.

  • Spin Syntax

Jarvee can now create unique content for your Instagram account through spin syntax using this feature. It has the ability to generate new posts that are based on the original one with only swapping out some phrases or words. This is beneficial because most people have limited time to write content. However, it's risking your account for publishing incorrect content. This is because it cannot mimic the brand quality.

  • Automated follow, unfollow, comment, and liking

You can set up this tool and let it automate every process. It can follow the audience according to your target based on the niche. It always ensures to keep relevant followers. It can also unfollow, and like the photos on your Instagram feeds. It filters the posts and likes them according to the quality standard. It can also auto-comment and gather favorite statistics for use. But you need to customize the syntax and come up with genuine comments.

  • Hashtag Research

This tool also comes with this critical feature. You can focus the hashtag on the target niche and find the related hashtags. Then use this hashtag and your posts to target the relevant audience on the internet.

  • Block Unwanted Content

You can set some filters and select the audience. which means the audience that does not meet your requirement can never follow your profile. You can also set this software with a keyword to block or delete such unwanted posts on your feeds.

  • Auto-Reposting and Deleting

Jarvee can search for the favorite posts and then re-post them on the feeds. This creates a community of followers based on the contents and their interests. When a post does not resonate with your audience, Jarvee can detect and delete it. Instead, it keeps high-quality content that meets audience expectations.

Price of Jarvee

Jarvee Pricing and Plan

Jarvee has 3 pricing plans, and it is one of its disadvantages. This means its pricing is expensive for single account users. However, all packages have all automation features and premium support. The only difference is the number of accounts each can support simultaneously. This tool offers all packages that meet your needs.

First, it has a starter package that costs $29.95 monthly and can simultaneously connect 10 social media accounts. At the same time, regular, which is the favored plan, costs $49.95 per month and connects up to 30 social media accounts. Lastly, they have a professional package that goes for $69.95 monthly and supports 70 simultaneous social media accounts. Each package comes with a 5 days free trial with no credit card required.

This is expensive, but you can use it to automate multiple social media accounts, and as such, it's worth the cost.

Is Jarvee Safe?


Jarvee software is a safe tool when you use it on its official platform. It cannot ask permission to access your privacy nor install other third-party malicious software. Therefore, we recommend you take in all cautions or standard practices while using this tool to keep your Instagram account safe.

It can help you with filtering features and evading malicious software or content. For example, users can customize it to block specific keywords or phrases or equally block unrealistic users from accessing your Instagram profile or following you. Therefore, based on the Trustpilot reviews,  this software is legit and reliable. It can suit all your social media account needs.

Use Proxy with Jarvee

Verifying an account through Jarvee means logging in using your IP address and local connection, which is no problem. However, accessing multiple accounts from a single IP address becomes hard. This is because it is risky, and Instagram can detect and block your account. So to address this issue, you need a proxy.

So that when you log in, you can assign each account with a different proxy IP address, thus making it appear to come from separate locations. But first, you should add and verify the account in the proxy manager tab to utilize the proxy effectively. Thus add an account or validate and attach the account before social profile verification.

You can rely on many proxy providers on the market, and adding a proxy to a Jarvee is simple. After clicking the proxy manager on the navigation menu, you only need to follow these simple steps. You can add manually or import the proxy. Our case will focus on manual methods.

Step 1: Click the add button as shown.

Import proxies and Export Proxies

Step 2: on the empty box, fill in the proxy details ( that is, proxy IP port, username, pass, and proceed)

Add Proxies

N/B IP authentication does not include a username and password. Instead, add a proxy IP and local Ip list.

Step 3: Then click verify proxy link under the action header.

Give a action header

Step 4: Proceed and get a valid connection or check for any error

Proxy Manager

Step 5: Then assign a proxy to each account using the drop-down box under the social profile header. Select one account and add the button.

Select the acount

Step 6: After that, go to the social profile tab and verify the account to start your tasks.

Remember always to keep your account valid when changing the account proxy. And never let the account run without proxy.

Similar Tools to Jarvee


Though Jarvee works on all platforms, some influencers still need a cost-effective option on the market. Especially marketers with a single account find Jarvee expensive. There are also other alternatives available on the market. Here are some of our favourite alternatives based on our expert usage and research. These are  Socinator, Kicksta, Social Boost, Instaboom, and Inflact.


1. Is Jarvee Safe?

Jarvee download is secure and reliable when operating from its official platform. It cannot install malware software or access your private information since it cannot request permission. Therefore, Jarvee keeps your account safe, and it can as well help block unwanted content or delete individual posts based on the keywords or phrases. Its filter feature is effective in moderating your Instagram feeds.

2. Can you get banned for using Jarvee?

Jarvee does not guarantee any users. Instead, you are using this software at your own risk but assured growth services.

3. Should I use night mode with Jarvee?

This depends on the tasks you are achieving on social media. We recommend trying to use night mode for one week to ensure that it is effective even during the day and still makes tasks look natural and organic. But, if your target audience is accessible during the day, then there is no need.

4. Is there a better program than Jarvee?

There are plenty of other alternatives on the market that you can use to automate your social media tasks and are cost-effective. Though Jarvee is perfect, it is expensive for single account users. The more this industry develops and updates, many firms are also coming up. Thus, you can also check out other options, but you should be keen on the quality of services, reliability, and privacy issues.


While Jarvee is complex and expensive, we would still recommend it for its high-quality services and marketing campaign strategy. But users must be aware of all the roles and fully control this software so that they do not encounter any risks associated with improper usage. Learn the strategy and exploit this tool fully in your social media automation services. It is reliable and legit. It saves you time and guarantees magic results.

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