11 Best Pinterest Bots & Automation Tools

Do you need the best Pinterest bots to help you grow the audience? We have collected the best recommendation in our article. Please read it to learn more about these Pinterest automation tools on the market. 

Pinterest is a social media platform involving crafty ideas, tips, and other activities. It is a perfect place to gather an audience and advertise your brand and passion. It offers a large business opportunity that most influencers have been overlooking.

Today, many marketers struggle to exploit the opportunity, which has now become competitive. Most of them need attention and become famous. There is limited time, so many marketers use third-party software, Pinterest bot, to automate activities and improve online presence.

Pros and Cons of Using a Pinterest Bot

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Pinterest bots are vital in the life of a social media marketer. As long as it has some drawbacks, the benefits outweigh them by a larger ratio. Pinterest bots are good at reducing some of your tasks to free up your schedule and save time. This way, it gives you enough time to create compelling content.

Secondly, they also play a big role in automating and scheduling your posts while improving community engagement. It is a good way to go as long as you are smart. And above all, they are best at producing high-quality analytic reports. This helps you evaluate your progress and make changes where necessary.

However, Pinterest bots tend to appear spam while online. Hence it makes their activities go against Pinterest APIs. Most providers recommend using conserving settings to stay safe with them.

Thus, when using a Pinterest bot, ensure that you moderate their speed and engage with relevant users only. If not, they might risk your account being banned or suspended. Now let's look at the best Pinterest bots on the market.

Best Pinterest Bots

1. Jarvee

Jarvee Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts at $29.95/ monthly

Jarvee is window-based automation software. It can help you grow your Pinterest account by carrying out various activities. Its main goal is to speed up the account growth and reach out to more audiences. It also helps to schedule and post content at the right time. Thus, it improves your online presence and engagement.

The bot comes with many Pinterest features like scheduling pins, auto-repin, video pins that help add video content on Pinterest, and spin syntax perfect for message creativity. You can also use the bot to monitor the progress of your account while improving the growth strategy. Again, it comes with watermark pins and a URL shortening tool.

It offers affordable pricing packages, and each comes with a 5-day free trial. You can also use it to manage multiple accounts depending on the package you select. So, the best way forward is to use this Pinterest bot on managing accounts and boards.

2. Socinator

Socinator Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts at $9.95/month 

Socinator is a perfect all-in-one Pinterest marketing bot for IM'ers. They pride themselves as social dominators, and it comes with many advanced features. It is dedicated to building your Pinterest account since developers understand that your time is limited. Thus, it can schedule the posts, auto-publish, add video pins, comment, auto-create the board, auto-follow, publish pins from RSS, repin and broadcast messages.

It offers the best and efficient method of managing your account. It can also search and extract your target audience because it supports proxy. You can as well run multiple Pinterest accounts using different IP addresses.

The special feature is so important that it makes your account even automated but looks authentic. The guys are taking over the market by storm. This tool also offers analytic reports to assess your progress and improve the marketing strategy. Socinator also works well on other social media platforms and offers affordable pricing plans.

3. Sprout Social

Sprout Social Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts at $89/user/monthly billed annually.

This is a popular and best Pinterest marketing tool on the market. It offers many Pinterest growth options. Sprout social is perfect for marketing campaigns. It ranges from making pins and measuring the Pinterest account performance.

It takes your marketing strategy to another level through visualizing pins and coming up with inspiring ideas. It can as well published in your Pinterest account even with your absence. It works not only on Pinterest but also on other social media platforms.

You can post seamlessly using this smart tool and optimize your Pinterest effort. It helps you stay ahead of your visual strategy. Understanding the performance is a good move to measuring the engagement at a scale. It lets you only track what matters. The tool comes with a 30-day free trial.

4. SocialPilot

socialpilot Pinterest

  • Cost: It starts at $50 monthly.

SocialPilot is generally a social media automation tool. But it also helps carry out Pinterest tasks aimed at its growth. It offers different services and packages that can fit every one of your needs. As well as managing multiple accounts, you can also use the bot to manage Pinterest accounts with different users simultaneously. When it comes to scheduling posts, their features are specialized.

These guys are here to attend to your Pinterest needs, posts content and analyze your campaign results to improve account engagement. They offer friendly pricing, which you can first enjoy a free trial that does not need your credit card. Deep analytic tools help you stay on top of your Pinterest management and scheduling without hitches.

5. SocialBee

SocialBee Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts at $19/month.

SocialBee is a Pinterest automation tool that can help schedule posts and create and edit. It can help maintain your online presence on Pinterest and other platforms. Again, you can use it to manage your campaigns and assign a post to a specific category. This ensures that your Pinterest account is always on track. It also comes with a scheduler tool perfect for pausing, bulk editing, and re-queueing your Pinterest posts.

The tool is also good at planning the relevant hashtags and previewing posts. When you want to track your Pinterest campaign, this is the best option. It has many advanced features. Custom URL  is important at shortening your URL and optimizing for real engagement. It might seem expensive but worth everything as it automates every activity 24/7. Each plan comes with a 14-day free trial.

6. Crowdfire


  • Cost: Starts at $9.99 monthly.

This Pinterest bot can also help you with other social media activities. Check out the Crowdfire today because they have everything. They offer real engagement and Pinterest account growth services that you can rely on. Developers can modify the features to meet all your needs. It has categorized its services into content creation, publishing, and analytic reports. Thus, it's perfect for improving your online presence. It is the best automation tool on the market.

Their pricing is friendly, and before committing, they offer a free trial. Otherwise, it can manage multiple accounts simultaneously without being detected.

7. Followersup

Followersup Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts at $5/100 Pinterest followers.

Followersup bots mostly focus on your Pinterest account engagement. Thus, you can buy Pinterest likes, followers, and repins. Their services are safe, secure, and reliable. And you can only receive what you pay for on their platform. Therefore, you can always stay within the budget on your account growth journey. First, you should choose the services you need and then make payment. The rest of the activities are automated, making Pinterest engagement simple.

They guarantee fast delivery with no password required. Sure, these services boost your Pinterest account and make you popular to start promoting your brand. Also, they 100% guarantee your money back when they don't offer required services.

8. AppSally

AppSally Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts from $34.20 for Pinterest engagement.

AppSally is a very comprehensive automation platform. It offers various services, including Pinterest account engagement. They can also help you get more likes, followers, and Pinterest pins. This bot also works well on other social media platforms. It mainly focuses on search engine optimization and conversion. Thus, the tool can outrank your account and stand out from the competitors.

They guarantee followers, opens, and saves. It is easy to use as you only order, and they deliver. They claim that your satisfaction is their priority. Therefore, they offer 15 days warranty with free replacement.

9. Tailwind


  • Cost: Starts at $19.99 monthly.

Tailwind is a Pinterest bot that has served over 1 million happy members. Before committing to a premium package, they offer a free trial but advanced Pinterest features. It can automate complex tasks and grow your account faster and smarter.

Join this marketing team and create your Pinterest content personalized in seconds. You can schedule, automate content publishing, and streamline your workflow. Thus, it optimizes your account using a powerful hashtag finder, curating bio and connecting you with their growing community.

This scheduling tool is perfect when you need to get real results in the shortest time. It is safe, and its pricing is reasonable. It can as well work on other social media platforms.

10. ASB Pinterest Bot

ASB Pinterest Bot Pinterest

  • Cost: Starts at $39.00

ASB Pinterest Bot is specifically curated for Pinterest management and providing growth services. This bot is affordable and suitable for automating Pinterest marketing activities. You can use it to manage unlimited accounts and come with a full-speed since they utilize multi-thread HTTP requests. They also guarantee 7 days of money back. However, the developers update it regularly, so it is safe to use.

This bot can carry out all Pinterest activities even when using the free trial. The bot keeps working efficiently in delivering schedules, pins, spin syntax, and many other features.

11. Viraltag


  • Cost: Starts at $24 monthly

ViralTag is a marketing tool that can help you share visuals on your social media accounts. You can use it to manage multiple Pinterest accounts, unlimited scheduled posts, and create unique content. And it also comes with a performance analysis tool.

All these advanced features are placed on a single dashboard. When you schedule a post, it pins at an optimal time like a pro. Thus, it ensures that your Pinterest audience is engaged. It also offers a network of communities to collaborate with and share your content.

This tool has the best Chrome extension, which also works wonders in growing your Pinterest account. They also offer a free 14 days trial. It offers the best Pinterest management services on the market. It is more of an automation tool to help you reach a new height.


1. What is a Pinterest Bot?

This is third-party software that people use to help grow engagement and improve Pinterest's online presence. It puts different tasks in autopilot mode while online. It is a good move to interact with your target audience.

2. Does Pinterest allow Pinterest bots?

Pinterest has an official public API. So, it supports the bot only if you interact on your account using a restrictive public API. However, it does not support bots that comply with their public API. Whenever it detects a bot, they restrict your account until you stop using it.

3. Will I be Banned by Using a Pinterest Bot?

Pinterest bots are only used when you have limited time, but you need to be smart. They automate every Pinterest activity, but it might get your account banned when you implement spam or suspicious activities. Thus,  only use it to engage with relevant users and evade bans.


It isn't easy to grow your brand on the internet naturally. This is due to stiff competition. Pinterest bots are the only solutions. They save your time and make work easy. However, make an informed decision that won't disappoint you. The above bots will align with all your needs. It's upon you to decide which meets your budget.

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