10 Best Facebook Proxies for Facebook Automation in 2023

Are you blocked from accessing Facebook from school or at work? Continue reading to learn why you need Facebook proxies to get Facebook automation.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, with over 2.5 billion users. It's no wonder that it's been around for a while, but it's still growing every day, and there are new ways of making money off of it.

The need for Facebook Proxies has grown over the years as more and more people want to access Facebook from their country or workplace. Many countries have banned certain websites, including Facebook, and some workplaces have blocked access to social media sites like Facebook as well.

While there are other ways to get around these blocks, such as VPNs, they can be expensive and slow down your internet connection. This is why web proxies have become so popular in recent years, especially since they don't require any software installation on your computer or smartphone.


Why do People Use Proxies for Facebook?

There are a lot of reasons why people use proxies for Facebook. The most common reason is to bypass restrictions that are put in place by their school or work. For example, if you live in China and want to see what the rest of the world is doing on Facebook, you need to use a proxy server.

Another common reason for using proxies is to automate your Facebook account. This can be done through bots and other programs that will automatically like, comment, and share content on your behalf.

The third most common reason for using proxies is to avoid getting caught by Facebook’s security features. These features are designed to detect fake accounts and keep them from making changes on your page or interacting with other users on your page. Suppose you’re using an automated bot or script to post content on behalf of your account. In that case, these security features may detect these activities as unauthorized changes being made by someone else.

Best Facebook Proxies for Facebook Automation

Facebook automation is a tool that lets you automate certain tasks on Facebook. For example, you can use it to schedule posts, send messages, and run many other management tasks as well. So, many people use proxies for Facebook automation because it is a lot more convenient than having to log into your account every time you want to like something or send out a message.

This is especially true if you manage multiple pages and have hundreds of products that need promotion on social media.

However, not all proxies are up to the automation task. Some will work well for certain tasks but fall short when it comes to others. So finding the best proxies for Facebook automation can be quite challenging. Here are, however, some of the best Facebook proxies that you can count on:

1. Smartproxy – Best Sticky Sessions Proxy for Facebook Management

Smartproxy for Facebook proxies

Smartproxy is a residential proxy service that offers free web scraping with unlimited connection requests, scaled social media marketing, SEO research, and Ads testing. It was created for people who want to get rid of captchas and use Facebook automation tools such as like4like and like2follow.

The best part about Smartproxy is their sticky sessions feature which allows you to bypass the Captcha feature on any website. This gives you full control over your Facebook automation tasks without any limitations or restrictions. In addition to being a great option for scraping Facebook data, Smartproxies are good because they have very little downtime and they have a very high success rate.

2. Bright Data – The Optimal Proxy for Facebook Business Use

Bright Data for facebook social proxies

Bright Data is the top residential proxy provider in the world, offering high-quality residential proxies, which are totally anonymous and private. Their residential proxies are used by more than 15000+ businesses worldwide.

Bright Data's high-quality proxies are suitable for any kind of automation task you have in mind. They also provide private proxies for web scraping and other data mining applications.

The proxy server claims to understand that when you're running an online business, whether it's through Facebook or any other social media platform, you need to remain anonymous while also ensuring your marketing strategy is effective.

That's why they're proud to offer their customers in-depth information on their residential proxies and what makes them so special. In addition, all their proxy servers are connected to high bandwidth networks, so you can expect fast speeds no matter where your target sites are hosted!

3. Shifter – Best Backconnect Proxy for Facebook Automation

Shifter for Resideential proxies

Shifter is the most reliable and effective residential proxy when it comes to Facebook automation. The following are some of their features:

High anonymity: This proxy can change its IP address every 5 minutes, and you can use it more than 1,000 times every 24 hours. Even if you have used it 1,000 times in one day, your account will not be banned from Facebook!

High speed: The speed of this proxy is quite fast compared to other proxies on the market today. You will never experience any lag when using this proxy!

Brand protection: If you want to keep your identity secure on Facebook when using this proxy service, you don't have to worry about anything because Shifter's residential proxy servers are completely anonymous and free from personal information leakage or user tracking.

4. IPBurger.com – Highest Quality Proxies for Facebook

IPBurger overview

IPBurger’s premium residential proxy service has been used by hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals that need reliable, fast, and secure access to Facebook and other social media sites. They provide their customers with the best proxy server options available on the market today.

Their fully managed proxy servers are hosted on the latest hardware in top-tier data centers located around the globe. In addition, their team constantly monitors each server to ensure optimal uptime, performance, speed, and security.

The proxies can be used for any purpose, including bypassing bans, suspensions, and captchas. They also offer unlimited rotating sessions, smart routing, and other advanced features that make them useful for all kinds of online activities.

5. The Social Proxy – The Best Mobile Proxy Provider for Facebook

The Social Proxy Overview

Automated Facebook Applications for Business. The Social Proxy is a great tool for managing multiple accounts on Facebook. It comes with a free version, which makes it perfect for personal use. However, it also has an upgraded version.

This is one of the best proxies around because it provides users with high-speed rotations and unlimited traffic. In addition, the 4G proxy ensures that you can get as much traffic as possible without any issues.

The mobile proxy is also really fast and reliable, which means it's perfect for managing growing accounts or creating new ones. It's also great if you want to target specific countries or regions because there are many different options available to choose from.

6. Proxy-Cheap – The Cheapest Mobile Proxy for Facebook Automation

Proxy-Cheap overview

Proxy-Cheap is a professional mobile proxy service provider, providing high-quality and low-priced mobile proxies for Facebook automation. It offers high-quality traffic with top speed and low latency. The main reason why Proxy-Cheap is so cheap is that they don’t have any restrictions on how much data you use. They also provide high anonymity for your account by encrypting all your traffic with SSL encryption.

Proxy-Cheap also has a guaranteed uptime, fast response time, and 24/7 customer support.

7. Proxy-Seller  – The Most Popular Private Proxies for Facebook

Proxy-Seller overview

Proxy-Seller is one of the best private proxies that you can use for Facebook automation. They have a good network of proxies, with an average speed of 1GB/s and a large number of subnets and networks.

The company offers a wide range of products and services to help you get access to the web. For example, with their private proxies, you can be sure that your account will not be suspended or banned by any website because they have been tested 100% safe and secure.

The company also provides high-quality support services 24/7 via live chat, email, or ticketing system. So if you are looking to buy some private proxies for Facebook automation, then this is the place to go!

8. MyPrivateProxy – The Best Friendly Proxy to US Location

MyPrivateProxy for private proxies

The most important thing that you need to know is that MyPrivateProxy is a trusted proxy provider, and they have been on the market for many years. The team is professional, friendly, and always ready to help you with any problem.

The proxy servers are located in 16 major US cities with 99% uptime, so it is very reliable. The best part is that this service is not limited to one IP address, but it can provide you with up to 10 different IP addresses. This means you don't have to worry about getting blocked by Facebook or any other website you want to be anonymous on.

MyPrivateProxy offers a free trial period of 14 days, so if you want to try it before buying, this might be the best option for you!

9. Instantproxies – Best Budget Proxy for Facebook Automation

Instantproxies overview

InstantProxies is a fast and reliable proxy service providing anonymous, secure, and stable access to the internet. InstantProxies also offers high-quality private proxies with 100% network uptime, blazing-fast speed, and elite anonymity. All their proxies are tested for functionality before being added to the list. They also provide 24/7 customer support via live chat in case of any issue with your proxies.

Instant private proxies are fully compatible with all Facebook automation tools used by most businesses across the globe. In addition, they offer a trial option for all their users so that they can test their proxies before purchasing them.

10. ProxyGuys – Best Flexible Pricing Options for Facebook Proxies

ProxyGuys for Mobile Proxies

ProxyGuys is a private premium proxy provider offering high-quality mobile proxies at the best prices. They offer a wide range of options and flexible pricing plans that are suitable for all types of users.

With ProxyGuys you will get all the features you need, such as unlimited bandwidth, instant IP changes, and 24/7 support from their trusted team. In addition, all their proxies are constantly tested to ensure they are working properly before sending them out to customers.

ProxyGuys provides a 24hour multilocation USA 5G proxies for a one-time charge of $20, which is very affordable compared to other companies on the market. You can also purchase one-time-use day passes if you need some extra proxies or if you want to test out the service before signing up for a monthly subscription.

Which Proxy is Best for Facebook Automation?

If you want to use Facebook automation on a regular basis, then you should consider getting a residential proxy.

Residential proxies are less expensive, easy to obtain, and more affordable than mobile proxies; that would have been the best choice if not for their high pricing. The residential proxies are also the most popular choice for marketers and webmasters and the fact that they are undetectable and difficult to block.

Don’t Use Free Proxies for Facebook!

If you’re looking for a way to unblock Facebook, then you might have heard of proxies. Proxies are useful because they hide your IP address, making it harder for sites to track your location. They also prevent your ISP from seeing what sites you’re visiting.

However, free proxies should never be trusted. They have never been a good idea and here’s why:

  • Slow Speed

Free proxies are slow because the people who set them up to don’t own any servers themselves — they just rent them from other people who own servers. This means they have less bandwidth available to them than if they had their own dedicated machines. As such, the speed of their proxy will suffer and its reliability.

  • They are frequently blacklisted

Free proxies are frequently blacklisted because so many people use them to mask their identity online, causing all kinds of security problems for websites that rely on IP addresses for tracking purposes (like Facebook). Sites like Facebook will automatically block any proxy that has been blacklisted by a number of different companies — including Symantec and McAfee — which makes it very difficult for anyone trying to use the free proxy.


There are plenty of other types of Facebook proxies available out there, some free and most paid. We're keen on connecting to a proxy that doesn't keep logs but doesn't add any latency either. In the end, it's up to you to decide which is right for you. Maybe you'll find the features in Facebook Proxies useful. That could be just the one that you need for your case.

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