10 Best Telegram Proxies of 2023

Do you need reliable Telegram proxies to unblock accounts, evade online restrictions, and take your marketing strategy to the next level? We are going to cover the best Telegram proxies in the market. Read, understand and make an informed decision.

Telegram is among the most powerful social media platform. To date, it has over 200 million active users around the world. Many people prefer Telegram because of its encryption, functionality, and features.

The fact remains that some countries have blocked Telegram access. These include Russia and Iran. Therefore, living in such a region, you might struggle to access Telegram, but all in vain. The good news is that there comes Telegram proxies to rescue you.

This article will base our reviews on the best Telegram proxies on the market. We will also get to understand the other deep tips so that you can make an informed decision. Keep reading and find out more.


  • Soax – Detailed Geo-Targeting Proxies for Telegram
  • Bright Data – Best Residential Proxies for Telegram
  • Smartproxy – Best Cost-Effective Choice for Telegram Proxies
  • Shifter – Best Unlimited Bandwidth Proxies for Telegram
  • Froxy – Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Telegram
  • Oxylabs – Unlimited Concurrent Sessions for Telegram Proxies
  • ProxyRack – Best Telegram Proxies with Good Location Coverage
  • Rayobyte – Ethical Residential Proxies for Telegram
  • Proxy-Seller – Flexible Private Plans for Telegram Proxies
  • MyPrivateProxy – The Leading Private Proxies for Telegram

Best Telegram Proxies

1. Soax – Detailed Geo-Targeting Proxies for Telegram

Soax Homepage

Soax is a proxy provider company from the UK with a colossal proxy pool well distributed worldwide. The company does not only offer mobile proxies, but also they have reliable residential proxies.

From their website, they claim to have the cleanest IP pool size, which is often updated to increase their success rate. This is the best Telegram proxies firm because o its flexible geo-targeting feature from country to city and provider level.

Soax was awarded the best discovery of the year by Proxyway in 2021 and had an excellent Trustpilot rating. This indicates that customers are satisfied with their customers. These are elite proxies, offer all geo-targeting, and do not have the usage limitation on their p[akcgaes.

Something else is that their proxies are 100% whitelisted. Whether you want mobile or residential proxies, their pricing plan is affordable, with a cheap trial plan on their website. The company guarantees you zero IP blocks, routing logic, and access to over 5 million residential IPS and over 3.5 million mobile proxies worldwide.

If you go with the Soax proxies, rest assured of the high speed and performance on Telegram and other social media platforms. You can use them to automate, manage and create multiple Telegram accounts without facing any restrictions—Ublicok geo-restriction as well with these backconnect rotating proxies with detailed geo-targeting features.

2. Bright Data – Best Residential Proxies for Telegram

Bright Data Homepage

Bright Data is the best company generally when you need proxies for any use cases. They offer reliable residential proxies with good location coverage. First, you can enjoy access to over 72 million IP addresses distributed in over 195 countries worldwide.

Therefore, be confident you can get reliable residential proxies for your Telegram account. They are the market leader when it comes to data scraping. The company also offers geo-targeting from the country to the ASN level.

Whenever you feel like you want to optimize your Telegram account or evade any geo-restrictions, seek out the solution from Bright Data residential proxies on the market. However, it will be a good move for the large-scale use cases because their pricing plans seem expensive for individual use.

Otherwise, Bright Data offers a free trial, which you can get and test to determine if it works well on your Telegram account. That is not all; they also have datacenter and mobile proxies. They have 99.99% uptime and are perfect for social media marketing, market research, and many other use cases.

Their customer support is on another level. They structure their residential proxies to make them compatible with any tool on the market. Therefore, these proxies are reliable, efficient, flexible, and fully compliant, which makes them the best Telegram proxies on the market.

3. Smartproxy – Best Cost-Effective Choice for Telegram Proxies

Smartproxy for Residential Proxies

Smartproxy is another reliable Telegram proxy provider that has been around for a long time. They offer affordable residential proxies, which are effective in Telegram use cases. One thing that makes Smartproxy unique when you compare it with Bright Data is that Smartproxy does not have any minimal monetary requirements to access its proxy plans.

You can get any plan as well as pay as you go. Equally, you can request a custom plan from their cup[port team. Otherwise, the provider has an extensive IP pool of over 40 million, covering over 195 countries worldwide. Smartproxy also offers geo-targeting options where necessary.

Using Smartproxy proxies on the Telegram platform is simple. Their dashboard is simple and comes with a clean, modern design. These p[roxies are effective on Telegram, be it creating multiple accounts or managing and automating multiple Telegram accounts. You can also use these residential proxies for data scraping while it keeps you anonymous. They offer unlimited concurrent connections.

The residential proxies from Smartproxy are the fastest on the market. They also claim that their residential proxies do not have subnets or setup fees. But you can access instant epic customer support, total security, anonymity, and advanced rotation, which is relevant in the automation of a Telegram account.

4. Shifter – Best Unlimited Bandwidth Proxies for Telegram

Shifter Homepage

Shifter became popular online because of the ultimate data toolkit for any data scraping needs. They have everything, not only Telegram proxies but also servers and data scraping tools where it becomes a one-stop shop for all your Telegram business needs goals.

They have reliable residential proxies with excellent global coverage and access to advanced configuration settings. They offer geo-targeting features through the application of custom rotation. Therefore, these proxies are optimized for use cases like Telegram data extraction with low latency.

On their website, you can select from the tailored pricing plans that only meet your needs. These ranges form the rotating residential proxies to static. Both cases come with stellar speed, unlimited traffics, and large subnet ranges. This means they have unlimited bandwidth, which makes them the perfect choice as the Telegram proxies on the market. They support all countries worldwide and also support unlimited concurrent connections.

Hence suitable for automating multiple Telegram accounts without any restrictions. Their customer support is excellent, and looking at the rating and reviews online, there seems nothing wrong with this proxy provider.

5. Froxy – Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Telegram

Froxy Residential Proxies

Froxy offers one of the reliable, flexible, and fast rotating residential proxies, perfect choices for use on the Telegram platform. This is for many well-known reasons.

First, Their rotating residential proxies allow the customers to utilize them while evading all the restrictions, evading blocks, and guaranteeing a stable network connection to the targeted regions worldwide. Always ensure that you operate your Telegram project with maximum efficiency for perfect results.

High efficiency, global access, and the ability to evade all blocks, captchas, etc., through changing the IP address are some of the advanced features they offer on the market. The company supports over 200 countries worldwide, and you can geo-target the country's location down to the specific provider in a particular region.

In their proxy pool, they have over 8 million Rotating residential proxies. Therefore, these proxies are not only [erefct for automation of Telegram accounts but also data scraping from any part of the world.

Say no more restrictions and enjoy the complete compatibility of these proxies, up to 99.99% uptime without restrictions. Still, they come with a convenient dashboard good for managing your residential proxies. Their customer support is available 24/7 to serve you anytime.

6. Oxylabs – Unlimited Concurrent Sessions for Telegram Proxies

Oxylabs Homepage

Oxylabs is a proxy provider but on a different level. It is the biggest Bright Data rival on the market, but a few things make it unique. First, they have over 102 proxy pools and support all locations worldwide. This is the best option to unblock any Telegram geo-restrictions from any location. Another thing is that you can enjoy an automated Telegram account with their unlimited concurrent connection.

In simple terms, Oxylabs is the simple and advanced proxy provider on the market and ranks as the best residential proxy provider compatible with the Telegram platform. The company offers the fastest residential proxies on the market, with an average speed of 0.6 seconds.

It has managed to record a high success rate and what makes it unique is the IP rotation which means you can enjoy the largest pool of IP addresses from any location worldwide. Therefore, you can count on Oxylabs for any level of geo-targeting up to the ISP level.

However, they sell their proxies based on the bandwidth, though they are still affordable for business use cases like data scraping and social media automation services. Their customer support is also available 24/7 when you need help. It is ranked in the top tier for its excellent data collection infrastructure and is the front runner in innovation.

7. ProxyRack – Best Telegram Proxies with Good Location Coverage

ProxyRack Homepage

Proxyrack is also a reputable company with excellent Telegram proxies. From their website, they offer Telegram proxies for daily use cases. And they make it clear that you can use their residential and datacenter proxies to unblock the Telegram account and evade all the restrictions on the platform.

Proxyrack provides numerous options that help you op[timzie your Telegram account without any issues. And if you do not trust us, give it a try with their 3 days trial plan.

The company guarantees you full anonymity, and you can select the location of your choice. Their residential proxies are reliable and fast enough. The residential proxies are an excellent choice since they source their Ip address from the ISPs making it reliable as well as hard to detect.

Besides using the Proxyrack quality residential proxies, they also offer targeted residential proxies such as unmetered residential proxies, premium GEO residential proxies, and private residential proxies, which are all affordable and suitable for Telegram tasks.

One more unique thing about the Proxyrack residential and datacenter proxies is the excellent location coverage in over 140 countries worldwide. They also support unlimited bandwidth, unlimited concurrent connections, and affordable monthly pricing plans on the market.

8. Rayobyte – Ethical Residential Proxies for Telegram

Rayobyte Homepage

Rayobyte, formerly Blazing SEO, is one of the best proxy providers on the market that has been online for a long time. The company offers one of the reliable proxies compatible with the Telegram platform. Rayobyte ensures that you access excellent proxies for safety or security,  guarantees you a better network speed, and can evade all the geo-restrictions from any location. The obvious choice is Rayobyte on the market when you think of reasonable pricing plans.

Rayobyte has over 10 million residential proxies worldwide, and you can target up to the country level. Also, they offer unlimited concurrent threads. However, in terms of bandwidth, things are different. Maintain the global messaging communication on Telegram without any restrictions using Rayobyte proxies.

They offer a free, risk-free trial with money back guaranteed to test their proxies. The residential proxies from Rayobyte guarantee you the capability to avoid CAPTCHAS, unmatched commitment to ethics, and access to the other advanced features. These proxies are best for social media, including Telegram automation and geo-targeting.

9. Proxy-Seller – Flexible Private Plans for Telegram Proxies

Proxy-Seller for telegram proxies

But wait, when we talk about Telegram proxies, it does not only refer to residential or mobile. Still, private proxies work well. Proxy-Seller is one of the providers of flexible private proxies on the market that you can tailor to meet Telegram's needs. Their proxies guarantee you privacy and high anonymity online, which you obtain the best from the Telegram application.

On their website, you can select the quality and target country based on your needs. These private proxies are affordable and compatible with HTTP, HTTPS, and socks5 protocols. Again, they guarantee high anonymity, 24/7 technical support when needed, and infinite traffic on the Telegram platform.

You save more for long-term plans if you buy more Proxy-Seller private proxies. They offer low-cost rending proxies and have discounts that amount to up to 40% off. Customers can also exchange the proxies if they are blocked or request a refund. They have a comprehensive location coverage available in over 20 countries worldwide, with 100 networks and over 300 subnets.

These private proxies are good for bypassing regional blocks or IP bans, and you can communicate with people on Telegram anonymously. You can also count on these proxies for online gaming and many other activities. Therefore, Proxy-Seller private proxies are an excellent choice for Telegram tasks at an affordable price.

10. MyPrivateProxy – The Leading Private Proxies for Telegram

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

MyPrivateProxy is another perfect option as a Telegram proxies provider on the market, but it specializes in offering private proxies. From the website, it is clear that they have designed their proxies with the white hat in mind.

This means they can revoke the proxies you have purchased when you go deep into the blackhat tasks. Therefore, the private proxies from the MyPrivateProxy company are one of the best choices to consider for automating your Telegram accounts.

MyPrivateProxy guarantees you access to unlimited bandwidth, multiple locations, 99$% network uptime, 3 days money-back guarantees, non-sequential IPs, and premium customer support available 24/7. Their proxies use stable infrastructure designed never to fail on enterprise-grade hardware.

The company has kept a strong history of uptime. These private proxies support HTTP and HTTPS protocols, and you can authenticate using user-pass and IP authentication methods. This indicates they are secure and fast enough to bypass any blocks and restrictions on the Telegram platform.

Free Telegram Proxy List

As earlier stated, we do not recommend using free proxies unless necessary. You can use the free proxies, but when you need to access additional or advanced features, consider going for the premium packages.

However, it would help if you remembered that free proxies could easily compromise your online reputation and lead to data breaches on Telegram. This claim is because free proxies do not guarantee quality and can result in serious data breaches regarding private data.

Even though you might be operating on a fixed budget, getting the premium proxy provider is the best choice you will ever make online for the best long-term results.

There are multiple free Telegram proxies online, but all of these come with serious privacy and security repercussions. Besides, these free proxies provide users with a slow connection speed since multiple people worldwide are using them simultaneously.

Some of the free Telegram proxies online are as listed below:


1. When should I use proxies for Telegram?

There is no proxy configuration option on the Telegram platform. Typical users do not need to use proxies for accessing the accounts. But for social media, marketers need proxies to manage multiple Telegram accounts on a single device without getting detected.

This is because, with relevant Telegram proxies, you can easily mask your local IP address. The other situation when you need to use proxies on Telegram is where you want to automate accounts or scrape data, shield your IPS from potential hackers, unblock geo-restrictions, etc.

2. Which type of proxy is best for Telegram?

We would recommend using residential proxies in automating and unblocking Telegram accounts. Residential proxies are fast and hard to detect because their IP addresses are sourced from regular internet users worldwide, indistinguishable. But still, you can also use undetectable mobile proxies, like residential though they are expensive on the market. They also come with a footprint making them hard to detect. However, operating on a fixed budget, you can consider the above high-quality private proxies on the market.

3. What are the available Telegram bots?

Unlike other social media platforms, Telegram support bots. The platform released its official API, which indicates that they are encouraging users to utilize bots. Though it remains strict, once you go against their API, you must face the consequences, including a ban or suspension. Check here to get more available Telegram bots.


In the above article, we have covered some o the best Telegram proxies on the market. You can capitalize on them and get the best out of this platform. Proxies are one of the preliminary requirements for social media marketers as opposed to the typical Telegram users.

Therefore, before you select the relevant provider, test and make sure they fall within your budget. After that, take your marketing campaign to another level with the above Telegram proxies and Scrape data and automate accounts without geo-location restrictions.

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