12 Best Twitter Proxies in 2023

Are you searching for reliable proxies to automate and manage your Twitter account? Please read our article on the best Twitter proxies, access a comprehensive list, and grasp preliminary tips and knowledge about twitter proxies. Read and learn from our experts to save you time and effort.


  • Smartproxy – The Best Cost-Effective Choice
  • Bright Data – The Best Overall Option
  • Soax – The Cleanest Proxy Pool for Twitter
  • Proxy-Cheap – Cheapest Residential Proxies for Twitter
  • Oxylabs – Best Choice for Bulk Twitter Automation Requirements
  • Rayobyte – Fast Twitter Dedicated Proxy
  • Proxyrack Premium Residential Proxies for Twitter
  • IPRoyal Best Socks5 Proxies for Twitter
  • Proxy-Seller – Flexible Payment Model
  • MyPrivateProxy – The Best Datacenter Proxies for Twitter
  • InstantProxies – Cheapest Datacenter Proxies for Twitter
  • High Proxies Premium Private Proxies for Twitter

Influencers and business marketers have taken their marketing campaigns online. This not only creates brand awareness but also increases the reach and improves the conversion rate. This, in return, increases the revenue. Therefore, anybody who understands the capability of maximizing their Twitter presence becomes a valuable asset as cash and traffic are concerned.

It is hard to manually manage multiple social media platforms, and it becomes a challenge even if you want to automate them using Twitter bots. Though twitters effectively manage multiple accounts, you need to stay anonymous and protect your online presence. This is why you need p[roxies that are perfect on Twitter automation and bots.


What is a Twitter Proxy?

Twitter Proxy Overview

A Twitter proxy is simply a server connecting your Twitter account or automating the account without any restrictions. Typically, an intermediately links the Twitter server and the user.

Also, remember that the SSL-certified private proxy ensures that your Twitter account's security is in the right place by encrypting the communications. Therefore, you can use them to manage multiple social media accounts accessing over 100 regions worldwide while keeping your local IP anonymous.

Though most people prefer residential because of affordability and reliability, datacenter and mobile proxies also work well. Let us now navigate to our list of the best Twitter proxies.

Best Twitter Proxies

1. Smartproxy – The Best Cost-Effective Choice

Smartproxy for Twitter Proxies

Smartproxy is one of the leading companies in offering Twitter proxies on the market. They have one of the dopest rotating Twitter proxies, and you can count on them for creating Twitter accounts and managing multiple accounts without any restrictions. The company still offers residential proxies on the market; considering the location coverage, it is awesome and guarantees you access to unique IP addresses when you have an active subscription.

Twitter proxies from Smartproxy come with unique features such as a geo-targeting feature available in over 195 countries around the world, 1.5 seconds average speed recorded, offers sticky sessions that go up to 30 minutes, and these proxies come with a 99.99% uptime.

Their proxies have proved their capability in marketing, such as scaling the effort through automating Twitter accounts. They are compatible with most devices and Twitter bots like FollowLiker, Jarvee, and Dominator House.

In terms of the pricing,  it is affordable, guarantees unrivaled customer support available 24/7, and is 100% safe. Their residential proxies are also awesome for Twitter tasks, considering the features they offer customers. It is just a click away, and you will have it.

2. Bright Data – The Best Overall Option

Bright Data Residential Proxy Overview

Coming second is Bright Data, formerly known as Luminati, and is the best generally while you search for the best Twitter proxies. They offer one of the best residential proxies perfect for Twitter automation.

This is because they have good location coverage, large IP pool size, excellent geo-targeting options, and have been around for so long that their developers understand the market's demands. Their proxies are unrivaled, making Bright Data the biggest Twitter proxy provider. These proxies are also compatible with most devices and Twitter bots; hence can be used to automate Twitter activities with ease.

Bright Data guarantees that you can circumvent any geo-restrictions on Twitter access with their global geo-targeting features. And if you want to scrape or crawl data from Twitter, then this is the best proxy, provider.

They also offer datacenter and mobile proxies good for almost all online tasks. Bright Data has over 72 million IP addresses, and their Twitter residential proxies have recorded 99.99% uptime which is extremely stable. They also indicate that their proxies are ethically sourced and thus hard to detect.

And the good news is that,m they support unlimited concurrent requests and the highest quality service, and something we found unique about their residential proxies is the excellent scalability.

Bright Data has been ranked as the G2 industry leader in 2022 for customer satisfaction, online presence, and quality services. These features make Bright Data the best Twitter proxy provider, even though their pricing is expensive.

3. Soax – The Cleanest Proxy Pool for Twitter

Soax Residential Homepage

Soax is another proxy provider, but it offers one of the cleanest residential proxies on the market. They claim to have one of the reliable, genuine, and whitelisted IPV4 addresses with good location coverage worldwide, excluding Texas alone. In their IP pool, they contain over 8.5 million IP addresses, recorded 99.99 network uptime, and when you look at their response time, it is ultra-fast.

We have listed Soax as one of the best Twitter proxies because their residential proxies are 100% compliant, and security is their top priority. Otherwise, they offer limitless proxy access with full anonymity, meaning you can use these residential proxies in Twitter bots to automate tasks without facing any restrictions and limits.

Soax offers perfect location targeting and rotation services for managing your Twitter accounts. However, the company also has limited advanced features, such as limited ports based on the plans you select and the obligatory IP whitelisting.

Otherwise, these residential proxies are compatible with the HTTP(S) and socks5 protocols, and their pricing is also affordable, with the least starting at $99 for 8 GBs and 300 ports. You can also request custom pricing plans from their website.

4. Proxy-Cheap – Cheapest Residential Proxies for Twitter

Proxy Cheap Residential Homepage

Proxy-Cheap is also on the way and is taking over the market, displacing many providers in this field. They also offer multiple proxy types but what makes them stand out is their cheapest residential proxies packages which are perfect when sued on Twitter automation tools.

Also, their proxies are easy to use and simple to set up because they come with a friendly user interface. Hence, users easily manage the proxies from a single dashboard, including switching the IP addresses based on your needs.

Also, we would like to mention that they always ensure they continuously upgrade their IPV4 proxies as you need, making them more reliable. They also guarantee that their residential proxies can serve you from any part of the world by unblocking all the restrictions and blocks on your Twitter accounts.

From their website, it is clear that they do not have any monthly commitment fee to pay but instead guarantee you a rotating and sticky session proxy. The session IP duration lasts up to 30 minutes, HTTP protocol support, and location coverage over 127 countries worldwide. Though not popular, believe us, they have one of the best premium yet cheap packages for twitter automation and many other tasks.

5. Oxylabs – Best Choice for Bulk Twitter Automation Requirements

Oxylabs Homepage

Oxylabs is a well-known proxy provider because of its residential proxy pool. We have listed it because of multiple features that favor Twitter automation Servers. The company ash over 100 million IP pool networks, meaning they have good geo-location coverage worldwide and are still growing.

The company focus on not only the performance but also the quality of its proxies. They guarantee high anonymity and privacy while online, meaning the residential proxies are fast, hard to detect and bypass any Twitter restrictions online. They have also indicated excellent outcomes on market research with a 100% success rate, making it outstanding compared to the marker rivals.

Some of the other features Oxylabs guarantees you in their residential proxies are unlimited concurrent sessions. They offer an average proxy speed of 0.6 seconds. It also offers continuous proxy rotations with a 99.2% success rate and geo-targeting options up to the state level at no extra cost.

They guarantee you zero CAPTCHAS and zero IP blocking. These proxies are ethically sourced and of high quality, and the high uptime facilitated by reliable infrastructures ensures you have a smooth Twitter experience. The proxies are easy to integrate with Twitter bots and other online tools because they support HTTP and HTTPS protocols and come with API and browser Extention.

6. Rayobyte – Fast Twitter Dedicated Proxy

Rayobyte for Set Social Media Ablaze

Rayobyte sounds like a new name in the industry, but it should not scare you since it is simply the rebranded Blazing SEO. Therefore, when searching for reliable Twitter proxies, consider Rayobyte in the first place. This is because they offer a cool package for social media platform automation, and they ensure that you set your account at a blaze with these absolute best proxies for social media platforms.

They can help you improve your social media online presence and create brand authenticity. Also, note that Rayobyte offers the best residential proxies, which are excellent for the people like you in this industry.

You can select between ISP and rotating residential proxies in the social media proxies packages. Both packages offer diverse location coverage, unlimited bandwidth, proxy p9oilot, fewer bans, access to the world-class API, 24/7 customer support, and residential proxies that are ethically sourced, which means they are secure and hard to detect.

You can use them to evade all the Twitter restrictions and automate your multiple Twitter and social media accounts at a go. This firm is very flexible in terms of pricing though it supports HTTP, HTTPS, and socks protocols, making them compatible with most online software.

7. Proxyrack – Premium Residential Proxies for Twitter

ProxyRack Homepage

Though Proxyrack offers residential proxies, they are effective when used as Twitter proxies on the platform. This is another reliable alternative on the market, and one thing we love about this company is the multiple packages on the platform.

They even have the unmetered residential proxy plan, which is excellent for this case. This is because, while you automate Twitter and other social media platforms, you always enjoy unlimited bandwidth and have control and access to multiple IP addresses from the dashboard.

Proxyrack pricing plans are based on the thread,s and looking at it, it seems as expensive, but it offers high anonymity, good uptime, and success rate. Therefore, if your target is to automate multiple Twitter accounts, you can also check out Proxyrack company, and some customers have praised the cost-effective plans.

Sure they can keep your account safe, maintain your online privacy and ensure that you have a superb Twitter experience without getting blocked, restricted, or even encountering the CAPTCHAS on your way.

Their residential proxies also have good location coverage worldwide and include uncapped bandwidth. Since these proxies come from real internet service providers, they are hardest to detect but safe and ensure easy data transfer.

8. IPRoyal – Best Socks5 Proxies for Twitter

IPRoyal overview

IPRoyal offers reliable residential proxies with a small IP pool, but they are available in over 150 countries worldwide. The company offers users very flexible control on their proxies, such as the ability to select the sticky sessions ranging from 1 second to one day. And looking at it technically supports both the HTTPS and Socks protocols, which means that their residential proxies are compatible with most software.

This comes along with the Twitter bots for automating Twitter accounts. Therefore, if you have multiple accounts and need to manage them, consider residential IP addresses from IPRoyal at friendly pricing. Also, you can pay as you go for the Twitter projects. Sure, they also have other proxy packages such as datacenter and mobile proxies.

One thing common with other proxy providers is that IPRoyal also offers unlimited bandwidth. They have 24/7 customer support services, and before getting premium packages, they still provide a free trial plan for one week. You can also match the IPRoyal proxies in terms of flexibility, reliability, and speed, making them the best for business and for automating social media accounts with its high-end pool.

9. Proxy-Seller – Flexible Payment Model

Proxy-Seller overview

When you get confused about selecting the above twitter proxies, here comes Proxy-Seller with the flexible payment model. Though the company offers reliable private proxies on the market, they are also full of multiple advanced features.

This is a good Twitter proxy provider because they have high-quality proxies at an affordable price. Though cheap, they are perfect for automating Twitter accounts. And from their site, there is no place they have mentioned they support twitter.

Regarding the rental period, Proxy-Seller is more flexible, and from their website, you can go for the proxies based on the duration you want to use them, such as weekly, which goes one year. You can also note that the more duration you select, the cheaper the package becomes.

Hence it ranks as the top Twitter proxy provider on the market with flexible payment plans and has good location coverage. Besides the private IPv4, the company also has IPv6 proxies on its website.

10. MyPrivateProxy – The Best Datacenter Proxies for Twitter

MyPrivateProxy for private proxies

MyPrivateProxy is well known for offering some of the r4eliabl e datacenter proxies on the market. When you list the datacenter proxy companies, MyPrivateProxy can't miss the list. This is because it has a large IP pool size, supports over 27 countries around the world, guarantees unlimited bandwidth, and you can run up to 1000 concurrent threads.

Therefore, when you want the private proxies provider for your Twitter account automation or to us with your Twitter bot, MyPrivateProxy is just a click away. It is undoubtedly one of the best private proxy providers on the market for a long time. You can use their private proxies to create Twitter accounts, manage multiple social media accounts for marketing campaigns, etc.

MyPrivateProxy is the best option, not because of its affordable pricing. Still, because of their proxies' simplicity and privacy, the company offers top-notch anonymity with UIP and suer-pass authentications.

Their proxies are high-speed connecting, and you can also contact the customer support team for a custom package. Though they do not have a free plan, they have 3 days money-back policy which is enough time to test their proxies before deciding. The company guarantees you Instant setup, monthly randomization, and multiple subnets.

11. InstantProxies – Cheapest Datacenter Proxies for Twitter

Instantproxies overview

InstantProxies is the cheapest datacenter proxy provider on the market. Like other private proxy providers, InstantProxies also offers unlimited bandwidth, allows unlimited concurrency requests, they have an active customer support team on their website,  supports countries around the world,  and above all, they come with a 7-day money-back policy.

Therefore, when you are unsure about the quality of their datacenter proxies, you have 7 days to test them to become committed to being a life member. Otherwise, their datacenter proxies are compatible with all social media platforms, and you can use them to automate Twitter tasks. It supports all the global locations and ranks as the most used datacenter proxies globally.

These proxies have since then been used by many Twitter users for business purposes like SEO and market research. And the impressive thing about InstantProxies is their cheap pricing plan that, with even $1, you are good to go, and they also offer you the option to refresh the IP address.

This makes their IP address hard to detect, fast and evergreen to evade Twitter restrictions. They do not offer a free trial but also come with 99% network uptime, consistently state-of-the-art, fast speed, and advanced control with subnet variety. This company guarantees you quality and elite anonymity while on Twitter.

12. High Proxies – Premium Private Proxies for Twitter

HighProxies Homepage

The last on our list of the best Twitter proxies is High Proxies. The company offers premium social media proxies at an affordable pricing plan. They also offer extensive other services like premium VPNs. Their social media proxies are capable of automating your Twitter accounts.

This is because they support multiple cities around the world, support multiple subnets, are optimized for social media automation and guarantee you high premium quality without any setup fees. Above everything, they also ensure that they randomize the IP pool monthly to ensure that you have a clear and fresh IP address to select from.

From their website, there are various packages, and with any budget, they have a plan for you to get started with your Twitter accounts and other social media platforms since they are reliable and designed for this task.

Getting their package means you are done with blocking and geo-restrictions online; instead, you are guaranteed of perfect twitter experience. And if you are unsatisfied with their package, they have a 3-day money-back policy. The customer support team is available 24/7 to help you with any issues.

How to Set Twitter Proxy?

YouTube video

After you have chosen the above Twitter proxy providers, it is time to learn how to configure or set up these Twitter proxies on your device. In this section, we will take you from smartphones to window devices.

Set Twitter Proxy For Windows

Setting up Twitter proxies on windows is very simple. Head to the search bar, search for the proxy settings, and then open the results. After that, you will have to choose between two options, automatic and manual proxy setup. If you have a specific IP address and port number, then go for the manual, but we prefer using it automatically to detect your proxy settings. Then with this option, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Start by turning on automatic detect settings.

Step 2: Then proceed by turning on the user setup script.

Step 3: Then type in the script address.

Step 4: After that, tap the save icon, and you are done.

However, when you go with the manual proxies settings, then here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Start by turning on the use of the proxy server.

Step 2: Then, type in the port number and server address.

Step 3: And if you have a particular IP address that you wish to visit, then enter it here.

Step 4: Then make sure you turn on and don't use a proxy server for the local address by checking the box so that you can access the local server without using a proxy.

Step 5: When done, tap the save icon also.

Set Twitter Proxy on iPhone

Step 1: Launch settings on your iPhone

Step 2: then click on wifi from the option

Step 3: and choose the info button found on the right-hand side

Step 4: Then, from the menu, scroll down and locate the HTTP proxy configure proxy

Step 5: After that, click manual

Step 6: then, you can edit the proxy settings like server(e.g., us. brightdata.com) and port. If the network Ip is not whitelisted, turn on authentication, enter the username, and pass.

Step 7: Then click wifi on the selection window to save the settings.

Step 8: You can then check the IP address here.


1. Can you use a proxy for Twitter?

Twitter does not support the use of proxies but st, but it is still not strict when using proxies. This is why you can use private proxies without being detected or banned.

2. Which Proxies is Best for Twitter?

Residential proxies (rotating and static) are perfect options for managing multiple Twitter accounts and automating other activities. Datacenter (private or dedicated datacenter) proxies work well to evade all geo-restrictions and unblock Twitter accounts. They are even faster compared to residential proxies. Therefore, private IPs are the best option for clean ultra-fast proxies.

3. Is there any good free proxy for Twitter?

You must understand that free proxies are risky and expose your IP address. This means your social media account can easily be detected and blocked. However, when you are working on a tight budget and need to give free proxies a try, then we recommend Proxydocker.com.


Twitter is a popular social media platform that companies have realized its importance in promoting their brands. You need multiple accounts to create an online presence and take your marketing campaign to the next level.

However, without the best Twitter proxies, you can only work within limits and never go beyond the geo-restrictions. Though in the above article, we have listed some of the reliable, affordable, and effective best Twitter proxies to help you unblock and automate Twitter activities. They guarantee you long-term results.

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