7 Best Footsites Proxies in 2023

Are you planning on purchasing the next limited edition sneakers? Continue reading to see how footsites proxies can help you avoid website bans.

Footsites are online stores that sell limited-edition sneakers at discounted prices by using proxy server technology (or VPN) so they can bypass location restrictions placed on certain sneakers by manufacturers. Some of these sneaker manufacturers include Yeezy, Nike, Air Jordan, and Supreme, among many others.

If you're a sneakerhead or someone who enjoys collecting various types of shoes, you probably know about these sites and their reliability. Some of these footsites include ChampSports, FootAction, Footlocker, etc.

There are many features on Footsites that make it worth visiting every day for sneakerheads. Some of these features include:

  • Release dates of upcoming sneakers from various brands
  • Increased stocking and restock alerts
  • Extended-release duration (30 minutes to over 1 hour)
  • They are known to ban proxies heavily (more so on release dates)
  • They are capable of running many bots simultaneously

So these sites also tend to confine the copping to select nations, which is where the footsites proxies come into play.

Part of the advantages of proxies is that they allow you to fine-tune the way they are generated. As a result, it will be helpful for you to prioritise reliability over cost efficiency while running multiple proxies.

Footsites Proxies: Residential or Datacenter Proxies?

Footsites can be defined as a collection of websites that sell limited-edition, high-demand sneakers. However, because these sites are so interconnected, whatever features operate on one of them also work on the others. Furthermore, footsites are not picky about which proxies they accept. So, residential proxies are the best proxies for the footsites.

Residential proxies are the best because they offer the highest anonymity. These proxies are not associated with any IP address. They are shared by multiple users, which makes them anonymous. Datacenter proxies can also perform admirably, although their incompatibility with footsites may result in their discovery.

It is, therefore, best to use a residential proxy for footsites. You can, however, use datacenter proxies only in the absence of residential proxies. But, to avoid discovery, you may need to be cautious about the type of datacenter proxies you choose.

Best Residential Footsites Proxies

The best Residential Footsites Proxies will be not only fast but also highly anonymous and secure. They will protect your privacy so that no one can track you. Some of these include:

1. Proxy-Seller – High-Quality Private Proxies with Affordable Price

Proxy-seller Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter
  • Cost: $1.02/proxy for 1 week US proxy

Proxy-Seller is a leading provider of high-quality private proxies, which are suitable for a wide range of purposes. For example, their private proxies allow you to mask your real IP address and hide your identity on the Internet.

The proxies are 100% safe and secure, with a 99% uptime guarantee. If you want to protect your identity on the Internet, you should look at their services. They come with a variety of features, including HTTP/SOCKS5/SSH/SSL/TLS protocols.

2. MyPrivateProxy – Best Private Proxies for the Footsites USA

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter
  • Cost: Starts at $2.49/proxy per month

MyPrivateProxy is a leading provider of private proxies, shared proxies, and VPNs, each of them having different tiers. They have been offering services since 2010 and are a trusted company. They offer high-quality private proxies that can be used for any purpose. Their prices are very affordable compared to other providers.

The company has a responsive, experienced customer support team who can assist you anytime you need help with your account or ordering process. In addition, the proxies come with instant activation, which means that once you have placed your order, you will be able to use them immediately without having to wait around for them to be delivered!

3. SquidProxies – The Fastest Private Proxies for Footsites

SquidProxies Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Datacenter
  • Cost: Starts at $24/10 proxies per month

SquidProxies is a private proxy provider that offers high-quality residential proxies for rent. The company offers private residential IPs from different countries around the world, including the US, UK, Canada, and Germany, among others. You can select what country you want your IP address to be from when signing up on their website or by contacting their support team via live chat if you need help choosing one specific location over another.

Squidproxies offers a wide range of options for your needs, including:

  • Multiple IP subnets (USA, EU, and Asian)
  • Superfast servers (100mbit)
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all plans
  • Affordable prices

4. Soax – Best Premium Residential Proxy for Footsites

Soax Homepage

  • Proxy Type: Residential
  • Cost: Start at $99 for 8 GB per month

Soax is the best premium proxy service provider for footsites. They have a large network of high-quality residential proxies and offer them at an affordable price. Their proxies are highly anonymous and can be used on a variety of websites.

Soax also offers you the best socks5 private proxies at a reasonable price. These proxies are perfect for all kinds of online activities, including SEO, link building, scraping, etc. They also provide shared socks5 proxies for large-scale projects which require multiple IP subnets and superfast servers.

The best thing about Soax is that you can use it on any device and with any software. In addition, their website is very simple and easy to use, with all the features listed clearly in front of you. You can also check out their pricing plans before buying a package, which is great if you're not sure which plan will suit your needs best.

5. Shifter – Best Backconnect Residential Proxy for Footsites

Shifter Overview

  • Proxy Type: Residential
  • Cost: Starts at 149.99/10 ports per month

One of the best residential proxies for footsites is Shifter, which is actually a backconnect proxy. Backconnect proxies are the best type of proxy to use when you need to bypass most filters and firewalls that restrict access to some websites.

Shifter has a 99.9% uptime, which is pretty good compared to other proxies with only an uptime of around 99%. This means that you can rely on it when you need it the most and not worry about downtime at all.

The proxies are available in HTTPS & Socks 4/5 protocols, which means that they will work with any browser or device. This makes them more versatile than other types of proxies and gives you a lot more freedom when using them in your online activities.

The proxy IP address changes every 5 minutes, making it harder for anyone trying to track your movements online.

6. ProxyRack – Best Unmetered Residential Proxies for Footsites

ProxyRack Overview

  • Proxy Type: Residential
  • Cost: Starts at $65.95/5 ports per month

The Residential Proxies in ProxyRack are the most powerful proxies that you can find on the market. They are unmetered, and they can be used for any kind of site or service.

ProxyRack is a simple website with a clear design, so it's easy to use. You can choose between US 4G mobile proxy, US residential proxies, and global residential proxies. All of these proxies have no usage restrictions and no monthly commitments. The only thing you have to do is pay when you want to use them, which is great because it means that you don't have to pay anything if you don't need them.

These proxies are perfect for any kind of project because they offer fast speeds and high anonymity levels. They're also reliable, so you don't have to worry about losing your data during your visit or finding yourself blocked from different websites.

7. Proxy-Cheap – Best Budget Residential Proxy for Footsites

Proxy-Cheap Overview

  • Proxy Type: Residential
  • Cost: Starts at $4.99/GB per month

Proxy-Cheap is a leading provider of anonymous, private proxies for different purposes. It offers IPs from many different countries, including the United States, UK, Netherlands and Germany. The company also provides a proxy checker for free to ensure that you choose the best IPs for your needs. The proxies are compatible with all major software programs, including Google Analytics and Google AdWords.

All their proxies are tested and work with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can choose the number of proxies you need from various options starting at 10 concurrent connections up to 1000 concurrent ones.

They have good customer support and offer different types of proxies:

  • Residential Proxies – Residential proxies are the most expensive type of proxies, but they are also the fastest, most reliable, and safest. They have a high anonymity level and can be used to bypass any kind of filter or firewall.
  • Mobile Proxies – Mobile proxies are designed specifically for mobile devices and work on all operating systems. You can use these proxies to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other website, even if it is blocked in your country or school.
  • Data Center Proxies – Datacenter proxies are located in datacenters, making them very fast because they don't need to go through ISP's server first before accessing the internet (like residential proxies do). These proxies are not as anonymous as residential ones but still pretty good for hiding your real IP address from websites you visit (and from anyone who wants to snoop on you).


What's more, the proxies are very easy to use—just point the proxy script at your website or reverse proxy, and you'll start seeing search engine traffic. You can also customize your matching criteria using proxy chains, which allows you to zero in on certain target websites or IP addresses. Overall, Footsites proxies are a very solid choice for pretty much any kind of Web traffic you need.

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