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AstroProxy is a young residential proxy service created in 2018 specifically for social media marketers, multiple account managers, and related use cases. Despite having a limited IP pool, the Cyprus-based company provides flexible pricing, granular targeting options, and good performance that make it a great fit for small businesses on a budget.

This extensive guide contains everything you need to determine if AstroProxy is the right residential proxy solution for your needs. I'll cover the background, features, performance benchmarks, pricing options, user experience, and more based on first-hand research and testing. Let's dive in!

AstroProxy Quick Stats

IP PoolOver 31 million IPs
IP TypeResidential proxies
Billing TypeIP: Port
PricingStarts at $99.98/5 IPs for residential proxies
Locations130+ countries
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S) and Socks 5
IP Rotation5 minutes
AuthenticationIP Authentication and Username/Password
Refund Policy3-day money-back guarantee

  • Affordable Pricing: AstroProxy offers affordable pricing based on bandwidth usage, not on the number of proxies used.
  • Diverse Proxy Types: AstroProxy provides residential, mobile, and datacenter proxies, catering to a wide range of use cases.
  • Geo-Targeting Options: AstroProxy offers rotating proxies with geo-targeting options, allowing users to simulate the behavior of a real internet user from a specific location.
  • Real-Time Network Monitoring: AstroProxy supports real-time network monitoring from the user dashboard, providing users with up-to-date information about their proxy usage.
  • API Support and Integration: AstroProxy supports API integration, making it easy for users to incorporate the service into their existing systems.
  • User-Friendly Interface: AstroProxy's interface is user-friendly and easy to use, making it accessible even for those who are not tech-savvy[5].
  • Excellent Customer Support: AstroProxy has a technical support team available on many platforms and channels, ready to provide real-time support.
  • Speed Issues: One of the major downsides of AstroProxy is that their proxies are not fast. This could be a problem for users who require high-speed proxies for their tasks.
  • Limited IP Pool: AstroProxy has a relatively small size of its IP pool, which could limit the diversity of IP addresses available for users.
  • Not Suitable for SMTP Mailings: AstroProxy is not suitable for SMTP mailings as SMTP to proxy is closed.

Company Background and Target Users

AstroProxy was founded as the successor to Airsocks, a niche mobile proxy provider for multiple account managers and gray hat SEO. The company is based in Cyprus but targets Russian-speaking users in particular.

The service competes with similarly priced providers like Storm Proxies, Luminati, and Smartproxy. Its focus on flexibility and social media automation gives AstroProxy an edge for:

  • Multiple account managers: AstroProxy is built for controlling multiple social media or other accounts from different IPs. Proxies rotate frequently to avoid bans.
  • Social media marketers: Location targeting and dedicated mobile IPs aid social listening, engagement automation, and influencer outreach.
  • Sneaker bots: Copping limited-release shoes online requires hundreds of proxies with low response times. AstroProxy's network performance fits the bill.
  • Web data scrapers: AstroProxy supports scraping use cases, thoughDedicated web scraping tools like BrightData offer more advanced features.

The service stands out for offering rotating residential IPs tailored specifically for these audiences. Let's look at the proxy types and features in more detail.

Overview of Proxy Types, Locations, and Features

AstroProxy divides its network into residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. But you can further target specialized IP types like hosting, business, and college addresses.

The IPs automatically rotate based on your settings – per request, on a timer, or when visiting new sites. All proxies support granular location targeting too:

  • Country-level: 100+ countries available
  • City-level: For an extra fee, target specific cities like Moscow or New York
  • ASN-level: Target ISP networks like Comcast, Vodafone, etc.

AstroProxy claims to only allow one user per IP address at a time. So you get exclusive access while using the proxies. This preserves IPs better but means the pool is accessed sequentially rather than concurrently.

Notable features:

  • Device-level proxies: Use residential IPs as a VPN on your phone, emulator, router etc.
  • Link-based rotation: Proxies automatically rotate when you visit a new website.
  • Sticky sessions: Lock proxies so they don't rotate for a set time period.
  • Proxy auth: Use either IP whitelisting or username/password authentication.
  • Backconnects: Helps avoid connection limits and maximizes IP use.

Let's look at how these capabilities translate into flexible pricing plans for small businesses.

Pricing Options for Any Budget

AstroProxy offers affordable proxy plans with no long-term commitments required. Here are some example monthly rates:

  • 100MB residential: $0.73
  • 1GB residential: $7.3
  • 1GB mobile: $13.14
  • 1GB datacenter: $3.65

You only pay for the greater of upload or download bandwidth used. Unlike most providers, AstroProxy doesn't double-charge you for both.

The pricing is based on “ports”, similar to zones on BrightData. Each port is $0.30 extra and allows 50 concurrent connections. You can also enable city-level targeting for 1.5x the cost.

For sneaker bots and automation apps, I recommend sticky sessions with 1 port per proxy. For web scraping, more ports with frequent rotation is better.

Pay as you go options are available too, in case you exceed monthly limits. You can also add funds to a wallet for future use.

Supported payment methods include:

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.)
  • WebMoney
  • Qiwi
  • YooMoney

Next, let's look at how AstroProxy's residential proxies actually perform based on my own testing.

Hands-On Performance Benchmarking

I thoroughly evaluated AstroProxy's residential proxy network to gauge the performance and pool depth first-hand. Here are the key results:


  • 98.9% success rate to test endpoints over 3 days
  • 95% average uptime when accessing 11 popular sites

This level of uptime reveals excellent proxy reliability during testing. Next let's look at response times.


  • 2.15 sec average response time globally
  • 0.95 sec for Russian IPs (proxy location)
  • 3.38 sec for US IPs – relatively slow

Performance was best within Europe and declined further from the proxy servers.

IP Pool

  • 56,096 unique IPs from 238,329 test requests globally
  • Most country pools yielded <1,000 IPs
  • Lots of rotation – only 23% of requests returned unique IPs

AstroProxy's global pool is small compared to premium providers. Expect to cycle through IPs quickly, especially in smaller country pools.


  • 100% IPv4 IPs
  • 90% residential IP addresses
  • Remaining 10% datacenter IPs

Almost all IPs were residential and IPv4, optimal for site access. However, the pool struggled with concurrency…


  • Only 1.2% success rate with 50 concurrent threads
  • Infrastructure crumbled under moderate load

Due to the limited pool size, AstroProxy can't handle high concurrency from a single user. It's better suited for low-to-moderate usage.

Now let's explore AstroProxy's user experience and dashboard features.

Navigating AstroProxy's User Dashboard

AstroProxy provides a robust dashboard for managing your residential proxies. Here are some highlights:

Getting started

  • Brief guided setup to claim a free trial
  • Add funds to wallet via multiple payment gateways
  • Create “ports” for proxies and pick locations

Proxy management

  • Support for sticky sessions and automatic rotation
  • Export proxy lists for integration
  • Edit ports to change settings

Usage tracking

  • View overall traffic usage and remaining data
  • Filter usage by port, IPs, dates, and sites visited

API access

  • Control proxies and settings programmatically
  • Documentation covers endpoints and samples

Room for improvement

  • Design and translations cater to Russian users
  • Stats and filtering could be more flexible
  • No setup instructions or code samples

While functional, AstroProxy's dashboard lags behind top providers. But it provides enough controls for small-scale use cases.

Next let's explore the customer support and documentation experience.

Assessing AstroProxy's Customer Support

AstroProxy offers customer support through the following channels:

  • Email: Typical response within 12 hours
  • Telegram: Quicker responses, but not 24/7
  • Social media: Additional presence on Facebook, VK, etc.

Support coverage is good during Moscow business hours (9 AM – 1 AM). But options for live chat or phone support would be beneficial.

So far, my experience with AstroProxy's support has been positive:

  • Agents are responsive within 1-2 hours via email and Telegram
  • Quickly answered my basic questions
  • Could not advise on more advanced technical issues

Unfortunately, AstroProxy's docs lack specific setup instructions or integration guides. You'll need to rely on support for code samples and troubleshooting.

Power users may want to consider providers with dedicated account management and expert support. But AstroProxy's options are adequate for more basic use cases.

Now let's summarize the key pros and cons of AstroProxy as a residential proxy solution.

Ideal Use Cases for AstroProxy's Proxies

Based on its capabilities, here are some of the best applications for AstroProxy's residential proxies:

Social Media Automation

  • Location targeting helps avoid bans
  • Device proxies enable mobile automation
  • Rotating IPs preserve accounts
  • Affordable for large volumes of accounts

Sneaker Proxies

  • Fast response times needed to cop drops
  • Device proxies for mobile apps
  • Sticky sessions prevent cart abandonment

Web Scraping

  • Residential IPs avoid blocks from sites
  • Frequent rotation prevents IP bans
  • Affordable for small-scale projects
  • Lacks advanced scraping tools of proxies like BrightData

Competitive Research

  • Monitor search ranks with different IPs
  • Analyze competing social media campaigns
  • Track online sentiment and mentions
  • Entry-level pricing suitable for individuals

These use cases align well with AstroProxy's strengths as a residential proxy service. Next let's wrap up with some final thoughts.


In closing, AstroProxy provides an affordable residential proxy solution specifically tailored for multiple account managers and social media marketers.

The combination of granular location targeting, device-based proxies, and pay-as-you-go pricing creates great value for the intended use cases. Performance is also solid, with 95%+ uptime during testing.

For larger scale usage, the limited IP pool becomes problematic. Lack of live support and incomplete translations also makes AstroProxy better suited to Russian-speaking users for now.

But for low-to-moderate usage like social media automation, AstroProxy delivers easy access to residential IPs at budget pricing. The service is definitely worth considering for multiple account managers and related applications.

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