How to Unblock YouTube

Has your favorite content creator uploaded a video, but YouTube plays dirty to block you from accessing content? Imagining the extent of such frustration makes us express our concerns about helping you. You can unlock any restricted content from anywhere on YouTube through various methods.

YouTube is a central social media platform known for streaming short, long, or medium video content. However, the platform is restricted to some regions due to censorship and license rights. Besides limiting the sides, some more diverse areas restrict access to some content on YouTube, for instance, in school or at the workplace. Different people uploads content to the platform daily.

Therefore, YouTube restrictions are based on the country and the license rights of the owner. And sometimes, they might restrict YouTube in the workplace to stop messing around during work hours. The good news is that there is always a solution to any restriction.

So, in this article, we have pulled various methods to help you unblock YouTube and then watch your favorite videos. These methods involve VPNs, proxies, and many other tricks. With that in mind, let us begin with the VPNs:


Use VPN to Unblock YouTube

You can unblock any website besides YouTube by getting the right VPN service provider. So, if you find it hard to select the best VPN to unblock YouTu, we have you covered here. We recommend using these VPNs to unlock YouTube and pers0form other tasks.

1. Hola VPN

Hola VPN Overview

Hola VPN is fun to use, fast, and, most importantly, a free VPN. However, they also have a premium package when you want to access advanced features. In the meantime, Hola VPN is a one gateway endless entertainment provider. They can help you access any restricted content on YouTube at the tip of your fingers.

They have thousands of servers as well as millions of IP addresses worldwide. You can use Hola VPN to unblock YouTube content or access any restricted website like Netflix, Hulu Prime video, etc. When it comes to unblocking YouTube content, Hola VPN is on another level.

You can unblock any website and geo-location features from the pools of the changing IP address. This firm has a solution for unblocking your YouTube content under government censorship. They even have a browser extension that you can utilize with only one click. They have simple integration features which you can quickly fix with YouTube. They also provide instant privacy protection when online with high-speed access.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Overview

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs, which we would also recommend using to unblock YouTube content and other services. Its unblocking ability is unmatched by other existing VPNs on the market. Even any servers we tested during our trial gave us a positive result and faster access to blocked YouTube content.

They have multiple servers distributed in about 160 locations across the globe. The company offers you an infinite choice to unblock YouTube. ExpressVPN stands out from the rest is its stellar speed and anonymity.

About security, it keeps you safe and anonymous so that no one can spy on your IP address while accessing geo-restricted YouTube content. It thus prevents throttling from ISP and hiding your real IP addresses. And you can use its split tunneling feature to enable users to route any YouTube traffic through the VPN application. This leaves other applications working, usually when accessing the internet.

ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN ever known on our list, where its speed is unrivaled. You can watch YouTube videos with high resolution without any interruption. Lastly, they also provide you with unlimited bandwidth.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN Overview

NordVPN is another efficient VPN that can help you when you want to unblock YouTube. However, it does not have stellar speed like ExpressVPN. However, it delivers a lag-free YouTube streaming experience with excellent speed. The downside f this VPN is that it takes longer to connect, so its speed is average. Otherwise, that is something you can assume as long as it can unlock YouTube content.

When unblocking YouTube with NordVPN, you will realize that it is somehow quite a punch. But when you want to enjoy unblocking NBA and MLB restrictions on YouTube content, you will never regret using NordVPN. While it has many servers situated in the USA cities, it is also worth mentioning that it provides unblocking services even in other countries worldwide.

On the other side, the company guarantees your security and online privacy, especially when watching YouTube content from regions like North Korea or China. You can use NordVPN to watch and stream YouTube content anonymously.

4. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access Overview

If you want to hide your IP address and secure your online digital identity, Private Internet Access is the best option. Try it at an affordable cost and enjoy 30 days money-back guarantees. It's like saying they offer a 30-day free trial with premium services. When using Private Internet Access, you can watch YouTube content without unnecessary surveillance.

The good news is that their PIA virtual private network does not, in any case, store your usage logs. They guarantee you unlimited content. Access any hidden, restricted, and geo-restricted content on YouTube regardless of your location. They provide restriction-free services. With their fast-speed connection VPN, they also have over 24k servers spread across 78 countries across the globe.

You can even use this VPN to connect up to 10 devices which you can run concurrently. It is a trusted VPN provider with a good rating and supports all devices. When talking about split tunneling, Private Internet Access is not an exception. It comes with a VPN router, Encycription, open-source VPN, Dedicated IPs, cooperate VPN, and antivirus.

5. TorGuard

TorGuard Overview

TorGuard is well known for providing an anonymous VPN with much-needed security. The company has an excellent rating on Trustpilot for its quality services. It is a perfect choice for torrenting. They have a stringent no-log policy on their services. They also support port forwarding, which comes with a kill switch and over 3000 P2P servers.

It supports multiple devices as well as is compatible with your router. They have a standard plan that is terrible for streaming YouTube. You can connect up to 8 concurrent connections.

TorGuard guarantees you no leak and 100% privacy, and something worth mentioning is that their VPN comes with unlimited bandwidth and speed. Its anonymity comes from the proxies, enabling it to unblock YouTube content by hiding your real IP address. You can encrypt website traffic using private VPN services from this company.

There are reasons to choose this company. First, it is simple to use, has professional security, is fast and never loaded, comes with stealth VPN protocols, and allows you to surf, stream YouTube, and other sites without restrictions regardless of your region.TorGuard supports all operating systems, and you can secure a maximum of 12 devices at a go with a TorGuard account. They also have ad malware bloggers.

Use Advanced YouTube Proxy to Unblock YouTube

Besides using VPNs, you can also use advanced YouTube p[roxies to unblock YouTube contents regardless of your home country. Proxies are efficient in masking your IP addresses to keep you anonymous. Let us look at some of the best YouTube proxies to help you stream without restriction.

1. Bright Data

Bright Data Homepage

Bright Data is an Israel-based company with the largest IP address pool among other proxy providers on the market. Among the 72 million IP addresses, it consists of residential, Datacenter, and mobile proxies. Both of which guarantee your anonymity, security, and high speed.

However, Bright Data is well known as the number one for data collection. They have excellent infrastructures that have already made datasets. You can retrieve any website data that you need.  They scroll through the website and scrap data and search engines.

Therefore, if you need to get the best YouTube proxies to unblock content, check out what Bright Data can do. The company has been in business for a long time, and they have servers all over the world, which makes it easy to access restricted YouTube content from any country.

What you won't like about this company is its expensive pricing plans. But rest assured that they deliver what they promise on time. We highly recommend Bright Data proxies to help you unblock YouTube and browse without restriction. Speed is never an issue with this company. It is most reliable, flexible, and fully complies with terms, making it efficient for YouTube streaming with stellar speed.

2. Soax

Soax Homepage

Soax is a company that specializes in offering residential and mobile proxies. The proxies are the cleanest on the market. Therefore, if you want to mask your actual IP address and access restricted content on YouTube, or visit any website without restriction, then Soax has an answer.

They have a large pool of IP addresses which they consistently update and make available for selection. You can even use these Soax proxies to geo-target a country, or city up to the provider. Use these proxies to access any YouTube content from any geo-location regardless of your location. Another advantage of using these proxies is that they do not limit your usage.

Soax is a reliable YouTube proxy provider with excellent services and good customer ratings and reviews online. Their proxies are perfect and help automate any task on YouTube due to their reliable track history. The company has reviewed the pricing structure on their website, and so, if you need one, they have a plan that falls within your budget.

3. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-seller Homepage

If you are a frequent YouTube user, you will agree with us that, depending on your location, you can access YouTube content anytime and check on popular channels when you want. But, in others places, people are restricted from accessing YouTube content. The answer to all these problems is in the use of Proxy Seller.

This company has proven successful in delivering what they promise to its customers. The good thing about their proxies isis that they provide many advanced features and can unblock YouTube content. They also have Socks5 proxies in the package, with friendly pricing plans.

Proxy-Seller offers high-speed proxies which promise you lag-free YouTube streaming. Their technical support team is available 24/7 to serve you when you experience issues integrating with YouTube. When you buy their proxies then later realize that they fail to deliver well, you can request a refund within 24 hours.

Buy Proxy-Seller proxies and gain access to all restricted websites or territories. The proxies are used for any purpose, including YouTube automation. And when you think of security, Proxy Seller is excellent with double authentication.

4. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Homepage

SquidProxies are one of the YouTube proxies that guarantee you quality. These proxies have super-fast servers that offer high speed, perfect for YouTube streaming without lags. They promise to offer you unlimited bandwidth, and no configuration is needed to start working with them.

Abe features, high anonymity, and multiple IP subnets make this company a perfect choice for unblocking any YouTube content. Mask your IP address and browse without any geo-restrictions on any website. They also refresh their IP address every month to ensure that you enjoy selecting from a fresh IP pool.

SquidProxies are compatible with all browsers which support HTTP(s) protocols. The response time is instant and enhanced web support. In terms of online privacy, they might be risky. But, customer support is available 24/7. The pricing plans are affordable and have strictly no ads. With Squid proxies, you can buy private or shared proxies. Any package is all-purpose proxies and ensures you high anonymity.

5. HighProxies

HighProxies Homepage

HighProxies is the last choice on the advanced YouTube proxy list. It has specialized proxies in datacenter packages. Specifically, the social media proxy package is one of the best you can find online. They are premium private and come with affordable pricing. They are reliable and much faster. It makes it easy to use to stream video.

And from the pool of IP addresses, you can choose multiple Ip addresses to mask your real IP and unblock any geo-restricted YouTube contents. These proxies are designed for use on social media purposes. You can use them while targeting a place up to the city level.

Monthly randomization helps you evade possible issues. It would be best if you did not worry about YouTube restrictions; you will now enjoy your YouTube experience when purchasing HighProxies optimized for social media platforms like YouTube. They also have a refund policy if their proxies do not live up to offer you the best services.

Use Web-Based YouTube Proxy to Unblock YouTube

Other than the above two options of using VPN and proxies, the least reliable method to unblock YouTube content is using web-based YouTube proxies. They also function the same as normal proxies but with slight differences. Here we go.

1. Unblock YouTube


Unblock YouTube is an online-based platform designed to help you with YouTube proxies free of charge. If you are worried about entity breaching, remember that any platform information is anonymous. Their free YouTube proxies can help you unblock not only YouTube but also other related websites like google and social media platforms. These proxies are compatible with many devices and do not require you to install anything since it is web-based.

With Unblock YouTube fast servers, unblocking YouTube content has become faster. Use these lightning-fast proxies that are meant for YouTube and surf anonymously. The proxies hide your IP addresses hence protecting your information from possible hackers. Their website is PHP-based, thus fast enough. Unblock YouTube regardless of your location and access other websites for free.

2. ProxySite

ProxySIte Youtube Support Overview

ProxySite does not only provide free YouTube proxies but also offers Facebook proxies. They have premium packages anytime you need to enjoy advanced services. Meanwhile, ProxySite is perfect for keeping you updated. So, anytime you feel like the school or manager at the workplace has blocked YouTube streaming, visit ProxySite to get free YouTube proxies and unblock YouTube streaming.

Enjoy streaming without limitations. These guys ensure that you enjoy YouTube streaming. They primarily optimized the platform for high-resolution videos. They also help you access the latest entertainment and other events on YouTube. Besides web-based proxies, this platform also specializes in selling VPNs. Otherwise, ProxySite supports unlimited YouTube streaming and any quality you want.

3. CroxyProxy

CroxyProxy Overview

CroxyProxy brags that it is one of the most advanced web-based YouTube proxy providers. In other words, they support and unblock any website. They also unblock YouTube through an encrypted connection. Their proxies are reliable and come at no cost, and they guarantee privacy protection. Since they keep you anonymous, you can browse any site without detection. You will not have to download anything using CroxyProxy.

CroxyProxy is as regular HTTPS traffic, which is also hard to detect. They do not need any configuration and are the perfect proxies for unblocking YouTube content. Within the free package, you operate the proxies on any platform. When you want to unblock YouTube content using this platform, all you need is the URL. CroxyProxy also has a chrome extension to make it easy to unblock YouTube restrictions with one click.

4. GenMirror

GenMirror Overview

GenMirror is another quite reliable and popular web-based YouTube proxy platform. They can help you with proxies to unblock YouTube content instantly. You can also use their proxies to unblock many geo-restricted websites.

Their server is safe and secured using SSL technology. Therefore, your information is secure and encrypted, which should not worry you. When it comes to speed, GenMirror guarantees you high speed, and it should not scare you since the connection is normal, just like other sites.

The platform has a mobile-friendly interface; thus, the proxies support multiple devices. They do not limit your browsing time. Other than unblocking YouTube content, you can also work with accessing content from restricted Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter with many other platforms.

They claim that their proxies are ultra fast. Therefore, you can use GenMirror to stream YouTube videos without lags and limits. It provides high-quality streaming services and unblocks social media platforms using optimum web-based technology.

5. HideMyAss

GenMirror Overview

HideMyAss is a website-based platform that offers two services. They provide free proxies to help you unblock YouTube content and access any other restricted content from a certain website. While proxies are free, they have premium VPN services at affordable pricing. When using HideMyAss, no login is needed, faster servers guarantee you faster connection speed, and it is a YouTube streaming central.

But all in all, HideMyAss gives you access to content regardless of where you are. You only need to copy the geo-restricted content URL or URL of the YouTube video you want to unblock, then select your server and decide if you want to use cookies. Currently, they claim that their platforms do not guarantee efficient functionality. Such settings are missing from other web-based YouTube proxy providers.

Use Browser Extensions to Unblock YouTube 

And last on our list though we have talked about the extension, there are reliable browsers that are effective in unblocking YouTube content, such as Unblocker For YouTube. This is a chrome extension plugin that makes work quickly. It is a free YouTube unblocker tool, and you can utilize it fully for this purpose when you are blocked from accessing content due to censorship or geo-restriction.

You can use this extension to access un-surveilled YouTube videos securely. The site embeds a video to another page. While they have an affordable premium play, all YouTube unblocking features are available on the free version.


when someone blocks you from accessing YouTube content, you might b frustrated. There are good reasons to get blocked, but various methods can unblock YouTube content. You might be blocked for a good reason, but if it is necessary to access YouTube content, use the above methods involving VOPNS, proxies, and other web-based proxies to unblock geo-restrictions and stream YouTube content without restrictions. Besides the above, there are other options. However, the above choices are best, reliable, and easy to use.

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