5 Best Adidas Proxies to Cop Yeezy in 2023

Do you want to improve on your Adidas Yeezys copping experience? Then you must know more about Adidas proxies and how to grab bulk limited edition pairs. Without proxies, the success rate is almost zero. Let us find out more about the Adidas proxies.

Adidas is the second-largest sportswear producer in the world, after Nike. But in Europe, it is the leading sportswear manufacturer. Sneakerheads love its sneakers. Getting its limited-edition sneakers, sometimes known as special editions, is challenging. This is because you are not the only one engaging in resale activities.

There are multiple sneakerheads as well as resellers who are involved in the business. This brings about stiff competition. Hence, sneakerheads and resellers need good Adidas bots to fetch multiple limited-edition sneakers effectively. However, as per our previous articles, these Adidas bots require setting up proxies.

Therefore, when copping special editions from Adidas, you must be extra selective while choosing the proxy providers online. It would help if you kept in mind that not all proxies are compatible with Adidas bots. Though many companies claim to offer Adidas proxies, you can easily fall victim online.

Adidas is keen on fighting proxies, and they have a stringent anti-bot system that detects and bans proxies. Thus, when selecting proxies, go for the proxy provider that guarantees you online anonymity so that you can easily evade detection.

Again, Adidas also has a strict leash on their limited edition Yeezys editions. Normal human beings cannot gram multi0ple pairs since they go faster. There is also high demand, and due to low supply, resellers tend to cop and resell for good profits.

The only way to cop multiple limited edition Yeezy on Adidas stores is to utilize Adidas proxies. This article will guide you on the best Adidas proxies on the market to increase your success rate and make a good profit.

Why Use Proxies for Copping Adidas?

Adidas Proxies

While it is not mandatory to have proxies to visit and purchase on Adidas-associated websites, there are many reasons why you must have Adidas proxies. Without proxies, it is possible to visit the Adidas store, check on the limited-edition releases, and even checkout and pay for the sneakers anytime but with limited access. Despite this, you may still require Adidas proxies for various reasons.

  • Copping multiple limited-edition releases

adidas has a strict one pair per account policy and thus does not permit one account to check out numerous pairs of special editions while depriving others. Therefore, their systems link your account to the IP addresses. Consequently, they limit you to using only a single IP address in a single model. This is why you need extra IP addresses with little hassle. The only way is to get reliable Adidas proxies.

  • Evade Geo-location restrictions

If you are targeting geo-location offers, then you need proxies. Some Adidas limited editions have tight location restrictions. Therefore, you need to get proxies with UIP addresses from targeted regions; you will be able to mask your IP addresses with fake ones to become eligible.

  • Improve speed and botting experience

Regarding our previous articles on the Adidas bots, you must get a powerful bot combined with sup[erfast proxy servers to enhance speed and increase the success rate while copping Adidas limited-edition releases. Thus, if you get proxy servers next to the Adidas store, you will enjoy reduced latency and speed while maximizing the checkout speed.

Which Adidas Proxy Should You Choose?

Adidas has put anti-spam measures to ensure that no one can take advantage of the system. So residential proxies are the best option for copping Adidas sneakers. Besides compatibility, the best Adidas proxy server must be super fast,  have location targeting, as well as support Adidas host locations so that a competitive retailer can beat other competing sneakerheads through such aspects.

This implies you cannot use datacenter proxies on Adidas Yeezy stores since the chances of losing gout are high even though they have high speed. This is because Adidas anti-bot can easily detect datacenter proxies which is a gamble that no sneakerheads are ready to risk.

Best Adidas Proxies

1. Smartproxy – The Hottest Adidas Proxies

Smartproxy for Best Residential Proxies for Sneaker

Smartproxy primarily specializes in offering residential proxies on the market. These residential proxies are faster and preferred for copping sneakers. They can cook multiple grails since they are unblockable from sneaker sites.

Because Smartproxy residential proxies are compatible with most sneaker bots but ranked as the best Adidas proxies. Smartproxy has good location coverage and fast proxies with location targeting features. You can use it to get limited-edition releases within an eye. They are capable of

Smartproxy has residential proxies for Yeezy, supreme, Nike Bape, footsite, and shoe proxies, customized for a particular sneaker store. The proxies are compatible with mobile, and customer support is available 24/7. The developers of Smartproxy had sneaker sites in mind when developing. The proxies support unlimited concurrent connections with a vast IP pool to select from.

2. Blazingseollc – The Best Budget Adidas Proxies

Blazingseollc for Adidas Proxies

Blazing SEO Proxy offers a goated Adidas proxies. While it is still a new company in this game, it has got the attention of many sneakerheads in copping hyped releases from multiple stores. The company is growing and showing a lot of promise in the future.

And when looking at the proxies gaming, Blazing SEO Proxy still stands among the crowd. They offer the fastest and more effective proxies for copping sneakers from Adidas. They have not only residential proxies but also sell other ISP proxies and rotating proxies with many different packages.

Blazing SEO Proxy has a residential proxies package and guarantees fewer bans, an elite API, and an extensive IP pool to select from, and these IPs are ethically sourced. Anytime you need help, they have customer support services open 24/7.

Otherwise, while copping on Adidas and Yeezy supplies, Blazing SEO Proxy has an unmatched commitment to ethics and unlimited threads where they assure you captcha and anti-scrap evasion. They also offer country targeting, and pricing is friendly hence a reliable option.

3. Bright Data – The Most Advance Adidas Proxies

Bright Data Residential Proxies

They have been around for a long time and thus gained enough experience. Bright Data is one of the proxy providers specializing in data collection and offers the most advanced residential Adidas proxies worldwide. Though not specialized in any field, they provide some decent and reliable sneaker proxies for sneakerheads.

And one of the advantages of using Bright Data residential proxies for copping one area from Adidas and other related sites like Yeezy and Shopify is that it has some of the most advanced infrastructure and the most extensive IP pool. Thus during the release, residential proxies from Bright Data can withstand pressure anytime.

But still, the proxies are customizable, and you can select IP addresses from any target location regardless of where you are situated. The IP is reliable and faster during checkout. You can run multiple tasks and send concurrent requests, where the company also guarantees you 99.9% uptime and the highest quality services.

They also offer flexible pricing though it is somehow expensive and technically demanding Adidas proxies. Thus, we highly recommend using Bright Data residential proxies if you are an experienced user. If not your concern, then Bright Data is a perfect choice as Adidas proxies.

4. Soax – The Best Location Feature Proxies for Adidas

SOax Residential Proxy Overview

Soax. is less popular than the Adidas proxies but still works effectively with the best location features. The reason why this provider is less popular is due to a smaller IP pool size. However, it has over 8.5 million IP addresses distributed in over the globe. They guarantee you complete anonymity with no limits at all. Soax. It offers one of the fastest residential proxies with whitelisted IPV4 addresses. All these IP addresses are 100% compliant.

Soax. has features that never disappoint. First, its advanced geo-targeting is perfect for choosing a particular region, up to the city level, where Adidas proxies are available. One thing that makes it popular is its cheap pricing plans. And whatever, Soax. Fails to deliver in their residential proxies are covered in the pricing plans.

You can purchase the Adidas proxies based on your needs, and it also comes with flexibility when looking at the timeframe. While the bandwidth is limited on their platform, the same applies to the trial period. It is a good choice for Adidas due to its location coverage, speed, compliance, and online anonymity.

5. Storm Proxies – The Best Rotating Proxies for Adidas

Storm Proxies for Best Rotating Proxies for Sneaker 

And lastly, on our list is storm proxies. Stormproxies offers residential proxies, and more so, they have specialized sneaker residential proxies from their platform. You can get instant residential rotating proxies optimized for sneaker sites like Adidas.

The proxies are all compatible with the sneaker bots. Thus, when you combine the sneaker residential proxies with the reliable sneaker bost based on our previous article, detecting your bots is very minimal. This is only possible if you adhere to routine practice.

Another Stormproxies provides high-speed residential proxies where its performance on the Adidas platform meets all the requirements of reliable Adidas proxies. They offer proxies with unlimited bandwidth. They have one of the best residential rotating pries for Adidas on the market.

The other thing Stormproxies guarantees you on their Adidas sneaker proxies is automatic and instant delivery, high-speed performance, high anonymity, and 324/7 premium customer support. Their pricing is affordable and based on the number of ports but billed monthly.


Adidas proxies are vital in copping sneakers. It is even effective when you pair it with the right sneaker bot. in the above list, you can select an Adidas proxy provider that meets all your needs and increases the chances of success in getting limited editions from Adidas stores. The above residential proxy companies are the best and most effective as well as compatible with any sneaker bots.

While there are many other companies on the market, few are reliable, and with the above firms, you are assured of copping bulk Adidas sneakers with ease.

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