10 Best Spotify Proxies for Spotify Automation in 2023

Do you need reliable Spotify proxies to work with your Spotify bot? We have researched, tested, and vetted a list of the best Spotify proxies for anonymous browsing. Read the article to find out more.

Spotify is becoming a popular music streaming platform, with over 350 million listeners worldwide. It is estimated that almost one million users turn on the platform daily for various reasons. Many people enjoy using the Spotify platform. However, some regions worldwide are not permitted access due to geo-restriction.

But that should not turn you off if you are from such regions. There is a way to access the restricted data and unblock all these restrictions ethically. That is through the use of Spotify proxies. Thus our article today focuses on the best Spotify proxies for streaming or data scraping. There are many proxy provider firms only, but very few offer reliable Spotify proxies. Before listing, let us go through the reasons why you need to use Spotify proxies in detail.


Why do People Use Proxies for Spotify?

Proxies are vital in many cases varying from anonymous online surfing to daily applications like ad verification and process monitoring. But when we look at Spotify proxies, there are two main reasons why you need these proxies.

  • Unblocking geo-restrictions and  masking IP addresses

One of the main benefits of the Spotify proxies is that it helps you access all geo-restricted content in one of the regions. This is because Spotify doe snot supports all countries around the world.

Therefore, if you fall victim, you will need Spotify proxies to access all geo-restricted content from Spotify and mask your IP address to remain anonymous. If Spotify realizes the use of bots, it can easily block your IP addresses due to spammy activities. But with the help of Spotify proxies, you will have unrestricted access to any content without detection.

  • Data scraping

Spotify has enormous data, which is vital for most internet marketers as well as researchers. And anyone interested in music-related information or research, Spotify is one of the largest platforms you can consider.

But remember, any request you send to Spotify, the platform limits based on the period since it tracks your IP address to apply this phenomenon. Thus, if you want to scrape data effectively without such request restriction, you need multiple IP addresses, and one way to access them is by getting Spotify proxies.

We can narrow them down to specific providers if we consider proxies in speed. Bot residential and datacenter proxies work well. Residential is the best due to stellar speed and high anonymity. Let us start with the best residential proxies for Spotify.

Best Residential Proxies for Spotify

1. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for Residential Proxies

Smartproxy does not only offer residential proxies but is also well known for its datacenter proxies. Their residential proxies are compatible with Spotify hence ranked as one of the best Spotify proxies on the market.

To date, their residential proxies cover over 195 countries worldwide and come with over 40 million real device IP addresses. These features, with the guarantee of complete anonymity and online security, unlimited connections, and threads, make Smartproxy the best choice as a Spotify proxy provider.

If you go for their residential proxy package, these guys promise no subnet bans or hidden setup costs. It is simple to use with advanced rotation to enable you to send multiple requests while scrapping data and accessing geo-restricted contents.

This is a reliable company for Spotify data scraping, where you have access to the entire pool of unlimited threads and requests to put your scraper at the max gear concurrent connection. It also helps you scrape data from multiple sources simultaneously. Such involves SEO analytics, price comparison, and travel fare aggregation. However, their minimum monetary requirement is $75 for 5GB monthly.

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Residential Proxies

Luminati, today called Bright Data, is one of the famous companies that has rebranded but still maintained everything. Bright Data is one of the undisputed companies when you think of residential proxies. While their pricing is expensive, they offer reliable and good coverage services.

The company provides different types of proxies, but residential proxies have the largest IP pool size. You can select Spotify proxies from over 72 million IP addresses. They are sourced from ethical devices and offer geo-targeting features up to the ASP level. This is awesome for unlocking Spotify geo-restricted contents and scrapping because they guarantee their clients of high anonymity and excellent success rates.

Well, pricing is not an issue with Bright Data since any package you purchase gives you access to the pool of IP addresses and enjoy the same features. And their uptime is 99.99% which is highly stable.

Their high-quality services ensure you send unlimited concurrent requests while scraping data from any part of the world without restriction. The pricing is prepaid and daily packages are expensive compared to monthly or yearly. And one good news is that Bright Data provides you with a 7-day free trial to test their Spotify proxies despite having a high price.

3. Shifter

Shifter for Resideential proxies

Next on our list of the best residential proxies for Spotify is Shifter. Though their Spotify proxies have not gotten any much-needed attention, they have the best Backconnect residential proxies. They are improved to offer a reliable solution for large-scale projects like geo-restriction targeting, data scraping, etc.

The company has over 31 million IP addresses and promises automatic delivery upon purchase. And if they do not offer what they promise, they have a 3-day money-back guarantee. What makes Shifter the best Spotify proxies is excellent customer support available 24/7 and 99.9% uptime to assure your virtual operation even without your presence.

If you want to purchase Spotify proxies, we recommend you go for the backconnect residential proxies. They are compatible with any software on the market, guarantee high anonymity, compatibility with most protocols, unlimited bandwidth, and advanced control panel.

You can select multiple targeting regions using geo-plans. Interestingly, their Ip addresses change every 5 minutes to evade detection and keep you secured while scraping data on Spotify and other sites.

We rank Shifter as a reliable Spotify proxy provider with fast because these guys promise instant scaling; they are found worldwide in every city and have the most significant proxy network to enable you to harvest data and unblock contents at superscale. Thus, they are highly reliable Spotify proxies that are never detected and always kept fresh. However, their pricing is different but affordable, with many options.

4. Proxy-Cheap

Proxy-Cheap for Residential Proxies

Another best and still new company in the market is Proxy-cheap. The company leaves up to its name as it suggests, and we assure you that these guys have high-quality residential proxies going cheaply. They claim that their IPV4 proxies are the most reliable and are upgraded continuously to optimize your Spotify experience.

Their residential proxies are available worldwide and remove a;l restrictions, limitations, and blocks. This is a unique firm without any monthly commitment but offers two proxy types: session and rotating, where session IPs duration goes up to 30 minutes.

Proxy-cheap can easily make you go beyond to unleash your full potential to scrape data unrestricted and access geo-targeted content without hassle. Their developers are dedicated to giving their best and using rotating residential proxies; you evade any blocks and doge through many geo-restrictions.

Their high-quality Spotify proxies are supported by high speed as well as boosted by privacy. You will never deal with IP bans anymore. You have full control wot managing your IPs with few clicks and complete freedom of action. Their proxies ensure that you do not deal with captures. The residential proxies work well on Spotify.

5. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies for Residential Proxies

On our list of the residential proxies for Spotify, Stormproxies comes last. It offers affordable Spotify proxies on the market. And one thing you should note is that Stormproxies has one of the reliable residential backconnect rotating proxies, which are effective in accessing restricted content and scraping data from Spotify.

They have proved to work well and guarantee instant delivery. Since Spotify is all about streaming music, Stormproxies offers unlimited bandwidth and high-speed performance to optimize your Spotify experience. While they have 24 hours money-back guarantee, they also ensure that you remain highly anonymous and always mask your real IP. Their developers depend on the unique technology to secure your safety is taken care of.

Stormproxies also offers other specialized proxies on their platform. Though they have a small IP pool size for their residential proxies, they are still enough to help you Scrape data and stream on Spotify. another drawback is that these guys limit the number of concurrent threads you can manage.

Best Private Proxies for Spotify

1. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller overview

Proxy-Seller is a company that offers private proxies that are good for Spotify usage. If you visit their platform, you will find that they have private socks5 and HTTPS proxies which they offer based on your needs.

They have a perfect geo-targeting feature. If your target is scraping data for SEO on Spotify, surfing, and unblocking geo-restricted content, then Proxy-Seller has a solution for you. They guarantee you high speed and multiple subnets and networks. Proxy-Seller is still new in the Spotify scene but performing good well.

Something we love bout this company is that they offer 24/7 customer support. The popularity of  Proxy-Seller comes in due to their double authentication and flexibility, and cheap pricing with excellent customer support. They offer services beyond what you pay for. Another thing is that Proxy-Seller has 99% uptime, and in any case, if they do not achieve the uptime, they can replace the proxies for you at no extra charges.

2. MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy for private proxies

The next best private proxies provider for Spotify is MyPrivateProxy. They boast of having excellent infrastructure that never lets them down. This ensures their clients access robust, high quality, and high-speed private proxies from enterprise-grade hardware and top talent experts.

They have numerous worldwide services to enable people to target the Spotify platform. Any packages from their platform come with multiple subnets, monthly randomization, support for multiple locations, and are instantly set up with no hidden setup fee. High anonymity is their priority.

This company ranks among the best Spotify proxies with unlimited access to resources, multiple locations, dedicated servers, IP refresh, professional customer support, and 99% uptime. Speed is the best aspect of streaming and scraping data. The company has strong security and privacy features, and their pricing is competitive. one thing they never fail to achieve is instant delivery.

3. High Proxies

High Proxies for Private Media Proxies

High Proxies is also a new company but is taking over the market. They offer private proxies and customized social media proxies. The company has experienced developers who seem organized. Their Spotify proxies come with many advanced features. Such include multiple cities, subnets, dedicated proxies, monthly randomization to refresh the proxies, and high anonymity.

This is important to keep you undetected as you scrape data and stream geo-restricted content. Randomization is essential, especially when avoiding IP bans issues. Thus, you do not have to worry about IP addresses being banned or blocked. Again, there are no hidden setup fees.

High Proxies has private proxies t help you meet all your Spotify needs at an affordable price.

4. Blazingseollc

Blazingseollc for Data Center Proxies

Blazingseollc is a small and new company. They have established a reputation for offering high-quality private proxies. We were impressed by the performance of their proxies. They offer free trials, support, and pricing. Besides becoming a reliable datacenter proxy provider, they ensure their clients enjoy superior services.

The company has an extensive IP pool size and geo-targets up to ASN level, which is a perfect feature for scraping data and streaming on Spotify. Thus, Blazingseollc is among the effective and best private proxy providers for Spotify with unique c-class subnets.

You can enjoy sending multiple requests and streaming on sporty since their proxies guarantee unlimited bandwidth and connection, free replacement, 24/7 customer support, API access, and an intuitive dashboard.

5. SSLPrivateProxy

SSLPrivateProxy overview

And lastly, we have SSLPrivateProxy. Though they offer private proxies, they guarantee you high speed and anonymity. The two features alone are enough to help you surf, stream, scrape data, and access geo-restricted content on Spotify with no hassle.

Like other companies, their private proxies come with multiple subnets, monthly randomization, multiple cities, multiple threads, unlimited bandwidth, and non-sequential IPs. The features make SSLPrivateProxy fit in unblocking Spotify restrictions.

Thus, we can arguably rank SSLPrivateProxy as the best private proxy provider for Spotify if you need to mask your IP addresses and hide your online identity to access data and unlock your full potential at high speed.

Residential or Private Proxies: Which Should I Choose?

The selection of the proxies is majorly dependent on the use of case-based IP rotation. When you want to bot on Spotify, it is evident that you will need rotating residential proxies. This is because they will not only mask your IP address but also try to help you bypass the request limits set by the platform.

Elsewhere, suppose your target is simply to unblock the content on Spotify and have access due to the IP address being blacklisted or access ign a region in which your IP is not supported. In that case, you can get datacenter proxies and get the work done.

How to Configure a Proxy on Spotify?

With proper setup, you can easily sue the Spotify proxy. These proxies are like any other regular network proxies where you need to switch on and off anytime the need arises. Thus, if you nat to switch on Spotify proxies, follow this procedure:

  • Launch your Spotify application, head to the menu section, and select Edit. Then from the popup menu, click on the preferences tab.
  • Then keep scrolling until you are at the bottom of the menu. locate advanced settings and click to open it
  • Then navigate to the proxy servers section and state the proxy type from the drop-down menu. You will also have to select the port and Ip address.
  • After that, select update the proxy and restart the Spotify to start enjoying the journey with your proxy.


Users cannot make everything happen effectively on Spotify with only a bot. Though bots have been around for a long time, they need Spotify proxy to make it to the headlines and dominate the market. Many companies are claiming to offer Spotify proxy. Due to such complexities, you might find it challenging to select reliable, and best Spotify proxies might be challenging.

Thus, our article w have covered the best Spotify proxies ranging from residential to private proxies to help you narrow down the choice and base the rest on your needs but within reliable companies.

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