10 Best Snapchat Proxies for Snapchat Automation in 2023

Are you looking for the relevant proxies to open up Snapchat marketing opportunities? Then read our article on the best Snapchat proxies to discover reliable providers online. Start automating and unblocking Snapchat today while staying anonymous.


  • HydraProxy – Best Flexible Billing Mobile Proxies for the US
  • The Social Proxy – Affordable Mobile Proxies for Snapchat
  • Bright Data – The Most Advanced Residential Proxies for Snapchat
  • Soax – Best Residential Proxies for Snapchat Automation
  • Smartproxy – Best Cost-Effective Choice for Snapchat Proxies
  • Froxy – Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Snapchat
  • IPRoyal – Cheap Residential Proxies for Snapchat
  • Proxy-Seller – Snapchat Proxies with Flexible Lease Term
  • MyPrivateProxy – Best Datacenter Proxy for Snapchat
  • High Proxies – Premium Private Proxies for Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the best photo and video-sharing social media platforms supporting Android and iOS devices worldwide. However, the contents are only valid for a short period of time. However, regular users consider it as a reliable place not only to connect with people worldwide but also to make friends.

But when it comes to marketing, influencer and marketers tends to tap any opportunity and generate leads to take their revenue to the next level. Therefore, most end up using Snapchat bots to automate their activities. To make it effective, you need Snapchat proxies as well.

It might take time, but since we are here to help you, we have compiled a list of the best Snapchat proxies. The recommendations range from residential to datacenter and mobile proxies based on your preference and budget. Let us get into details.


Best Proxies for Automation on Snapchat

1. HydraProxy – Best Flexible Billing Mobile Proxies for the US

HydraProxy for Mobile Proxies

HydraProxy is one of the new firms among some people but is well known for the mobile proxies with flexible payment plans. While most people concentrate on the monthly package, HydraProxyogffers even offer daily mobile proxies packages.

There is no restriction on the monthly payment plans. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable Snapchat proxy for 1,2 or even three days, consider HydraProxy for mobile proxies.

These proxies come with many advanced features like mobile footprints, unlimited bandwidth of the 4G mobile proxies without any fixed limits and no throttling, advanced control on geo-targeting ( random in the US), 30 and above extended IP rotation, and ranks as the top US mobile carriers.

When you want to evade the abusive Snapchat block, throttling, and cloaking, go for these mobile proxies that are 100% clean, undetectable, and have zero fraud score. These proxies support all the US states, and their pricing is affordable based on the ports.

However, HydraProxy mobile proxies limit one access per port, but they are compatible with the HTTPS and SOCKS protocols without recurring payment.

2. The Social Proxy – Affordable Mobile Proxies for Snapchat

The Social Proxy for High Quality Mobile Private Proxies

In line with the best mobile proxies for Snapchat automation, we also have The Social Proxy. This is the best option in terms of affordability. Otherwise, it provides high-quality 5 and 4G mobile proxies with unlimited bandwidth and concurrent threads.

These proxies help Snapchat and other social media account management and automation services. From their platform, they claim to offer untouched and unlimited total mobile connection proxies with endless IP address streams that guarantee you a legit use case.

The other features of this company are the IP rotation, live rich access log, REST API enabled, and offers every X second IP rotation services. This means you can rotate the IP address based on your needs.

Anytime you want Snapchat proxies, search for The Social Proxy company, and today, they support five countries from the US, Israel, Germany, and the US. They are compatible, and you can integrate them with any software and bots.

3. Bright Data – The Most Advanced Residential Proxies for Snapchat

Brightdata for Reddit Proxies

With Snapchat it does not limit you alone to mobile proxies; you can also count on residential proxies. In this regard, we would also be proud to list Bright Data as one of the best providers of advanced residential proxies supporting all countries worldwide.

You have heard about it, and this is the kind on the market despite having an expensive price tag. Otherwise, they offer one of the advanced residential proxies compatible with Snapchat automation and accounts management. They have a pretty extensive database with impressive 72 plus IP addresses ethically sourced from around the world.

Anything you want to achieve on Snapchat, Bright Data has a solution for you. You can choose from the targeted area's IP pool regardless of the targeted location. It also enables users to geo-tarted up to the city and ASN levels.

This is the world's leading web data platform, and they recently launched Bright Insights. The company guarantees customers 99.99% uptime. They have been structured to be compatible with any software on the market. What makes us rank it is the reliability of their residential proxies,  fully compliant, most efficient, and lastly, most flexible on the market.

4. Soax – Best Residential Proxies for Snapchat Automation

Soax Homepage

Always check out the Soax company when searching for all-purpose residential proxies. The company offers residential proxies with good location coverage worldwide and large IP pool sizes to select from. The provider has quickly gained popularity on the market, and even the incessant change in their pricing plans does not make them ineffective on Snapchat automation.

They are the most reliable, genuine, whitelisted IPv4. However, these residential proxies do not support Texas. Rest assured, enjoy ultra-fast response time, an IP pool size of over 8.5 million, and 99.99% uptime and these proxies are fully compliant, meaning you will never get detected.

Again, Soax guarantees you complete anonymity with no limits on collecting and accessing Snapchat from any part of the world. It also offers geo-targeting features for effective Snapchat automation.

5. Smartproxy – Best Cost-Effective Choice for Snapchat Proxies

Smartproxy for Residential Proxies

Besides Bright Data which offers expensive residential proxies packages, the rival SmartProxy provides the best and most cost-effective residential proxies for Snapchat automation and management. The company has a wide selection you can select from and guarantees you no extra setup fee or subnets. They have over 40 million residential IP addresses sourced from real devices worldwide, supporting over 195 locations.

Security and anonymity are their priority, and you will never get detected, especially with the advanced rotation. These proxies also allow you to send unlimited connections and threads, making them perfect for Snapchat automation and management. Other than specific packages, they also have the pay-as-you-go plan on their website.

SmartProxy allows you to use their residential proxies for many use cases and egos beyond SEO analysis and data scraping. They offer epic customer support, available 24/7 when you have issues.

6. Froxy – Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Snapchat

Froxy Residential Proxies

To most users, Froxy might sound like a new company, but they have one of the market's best and fast rotating residential proxies. The company guarantees that you can use these proxies to automate and carry out any tasks online without facing blocks while ensuring you have a stable connection. They always try to maximize efficiency. These rotating residential proxies are the perfect choice for automating Snapchat accounts.

Froxy rotating residential proxies support over 200 countries around the world and hence have excellent geo-targeting that goes to the specific provider. With its high efficiency, you can set up to 1000 concurrent connections using unique Ip addresses. Their IP pool is over 8 million, and you can select any country with 99.99% uptime and fully compatible with any software.

7. IPRoyal – Cheap Residential Proxies for Snapchat

IPRoyal for Snapchat Proxy Server

Another company that guarantees customers cheap residential proxies on the market is IPRoyal. You will never get detected or blocked when you use these proxies on Snapchat automation. From the data, they never allow users to share.

Hence, the IP addresses are exclusively meant for one person with the option to rotate or use sticky proxies based on what works for you. Also, they guarantee you 99.99% uptime which adds flavor to selecting these best Snapchat proxy servers.

IPRoyal residential proxies support over 185 countries worldwide with geo-targeting up to the city level. In terms of the rotating residential proxies, they are flexible, and their traffic never expires. They are compatible with most software and hence support socks5 protocols. Their pricing is friendly.

You can count on IPRoyal Snapchat proxies to unblock your Snapchat account, automate multiple Snapchat accounts without being blocked, and even create multiple accounts. Select any location and enjoy unlimited traffic while automating your Snapchat accounts with IPRoyal best Snapchat proxies.

8. Proxy-Seller – Snapchat Proxies with Flexible Lease Term

Proxy-Seller overview

If you are a social media marketing manager and want the best proxies with a flexible lease term for your Snapchat automation or data scraping, then consider the private socks5 and HTTPs proxies from the Proxy-Seller company. They have one of the best private proxies on the market at a considerable rate. Their pricing plan is flexible, and with any amount, you can select any that fits your demand without any compulsory monthly commitment.

Proxy-Seller brags about offering one of the effective private proxies with two-factor authentication. This means your data is kept secure, hence a reliable private proxy provider for Snapchat automation. Remember that the price becomes cheaper when you purchase long-term proxies on their website. Again, they also offer good location coverage around the world.

9. MyPrivateProxy – Best Datacenter Proxy for Snapchat

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

MyPrivateProxyis is a famous proxy provider for its excellent datacenter proxies. It is considered the world leading private proxy provider that also offers other services such as  VPN. Their private proxies are robust and scalable, with good global coverage and 99% uptime. Though they do not offer a free trial, they cover it in their 3 days money-back policy which is enough time to test the quality of their proxies on Snapchat automation.

Otherwise, they support unlimited bandwidth, and hence you can use them to automate and manage multiple Snapchat accounts without being blocked. The IP addresses are non-sequential with affordable monthly pricing.

Since Snapchat anti-spam is not strict, you can consider using the private proxies from this company as they are hosted from the high-performing infrastructure that guarantees you fast network connection speeds and anonymity. One of the companies that have gone green seems to be environmentally conscious.

10. High Proxies – Premium Private Proxies for Snapchat

High Proxies for Social Media Proxies

Then High Proxies is the last option we recommend for the reliable premium private proxies for Snapchat automation. They have the best and specifically designed private proxies for managing and automating social media platforms.

To make it clear, their proxies are not only fast but also impressive in terms of performance and are capable of handling multiple Snapchat accounts. Though affordable, they cover various cities worldwide with access to numerous subnets optimized for social media accounts.

High Proxies ensure that they randomize their proxies monthly to increase the success rate and do not have any hidden setup costs. Enjoy unlimited bandwidth and concurrent threads up to 100 with proxies that rely on the cloud infrastructures. They guarantee customers full anonymity at a comp[etitive price. Go for it and take your Snapchat automation to the next level with their premium social media proxies.

When Should You Use Proxies for Snapchat?

Most newbies have the misconception that for them to automate their Snapchat accounts, they need to use proxies. We are here to settle the misconception. Therefore, when you have a single account, there is no need to buy Snapchat proxies.

You only need proxies when automating multiple Snapchat accounts. With a single account, kindly follow the ethical practices so you never get penalized. The only scenario when you need to use proxies in automating a single account is when you are located in a country that does not support Snapchat. This way, you need proxies to mask your local IP addresses while sending requests.

When Snapchat discovers that you are managing and automating multiple accounts, you are expected to face the consequences like block or suspension. To avoid all these, you need an excellent bot with relevant Snapchat proxies wot automate without any restrictions.


1. Can I use free proxies for Snapchat?

In the above article, we have highlighted some of the best Snapchat proxies on the market with guaranteed best of automation. Also, when you go online, you will discover multiple companies that claim to offer free Snapchat proxies. Based on our research, we highly recommend going for the premium proxies since free proxies do not guarantee you the best services they should deliver.

Again, you might end up paying much beyond what you expect when using free proxies to automate your Snapchat accounts. Some consequences are spamming your email address or infecting your devices with malware. Only go for the market's premium mobile, residential, or datacenter proxies.

2. Does Snapchat support the use of proxies?

When Snapchat discovers that you are using proxies, it blocks your account. This means Snapchat does not support using proxies and blocks any account trying to sue them. However, our article has covered some reliable and tested proxies for Snapchat automation.

3. Can I use VPN to unblock Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular social media platform after Instagram. However, it would be best if you had relevant proxies to unblock accounts and automate multiple Snapchat without restriction. Still, VPN is the best second option though it has some drawbacks. First, VPNs are illegal as well as they are restricted in some states. Again, though there are numerous companies, most sell low-quality VPNs to customers.


Snapchat is one of the famous social media platforms. However, it also comes with some restrictions. To evade the geo-restrictions and unlock all the potential in generating leads, you can get relevant Snapchat proxies and start automating multiple accounts.

In the above article, we have shared some reliable Snapchat proxies for automation and complete anonymity. The above companies offer the best proxies at a competitive price on the market. Make good use of them and save time while implementing relevant social media marketing strategies. Fly beyond restrictions.

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