13 Best Private Proxies of 2023 (Fast & Reliable)

Private proxies are vital in data collection from multiple sites. Read our article and find the best private proxies for your corporate tasks on daily operations.

Fast and safe Internet surfing has become the day's talk. However, when selecting proxies, you must consider the costs and reliability of the company. For beginners and professionals, private proxies are the perfect option.

But wait, what are private proxies? Find out in the next section.


What Are Private Proxies?

Private Proxies overview

The term private proxy might sound confusing, but in simple terms, it refers to the proxies that are not shared and have access to a particular site as opposed to the shared proxies that can easily be guessed.

As the name suggests, private proxies are only meant to be used by a single person and are optimized for security and reliability. This is because the IP address is hosted from the dedicated servers that use a stable server tool to mask your local Ip addresses.

When you can afford the private proxies, we would recommend sticking to them unless you want to have an everyday use case like the shared proxies. Therefore, private proxies are premium, and irrespective of the costs, they guarantee high anonymity, security, and reliability against online data leakage. A private proxy is best if your company is looking to scrape data.

It is worth investing in private proxies than are hard since shared proxies can be detected and banned quickly. Sometimes, private proxies are called dedicated proxies and give you complete control over the type of data you want to receive. It is hence easy to evade the bad neighbor effects. This is the best and trusted proxy for businesses and individuals with a particular goal to achieve online.

Let us now go to the best private proxies list you need to consider.

Best Private Proxies

1. Proxy-Seller

Proxy-Seller overview

Proxy-Seller is one of the market's most outstanding private proxy providers. It ranked high because of its affordable pricing plans. The company guarantees customers private socks5 and HTTP proxies optimized for SEO scrapers, Internet surfing, social network, and online gaming. They serve multiple customers worldwide, and it is the perfect option for business needs and any agency that targets ads.

These guys tend to attract different firms that work for ion hand with social media marketing and are even fighting to establish a global presence. Proxy-Seller offers secure private proxies that bypass geolocation restrictions, unblocking websites and keeping you anonymous.

Their proxies are sourced from different countries worldwide. The top ten popular countries are the US, England, Poland, Brazil, Russia, Spain, and Japan. In short, it covers Europe, Asia, south America, north America, Australia, and Oceania, as well as African countries like South Africa and Nigeria.

Proxy-Seller promises that their private proxies are high quality and dedicated to a single person's use. These proxies have recorded an impressive 99% uptime. In case of anything, the support team is available to offer proxy replacements and keep you rocking the internet anonymously. Besides the available pricing package, the company also provides an option to request customized proxies.

2. Brightdata

Brightdata for Private Proxies

Bright Data, formerly Luminati, is the next company on our list that offers reliable and high-quality private proxies on the market. They mostsly target the buiensses. Though small compared to the other companies, it has an extensive collection of over 1.6 million private proxies.

Bright Data offers unstoppable proxies excellent to keep you free from website blocks. Hence well known for providing high-quality residential proxies with best-in-class performance and enterprise-grade scaling. It has the broadest geographical coverage and recorded a 99.99% uptime which is the most stable.

Still, Bright Data offers zero bandwidth and target limitations, unlimited concurrent sessions, and superb 24/7 human support. These proxies are available in 98 countries around the world. They are the most reliable and ensure there is non-stop innovation.

However, the pricing of datacenter proxies is somehow complicated, but it offers a free trial option. You can enjoy features such as multiple domains and unlimited traffic, palpably adding to the price and city-level targeting.

3. Shifter

Shifter Residential Proxy Overview

The Shifter is another beast in the proxy market and has been around for a long time. This is simply the rebranded Microleave and is still a force for customers. It contains one of the vast IP addresses sourced worldwide.

The company offers one of the most flexible static residential proxies. There is no rotating feature, but you can select from the 4 professional solutions for any online needs. Either plan you choose guarantees unlimited traffic, gigabit speed, and Tier 1 ISPS with large subnets.

That is not all about Shifter static residential proxies. Other features include unlimited targets, including the data scraping process, while improving efficiency. It also offers unlimited sticky sessions and has a user-friendly dashboard; the proxies are super stealthy with the best performance, 99.99% network uptime, outstanding support, etc. above all, the proxies have super lighting speed and offer global coverage.

Looking at the pricing plans, Shifter has one of the competitive pricing for their static residential proxies. The bad news is that Shifter does not offer a free trial; instead, they have 3 days refund policy.

4. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for Reliable Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Smartproxy never disappoints, especially with its reliable dedicated datacenter proxies. They give users the power to control their IP addresses without sharing. However, these Ip addresses are only from the US.

Still, it guarantees customers unlimited threads and gigabits, IP replacement options, selection between sequential and non-sequential IPs, access to over 1500 subnets, 99.99% uptime, and supports socks5 and HTTP(S) protocols. This means they are compatible with most software on the market.

Smartproxy ensures that they minimize the blockage cases as a proxy is solely meant for you alone. These IPs also have epic entry points with easy management. The Smartproxy dedicated datacenter proxies are best when sued for scraping e-commerce,  SEO analysis, scraping travel deals, account management, and even warming up for the sneaker drops.

The company has excellent customer support, and these proxies are affordable compared to Bright Data. since they do not offer a free trial, they have a 3-day refund policy instead.

5. MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

When you hear MyPrivateProxy, what comes to mind first is their best and most influential private proxies. MyPrivateProxy is the best specialist with the private proxies answer. They use a vital infrastructure (enterprise-grade hardware) that guarantees members robust uptime.

To date, MyPrivateProxy has over 220 servers across  24 countries worldwide. Therefore, the company offers private proxies with unlimited bandwidth, a 3-day money-back guarantee, 99% network uptime, multiple location support, and non-sequential IPs.

These private proxies are reliable for anonymity, data scrapi9ng, and SEO tasks. They support HTTP and HTTPS protocols. The proxies are fast, and using multiple subnets helps evade bulk ban issues. Their pricing is affordable and falls in between but close to expensive.

6. Froxy

Froxy Homepage

Another new provider online in the field is Froxy. The company is the market leader in providing the best premium private proxies. They make it clear that they use mobile and residential proxies to keep you anonymous. This is one of the unique companies with its advanced features. First of all, it supports over 200 geo-locations from around the world. It has over 8 million IP addresses and is 100% whitelisted with no limitations.

Froxy also has recorded exellent rating on truistpilot. Therefore, it is a trusted network with high-speed premium private proxies compatible with HTTPS and socks protocols. The customer support is incredible through email and live chat.

Again, the firm only sells white IP addresses that guarantee no blocking, high anonymity, automatic rotation, 99.99% uptime, and you can connect to 1000 ports. Enjoy the conducive dashboard and access detailed GEO-Targeting features and statistics only at a reasonable price. They offer a 3-day free trial, but you can cancel the subscription anytime.

7. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Homepage

The company guarantees your safety and can hide your ass as your surf peacefully. SquidProxies offers one of the high-performing private proxies you can count on to scale the business. These proxies are sourced using gigabit servers and give you access to unlimited bandwidth and guaranteed success.

They are non-sequential, have no ads, offer multiple IP subnets, affordable pricing plans, elite anonymity, and are 100% compatible with all software and browsers.

Therefore, SquidProxies' private proxies are great for browsing the web anonymously. Besides refreshing the IPs monthly, they also offer multiple plans, but you can still request the custom plan starting from 1000 proxies to 100k. They also guarantee speed; you can access any location with these IPs. Unfortunately, there is no free trial.

8. HighProxies

HighProxies for Buy Private Media Proxies

The next private proxy provider on our list is HighProxies. The company offers fast private media proxies though these proxies cannot work on sneaker sites and social media networks. Otherwise, like other private proxies, HighProxies also sells private media proxies that support multiple cities and subnets and come with monthly randomization.

They have dedicated proxies, which means they dedicate the proxies to a single user with a guarantee of high anonymity.

There are no hidden charges or setup fees needed. Instead, you can send multiple concurrent connections and access to any location worldwide. Though there is no free trial, you can enjoy 3 days of money back. Their customer support is excellent, and you can access multiple pricing plans.

9. Oxylabs

Oxylabs for Dedicated Datacenter Proxies

Oxylabs is also another beast in the proxies market. It is the fastest-growing proxy provider. Other than the dedicated datacenter proxies, the company also offers static residential proxies, combined power of the residential and datacenter IP addresses.

The company has recorded an average of 99.9% uptime in dedicated datacenter proxies. Still, it offers superior performance and is compatible with any project, from data scraping to automation. They have a whopping  2 million plus dedicated datacenter proxy pool.

Some of Oxylabs' unique features are unlimited bandwidth and domain, support of unlimited concurrent sessions, about 7850 subnets, and are available in 188 locations worldwide.

This is one of the proxy providers that offer a free trial, and you are guaranteed to access the pre-selected and tested proxies, which come with geo-targeting from the state to city level. The company has excellent Trustpilot reviews. Again,  you can access a robust API with the option to add -rotate proxies.

10. SSLprivateproxy

SSLprivateproxy for Summer Sale

SSLprivateproxy is the market leader when it comes to private proxies. These proxies mask your local IP address while surfing online. The company offers powerful private proxies that only come at an affordable price. They are dedicated IPs to a single person; hence hard to detect as you have complete control.

Besides, SSLprivateproxy has unlimited bandwidth and unlimited threads up to 100, guarantee you monthly randomization, and support multiple cities and subnets. No connection issues with these premium private proxies. Even though these guys offer 3 days refund policy, there is no free trial. Generally, private proxies from SSLprivateproxy are incredibly affordable, with good location coverage and security.

11. Instantproxies

Instantproxies Homepage

Instantproxies also fall on our list for a good number of reasons. Instantproxies is dedicated to offering the p[rivate proxies. Maybe it is; for this reason, it prides itself on providing the most advanced private proxies on the internet.

They also proceed with the fact that these private proxies come with blazing fast speed, above 99% uptime, and 24/7 excellent customer support. These private HTTP proxies support high anonymity on browsing, high-volume content posting on automation software, and high performance on web crawling from any custom system.

Instantproxies also ensure that you test the proxies before buying and can preview the uptime. Besides, it offers subnet variety, unlimited bandwidth, access to the advanced control panel, and guarantees you quality. These proxies are 100% compatible and cover worldwide locations. Try them; Instantproxies are affordable with quality services.

12. Rayobyte

Rayobyte for Datacenter Proxies

Rayobyte, though it sounds strange company is the formerly Blazing SEO. This is one of the companies that offer not only datacenter proxies but also ISP, residential and mobile proxies. In terms of the technical features of datacenter proxies, Rayobyte is the market leader.

And customer trusts their proxies, and it has recorded billions of data scraping monthly. You will have access to over 300k IP addresses, perfect for diversifying while evading downtime from bans, offering 20k unique c-class subnets and 25 petabytes per month. These proxies are available in 26 countries worldwide, and ASN ensures you have the maximum redundancy.

The pricing option is excellent, and you can select from starter to enterprise based on your goal. Both cases are a combination of dedicated and semi-dedicated with the ability to rotate. They also have a free trial. Enjoy unlimited threads, bandwidth and traffic.

13. Proxy-Sale

Proxy-Sale Homepage

The last option from our list of the best private proxies is Proxy-Sale. This is also the best company that can offer you reliable private proxies for the value of your money. You can use these proxies to unblock any website or social media network.

These dedicated proxies are relevant for gambling, online gaming, social networks, and other use cases like SEO and data scraping. The company has been stable since 2015 and is gaining popularity due to its instant delivery and quality assurance. If not, then you are entitled to get a refund.

Also, the company sells private proxies that come with 95Mb/sec speed and have been able to serve over5000 active customers. They have a 65000 IP pool with minimum ping. Their pricing is friendly and has superb customer support.

Benefits of the Private Proxy

While there are multiple benefits to using private proxies, there are as well disadvantages attached to these types of proxies. Some of the benefits are:-

  • Improved speed: when you purchase private proxies, you are guaranteed the most after speed than shared semi-dedicated proxies. This is because you are not sharing the bandwidth; hence it is hard to slow the browsing speed.
  • High security:  since you are not sharing the IP addresses, there is a low chance or almost zero of data breaches. Your data will never get compromised, and no one will misuse your IP address to get you into trouble.
  • Limited blocks: If no one is using your proxies, then you can be assured of fixed blocks on amazon and google. It is even hard to get blocked since users have complete control.
  • Bypass restriction: also, when you use private proxies, you can bypass not only the blocked websites like youtube, Facebook, or Twitter but also the internet geo-restrictions. You can then stream and perform tasks without facing any restrictions based on your IP addresses.

However, there is a perk. The price! This is the only downside of private proxies. Private proxies are more expensive than shared or semi-dedicated proxies on the market.

Are There Any Private Residential Proxies?

Other firms have even begun selling the datacenter proxies under residential ISP proxies. Therefore, this step has given the datacenter the residential ASN, which means the sites identify them as real users. These proxies are what we call the ISP proxies or sometimes the static residential proxies.


Private proxies are vital when speed, security, reliability, and high anonymity is much needed. Companies are investing in private proxies for data scraping online. In the above list, we have covered the best private proxies providers on the market that guarantees you speed and complete control.

However, they are expensive compared to other proxies, and you need a good number for rotation to evade suspicions. The failure rate of the above private proxies is exclusively minimal.

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