11 Best Reddit Proxies for Reddit Automation in 2023

Do you want to unblock and automate your Reddit account? In this article, we will explain why you need Reddit proxies and some of the best Reddit proxies providers on the market. Find out!

Social media platforms are very strict and fight against using bots. But the good news is that when you have a relevant Reddit proxy server, you can also rest assured of bypassing all these restrictions, accessing geo-restricted content, and many more without being detected. So, Reddit proxies are viral in automation and data scraping.

This article will cover detailed reports on the best Reddit proxies, why you need them, and many more.


  • Smartproxy: Best Residential Proxy for Reddit Automation
  • IPBurger: Best Choice for Rapidly Building Reddit Karma Points
  • Brightdata: Best Proxies for Collecting Real-Time Reddit Data
  • Proxy-CheapCheap Residential Proxy for Reddit Automation
  • Froxy: Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Reddit
  • Oxylabs: Largest Residential Proxies for Reddit
  • IPRoyal: Best Socks5 Proxies for Reddit
  • ProxyRack: Premium Residential Proxies for Reddit
  • MyPrivateProxy: Best Datacenter Proxy for Reddit
  • Proxy-SellerBest Budget Datacenter Proxy for Reddit
  • High Proxies: Premium Private Proxies for Reddit

Best Reddit Proxies

1. Smartproxy – Best Residential Proxy for Reddit Automation

Smartproxies for Reddit Proxies

Smartproxy is the market leader when you think of the Reddit proxies online. They have quality residential Reddit proxies that can help you unblock the platform's full potential using the premium IP dresses. It is efficient when you use them in automating your multiple Reddit accounts and accessing all the geo-restriction content.

Besides the advanced features like 99.99% uptime, sticky sessions up to 30 minutes, and 3 seconds average speeds, the company also offers a 3-day money-back guarantee. This is the perfect choice when you think of unblocking China,  Turkey, Indonesia, and even any place you need. They support over 195 countries worldwide.

Access any favorite subreddit from any part of the world. Another thing we prefer about Smartproxy as the best Reddit proxy provider is that you can scrape Reddit faster since it allows you to make around 60 calls per minute for improved data mining efficiency and automate your Reddit account. It is compatible with the Reddit upvote and downvote bots on the market.

The company has excellent reviews on Trustpilot, indicating that its customers are satisfied with eh services. Again, they guarantee you unlimited connections and threads. The pricing plan is flexible. You can select any package that meets your needs from individual to enterprise. Still, you can pay as you go. In our test, Smartproxy was best in terms of response time. You can enjoy a large pool of over 40 million IP addresses worldwide.

2. IPBurger – Best Choice for Rapidly Building Reddit Karma Points

IPBurger for Reddit Proxies

If you aim to build the Reddit karma point on your account rapidly, consider going for the IPBurger proxies. Another is that the provider is also concerned about your online privacy. However, our concern today is in their reliable Reddit proxies. These proxies from IPBurger can help you not only automate the upvotes and count on them for rapidly building the karma points through the rotating residential proxies optimized for Reddit.

We have ranked them as the best Reddit proxies because they contain over 75 million rotating residential proxies, have fast and responsive customer support, source their IP address from real devices, and support threads with unlimited connections. These Reddit proxies are compatible with any software and browsers.

Again, you can sue the IPBurger Reddit proxies with the downvote or upvote bots and karma bots and use them alongside tools like scrapers without being detected. Scale your Reddit account without facing any restrictions, and their residential edit proxies support sticky sessions for up to 30 minutes.

The performance of these proxies has been proven to be effective, and still, they are affordable on the market and hence ranked as the best Reddit proxies. Though they do not offer a refund as the purchase is final, you can still enjoy the free trial proxies before committing to the premium package.

3. Brightdata – Best Proxies for Collecting Real-Time Reddit Data

Brightdata for Reddit Proxies

Bright Data is third on our list as the best Reddit proxies provider. This is the market leader for online residential proxies providers, with the largest IP pool covering all countries worldwide. Bright Data Reddit proxies can bypass all the Reddit restrictions placed in over 195coutreis worldwide.

Not all, but these proxies are also good at not only mining data but also collecting posts and automating multiple Reddit accounts simultaneously. Besides, they can be used in upvoting and downvoting without restrictions on the platform.

They are ranked as the best and fastest Reddit proxies for reasons. First, you can count on their rotating residential proxies to unblock Reddit, avoid bans and blocks, and safely create and manage multiple Reddit accounts. As long as you have an active subscription, you can rotate the IPs in a pool of over 72 million lifetimes if you have an active subscription.

Bright Data Reddit proxies are a fantastic option for the quality of data and speed. They guarantee you a dedicated account manager, 24/7 customer support, and complete transparency, and they are ready to develop a feature tailored to meet your needs when you ask.

The platform has one of the best Trustpilot ratings, indicating the customers are satisfied with their service. The proxies are ethically sourced through P2P and effective, but in terms of the pricing, they are expensive and need technical knowledge to use.

4. Proxy-Cheap – Cheap Residential Proxy for Reddit Automation

Proxy-Cheap for Residential Proxies

Suppose you cannot afford the rotating residential proxies from Bright Data. In that case, Proxy-Cheap offers you the cheap option for the effective residential proxies that you can use to automate Reddit accounts.

The company has no minimum monetary requirements to access its residential proxies. As the name suggests, their pricing is cheap on the market. They have the best residential proxies. You can get started with only $3 without monthly or additional fees.

Proxy-Cheap has serviced over 60k customers worldwide since 2018 and ranks number one in pricing. They have 24/7 customer support, and their residential IP pool is over 11 million. You can select between session and rotating proxies to automate your Reddit account with an instant setup. This means that even if you are a newbie, this is the best option on the cart.

With Proxy-Cheap, the more you purchase higher bandwidth, the less you pay, and they are effective on the Reddit operation without detecting. The company supports over 127 countries worldwide, and you can select the proxies from any targeted country. Give it a try today and enjoy data scraping, market research, and many more. The firm aslo ahs the exlleent trustpilot rating.

5. Froxy – Best Rotating Residential Proxies for Reddit

Froxy Residential Proxies

Froxy is another best residential proxies provider on the market that ranks among the best Reddit proxies. The company ash one of the best residential rotating proxies sourced from around the world.

These rotating residential proxies allow users to automate and scrape data on Reddit without detecting or blocking the IP addresses and guaranteeing a stable connection. This means they are fast enough to handle any Reddit task with maximum efficiency on the project.

Froxy claims that you can use their residential proxies to access  Reddit from anywhere worldwide, and you can select from over 200 countries. They have over 8 million residential IP addresses, so you can use them to collect Reddit data from any country of your choice. They are built locally but launched globally.

They also guarantee compatibility with famous parsing, private, and network tools like Reddit bots. Their proxies also have 99.99% uptime, no restrictions, an intuitive dashboard, and customer support is readily available to help you. They offer affordable pricing plans based on the bandwidth and number of ports with multiple secure payment methods.

6. Oxylabs – Largest Residential Proxies for Reddit

Oxylabs Homepage

Oxylabs is a company that offers proxies, but among the providers, it ranks as having the largest pool of residential IP addresses perfect for automating Reddit accounts. This is the longest Bright data rival on the market, where both companies offer the same quality of residential proxies.

And what sets Oxylabs apart is its largest residential IP pool size, which contains over 102 million. Oxylabs has one f the top-tier web data collection infrastructure. Many businesses have joined the company to enjoy the scraper APIS while unblocking the Reddit data even at a large scale without facing any restrictions.

In terms of location coverage, Oxylabs offers worldwide coverage in web scraping and is the front runner for innovation. They also guarantee the customers a dedicated account manager to help create multiple accounts and manage and automate without problems.

Again, their customer support is available 24/7 to help you if you run into issues. The proxies are undetectable on Reddit, the fastest in terms of the speed on the market. When comparing Oxylabs with Bright Data, most people prefer Oxylabs because of the affordable pricing plans.

7. IPRoyal – Best Socks5 Proxies for Reddit

IPRoyal for Reddit Proxies

You will never miss IPRoyal when listing the best Reddit proxy providers on the market. They customize their residential proxies for multiple tasks: Reddit management, account automation, and data scraping. IPRoyal thus has one of the best residential Reddit proxies.

They work beyond your expectation. This means that they not only offer privacy, making you anonymous but also, you can expand your Reddit horizon with these perfect Reddit proxies.

Use these proxies to control what you want other people to access on the Reddit account,  rapid data scraping, complete Reddit automation, and Reddit upvote bots. They offer you a choice to select the suitable proxies for the Reddit needs, that is, any country you want to target.

IPRoyal uses the pawn where customers join in using the proxies endpoint. Though the pricing is suggestive, they are ranked as the most transparent regarding IP pool sourcing. Otherwise, their residential Reddit proxies come with the auto-rotate, but you can configure them to meet your needs.

You can easily change the IP address in the API requests from the dashboard. Still, they have session proxies available, making them the most flexible and affordable socks5-supported proxies for Reddit on the market. They support over 180 countries allowing you to geo-target up to the state or city level.

8. ProxyRack – Premium Residential Proxies for Reddit

ProxyRack Residential Proxies

Next on the list is ProxyRack. They offer the best premium residential proxies, which are excellent choices for using the Reddit platform. They claim that their residential proxies are ethically sourced and have the highest success rate, meaning the IP addresses are real.

They also have the uncapped bandwidth option when you want. The premium residential proxies are the top level on Reddit tasks and guarantee you the highest success on the most challenging project on Reddit.

ProxyRack residential proxies offer geo-targeting features from the country to theISPS level. They are also compatible with the HTTP, socks, and UDP protocols which means they can support any platform and software. They have a small IP pool; their residential proxies are effective on Reddit and other social media account automation.

If you are operating on a fixed budget, check out the residential premium Reddit proxies from ProxyRack. They come at affordable pricing plans, and since the company has been around for a long time, they have all it takes to ensure that you enjoy the platform without being detected. The reviews on their platform indicate that their customers are happy with the residential proxies.

9. MyPrivateProxy – Best Datacenter Proxy for Reddit

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

MyPrivateProxy is gone green and ranked as the best datacenter proxies provider on the market. The company runs its datacenter proxies on the green energy infrastructure, which is why we stated that it has gone green.

The good news is that their datacenter proxies are not easily detected, and since Reddit is not that strict in using bots, you can use them to automate Reddit accounts. This is because their datacenter proxies are compatible and very clean, with no sign of failure.

Therefore, if you are looking for the fastest Reddit proxies with affordable pricing or ethical sue, then MyPrivateProxy has the answer for you today. Their proxies are scalable, robust, and available worldwide. Any package you select guarantees unlimited bandwidth, 99% uptime, 3 days money able guarantee, access to multiple locations, and no sequential IPs.

10. Proxy-Seller – Best Budget Datacenter Proxy for Reddit

Proxy-seller Homepage

Proxy-Seller has gained its reputation because of the budget-friendly datacenter proxies on the market. These datacenter proxies are capable with the Reddit platform. This is because their datacenter proxies can be manipulated to sue on multiple tasks online.

Other than being sued for data scraping, you can also use them for creating and managing social media networks, including Reddit management, SEO tasks, etc. The company has good location coverage. Their private socks5 and HTTPS proxies are also compatible with most software. This is why we have listed as the best datacenter proxies provider for Reddit tasks.

Proxy-Seller offers a dedicated channel speed of up to 1GB/sand proxies selected from over 800 subnets. And if the proxies fail, you can request a replacement or refund. The customer support team is available to help you configure the proxies. This company ranks because of its affordable pricing plans and unlimited bandwidth access.

11. High Proxies – Premium Private Proxies for Reddit

High Proxies for Social Media Proxies

Highproxies is last on our list as the best private proxies provider for Reddit tasks. They have high-quality premium private proxies, which you can use on your Reddit account. They have private proxies covering different categories on social media platforms. But generally, their social media proxies are perfect for use on Reddit accounts for creating and managing multiple Reddit accounts.

The company claims its social media proxies are the best, most affordable, reliable, and fast on the market. These proxies are specially made for managing social emd9ia platforms, and you can select the choices based on your needs targeting multiple cities in multiple subnets.

They also ensure that they randomize their proxies monthly to ensure that you access a clean and stable IP pool without being detected. These proxies are specially optimized for social media platforms with no setup fee needed but guarantee premium quality service.

You can count them as the fastest datacenter Reddit proxies on the market. They also have unlimited bandwidth besides being secure and reliable—their customer support team is available 24/7 for support.

When Should You Use Proxies for Reddit?

First of all, you must understand that Reddit does not support the use of proxies. You can equally access it without the need to purchase proxies around the world. However, there are some situations under which you must sue the Reddit proxies.

Managing Multiple Reddit Accounts

Reddit is strict when it comes to creating and managing multiple accounts simultaneously. It considers spammy activity on the platform and results in a blockage. But when you grant each account a unique IP address, you are good to go beyond these restrictions.

Data Scraping

Reddit proxies are also one of the requirements when you want to scrape public data on the platform. Without the proxies, your scrapers will easily get blocked on the platform.

Then lastly, you also need Reddit proxies to unblock geo-restrictions and unblock blocked accounts as well. You know that if you are a regular Reddit user, you will not need Reddit proxies. But the proxies are preliminary requirements when you want to automate the Reddit accounts using scraper tools, bots, etc.

Evade Captchas

another reason you need Reddit proxies is to evade the constant captchas, which often appear for verification purposes. Captchas are made to help the site identify bot-like activities. But when you want to avoid these content puzzles, you can sue Reddit proxies to evade them. This is because Reddit proxies often change the IP address, making it hard to track your traffic.

Reddit proxies are also vital in upvoting your Reddit content. You can take your content to another level by upvoting while you downvote other competitors' posts. Since Reddit is stringent in vote manipulation, you need proxies to evade the bans related to vote manipulation.

The story is different for regular users as the platform is only used for discussion and interaction. And when it comes to influencers and social media marketers, they rank Reddit as the source of enormous traffic and utilize skyrocketing marketing strategies they increase company revenue from their content.

Therefore, it becomes one of the best actions to automate Reddit accounts so that you can maximize the outcome, which is not possible without buying Reddit proxies. Without the relevant proxies, the Reddit algorithm quickly detects you and blocks your local IP address.


1. What type of proxy should I use for Reddit?

Residential and datacenter have pros and cons. therefore, residential is preferred because they are hard to detect as ht e P addresses are sourced from real internet users on existing network connections.

However, they have a slow speed as compared to the datacenter. In contrast, the datacenter is fast but easily detectable. And residential and mobile proxies are the same, with slight differences in the network connection. The choice depends on your need and the budget.

2. Can I use free proxies for Reddit?

While there are numerous companies online that offer free proxies, from our point of view, we would not recommend going for them. The main challenge you will likely experience is the lack of speed and security.

Therefore, any information you share using the free proxies is prone to breach. Again, different people use these proxies simultaneously, making themes easy to detect and unsuitable on your Reddit account.

3. Does Reddit support the use of proxies?

Reddit, like other well-known social media platforms, Reddit does not support the use of proxies. They consider proxies as deceptive features that mask your local IP address causing their anti-spam system to become ineffective.

Therefore, when you are detected using the proxies on Reddit, they penalize your account, and the penalty is legal in most countries worldwide. Check out what they say about proxies in your country.


Proxies have become part of our daily life activities. And if you need efficient Reddit proxies, numerous companies offer the same services. However, our article lists the reliable, secure, fast, and affordable Reddit proxies on the market with a guaranteed outcome.

While Reddit is equipped with an anti-spam detect system, you can easily navigate the restriction with the relevant, high-quality Reddit proxies and remain anonymous forever.

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