10 Best Residential Proxy Providers in 2023

Are you searching online for the best and most customer-friendly residential proxy providers? Then this is the right place to be. We have compiled a list fit the best residential proxy providers that are reliable and affordable to serve you. Read our article to find out more tips.

Regardless of the user intention, residential proxies can still breathe some good news not only in web scraping but also in cases when you are using a bot or related tools. This is because residential proxies are sourced from real devices around the world, enabling users to blend within the crowd as opposed to other producers.

If you are looking for reliable residential proxy providers on the market, you have come to the right place with full potential to guide you. We have a list of the best residential proxy providers with various packages.

We have tested them, and our experts approved them as the best option to go with. And if you are not well versed, we have also shared some tips to guide you. Read to the end and find out more. Let us gets started with the proxies before going into the tips.


  • Bright Data – The Leader of the Proxy Industry
  • Smartproxy – The Best Choice Between Price and Performance
  • Soax – The Most Competitive Up-and-Comer
  • Shifter – The Best Practitioner of Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Proxy-Cheap – The Best Budget for Residential Proxies
  • ProxyRack – The Best Choice for Small Scraping Projects
  • HydraProxy – Flexible Pricing for Individual Users
  • IPRoyal – Outstanding from the Small Proxy Providers
  • Rayobyte – Premium Residential Proxy with a Low Price
  • Oxylabs – Largest Residential Proxy Pool in the Market

Best Residential Proxies

1. Bright Data – The Leader of the Proxy Industry

Bright Data Residential Proxy Overview

  • Locations: 195+ countries
  • IP Pool: 72+ million
  • IP Rotation: 100% Self control
  • Geo-Targeting: Country/City/ASN
  • Price: Starts at $500 for 40 GB

Bright Data goes without saying is the market leader in the proxy industry is concerned. They are the largest proxy provider with over 72 million IP addresses, and the residential proxies are ethically sourced worldwide. Their residential proxies come with many advanced features and the capability to target up to the ASN level.

In our test results, the provider proved to be a great option when you are looking reliable residential proxy provider with good performance. There are no more artificial limits, but it gives the user control through the open proxy manager. Besides subscribing to plans depending on the budget, you can pay as you go.

Like the leaders, Bright Data is also dedicated to the large business firms looking for either proxy type, including residential. However, they have expensive pricing plans, and their proxies are complex; hence you must be a pro to sue them effectively.

Again, their KYC process is somewhat confusing, which is suitable for ruling out the gray hat users. These residential proxy supports HTTP(S) and socks 5 protocols, making it excellent and compatible with most software. They also come with the API, extensive documentation, and a browser extension and have recorded a success rate of 99.99%, which is highly stable.

Bright Data has one of the best unlimited concurrent requests; hence expect the highest quality of service and best scalability with good location coverage and can bypass any most arduous website restrictions.

2. Smartproxy – The Best Choice Between Price and Performance

Smart Proxy Residential Use Overview

  • Locations: 195+ countries
  • IP Pool: 40+ million
  • IP Rotation: 30 minutes
  • Geo-Targeting: Country/City
  • Price: Starts at $80 for 8 GB

Smartproxy also ranks among the best residential proxy providers, guarantees great value for your money, and offers all your needs. They have one of the best residential proxy plans that give you access to competitive business information, scaling operations without getting banned.

They boast they can help you leave all the limitations behind without subnets or hidden set-up fees. Smartproxy has over 40 million real IP addresses covering over 1965 locations worldwide. Besides getting a pay-as-you-go option, you can also have a fixed-price package that offers one of the advanced rotation proxies.

That is not everything about Smartproxy. one of the best features making it outstanding is the unlimited connections and threads, guaranteeing online privacy with full Anonymity, and their customer support is instantly epic.

It is rated as one of the top-notch residential proxy providers with excellent Trustpilot and mainly emphasizes self-service. Like Bright Data, Smartproxy also comes with API support, browser extensions, extensive documentation and guides, and anti-detect browsers for extra security and Anonymity. The company also has a good response time and a 99.99% success rate.

3. Soax – The Most Competitive Up-and-Comer

Soax Residential Homepage

  • Locations: Worldwide (excluding State of Texas, USA)
  • IP Pool:5+ million
  • IP Rotation: Random
  • Geo-Targeting: Country/City/Region/ISP
  • Price: Starts at $99 for 8 GB

SOAX is one of the reliable residential proxy providers, and from the information on their website, they have worldwide location coverage except for texas in the US. This is the best option that falls between the expensive and cheap residential providers. This means that SOAX offers affordable and friendly pricing and has been around for a long time.

Therefore, if you are looking for premium residential proxy providers, check out SOAX, which has multiple distinguishable features based on location targeting and rotations. Regarding geo-targeting, SOAX residential proxies let users specify from the country to the ISP level.

Even though the speed might not be as good as other providers, the residential proxies work well with impressive performance and high Anonymity. The IP addresses are pretty raw.

The other feature of SOAX supports all major protocols and obligatory IP whitelisting but comes with the IP port limits on the plan. Most people prefer residential proxies from this company because of the flexibility and good location coverage, but it has limited API access and supports node access. The company also offers a cheap trial plan.

4. Shifter – The Best Practitioner of Unlimited Bandwidth

Shifter Residential Proxy Overview

  • Locations: Worldwide
  • IP Pool: 31+ million
  • IP Rotation: 5 minutes
  • Geo-Targeting: Country
  • Price: Starts at $149.99 for 10 ports

Are you looking for ultra-fast residential proxies online with affordable pricing plans? Then never hesitate to check out the Shifter. The company has one of the most advanced residential proxy pools, with unparalleled speeds.

Another thing is that their IP addresses are available in all the central Geo-targeted locations for large-scale use casesAmongng the companies, Shifter guarantees you 99.99% uptime-impressive and ultra-fast response rates and gives you control to customize the rotation time.

The IP addresses are highly anonymous, with no IP blocks from their pool. This is the best residential proxies provider for a beginner because they are easy, have good networking technology with global residential coverage, and have enterprise infrastructure that is good for instant scalability.

We even tested the proxies for the battle on large-scale data scraping. You can integrate these residential proxies with any software, and their API panel has a simple user interface. The Shifter has two options for residential proxies; you can select between on-demand and rotating residential proxies.

Their proxies have multiple use cases, including sales intelligence, SEO monitoring,  competitive intelligence, data scraping or gathering, talent sourcing, and many other cases. You can also target up to the city level, and customer support is available 24/7 and compatible with the search engines. However, there is no trial plan on their website.

5. Proxy-Cheap – The Best Budget for Residential Proxies

Proxy Cheap Residential Homepage

  • Locations: 127+ countries
  • IP Pool: 7 million
  • IP Rotation: Random
  • Geo-Targeting: Country
  • Price: Starts at $4.99 for 1GB

Proxy-Cheap is well known as the budget-friendly residential proxy provider on the market. Unlike other proxy providers, Proxy-Cheap offers random residential proxy rotations with over 7 million IP addresses covering over 127 countries worldwide. However, they provide many other proxies on their website.

They have an excellent option for starting residential proxies with over 1 million real business IP addresses around the US for long-term use cases. Besides, they also have residential; proxies with over 7 million real and rotated IP addresses. And with only $4.99, you can get your residential proxies without monthly commitment or additional fees.

Proxy-Cheap is the leader in pricing and has customer support agents available anytime you run into issues while using their proxies. Though their residential IPs support only HTTP protocol, they are effective with a simple set-up procedure and can unlock any feature effectively. Most businesses prefer this provider because of its rotating capability, which guarantees security with no limitations on usage.

There are many use cases and not only limited to ad verifications, brand protection, market research, etc. Hence, customers can plan on proxy usage with a simple dashboard, and in terms of speed, it is ultra-fast with boosted privacy; thus, you can access any target site without issues. However,  this company does not have a refund policy, but it is more affordable.

6. ProxyRack – The Best Choice for Small Scraping Projects

ProxyRack Homepage

  • Locations: 140+ countries
  • IP Pool: 5+ million
  • IP Rotation: 3 – 30 minutes
  • Geo-Targeting: Country/City/ISP
  • Price: Starts at $49.95 for 10 GB

ProxyRack is another reliable choice when searching for a residential proxy provider. They have favorable packages regardless of whether you want to use them for business cases or personal projects. But generally, this provider is famous for offering excellent residential proxies for small-scale data scraping and other use cases.

The location coverage is impressive, and you can choose IP addresses from over 5 million Ip address pools where you can target from the country to the ISP level. This is awesome, and the fact that ProxyRack allows you to select between the static and rotation proxies where you can rotate proxies ranging from 3 to 30 minutes and choice depends on your preference.

ProxyRack allows you to use their residential proxies for market research, ad verification, or even on social media platforms, including SEO analysis, website testing, etc. This is why many users are investing in the ProxyRack, which the residential proxy does not only come with a reliable network but also fast proxies connection speed.

It offers unlimited bandwidth, and you can select the country or ISP of your choice as long as you have an active plan. The company also provides other related privacy services and has 14 days refund policy. But one thing you should note is that the geo-targeting feature only applies to selected plans from their website.

7. HydraProxy – Flexible Pricing for Individual Users

HydraProxy Residential Homepage

  • Locations: 100+ countries
  • IP Pool: 5+ million
  • IP Rotation: 30 min to 1hr
  • Geo-Targeting: Country
  • Price: Starts at $5 for 1GB

Hydraproxy sounds new to some newbies in the industry but is a reliable residential proxy provider with location coverage of over 100 countries worldwide. In terms of the IP pool size, they have over 5 million IPs and permit infinite concurrency connection.

But the trick here is that the packages start from 1 GB and above though affordable for individual users. It thus ranges among the reliable residential proxy providers, but it does not have any additional monetary requirements.

Something unique with this provider is that, with their residential proxy packages, it supports the endpoint proxy generations through the list generator feature. The company also supports geo-location coverage, and you can select the residential proxy package based on your needs between session and random proxies.

For the rotation, you can choose from 30 minutes to 1 hour. their customer support is available 24/7 to help when you get stranded. Give it a try, and we assure you you will never get disappointed, even with the country-level geo-targeting option.

8. IPRoyal – Outstanding from the Small Proxy Providers

IPRoyal Residential Proxy Overview

  • Locations: 180+ countries
  • IP Pool: 2+ million
  • IP Rotation: 1/10/30 minutes
  • Geo-Targeting: City/State
  • Price: Starts at $4 for 1GB

Without failing to mention the IPRoyal proxy company, which boasts as the leader in residential proxy services worldwide. Their location coverage is awesome because they are available in over 180 countries and have over 2 million IP addresses you can target from country to state or city.

They have friendly pricing packages as opposed to the major proxy providers on the market, but you can enjoy several features as it scales well. Still, you can access advanced rotation and filtering options from  60 seconds, 10 minutes to 30 minutes, where it also supports socks 5 protocols. Their customer support is just on another level.

Though something drawing back this provider is its small IP pool size; they are updating and offering reliable services as opposed to other inauthentic companies online. Another thing that is impacting their reputation is the resell capability. Though not a good move for large-scale users, it is reliable for small-scale residential proxy users worldwide looking for quality IPs.

They have great residential proxies that guarantee to keep you anonymous. The company's excellent customer rating from Trustpilot indicates that customers are satisfied with their services and stick to residential sessions with a flexible rotation option, and there is no traffic expiration. Hence, you will never get blocked with residential proxies from IPRoyal.

9. Rayobyte – Premium Residential Proxy with a Low Price

Rayobyte Residential Proxy Overview

  • Locations: Many countries
  • IP Pool: Millions
  • IP Rotation: Random
  • Geo-Targeting: Country/City/State
  • Price: Starts at $15 for 1GB

Well, maybe you have been looking for reliable premium residential proxies for even business-scale use cases at an affordable price. Then Rayobyte will come to the rescue. This was formerly the Blazing SEO proxy provider that has been rebranded, and they even do not indicate the total number of proxies they support. Still, we are sure it is millions, with many countries supporting location coverage.

These residential proxies are ethically sourced and meet any needs, and you can start a free trial with a 1GB offer. Their residential proxies come with multiple advanced features, which include a large IP pool size, and unlimited threads supported, from country targeting up to the city. Again, you can use them to avoid the CAPTCHAS and other anti-scraping technology.

Rayobyte residential proxies are not only perfect for social media automation. You can also use them on travel aggregation, brand protection, price aggregation, ad technology, SEO monitoring, and even market research eCommerce needs.

Otherwise, the company has excellent customer support services, and trust us, they offer exactly what they promise on their website. Their pricing is affordable and supports all the major protocols, which means they are compatible with most software.

10. Oxylabs – The Largest Residential Proxy Provider in the Market

Oxylabs Residential Proxy Overview

  • Locations: 195+ countries
  • IP Pool: 100+ million
  • IP Rotation: 30 minutes
  • Geo-Targeting: Country/City/State
  • Price: Starts at $15 for 1GB

The last company is Oxylabs. They also offer good location coverage in over 195 countries worldwide and over 100 million IP sizes. This is impressive and coupling it with 30 minutes sessions makes it an outstanding residential proxy provider with the largest pool on the market. You can target all countries and target up to any city level around the world.

They offer top-class performance and residential proxies that are highly scalable and stable in speed. And the good thing about Oxylabs is that, when you subscribe to the proxy plan, they guarantee an account manager dedicated to you to help you increase the scarping performance.

However, Oxylabs is not a good choice if you are a beginner in the industry or even for personal use cases because they are expensive. Response and success rate are incredible, and it has a free trial plan for all customers. When you get residential proxies from Oxylabs, you are destined to enjoy unlimited concurrent connections, continuous proxy rotations, and zero IP blocking.

Proxies are ethically sourced, and their high uptime guarantees successful web scraping since they run on reliable infrastructure. Otherwise, they have easy integration to start with, and you can manage your data usage as you can access detailed analytics and manage sub-users. The company also, like other firms, has a strong reputation online.

Why Choose Residential Proxies

Choose Residential Proxies

There are many situations where residential proxies are the preferred choice by users on the market. Some of the reasons why you, as we all, need to go with the residential proxies are outlined below:

  • Wide Location Coverage

If you are targeting broad location coverage, you can ee residential proxies with millions of IP addresses sourced worldwide. Therefore, residential proxies are available in multiple locations compared to other types like datacenter. Hence, it is a good option for the business needs such as crawling, SEO purposes, automation, software localization, and even ad verification.

  • Need Strong Target Protection

in a situation where you aim to have robust protection based on the target goal or site, such as sneaker stores or even travel aggregation, you need a robust defense to encounter the traffic and all restrictions placed on the site. A good move is getting residential IPs since they are registered with the consumer ISP.

Lastly, when you want to remain anonymous. Though datacenter, as well as VPNs, offer you Anonymity, they are easily detectable. But with the residential IPs, you appear to be a natural person bringing in real human traffic on a site, thus hard to detect and block.


Most people are looking for residential proxies because of the above-discussed benefits. While many companies claim to offer these proxies to the market, not all are effective, reliable, and affordable. Therefore, to help you narrow down the list and save your time, we have taken our time to research for the best residential proxy providers at your comfort.

You can read, test, and make an informed decision from the above list depending on what you want to achieve. Otherwise, they are reliable, affordable, guarantee Anonymity, and are hard to detect as opposed to other proxies. Make an informed choice today.

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