6 Best YouTube Proxies for YouTube Automation in 2023

Are you struggling with YouTube marketing campaigns or accessing geo-restricted content and bypassing different restrictions? Then it would help if you had YouTube proxies. Read our article to find out the best YouTube proxies that can help you meet your needs.

YouTube is a very strict social media platform. However, it is a popular streaming platform as well. Therefore, if you are a marketer, you need YouTube bots to help you manage your marketing campaigns and channel. However, based on the YouTube terms of use and community guidelines, they do not allow the use of bots.

The system detects spammy activity and blocks or suspends your account when you are noticed. As such, YouTube blocks your account through your IP address. This is where proxies tomes to play. To mask your IP address and make your bot imitates human traffic so that you are shielded, you need the best YouTube proxies.

Combining the best YouTube proxies with your YouTube bots can automate your account. You can grow your account and claim YouTube revenues through premium ads and many other advantages. Using YouTube proxies with a bot, you can also scrap data from YouTube, access restricted content, and automate tasks that are again YouTube API.

In our article today, we will take you through the best YouTube proxies on the market for your daily use. Many providers online claim to offer reliable and genuine proxies, but many scammers risk your account. Before going into details, let us go through the benefits of using YouTube proxies.


Why do People Use Proxies for YouTube?

YouTube video

Primarily, YouTube proxies are used in YouTube bots to automate activities. Since YouTube has a sensitive algorithm, it easily blocks most of the unwanted content. But with proxies, marketers can perform standard marketing practices without fear of being banned.

Furthermore, scraping data from YouTube is a popular practice, but it is against the YouTube community guidelines, which can thus risk your account being blocked. However, when you have relevant YouTube proxies, you become anonymous and automate activities effortlessly.

In conclusion, the YouTube algorithm is very effective in detecting automation activities. When you use proxies, your YouTube operation becomes undetected.

Best YouTube Proxies for YouTube Automation

Therefore, if you want to automate your YouTube channel, you need the best YouTube proxies. While datacenter proxies work, we recommend residential proxies as the best option to evade repetitive capture and detection. So, our list of best YouTube proxies for automation is all residential proxies.

1. Shifter – Best Proxies for Viewing Videos on YouTube

Shifter for Resideential proxies

The Shifter is first on our list for their backconnect residential proxies. They have improved their proxies and offer solutions only for operating large-scale projects. Their highly successful residential proxies make Shifter the best option for automating YouTube views. They also offer unlimited bandwidth and are compatible with any tool. Purchasing their package, guarantee zero YouTube blockage.

Furthermore, the shifter has many more advanced features like high anonymity, worldwide location coverage, country-based geo-targeting, and changing IP addresses every 5 minutes. Users have full control through the advanced control panel. The good news is that their pricing is based on the ports and is one of the providers on the market with a large IP pool.

2. Bright Data – Best Proxies for YouTube Subscriptions

Bright Data Homepage

Bright Data, previously known as Luminati, has one of the reliable residential proxies among the best service providers. The company sources its IP address worldwide, and we assure you that they have the most extensive location coverage ever.

You can use their proxies to scrap data from any part of the world without restrictions, and when it comes to geo-targeting, these guys go up to the carrier level. This makes Bright Data the best option if you are looking for a YouTube subscription.

The uptime is 99.99% which is extremely stable for streaming, and the fact their proxies are unlimited so that you can perform concurrent tasks. Many YouTubers are using Bright Data due to the highest quality YouTube subscription services and their best scalability. Bright Data has one of the best residential IPs that you can trust. At the same time, it is expensive, that their residential proxies guarantee you stellar YouTube subscription performance.

3. Smartproxy

Smartproxy for youtube proxies

Besides having excellent 24/7 customer services, Smartproxy has reliable custom YouTube proxies. You can rock and slay with YouTube proxies. So, if you are looking for a custom YouTube proxy package with unlimited connections, try Smartproxy packages. Their YouTube proxies are efficient in unblocking YouTube and changing IP location anytime.

Besides the above feature, we rank Smartproxy as the best YouTube proxies provider because of its average speed, 99.99% uptime, and wide location coverage, perfect for geo-targeting. And above all, they also have 30 minutes sticky sessions. If you are under the radar on YouTube, you need YouTube proxies from Smartproxy.

These guys guarantee you the highest quality and flawless anonymity. Since their residential proxies are from real devices, they make you imitate human behavior and avoid blocks. The company offers you access to over 40 million proxy pools with only a single-address gateway. Thus, you can safely generate YouTube subscribers and Scrape data with YouTube proxies. Because of these, their YouTube proxies are somehow expensive but affordable and worth it.

4. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies for Residential proxies

Storm Proxies is the nest YouTube proxy provider. They have the best and most reliable residential proxies. But if you want a YouTube proxy package, we encourage you to go for the residential IPs backconnect rotating proxies.

This is because they not only guarantee you instant access to their reverse backconnect proxies, but packages come with unlimited bandwidth, high anonymity, high-speed performance, premium customer support, and 24 hours money-back guarantee. These proxies are optimized for high performance on YouTube without limits no any hidden charges.

Storm Proxies are perfect for watching YouTube videos and unlocking content. They provide the cheapest residential proxies specialized in unique uses. Storm Proxies has gained popularity for its ability to unblock geo-restricted contents from any part of the world. It is worth trying their package.

5. Soax

SOax Residential Proxy Overview

We cannot end our list without mentioning the Soax company. While Soax specializes in offering mobile and residential proxies, their residential proxy package is reliable and genuine as YouTube proxies. They have whitelisted IPV4 addresses sourced worldwide except in Texas in the US. Overall, they have over 8.5 million IP addresses and maintain a 99.99 % network uptime with the ultra-fast response time perfect for YouTube.

Hold on, their residential proxies are 100% compliant and thus safe to use as YouTube proxies. If you want to go anonymous and evade all YouTube blocks and restrictions, try residential proxies from Soax. They are also good for scraping data, and pricing is affordable but charged per port.

Selecting Soax, you will have limitless YouTube p[roxy access good for YouTube marketing and automation such as data collection, add verification, market research, and speed test. The proxies are fully compatible with most YouTube software, and you can run unlimited concurrent tasks with thousands of IPs. You can easily add the geo-filters from their proxy dashboard. Lastly, they have 24/7 customer support and an excellent rating on Trustpilot.

6. ProxyRack

ProxyRack Residential Proxies

The last option among the best YouTube proxies for automation is ProxyRack. They have residential proxies packages for businesses and even individuals. So, if you go for residential proxies, you can select from private unmetered, unmetered, and premium residential options.

The best and most reliable option for YouTube automation is premium residential proxies. These proxies have recorded the highest success rate and geo-targeting to unlock restricted YouTube content. Users can also select from the sticky and rotating ports option, in which, in all cases, you are guaranteed over 5 million unique monthly IP addresses.

We rank them as reliable YouTube proxies with their compatibility with UDP, socks, and HTTPS protocols. These proxies are simple, fast, and easy to authenticate. As long as you can select IPs from over 140 countries, you can narrow it down to the ISP provider level, making it a reliable option for YouTube automation.

Above all, ProxyRack has top-notch customer support, an excellent Trustpilot rating, and a refund policy when you are not satisfied with their services.

Why do We Recommend Residential Proxies for YouTube?

YouTube is a social media platform, and thus, you can carry out multiple different tasks. Therefore, we highly recommend residential proxies based on the particular use case. Here is why we prefer residential:

Datacenter works well, but they are easily detected since they are ineffective in handling captchas. Therefore, only use datacenter proxies for the basic tasks such as unblocking content and advanced and rugged activities like automation; residential wins it all with stellar speed.

Therefore, use residential proxies to evade IP blocks and captchas, then take your YouTube automation to the next level. Talking of automation on YouTube, this encompasses generating subscriptions, comments, or followers on your channel. This means you can create multiple accounts and generate subscribers to your channel.

Thus, residential proxies are effective for this case. There are multiple captchas to be bypassed while captchas do not consume a lot of your bandwidth; for economic reasons, you can go for the provider that guarantees unlimited bandwidth.


YouTube automation is excellent for marketing. However, it risks your reputation and account as well. Although you can use a bot and see sizeable growth, YouTube proxies guarantee anonymity, automation, and fast speed without detection.

Therefore, before selecting a YouTube proxy provider, you need to be careful and carry out meticulous research. The above recommendation was specifically made to help you narrow down your choices. These providers guarantee you safety and an amazing experience at an affordable price.

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