How to Set Up Proxies with ClonBrowser (Configuration Tutorial)

ClonBrowser is a powerful browser automation tool that allows you to scale repetitive web tasks. Integrating reliable proxies takes your ClonBrowser usage to the next level for privacy, security and expanded access.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk through configuring various proxy services with ClonBrowser on both Windows and macOS.

Introduction to ClonBrowser

ClonBrowser is an anti-detect browser designed for automating any logic that can be defined programmatically. Some key features include:

  • Browser automation for clicking, scrolling, form-filling etc.
  • Parallel execution for running hundreds of browser instances
  • Customizable profiles and fingerprints
  • Built-in proxies, cookies, headers etc.

With ClonBrowser, you can easily build bots for repetitive tasks like price checking, data extraction, account creation and more.

The key benefit of using proxies with ClonBrowser is that you can automate securely and avoid blocks. Proxies allow you to:

  • Hide your real IP address and remain anonymous
  • Circumvent geographic restrictions to access more content
  • Prevent IP blocks by rotating different proxy IPs
  • Scale your automation with additional IPs

In this guide, we will use both datacenter and residential proxies from leading providers:

Integrating these proxies into ClonBrowser is straightforward on both Windows and macOS.

Step-by-Step Proxy Setup on Windows

Here is the full step-by-step process for installing ClonBrowser on Windows and integrating various proxies:

Install ClonBrowser on Windows

First, download the latest ClonBrowser installer for Windows from the official website.

Run the .exe installer file and follow the setup wizard prompts to install ClonBrowser on your Windows machine.

Once installed, launch ClonBrowser.

Create New Browser Profile

When you first open ClonBrowser, it will ask you to create a new browser profile containing your settings.

Click on “New Profile” and give your profile a name. Make sure to enable “Expert mode” to access advanced proxy configuration.

Add Proxy Settings

Navigate to the “Proxy” tab in your new profile to add proxy details.

For BrightData residential proxies, use:

  • Protocol: HTTP, SOCKS5
  • IP:
  • Port: 7777

For Smartproxy datacenter proxies, use:

  • Protocol: HTTP, SOCKS5
  • IP:
  • Port: 7000

For Proxy Seller residential proxies, use:

  • Protocol: HTTP, SOCKS5
  • IP:
  • Port: 7777

For Soax rotating proxies, use:

  • Protocol: HTTP, SOCKS5
  • IP:
  • Port: 4444

Enter your proxy provider username and password on the right for authentication:

Test Proxies

It's important to test each integrated proxy before proceeding further.

Visit any IP checking site like IPLocation and confirm your new public IP matches the proxy provider range.

You can also verify the geolocation change to ensure your proxy is working correctly.

Troubleshoot Proxy Errors

Some common proxy errors and fixes include:

  • Authentication Failure – Double check your proxy provider username and password credentials entered in ClonBrowser.
  • Connection Timeouts – The proxy may be blocked or banned. Try rotating to a new IP.
  • Incorrect Port or Protocol – Use the correct port and protocol (HTTP/SOCKS5) recommended by your proxy provider.
  • Blocked IP Ranges – The website may be blocking the proxy's IP range. Rotate to new IPs or use residential proxies which are harder to detect.

If issues persist, contact your proxy provider's customer support for troubleshooting assistance.

Step-by-Step Proxy Setup on macOS

The process for integrating proxies with ClonBrowser on macOS is very similar:

Install ClonBrowser on macOS

Download the latest ClonBrowser .dmg installer for macOS from their official website.

Double click to mount the disk image and drag the ClonBrowser icon into your Applications folder.

Launch ClonBrowser from Spotlight search or Finder.

Create New Browser Profile

As before, click “New Profile” on first opening ClonBrowser and enable expert mode. Give your profile a descriptive name.

Add Proxy Settings

Go to the “Proxy” tab and enter your proxy details. Use the IPs, ports, protocols and credentials recommended above for BrightData, Smartproxy, ProxySeller and Soax.

Test Proxies

Carefully test each added proxy by checking your new public IP and location to confirm functionality.

Troubleshoot Errors

Debug and fix any proxy errors like connection issues or blockages by rechecking settings or rotating IPs.

Best Practices for Proxy Management

To get the most out of your proxies with ClonBrowser, follow these optimization best practices:

  • Monitor Performance – Use proxy analytics tools to track metrics like uptime, latency, bandwidth etc. Rotate underperforming IPs.
  • Rotate IPs – Switch IPs appropriately to evenly distribute requests and avoid targeted blocks.
  • Use Proxy Types Strategically – Leverage datacenter proxies for stability and residential proxies when steath is required.
  • Automate Proxy Handling – Use proxy manager tools like Stickycat to automatically rotate IPs based on rules.
  • Leverage Debugging Tools – Use packet capture tools like Fiddler to identify connection issues.
  • Check Provider Reputation – Proxy quality varies hugely between providers. Vet vendors thoroughly.
  • Tune Request Volumes – Send requests commensurate with your proxy plan limits to avoid bandwidth issues.
  • Implement Proxy Chains – Chain multiple proxies using custom curl commands for anonymity.

By proactively optimizing your proxy usage, you can maximize the scale and stability of your ClonBrowser automation.

Common Use Cases for ClonBrowser Proxies

Here are some common use cases where using proxies with ClonBrowser is highly beneficial:

  • Web Scraping – Scrape data while avoiding blocks by rotating proxy IPs.
  • Competitor Price Monitoring – Monitor pricing across regions by switching locations via proxies.
  • Social Media Automation – Automate following, commenting etc. across proxy IPs to avoid bans.
  • Ad Verification – Verify ad displays and clicks from different geographic vantage points.
  • Brand Monitoring – Monitor brand mentions across regions by routing traffic through location-specific proxies.
  • Sneaker Botting – Cop limited release sneakers by running ClonBrowser tasks across multiple proxy IPs.
  • Retail Automation – Automate bulk purchases from retail sites by distributing requests across many proxies.
  • Testing Access Restrictions – Check region-specific app/website access by switching locations via proxies.
  • Scraping Blocked Sites – Use residential proxies to bypass scrapers blocks on sites like Craigslist.

Final Thoughts

Configuring reliable, high-performance proxies is crucial for elevating your web automation capabilities with ClonBrowser while remaining secure and avoiding bans. We hope this guide gives you a complete overview of integrating top proxies with the powerful ClonBrowser tool for your automation needs. Configure your proxies now to start scraping smarter.

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