How to Set Up Proxies with Dolphin Anty (Configuration Tutorial)

Web scraping and data extraction tools like Dolphin Anty rely on proxies to avoid getting blocked when accessing target websites. Proxies act as an intermediary and mask the original IP address of your requests.

In this comprehensive tutorial, we will cover how to setup and integrate proxy services with Dolphin Anty on the 3 major operating systems: Windows, macOS, and Linux. We will demonstrate using 4 popular proxy providers: Smartproxy, BrightData, Proxy Seller, and Soax.

Overview of Proxy Providers


Smartproxy provides a diverse blend of global residential IPs, boasting a collection of over 55 million IPs worldwide.

Key Features:

  • Global residential proxy network spanning 195+ locations
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans
  • 40Gbps network capacity with 99.99% uptime
  • Ideal for accessing region-restricted content


BrightData furnishes over 72 million rotating residential IPs ideal for automation tasks through Dolphin Anty.

Key Features:

  • Backconnect rotating proxies around the world regions
  • Easily automate proxy rotation with Puppeteer, Selenium etc.
  • No IP leak guarantees with their proprietary network
  • 29ms average connection speed

Proxy Seller

Proxy Seller grants access to over 15 million residential IPs spanning 220+ countries.

Key Features:

  • Large pool of 15M+ residential IPs
  • Proxies available across 220+ countries
  • 1Gbps network capacity
  • Key regions include US, Canada, UK, Australia etc.


Soax provides affordable access to over 8.5 million residential and mobile IPs

Key Features:

  • Global proxy network across 8.5+ million IPs
  • Unlimited bandwidth with authentication via API token
  • Excellent 99.9% uptime SLA

Here are step-by-step guides for configuring proxies with Dolphin Anty on Windows, macOS, and Linux:

Configuring Proxies with Dolphin Anty on Windows

Let's start with setting up proxies on Windows:

  1. Download and install the latest version of Dolphin Anty for Windows from the official website.
  2. Sign up for accounts with our 4 proxy providers to get access credentials. Most will provide an API key or username/password.
  3. In Dolphin Anty, go to Settings > Proxy Authentication and configure your credential for each proxy provider. Make sure the settings match what you were provided.
  4. Under Proxy Sources in Settings, add Smartproxy, BrightData, Proxy Seller, and Soax as sources. Enter required info like your API key.
  5. Test a few proxies from each source to validate they work correctly in Dolphin Anty. The proxies should now appear under your sources.
  6. Enable proxy rotation in Settings. This will automatically cycle through proxies to avoid detections.
  7. In your Dolphin Anty scraper, set it to use Proxy Sources for requests instead of direct connection. It will now use proxies.
  8. Set up proxy tester to check for bans, latency, failures. Tune your scrapers with this data.
  9. Consult the Dolphin Anty docs for more tips on optimizing proxy usage to avoid blocks.

Configuring Proxies with Dolphin Anty on macOS

The process is nearly identical on macOS:

  1. Download latest Dolphin Anty for macOS from the website.
  2. Sign up for our proxy providers and get credentials.
  3. In Dolphin Anty > Preferences/Settings, configure authentication for each proxy provider.
  4. Add Smartproxy, BrightData, Proxy Seller, and Soax as sources with your credentials.
  5. Test proxies from each source to ensure connectivity.
  6. Turn on proxy rotation in Settings to automatically cycle IPs.
  7. Update your Dolphin Anty scrapers to use Proxy Sources instead of direct.
  8. Use proxy tester to catch failures and bans. Tune as needed.
  9. Check Dolphin Anty docs for more macOS proxy usage tips.

Configuring Proxies with Dolphin Anty on Linux

The steps for Linux are also very similar:

  1. Download and install Dolphin Anty on your Linux distribution.
  2. Sign up for our 4 proxy services and get access credentials.
  3. In Dolphin Anty settings, configure authentication settings for each proxy provider.
  4. Add Smartproxy, BrightData, Proxy Seller, and Soax as proxy sources with your keys.
  5. Validate proxy connectivity by testing a few IPs from each source.
  6. Enable proxy rotation in Dolphin Anty settings for automatic cycling.
  7. Update your Dolphin Anty scrapers to use Proxy Sources instead of direct.
  8. Use the proxy tester to monitor performance and bans.
  9. Check Dolphin Anty Linux docs for more tips on optimal proxy integration.

Optimizing Proxies for Maximum Impact

To maximize the power of proxies with Dolphin Anty, keep these optimization tips in mind:

  • Set up auto-restart profiles frequently to cycle through IPs faster
  • Use providers with guaranteed backconnect IP rotation for best results
  • Limit the number of concurrent proxy profiles for optimal performance
  • Allocate country-specific residential proxies to profiles for geo-targeting needs
  • Clear cookies and cache to force IP rotation if proxies stop working

Troubleshooting Common Proxy Integration Issues

Unable to detect proxy

  • Double check credentials entered are correct
  • Confirm host and port match provider's docs
  • Try toggling the proxy type to SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS

Proxies functional but IP not changing

  • Enable auto profile restart feature in Dolphin Anty
  • Clear cookies and cache manually
  • Use providers offering true rotating residential proxies

Browser performance slow when using proxies

  • Try residential proxies instead of datacenter
  • Limit number of concurrent proxy profiles
  • Upgrade to higher bandwidth proxy plan

Getting proxy IP banned error on site

  • Rotate proxy IP by restarting browser or profile
  • Report banned IP to provider and request fresh allocation

Unsure which proxy location to use

  • Refer provider's guidelines on optimal proxy locations
  • Run your own tests with different locations

Final Thoughts

This concludes our ultimate guide to integrating top proxy providers natively within Dolphin Anty for enhanced automation capabilities.

The step-by-step instructions provided specifically for Windows, macOS and Linux will help you:

  • Configure and optimize residential and datacenter proxies tailored to your needs
  • Associate country-specific IPs to Dolphin Anty profiles
  • Automate regional account management across borders
  • Resolve any proxy integration issues quickly

With Dolphin Anty's powerful automation engine boosted by the anonymity of proxy networks, you can scale your web activities to new heights without restrictions.

We hope this detailed, platform-specific tutorial helps you maximize your multi-account automation potential. Let us know if you have any other questions!

John Rooney

John Rooney

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