Icedout Proxies Review (Shut Down!) has permanently shut down its service.

The website currently is not loading or accessible, and the company's social media pages and communication channels have had no new updates for over a year. There has been no official announcement posted about the status of the company, but the long period of inactivity and website downtime signals that is no longer operating.

The user base of Icedoutproxies is not as large as the other premium services and there are very few customers that know about it. It does not mean that the service is not up to the mark or does not provide the proxies that work. It is, in fact, one of the best and state of the art proxy services out there and it is all because they provide quality. The other best thing about this service is the fact that it allows the users to get the residential proxies that work under any circumstances. This is because the pool of the IP that they provide is updated regularly and therefore none of their proxies are bad or broken.

Why do you need Icedoutproxies?

There are many reasons for which the proxy service has been regarded as the best. This part of the review will deal with all the pros of the proxy and it will also let you know why you need Icedoutproxies to get your business or personal project to the next level.


It is a service that specializes in sneaker websites. These sites are notorious to be geo-restricted as the offers that these websites present to their customers are strictly geo-based. Using the residential proxies of this service it is easy to get the best price on the sneaker websites and you can save yourself a bunch of cash. This can be used to purchase other items. The coping is the other specialization of the Icedoutproxies. The Discord servers are another important aspect for which the service can be used. This is one of the best services that have left a mark on the industry and the credit goes to the professionals that back it.

Limited Customer Base

This is another important aspect that makes this service worth giving a shot. A large customer base makes a company too busy and there is a chance that some queries are not answered professionally. This is not the case when the customer base is limited. Icedoutproxies have only 11,000 customers so it means that the queries that you forward are not only answered promptly but they are correct resolutions. The other important aspect is that the limited customer base shows that a large portion is tech-savvy. It also means that the issues are resolved by the customers on their own.

Residential Proxies

This is another pro of this company and for which it is used by many. The residential proxies of Icedoutproxies get more active when there is a sneaker launch season. 110,000 proxies are provided by the company and the best part is that all belong to the US. It also means that the sneaker sites will never be able to detect the proxies at all and there is nothing illegal about it. You will get the proxies that will never get you blacklisted at all. It is, in fact, a service that relies on its quality and it has always provided its customers with it.

Tech Aspects

The technicalities that are involved with the Icedoutproxies are also one of the best and have raised the standards. The rotating IP service is provided by the users and there are almost 1.1 million IPs in their pol which makes it one of the services that have a decent amount. The authentication type is IP only and this means that there is no need for username and password to get the work done. There is no SOCKET or SOCKET5 support but instead, it supports HTTP and HTTPS which are relatively advanced protocols. There is no geo-targeting as the company only provides the US-based proxies.

Customer Service

It is another important aspect that makes this service one of the best. As the user base is not as large as the other service providers so the ways to contact the company have just been limited to email only. This also means that you get the best and the state of the art outcome with perfection. The emails that you write to the company are not only timely answered but you get all the support that you can expect. As the main focus is sneaker sites so all the related support is also provided with perfection. It is one of the best services that make sure that sneaker purchasing is not an issue at all. The great customer service can be regarded as the backbone of the company kudos to the professionals that get it run smoothly.

Proven Results

The protocol that has been used by Icedoutproxies is IPv4 and this is something that has proven its worth time and again. The company has proven to be the best in the business as it has all the residential proxies that fully support at least ipv4 or later protocol. This is for the same reason that the work that has been done with the Icedoutproxies is up to the mark and the customers have rated it high. It is also one of the best services which have minimal to no errors. It also makes it possible for the users to get the hassle-free connection to the sites that they want and the results are 100%. With the proven results it is a company that is highly regarded in the industry despite its low customer base.

Data Center Proxies

To get the best out of the services it must provide the proxies of every kind. For Icedoutproxies proxies it is the same case as the company also provides the data center proxies for you to work on. The best part is that the data center proxies work as good as the residential one though this is highly unlikely. The independent testing that has been done in this regard also shows that the proxies are state of the art and get the best speed as well. With this service at hand, you will get the best data center proxies that work.

Affordable Plans

This is another important aspect that makes Icedoutproxies as one of the best services of all time. The best part is that the plans are affordable as they want to expand their customer base. On the other hand, they also want to retain their customers. This is a feature that is regarded by users. As compared to the other premium services the packages that are offered by Icedoutproxies are affordable. If you are a startup then you must save your cash. Icedoutproxies will make sure that you get the best rates that will save your cash. Take a look at their 7 plans and you will get to know that the proxy service is one of the best and get you the highly competitive rates.

USA and UK Location

Two main locations are provided by Icedoutproxies and these are the USA and UK. This also means that you get the options if you have to choose any location other than the USA. The exact location of the IP is not available at all. This also means that the data centers are also very anonymous and there is no trace of it. This shows that the company provides the services that are highly anon and no one would ever be able to get to your location at all. This service is good for the users that want to have an EU location i.e. a location that is other than the USA.

Highly Experienced

Icedoutproxies are one of the oldest proxy services on the internet and this makes them highly experienced. The professionals that back the service are the ones that are experts in the field of data scraping and therefore they know their business. It is the experience that has been regarded as the best and therefore it means a lot to the users that want a service that knows how to satisfy the customers. The experience can also be judged by the fact that the knowledge has also been transferred to the customer service. Once you interact with them you will get to know that they never answer you randomly. They analyze the issue and give a reply that resolves your issue. There is no shortcut to experience and Icedoutproxies has proven it with their exceptional services. They have put their experience in making of this company and also making sure that the best outcome is generated for the users.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Don’t worry about the bandwidth if you are using the Icedoutproxies. It is one of the best traits of the company for which it has been known. You don’t need to worry about the data limit when it comes to this service. Apart from the unlimited bandwidth, it is important to note that the service never deteriorates. Unlimited bandwidth is one of the advantages that other companies do not provide. Unlike the other premium services that get your connection blocked once the bandwidth has been consumed. With Icedoutproxies this is not the case at all. It will also make sure that you get the peace of mind that you are running an unlimited service. This is one of the features that the customers look for and they prefer such proxy service as well.

Dedicated Discord Support

This is also something that has made Icedoutproxies as one of the companies that have taken the concept to new levels. It also means that the dedicated support for discord is provided to the gaming industry itself. There are many issues that discord players can get into while using the proxy servers and for the same reason, Icedoutproxies have made sure that the dedicated support is provided to all such players. The fact of the matter is that the company has made a completely different page for this to get the process done. The other good thing is that the dedicated support has been centralized and there are forums for issues. At any given time there are experts on every issue online and they answer your queries very well to ensure that you never feel deserted.

Multiple Authentication Methods

It is also important that you get multiple authentication methods with the service. It will make sure that you get the best and state of the art outcome with perfection. It will also ensure that the choices increase that will ultimately lead to capture the large user base. It is because some people like authentication through the username, password and some like to get the IP whitelisted. This dual authentication method will make sure that you get the best and the state of the art outcome with perfection. It also means that the authentication is not a difficult issue for any of the users. There is another option to refresh the proxies once a month and this also means that you never have to overuse the unlimited bandwidth that has been provided. If this happens you need to wait for an entire billing cycle just to get the proxies refreshed.

A Fast Growing Company

This is something that has been regarded as one of the best things about this service. It is a fast-growing company and it makes sure that the best services are provided to the users. The best part is that the customer base is growing slowly but steadily and it makes this company’s future too bright. There are thousands of customers that have expressed their love for the service by rating them high. It is all because the company provides them with quality and also allows them to get the best proxies that are not available elsewhere. From great customer support to the best proxy plans that they offer even the sky is not the limit for this company. It is a highly wanted company and you would love to get the services that speak for themselves.

How to Configure Proxy on Discord?

It is a known fact that the proxies cannot be used directly on Discord. But there is a way out and you can make sure that the proxies are used to get the server up and running. To get the better idea of it below is the process that you can apply to make sure that the proxies are configured and you get to use the servers with ease.

The first thing that you need to realize is that the discord program is not started immediately as the icon is clicked. There is an update that is performed. The update.exe file is, first of all, is to be configured. The Discord update file is written in C and it uses the .config file to configure the proxy server. The XML code that is to be written is as follows.

You need to write this code on the notepad and then save it as Update.exe.config and save it in the same place where the original update file is located.

The Discord server, on the other hand, is written in electron and the command line of any browser can be used to make sure that the proxies are configured. Especially for chrome, the command line works too well.

You then need to decompile the source code of the update file and add the startup parameters that are supported by the Discord.exe file. It will make sure that proxies are configured flawlessly. The above process is a bit technical for the nontech users and therefore it is advised to go for the support in case you miss out on anything.

Configuring Proxy on Safari

It is also an important browser that comes with the Mac OS but it is also used by many windows users as well. The Icedoutproxies can be used with this browser to make sure that the best and the state of the art outcome is generated. It is a fast, simple and reliable browser to get the work done. The process and the related steps are also easy and it makes sure that you get the best outcome and use the Icedoutproxies with the browser with ease.

  1. Once the Safari has been launched you need to click on preferences.
  2. Click on the advance tab at the top of the preferences window.
  3. There is a tab of proxies’ entry and there you need to make sure that the change settings button is clicked.
  4. Select the automatic proxy configuration and then click on select a proxy server to configure pane.
  5. The URL that is provided by the Icedoutproxies is then to be entered and if the support has provided you with a Pac file you need to make sure that this is uploaded by clicking the choose file button.
  6. Click “Apply Now” and you are done with the process.

Manual Setup

This is another important aspect of configuring the proxies on Safari and the setup is easy to perform. To make this happen it is advised to follow the steps that are as under.

  1. Once the Safari is launched you need to click preferences.
  2. Click the advance tab at the top of the window.
  3. Click the change settings button that is adjacent to the proxies’ button.
  4. Select the proxy server type that is to be configured.
  5. Enter the URL and choose the authentication method that you wish to apply. It is better to go for the username password authentication rather than any other type to ease up the process.
  6. You need to repeat the steps that are mentioned above to configure the proxy servers one by one. This is also the case if you want to configure multiple proxies at the same time.
  7. Click Apply Now and you are good to go. This also completes the process in full.

Additional Features of Icedoutproxies

  • The average server speed of Icedoutproxies is about 900+ Mbps which makes it one of the top proxy services of all times.
  • The flawless experience of Icedoutproxies is one of their core strengths. The best part is that the IP pool is upgraded regularly to make sure that the IP that is not in use is completely changed and replaced.
  • The servers provide equal efficiency no matter where in the world are you located. It also means that you will get the matchless speeds and the project completion is not a match at all.
  • It is a convenient way to make sure that the proxies are used. It also means that you get the service that is matchless and it allows you to get the best outcome.
  • The locations that are supported by Icedoutproxies are large in number and this also means that you get both EU and USA based proxies to fulfill your needs.
  • It is a proxy service that has all the technicalities which make it one of the best proxies of all time. It easily stands with the proxy services that call themselves as premium.
  • The best part of the company is that it has made progress with time and it also means that over time the service quality will get better.


Icedoutproxies have surely made sure that a fair share in the market is turning out to be in their favor. It is a company that has been regarded as the best and the premium service provider of all time. The use of the service is easy and you can also find a dedicated support section that is related to the Discord server.

If you think that configuring the proxy is not possible with Discord then it is recommended to use Icedoutproxies as it makes this happen for you. From the customer service to the awesome usage policy and unlimited bandwidth, this is service is something that will make it possible for you to get a step ahead of others with ease and perfection. This is a company that will soon become a premium service like the big names that run the business today.

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