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With the rotating service IP that is provided by the company, is one of the best and fastest-growing networks. It is an Israeli company so you don’t have to worry about your safety and security as in the country the companies are not obliged to share customer data with the government.

There are 52 million IPs in their pool which makes them one of the largest companies because they belong to a relatively small country. The authentication methods that are provided by are IP based on the combination of username and password. It is geo-targeting the cities and countries all over the world so the reach is global and they serve the customers from all over the world. Quick Stats

IP PoolOver 52 million residential proxies
IP TypeResidential/ISP/Mobile proxies
Billing TypeBandwidth
PricingStarts at $300 per month for 20GB residential proxy
LocationsOver 50 countries
Proxy ProtocolSupports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols
IP Rotation30 minutes
AuthenticationIP Authentication and Username/Password
Refund PolicyNot supported

  • Extensive IP Pool: Netnut offers over 52 million residential proxies, 1 million ISP proxies, and 250,000 mobile IPs, providing a diverse and extensive IP pool for various use cases.
  • Direct ISP Connectivity: Netnut's direct connectivity to ISPs ensures high speed, low latency, and increased stability compared to traditional P2P networks.
  • Auto-Rotating and Static Proxies: Netnut provides both auto-rotating proxies for dynamic IP usage and static residential proxies for consistent IP addresses.
  • Geo-Targeting: Netnut offers geo-targeting options, allowing users to target specific countries or regions for localized web scraping.
  • Pricing: Netnut's pricing starts at $300 per month for a 20GB plan, which may be considered expensive for some users, especially for personal use.
  • No Refund Policy: Netnut does not offer refunds.

What are the Benefits?

Several benefits would compel you to choose this service as your proxy provider. This is all because the service is reliable and high end and does not compromise on quality. The overall residential IP that they provide is half a million which is not a decent number if we take a look at the other companies on the list. The fact of the matter is that the researchers and data scrapers are also reluctant to buy the services of the company as it is relatively new.

The thing to note here is the fact that the service we are talking about is one of the best on the internet. You will not only find the hoard of proxies that they offer but will also get to know about the services that they offer with regards to the data center IP. This section will let you know why you should choose this company in the first place.

High Speed

Low speed is a problem for which the company can be notorious. This means if the speed is not as good as claimed by the company then with time it will lose its customer base. In terms of proxy service, it means that how long it takes a proxy to get through and receive a request. The company does not use the third party internet connection and therefore it is important to note that the speed is great as compared to many premium service providers.

With this service, you get the best outcome and this is also one of the strongest selling points as well. The pings are minimum and the latency is close to zero. The speed has been testing using the third party tools and the results are awesome. The average ping time is 73ms, the average download speed is 28.49 Mbps, and the upload speed is 11.45 Mbps.

Response Time

The best part of is that they use the DiviNetworks which increases their speed a lot. This also makes this one of the few proxy services that use this kind of technology. The speed that this company provides is state of the art. The use of the DiviNetworks makes sure that the latency rate is low and it is kept that way.

The response time that has been calculated concerning this service is 5.013 it is too good if we take a look at the other services that are on the market. This is a service that does not break any record but this response time has been calculated based on the testing that has been one on top 10 websites and the results are simply awesome. The fast speed of the service also makes it one of the most wanted services of all time.


This is one of the best and the main reasons to choose this service. The best part is that this makes the service reliable and therefore they are preferred. The difference is that the other service providers make sure that the P2P networks are used. This allows them to get the IP from the users directly. The worse part of this is the fact that if the connection is turned off your IP drops out until the user switches back.

This is a form of network that is highly unreliable and therefore not recommended at all. The DiviNetworks, on the other hand, make use of the power of the ISP. These ISPs provide the residential IP to as they know their users as well. The best part is that the service is not user reliant. This also means that you don’t need to get the users to give their IP address.

DiviNetworks are a joint venture of 100 ISPs from all over the world and therefore getting the IP address is not as hard as you can think of. It is for the same reason that the latency rate of is far less as compared to the other premium service providers. This is also because you don’t need the internet connection of the users to work. This makes these networks more stable and highly reliable as compared to other service providers.

Unmatched Session Control

This is another important aspect that is related to the fact that DiviNetworks are used. The best sticky IP and the control that the provides is awesome. The use of the residential proxies is such that you do not need to worry about the session control as it is highly in your favor.

This is also because the ISP directly provides the company with the IP and there is no user interference at all. The best part is that the direct involvement of the ISP also keeps the connection online. The 30-minute session is something that you can enjoy this service and this time can also be changed if you want to.

The other good part is that the IP rotation is something that is in your own hands. You will not need the sticky IP that is rotated on its own. The interval at which you want to change the IP always depends on you. This service is to be used with great caution as if the same address is being used for a long time there is a risk of getting blocked.

Scraping Performance

This is another important aspect that makes this service one of the best to have. The test that has been done about is by using the concurrent sessions that are large in number. It will make sure that scraping performance is fully judged. The result exceeds your expectations and this is all because the provides the best and the state of the art scraping service to all.

The average when the data was scraped from the top 10 websites shows that the average success rate is 77.5 percentage which is good because many smaller companies provide much less success rate.

This is also good and acceptable as there were ping errors, blocks, time out, and server errors. The results are due to the captcha solvers that are the main hurdles but these can easily be solved with the help of the solvers. Once this has been done the results can be far better and the percentage could be much higher. With 300 concurrent connections, this is not a bad percentage at all.

Customer Support

Customer support is just awesome and it is because of the wide range of tools that are integrated to get the work done. The company has no chat support but there is something too similar to this one. Once the account has been created you get the account manager and the Skype chat is available to make sure that you get the answers that you require.

The account managers are too professional to work with and make sure that they get you all the answers that you need. The use is simple and getting to these managers only requires you to create an account. The other option to get to their customer support is via email and they are equally professional and fast on this medium as well. The FAQ page should be explored before you contact the customer support as the most common questions are listed there.

Free Trial

This is another advantage for which the service is known. This is premium proxy services and these services rely on their portfolio rather than a free trial to convince the new users. The is a relatively new player on the market and not many customers know it.

The company to lure more customers has made sure that the free trial of 7 days is offered and this is one of the reasons for which you must go for this company. The good part is that there are no restrictions at all and the free account manager is as powerful as the paid ones. However, once you choose their service and pay for it there is no refund policy at all.

Ease of Use

The clean and minimalistic dashboard makes proxy usage too easy. The account manager that is assigned also fosters the process and this is for the same reason that the service becomes easy to use. This is also something that the current customers will also let you know about. It is too easy to use and therefore it is one of the best services that do not require you to be a tech-savvy person. The dashboard makes sure that you view the used and the remaining bandwidth.

There is a series of tutorials that make sure that you get to know how the proxies can be integrated within the third party software programs. The API integration makes it possible for you to fetch the bandwidth in real-time. This will save your cost as you will get to know how much bandwidth has been consumed.

Summary of Features of

Based on the benefits of the this is important that the features are also extracted. This will make it possible for you to decide to get this service.

  • The company provides the servers and the locations that are huge in number. This allows the customers to gain access to a wide geo location and the content.
  • The credentials that are collected are governed by a policy that is transparent and you get to know which credentials are being collected and how will they be used.
  • The dashboard is the power of and it is one of the best parts of the company. This also makes it easy for you to connect and specify the servers at your ease.
  • The internet speed is not compromised and the proxy connection is fast to ensure that your project gets completed with perfection.
  • The customer service is reliable and makes sure that you get the answers to your questions with ease. The account manager is easy to use and makes it possible for you to get the answers that you require.

How to use

It is important to note that is a service that is easy to use. The dashboard has been explained as under and this has a vital part in the service usage. The stats should also be considered as the company provides the service that is bandwidth-based. The steps in this section will get you through the process.

  1. You need to make an account by visiting the website. It is simple as you just require your email and some other information gets started.
  2. The proxy port will be provided once the account has been registered.
  3. You need to make sure that the proxy port is authenticated. This can be done with the username password only at the moment. The IP authentication is not available but the company is working on it and it will be available soon.
  4. The string that you need to use in this regard is “”.
  5. In case you get the sticky IP the parameters will have to be changed and the string will be changed as well.  The parameters are –s and !a. The “a” is related to the server number and “s” is related to the sticky IP. If there are 10 servers in the USA then the string for the sticky IP will look something as “username!a27:[email protected]:33128”. Once the sticky IP has been changed the IP is also rotated so that the same prefix is not used twice. and Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is an idea that is gaining momentum with time. Companies from all over the world are trying to make their networks as secure as possible. It is something that is important and you must make sure that it is considered before you make a purchase. is one of the best companies that are highly secure and they secure your online traffic as well. There are several reasons and some are mentioned as under:

The Location

The company is located in Israel which means that you don’t need to worry about the data being compromised at all. This is one of the best things that are related to the company. It is also because the country does not require companies such as to share the data with the government at all. This also makes the overall usage easy and you get the peace of mind that your data is not being shared at all. The same applies to the third party. The user’s data is never leaked to the third party that makes this service just awesome.

Perform Sensitive Tasks with Ease

A data breach is one of the worse issues that the companies of today face. This is because of the hackers that ambush the data that is being used. With you are not only safe and secure but you also get added safety and security. Their proxy servers are 99.9% up all the time and secure the traffic that passes through them.

The added layer of safety and security that is added to the traffic flow makes your data secure. The IP servers, on the other hand, are very safe and makes sure that the hackers never get to the original server where the data is located. If you are using the FTP even that is compatible with this service and hence can be used to transfer files securely.

Never Get Blacklisted

It is another important aspect. In case you are a user that is trying to get the data from the other website the chances are that you will be fed with wrong information. This is not the case when it comes to The proxies are DiviNetworks protected and are always up so that the extraction is done easily. To top it the proxies are classified as residential.

The security system of the target website will deem you as a residential user. It also means that you get the data extraction in a way that is easy and less vulnerable. Getting blacklisted is one of the issues that waste your time and efforts. Using the proxies of this company will never let this happen.

Price Plans

Once your 7 days trial is over you need to purchase one of their premium plans. It makes sure that you get the best services that will increase your web presence. There are 2 types of plans that are offered by the company. These are bandwidth-based and request based. Both are mentioned as under for your easy understanding. Please note that all plans are month based.

Custom Plan – It consists of 20GB of data that costs you about $15/GB and the cost is $300. There are no perks included.

Entrepreneur Plan – The price of this plan is $475 per month and it provides you with 50GB bandwidth. The price per GB is $9.5. You also get static residential IP and API access.

Professional Plan – Costs you about $700 with 100GB data. The price per GB is $7 and you get the IP whitelist and dedicated account manager. There is a chrome extension as well.

Professional Plus – This is a 250GB plan and per GB cost would be $5. The monthly cost would be $1,250. The geolocation selection has been included in this plan.

Master Plan – This consists of 1TB of data and price per GB is further reduced to $3.5. There are unlimited connections included and the cost is $3,500.

Master Plus Plan– This consists of 10TB data and for the price you need to contact the customer support. It has all the perks that you can think of.

Request Based Plans

There are request based plans which cost you every month. The prices and the add-ons are mentioned as under for your better understanding. Request based in this regard means that how many requests per month do you plan your website to receive. It for large and corporate clients only.

Plus Plan – It consists of 50M requests and it costs you about $150 per million requests. The monthly price of this plan is $7,500.

Pro Plan – It will cost you about $12,000 per month and 100M requests are included per month. This means that per 1M requests you are paying $125. It has all the add-ons that the plus plan includes.

Enterprise Plan – It consists of 250M requests and the cost is $25,000 per month. It means that per million requests you will pay around $100. It is the most economical plan that is offered by the company.

Conclusion is one of the fastest-growing companies when it comes to proxy services. It is all because you get the best services and the quality is matchless. With this proxy service, you are sure to get the add-ons that no other company provides.

The network is not only safe and secure but it also allows you to get the best possible price as compared to the premium service providers on the internet. It is one of the companies which you can believe will never share your data at all. With the experts that know how to work the future is bright. Though there are some gray areas overall the service is just fine and you will never feel that it is a new company you are interacting with.

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