Proxy-N-VPN, founded in 2012, is trustworthy proxy and VPN service provider, providing online privacy and anonymity for personal use or professional use within a business. Along with high anonymity, their dedicated static IP Proxies are also offered for SEO tools and within social media marketing, which is a plus for businesses looking for a proxy provider. They offer both dedicated and shared proxies to keep their users digital identity masked to deter any fear of hacking and cyber theft.

Proxy-N-Vpn Quick Stats

IP PoolUndisclosed
IP TypeDatacenter Proxies
Billing TypeProxy
PricingStarts at $2.58 for 1 private proxy
IP Replacement30 days
Server LocationsUS and Europe
Proxy ProtocolHTTP/HTTPS
AuthenticationIP Authentication and Username/Password
Refund Policy3 days

  • Fast servers with speeds of more than 1000 Mb/s
  • HTTP/HTTPS protocol compatibility with most internet software
  • Competitive pricing
  • High anonymity, making it difficult for websites to block or ban their proxies
  • Multiple server locations
  • Dual authentication (IP and username) .
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • No live chat feature for customer support
  • Torrenting is not allowed

Proxy-N-VPN is designed to support both HTTP and HTTPS domains, all while providing the user with complete online protection. Users can explore the web, use social media or use classified ads without risking their anonymity. They also provide the user with a protective shield, allowing them to browse the internet and also access some restricted websites and unblock filters.

Users don’t have to worry about long setups or difficult navigation. Proxy-N-VPN says set up takes 5 minutes to 2 hours maximum and many users claim that when using Proxy-N-VPN’s services, navigation is fairly simple. Users also said that it was easy to manage multiple proxies within their members dashboard. Proxy-N-VPN is also a green company, they keep their energy emissions low while still keeping costs affordable for their customers.

Proxy-N-VPN has data centers located in 27 U.S. cities across the country, so most users will be set with what they offer. Along with 27 U.S. cities, they offer UK and France proxies, if users are looking to use their services outside of the U.S.

Network Performance

Proxy-N-VPN proxies and VPNs offer unlimited bandwidth with an advanced control panel, 1000mb/s fast servers, 99% uptime and non-sequential IPs. They also promise secure VPN’s and the fastest server swap and performance, provided by RAID Sata hard drive.

Users don’t have to worry about any down time with their servers. All of their servers run on a minimum of 8GB of RAM, ensuring the user ideal speed and performance. Since hosting a website using a server managed in a data center is no easy task, these factors of Proxy-n-VPN are essential to ensure seamless and fault-free operation.

With hundreds of users of its services for anonymity over the internet, the promised uptime of 99.99% ensures the users protection of their credit card information, browsing activities and history, online data, and messages and downloads.

All of their services are compatible with social networking sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and SEO tools such as Tweet Demon, SEnuke and others.

Pricing and Packages

Proxy-n-VPN offers a variety of packages at prices standard to its competitor proxy providers along with no set up fees. The wide variety of packages allows users to find a package that best fits their needs. They have four main packages, including private proxies, shared proxies, social media proxies and classified ad proxies.

Private proxies are offered at $2.58 a month, which works well for SEO tools and Amazon. Shared proxies are offered for $11.00 a month and work especially well for autonomation software’s. Their social media proxies are priced $2.80 a month and works well for all social media platforms and especially well for Instagram and Snapchat.

Classified ad proxies are listed at $3.00 a month, which works well with Craigslist. They also offer ticketing proxies from $270 and gaming proxies from $15, along with Private VPN (from $6.50) and shared VPN (from $3.50). With these, users should not have an issue finding an affordable package that caters to them.

Proxy-N-VPN allows users to pay for their services using a wide variety of methods, including major credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, 2Checkout, Pyaza and CoinGate. Along with no set up fees as previously mentioned, they offer a 3-day money back guarantee, but other users have run into strings being attached to this so read through the policy thoroughly before being under the impression that it’s a sure thing.


Proxy-N-VPN proxies don’t only provide security in terms of internet gateway, they also protect users when looking at access. The customer themselves are the only ones with access to the proxy account, ensuring that there is no misuse of their proxy servers.

Customer Care

Proxy-N-VPN offers round-the-clock customer support for both technical and executive issues. They use email and ticket-based customer support. While their ticket- based customer support response time could be faster, they do offer 24/7 support. Proxy-N-VPN also promises users that they do not bombard clients with unwanted upsells and there is no “in your face” advertising when using their services.

Overall, Proxy-N-VPN provides users with the best value for their money when looking at the competitors. The company prides themselves on providing maximum online anonymity and their services are compatible with a wide arrange of purposes; personal, social media marketing, classified ads, and many others.

Also, not only do they offer secure proxies, but they offer private and shared VPN services, allowing customers to browse the internet anonymously and to bypass/ unblock content filters.

John Rooney

John Rooney

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