Yourprivateproxy Review: A Reliable Proxy Service

Yourprivateproxy is one of the best and the most reliable services that will make sure that you get the proxies that are state of the art. This is a service that is backed by the people very experienced in the field of data mining and scraping. It is for the same reason that the Yourprivateproxy is not only one of the best services but it also comes up to the expectations of the users.

It also means that you don’t need to get any other service if you are using this service. The best part of the service is that it allows you to get the residential proxies that are simply awesome. This service has been rated high by the users and it is all because it satisfies the needs of the users with perfection.

YourPrivateProxy Quick Stats

IP PoolUndisclosed
IP TypeDatacenter and Residential Proxies
Billing TypeProxy
PricingSart at $5.97 for 1 datacenter proxy
IP Replacement30 days
Server LocationsUSA, Canada and Europe
Proxy ProtocolHTTP/HTTPS, SOCKS5
AuthenticationIP Authentication and Username/Password
Free Trial24 hours

  • Fast connection speed: Yourprivateproxy offers fast connection speeds for its users.
  • Fast proxy delivery: Proxies are delivered quickly, within 5 minutes after purchase.
  • Easy to use: The service is easy to set up and configure.
  • No restrictions: Yourprivateproxy allows access to any file or website without restrictions.
  • Multiple proxy protocols: Yourprivateproxy supports HTTP/HTTPS and SOCKS5 protocols.
  • Limited information: There is limited information available about Yourprivateproxy's IP pool, billing type, IP replacement, refund policy, and free trial.
  • Slow technical support: Some users have reported slow technical support response times.
  • Primarily US-based servers: Most of the server locations are in the United States, which may not be suitable for users who require proxies from other regions.

Yourprivateproxy: Why do you want to have such a Service?

There are several reasons for which Yourprivateproxy is regarded as one of the top services on the internet. There are several reasons for which the service is regarded as one of the best. It also means that you never want to switch to any other service once it has been chosen. This is all because of the easy to navigate the website and the state of the awesome art services. With this service, it is easy for you to use the residential proxies that are awesome.

Easy Proxy Usage

The use of the proxy is easy. From configuration to the usage it is one of the best ways to get your systems up and running. The easy to use proxy services will make sure that you get the smooth services that are perfect. You only need to ensure that the service is not used for anything that is unlawful and this has also been mentioned on their website.

With the best service and the servers that back the Yourprivateproxy, it is one of the services that will make your day. From configuration to the user several videos are uploaded on their website and therefore it will make the process too easy for you to perform. Proxy usage is a technical thing but Yourprivateproxy has made it too easy for the users.

Easy Payments

This is also one of the best parts that make Yourprivateproxy as one of the most desired services. It means that the payment terms are not at all difficult and therefore it is one of the services that are rated high by the users. This is also one of the best payment methods that will get you the best outcome with perfection.

With the easy payment option, you can easily pay for the next plan once the month is off. It is also important to note that there are no long term obligations that the company bounds you in. The payment methods are high in number and therefore you get several ways for the payment clearance. It is one of the best ways to get the best and state of the art services.

Easy Order Placement and Processing

The order placement is easy and so is the order processing. You get to choose the payment method and place the order. Once the order has been placed you are done with the processing. The site of the service is also easy to navigate and you don’t need any assistance in doing so.

To top it all the order processing is fast as soon as the payment has been made you get the proxy list as per the plan that you have chosen. The service has made it too easy for the customers to place orders. There is no 30-minute threshold for service usage. Once the company gets the payment you can start using the proxies within 5 minutes.

Technical Information

The technical information of the company also shows that you get the best proxy services. This also means that you get the services that are state of the art and this is all because of the tech advancements that have been embedded within the network.

The IP types are both residential and data center, the protocols that are supported by the network are HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, the authentication method is based on IP authentication, there are 28 IP locations that the company provides, the speed is awesome, the customer support can be reached both by tickets and live chat, the proxies are compatible with all the sneaker sites as well as social media networks such as Instagram.

The IP placement can also be done on request and the P2P torrenting is not allowed at all. The jurisdiction of the IP is not disclosed so no one knows which city or country you will be connected from.

Coverage that you want

It is something that you have always wanted to have and Yourprivateproxy makes it possible for you to get the awesome coverage. The datacenter proxies that the company provides have a decent coverage area which means that you will get the best outcome. The type of proxies that are provided by the Yourprivateproxy are based in data centers and hence their infrastructure is used.

It also leads us to the fact that the company has been working to improve its coverage. On average the coverage that Yourprivateproxy provides is comparable to any other premium service that is one the market. All of their proxies are US based and the best thing is that all the major locations are covered with perfection. It also means that you get the services that are state of the art and there is never any disruption.

Affordable Plans

Unlike the premium service providers, it is important to note that the plans offered by Yourprivateproxy are affordable. There are no big monthly commitments that are involved with the purchasing and it means that you get the awesome plans. The affordability is also the main selling point of the service and it also means that you get the best outcome.

The best part of Yourprivateproxy is that it is not heavy on your budget. This also means that you get affordable service. This affordability is something that is always made sure by the startups as most of these don’t have resources that the big companies have. For the startups, Yourprivateproxy is a service that will get them through.

The speed that you have wanted

It is one of the best and state of the art things that the proxy service offers you. With Yourprivateproxy you will enjoy the speed that matters. The decent speed gets you the projects done within no time at all. The best part is that the speed is awesome so you don’t have to worry about the completion of the tasks. The tests that are conducted in this regard show that the speed matches to what is claimed by the service.

The only time that is taken is because of the pings and the extra time that is taken for the connectivity. From the response time to connection establishment this service is the best one on the market. Some results that have been drawn in this regard are as follows:

  1. The ping took about 18ms.
  2. The download speed is 46.03 Mbps.
  3. The upload speed is 31.75 Mbps.

Taking into account the stats that are presented above it is clear that the service is not only awesome but gets the work done with perfection. It will never let you down when it comes to the completion of a task as the speed is awesome.

Bandwidth: You get that Unlimited

The service of Yourprivateproxy is sold on per proxy base rather than bandwidth and this gets us to the fact that the bandwidth is unlimited. All the proxy connections of Yourprivateproxy are unlimited and this also means that you don’t have to worry that the bandwidth will be consumed completely. For large organizations where the usage is high, this proxy service will serve the purpose.

However, it does not mean that the bandwidth that you get should get out of control. It is because during the billing cycle you will only be able to get one proxy refreshed. The others will be ruined and will be of no use. You then need to wait for the next billing cycle to make sure that all the proxies are refreshed. The number of threads or the concurrent sessions is limited and it has been done to make sure that the user never exceeds to the extent that the proxies are blocked.

Offers Free Trial

It is one of the best and the most wanted thing by the consumers with regards to the proxy service and Yourprivateproxy makes sure that it happens with perfection. This is another important aspect that makes this service worth giving a shot. The trial is limited but it also means that you test the proxies and get the results to make the decisions.

Without giving up your payment details you can use the proxy service for the 24 hours and in our opinion, it is not only enough time to get to know the features but it also allows you to get the speed and the testing of the proxies examined so that the final decision is made. It is also advised to get full advantage of the free trial that is offered and to test the programs that you want to run on the proxy service. It will make the decision easy for you.

Refund Policy

It is one of the best things that you will enjoy with this service. It also means that apart from the free trial they are also offering a refund policy. The best part is that you get your amount refunded if you are not satisfied and in this case, there are no questions asked. This is the peace of mind that you get with this service that your amount is not wasted at all.

It also means that working with this service is one of the best experiences that you will get. With this service, you get all the perks that the high-end companies provide. The refund policy is awesome and it will also allow you to get the best idea about the service.

If you are not satisfied to get your money back within 3 days. There is a catch though. You will only get a refund if there is a technical issue and there are no refunds offered on the base of compatibility. The company offers a free trial to check the compatibility with the software programs that you are using.

Customer Support that Matters

It is also one of the best and the state of the art aspects of the company. It means that the customer support of the company is not only decent but it also allows you to get the issues resolved within no time at all. There are very few companies that offer such customer support and Yourprivateproxy is one of them.

As compared to the premium services this service is the one that offers the customer services that matter. With the best professionals that know their business it is expected that the company will take the customer services on the next level. From ticket to live chat, this is a company that will make sure that you get all the customer services in an awesome manner and state of the art.

Easy Authentication

It is one of the best things that you will come across with regards to this service. It means that the authentication is easy and straightforward. It also means that you get the service the authentication is easy and multiple options are available.

You can get the login dashboard to make sure that easy authentication is done using the username and password. On the other hand, you can also make sure that the IP of the device is authenticated. It will make sure that you get the best authentication and there is no username password involved. With multiple authentication methods, this service becomes one of the best and most wanted by the users.

How to Configure the Proxy?

This session will make you understand how the proxy can be configured using the IE8 or any other browser. It is because the underlying mechanism is the same and there is no change to it at all. The modern UI version is being used to make it possible. This proxy will then be used to point your internet connection to the target website.

The proxy services in the form of VPN connections are easily configured and you will get the best results but manual editing is something that is done in a way that is smart and handy. The good thing is that all the browsers make sure that the same mechanism is followed and this is done with the help of the settings of the browser.

The process that we will be introducing in this section will ensure that you get the proxy configured regardless of the version of IE that is being used. It also means that you get the best and the state of the art results that are perfect and in line with your requirements.

Process to Configure

Kindly follow the instructions that are detailed below to make sure that you get the proxies configured. It is also recommended to grab the underlying mechanism that will get your proxies configured on other browsers as well.

  1. Open the Charms Bar by pressing the Windows + C once the windows have been logged in.
  2. Click on the settings on the Charms Bar.
  3. There is a section of change PC settings at the bottom of the Charms Bar, click it.
  4. On the next Window click Network Settings that come on the left side.
  5. Click proxy
  6. Use the slider to turn on Use on the proxy server. This section is known as the Manual Proxy Setup Section.
  7. Enter the address and the port number in the boxes that are dedicated to the same. Use the ports and address that is provided by the Yourprivateproxy.
  8. Below the address field, you need to add the domains that you want to exclude.
  9. Click “save” and close the window and you are done with the settings.

Configuration Using the Control Panel

This is another process that can be used to make sure that you get to configure the proxy. The best thing is that this process can be applied regardless of the browser that is being used. It means that once the process concludes you can use any installed browser to get the work done.

  1. Select-control panel from the menu that appears once you right-click the start button on the bottom left corner.
  2. Search for the Internet on the top right corner by tying it in.
  3. In the results that you see click the Internet Options.
  4. Click on the Connections tab on the applet that appears. It is one the top of the window.
  5. Click on the LAN settings button that is at the bottom.
  6. Check the option of Use Proxy Server for your LAN.
  7. Type the address and the proxy port in the designated areas. These are the ones that are provided by Yourprivateproxy.
  8. If you want the exceptions can also be added and you can also make sure that the proxies for FTP, HTTPS and SOCKS are also configured.
  9. Press OK and the process is finished as you have successfully configured the proxy server.

How to Manually Setup an HTTP Proxy in Firefox on MAC OS

This is another important aspect as a proxy provider cannot ignore a large user base that uses Mac OS. It is one of the most used OS in the world and only second to Windows. The process that you need to follow to configure the proxy is mentioned as under:

  1. Once the Firefox has been opened you need to make sure that the preferences icon is clicked.
  2. Go to Advanced and select the Network Tab and then the Settings.
  3. Select the manual proxy configuration and enter the HTTP proxy server address that has been given by Yourprivateproxy. You also need to check “Use this Proxy Server for all Protocols” and “Do not prompt for authentication if the password is saved”.
  4. Click OK and when you start browsing any of the sites you will be prompted to give the username and password. Give the one that has been provided by Yourprivateproxy. Once authentication is done you will start using the Yourprivateproxy server for browsing.
  5. You can also check to make sure that the IP has been changed to the one that has been provided by the service.

Ease of Use

The proxy configuration is an easy process and therefore it means that once the process has been followed it means that the proxies are configured. The processes that are mentioned above are a sort of universal and it makes sure that you get the proxies configured with perfection. If we take a look at the processes they are not only easy but once followed they are too easy to get the work done.


Yourprivateproxy is one of the best and highly rated proxy services and it is all because of the professionalism of the company. It is highly rated as the customer base has been kept contented by the company and the issues are resolved professionally. It also means that the professionals that back the company are highly skilled in their area of work and make sure that the best outcome is provided to the users.

The easy to go policies is also another thing that lures the customers. These policies have been made just to make sure that the customers are eased and there are no negative reviews. Yourprivateproxy is a name of trust and this is all that has taken this company to new heights. The company is sound and so are the services so it is highly recommended to all.

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