9 Best Adidas Bots in 2023

Are you struggling to get hands-on with the latest Adidas releases from online stores? Try the Adidas bot and checkout sneakers for a profit. If you want to learn more, check out our article.

If you have been raving about getting the latest Adidas sneaker releases, it is time to upgrade your game. Adidas sneakers are on target due to the unique sense of style and hefty price. Because of the enormous demand, people even end up crowding the stores, thus ignoring the distancing rules which have caused the public concern. All this is demand for the newly released Adidas Yeezy sneakers.

With the potential covid-19 penalties, it is worth using other methods to set a hand on the new releases. By 2019, Adidas sneakers' collection and resale value were high and projected to increase by 2025. this means that only flipping the sneakers in the resale market yields a lot of profit at retail price. This indicates high resale value with the potential high p[rofit that most collectible sneakers fetch from the market.

For that matter, sneaker bots are now becoming a nightmare. They are powerful in checking out high-demand Adidas sneakers on a resale date and fetch them in bulk. But Adidas is fighting the use of Adidas bots through virtual queue stem. This makes it hard for any standard bot to succeed.

But the developers are also relenting and coming up with new tactics to evade the checks as well as balances. Thus, there are unique Adidas bots you can use to cop sneakers successfully from the sneaker sites. Let us dive into the list of the best Adidas Yeezy bots. Some are compatible with other sites and for details, let us find out.


9 Best Adidas Yeezy Bots

There are many sneakers bots online, but not all offer reliable services. Since Adidas is leading in fighting the use of bots, there are few which guarantee users a high success rate. Thus only invest in safe and dependable Adidas bots. Let us introduce the 9 best Adidas Yeezy bots on the market.

1. AIO Bot

AIO Bot Review

AIO is an acronym that stands for all in one bot. In this regard, the bot works almost on all sneaker sites. Besides showing effectiveness and consistent results in fetching the latest releases from Adidas, it also delivers on Yeezy and other sneaker sites. AIO stands to be the best Adidas and Yeezy bot on the market.

AIO imitates anything human beings can do on the Adidas and Yeezy platform and even does it better. It is faster than normal humans, and one can multitask up to 100 simultaneous accounts. It means you can cop multiple sneakers at ago.

AIO bot comes with many advanced features such as 6 months of free updates, auto-checkout & retry, as well as an auto-captcha solver, thus making it the best Adidas and Yeezy bot on the market. The bot has been a popular choice since Yeezy joined Adidas to make a Demandware website. However, sich transitioning from Shopify to Demandware brought about challenges.

But still, the AIO bot worked out and is still trending when it comes to copping Yeezy supply. And up to date, the bot has checked out over 61k Yeezy sneakers and other latest releases. Thus, AIO has recorded the highest success rate in the copping industry. The bot is improving the lives of many sneakerheads.

2. Nike Shoe Bot

NSB Bot Overview

Nike Shoe Bot is a unique bot that also confuses the customers. From the name, you might conclude that the bot is meant to cop limited editions from the Nike platforms. The truth be told, this bot does not even support copping from the Nike platform. However, you can use the bot to cop limited editions from Adidas and Yeezy supplies.

This is even though this bot was first launched to offer Nike services. And today, Nike Shoe Bot has upgraded, added new features, and stands out as the best Adidas and Yeezy supply bot. It is a unique bot that you can rely on while copping Adidas sneakers and other sites.

Nike Shoe Bot is simple and easy to set up; thus, even newbies can use it with little challenges. Again, the bot provides the latest information posted on the Yeezy and all the buying guides for beginners.

Nike Shoe Bot has shown a consistent success rate in copping from Yeezy supply and Adidas platform, and thus, it remains one of the top-notch Adidas bots that has been on the market for over 6 years. Developers keep updating the bot regularly and support proxy; thus, it cops anonymously and faster from these platforms.

3. Kodai

Kodai Bot Overview

Kodai bot is the best bot online, which you can use to cop the latest releases from Adidas sites. The bot was introduced back in 2018, and it is still trending in copping from the Adidas Yeezy platform. Thus, it is among the best bots on Adidas and Yeezy and across the whole market. This is the best bot though there are other users with different views. Kodai is a cross-platform bot that supports mac and Windows OS.

Something unique about the Kodai bot is that it is multithreaded. This means that you can carry out multiple tasks and run simultaneous Adidas checkout. Hence, you can fetch numerous pairs of Adidas and Yeezy sneakers at once. When you look at its user interface, the bot is intuitive, straightforward, and friendly to the newbies in the copping game.

And from the history, the bot has checkout over 200k sneakers. And besides working well on copping Yeezy and Adidas, Kodai bot also works well on other footsites and over 100 other stores. Developers update it regularly, supporting proxy usage, essential in adapting to the Adidas and Yeezy platforms changes. Thus, the success of the Kodai bot is superb.

4. Sole AIO

Sole AIO Review


The next best Adidas and Yeezy bot is Sole AIO. This bot is a perfect choice for copping limited-release sneakers from Yeezy, Adidas, and other sneaker sites. Again, it is effective in working well on any custom Shopify site. If you are looking for a blazing fast-speed bot, then Sole AIO is here at your disposal. Besides the speed, it also supports multitasking, increasing the probability of high checking out concurrently.

The bot has been on the market for a long time and kept a long history. But when you want to become a pro in copping from Adidas and other sites, Sole AIO has maintained a high reputation on these sites. You can cop more than the number allowed from the Adidas sites. Something making Sole AIO unique is its regular updates and perfect monitoring ability.

However, the bot only supports windows and, in most cases, is sold out from the platform. But the good news is that you can get it from the secondary market at a rental price. If that is your concern, then choose Sole AIO and keep shining.

5. Velox

Velox Overview

Velox is one of the best Yeezy supplies and the supreme bot on the market currently. Though it sounds new, it is rocking in the sneaker copping game. It has recorded a strong reputation and high success rate on copping Yeezy supplies and supreme sneakers both in the EU and US. with the regular updates; the bot can adapt to the changes from Yeezy supplies and other platforms hence increasing the success rate.

Because of the regular updates, Yeezy supply was added to the sites this bot supports. Historically, the bot was launched in 2018, and for any restock, you can always find them on their Twitter handle. But remember, they quickly sell out due to high demand. This bot has many advanced features that set them apart from other regular Yeezy supplies and supreme bots.

Velox has an analytic page that is perfect for tracking performance. Though the bot holds its reputation from the supreme platform, it works best on the Yeezy supply, where it also consistently shows high success modules held up.

So, if you are a heavy Yeezy supply botter, go for Velox and have it on your rotation. As the best Yeezy supply bot, it operates with the cookieless request as well as captcha sharing, making it a splash passing breeze. It can run multiple Yeezy supply requests to help you check out numerous limited sneakers from the Yeezy.

6. Project Destroyer

Project Destroyer Overview

Project destroyer is a fine-tuned bot designed to destroy every sneaker release.so, if you want a Yeezy sneaker, check out the limited editions on Yeezy supply, Footaction, Eastbay, and other custom sites. Project destroyer supports all these sites. You ought to know that Project destroyer is a powerful Yeezy bot, primarily when operating the unlimited version.

The bots allow you to multitask and simultaneously run over 100 tasks at a go. This way, you have a high chance of copping multiple pairs of limited editions from Yeezy.

Project destroyer also has a waterfall monitor feature to guarantee the best service delivery. Their custom shipping is affordable, and you can even track all activities with the captcha harvesting logic. It also comes with the proxy delay switch and group logins.

The developers also ensure that the bot is regularly updated to conform with all the latest changes on the Yeezy and other sites it supports. This is the time to destroy, and the bot supports over 200 sneaker sites. Among the sites, it also supports sneaker copping from the Adidas platform other than Yeezy supplies.

7. Splashforce

Splashforce Overview

The next best Adidas Yeezy bot on the market is Splashforce. This bot has been around for about 5 years and recorded a high rate of copping sneakers from the Yeezy and other related sneaker sites like Eastbay. It supports many other latest retailers on the market.

Thus, you can use Splashforce to secure limited sneaker editions quickly and faster. This is because it does not only support multitasking but also is compatible with sneaker proxies. This keeps you anonymous and checkout faster and simultaneously. Thus, the bot increases your success rate for the limited pair of sneakers. It is simple to set up the bot.

Splashforce also has restocked monitoring. So, anytime Yeezy or Adidas restocks, it notifies all the users as well as other platforms. They have extra reliable customer support that addresses all your challenges. You can even manage all the tasks on the dashboard to customize the setup.

Its proxy support ensures that you get the best user experience while copping sneakers from Yeezy and Adidas platforms. However, the bot does not support groups or private sales.

8. EasyCop

EasyCop Bot Overview

Another best Yeezy sneaker bot is EasyCop. It is working exceptionally well on multiple sneaker sites. The bot has simple basic features and comes with a friendly interface. Thus is easy to use the bot though pretty pricey on the market. While it is new, it has a promising future since it coped with more than enough Yeezy supplies, enabling us to rank higher. If you are not in the copping game, this is the bot you need to start with.

The bot guarantees you speedy checkout, unlimited tasks, a high success rate, automatic updates, and VIP treatment. A while ago, the bot was working well on Adidas, but today, it seems like it no longer works on this website.buy, it is perfect for Yeezy supplies and dominates other footsite platforms.

9. Adept Bots

Adept Bots Overview

The last best Yeezy Adidas bot for you today on our list is the Adept bot. The bot is perfect at fetching limited editions immediately after they are released. When copping from Adidas and Yeezy, the Adept bot guarantees you speedy checkout and supports proxy.

It comes with many more advanced features like restock mode to notify you when Adidas and Yeezy restock, a captcha solver, and a mobile app for easy task management. Again, with the Adept bot, you can carry out multiple tasks to increase the chances of copping multiple pairs of sneakers.

It is possible to preview the checkouts. Never underrate this bot. It supports many other platforms besides these two. The adept bot is fastest and capable of curating all botting needs.

Why You Need Adidas Yeezy Bots?

When Yeezy releases, the stock was limited but in high demand. The sneakers are sold out within minutes. Many people are struggling to get a pair of Adidas Yeezy sneakers. Thus, Adidas Yeezy bots help you check out the limited sneakers faster than a normal human being can do. Thus, the bots increase the chances of copping new releases even in bulk to resale for a profit.

This is hard when you are doing a manual refresh on your computer, and even before clicking the purchase button, the sites get you blocked because of the high human traffic. Before trying again, the releases would be gone, but with the Adidas Yeezy bot, you can simultaneously check out multiple pairs within a minute, just like other sneakerheads.

Bots are must faster than human beings 1680 times. Yeezy supply maintains a strict one purchase rule per account policy, the cooperation between Adidas Yeezy bot and proxy helps evade such restrictions and avoid pitfalls. Bots refresh the site often, adding pairs to the cart for checkout. Proxies make it hard to get the bot detected or blocked.


Purchasing an Adidas Yeezy sneaker bot does not guarantee the bulk checkouts you want. This is because you compete with other sneakerheads who also use the same bots. No Adidas Yeezy bots guarantee you a 100% success rate due to regular restrictions like virtual queue on Adidas that make it challenging.

However, we guarantee you a high success rate on Adidas and Yeezy supplies with the above bots. They will make sure you get on the queue, add to your cart, and check out the limited editions faster than human beings. Consider having them in your rotation and purchase bulk limited sneaker release to resale for a profit.

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