10 Best AIO Bots in 2023

Do you want to cop limited-edition releases from multiple sneaker stores? On top of your priorities, you must have AIO bots. If not, then you will only be limited to one sneaker store. Please read our article to learn more about the best AIO bots when you want to economize on your budget, time, and effort.

AIO is a synonym that stands for all in one. Thus, as the name suggests, the AIO bot is a bot that sneakerheads can use to cop limited-edition releases from multiple sneaker sites. One can grab numerous pairs of sneakers from different websites like Nike stores, Adidas, etc. There are many AIO bots on the market today. And because of the availability, success rate, and efficiency, some have proven to be more appealing than others.

Therefore, it challenges many sneakerheads to decide on the best AIO bot online. This is where we come in to help you through meticulous research and come up with the 10 best AIO bots on the market.

These bots are not only capable of copping sneakers from multiple sneaker sites but also are effective, affordable, and can check out many pairs of sneakers faster than normal human beings. Thus, our list of the top 10 best AIO bots can cop from Supreme, Adidas, Nike, and Shopify stores.

Also, keep in mind that, since these AIO bots are famous for their efficiency, they are sold out in most cases. Thus, you can get these bots at a resale price or when you are invited once they are restocked.


10 Best AIO Bots

We have these 10 best AIO bots for your protection and warranty. As a result, we conclude that they are effective on multiple sneaker sites. Therefore, grab one and capitalize on it. Let us go into details.

1. AIO Bot – Best Sneaker Bot for Yeezys

AIO Bot Review

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

AIO Bot is one of the significant AIO bots on the market. It is well known for its faster speed while copping sneakers from Yeezys, Jordans, and other sneaker stores. The bot can help you step up the copping game to the next level regardless of the target store. The bot most leverage on assisting the sneaker in enthusiasts add limited editions to the cart and checkout much faster.

It goes beyond getting extra pairs when needed and later reselling them for a good profit. While the limited edition sells in a few minutes, you can grab bulk sneakers more quickly than any human being with the AIO Bot. no need to pay for the resell when you can get this advanced technology tool.

If you check out the proof of success for AIO Bot, the number speaks. It has successfully hyped over 300k limited editions from various platforms. While in other bot crashes, you can count on AIO Bot for any task. This is the reason why it has been popular among sneakerheads since 2016.

Their main point is to help sneaker retailer maximize their profit. Thus, for that duration in the industry, AIO Bot is mainly focused on offering the best automated copping experience to loyal customers. If you want to become successful users, try flipping limited edition releases with this bot. Ditch your job and convert it from a part-time to a full-time reselling business.

Today AIO Bot supports Windows and Mac platforms. They support proxies to keep you anonymous, increase checkout speed, and guarantee updates. Their one-time payment for a license is pretty affordable. This implies that you can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

2. NikeShoeBot – Best Sneaker Bot for Adidas

NSB Bot Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: support

The name Nike Shoe Bot might confuse you easily. While Nike develops it, it does not only get limited to one store. However, it is perfect for copping limited edition sneakers from Adidas, Demandware, Supreme, Footsites, and over 100 Shopify stores. The bot comes with an advanced Shopify queue bypass technique. And it is one of the first bots to launch an in-bot monitor and the knowledge of hooking a task to the monitor using a keyword.

The AIO  bot has been around for a long time, since 2014, and has struggled to maintain a strong reputation. The bot has dominated the market and still dominates many other sneaker sites. They have also released a new version with more advanced features such as regular updates, proxy support, and multithreaded.

It is among the few bots that support windows and mac platforms. We like this AIO bot because it is simple and has a friendly user interface. However, it is much more expensive, but we think it is worth that.

3. Sole AIO – Best Sneaker Bot for Shopify

Sole AIO Overview

  • Platform:  Windows
  • Proxy:  Support

Sole AIO is another best AIO automation bot that can help you get limited-edition releases from multiple sneaker stores. Other than supporting over 50 Shopify sites and other custom websites, Sole AIO is among the few AIO bots than can help you join the raffles on end clothing. The bot has also introduced an advanced twist in the botting game. It can evade queue, which increases the chances of grabbing bulk pairs of sneakers as per your needs.

Sole AIO is super fast and comes with the restock monitor, which guarantees you never miss out on any release from Shopify stores. Interestingly, it supports proxy for anonymity and online security purposes. Thus, the bot stands as one of the top-ranking AIO bots. However, since it is a digital product, they do not have a refund policy. Because of high demand, the bot is always sold out.

4. Cybersole – Best Sneaker Bot for Footsites

Cybersole Overview

  • Platform:  Windows
  • Proxy:  support

Next on our list is Cybersole. This is one of the AIO bots you will look for when you want to cop sneakers from multiple sneaker sites. It supports Footsites and over 250 other websites. And on the market, Cybersole has proven as one of the outstanding AIO bots.

While it comes with the multithreaded feature, it is one of the fastest AIO bots online. Limited bots can only match their speed. One of the adorable features is its mobile application. And this makes its management simple as one can control it from the comfort of your zone.

Cybersole supports proxy and assures you regular updates to increase its success rate in copping limited-edition releases from over 250 sneaker stores. We highly recommend these guys with no second thought.

5. Eve Robotics – Best Industry-Leading Tools

Eve Robotics Overview

  • Platform: Windows 8 and Later
  • Proxy: Support

Eve AIO bot from the Eve Robotic is another successful bot in the past. And today, it has advanced to become one of the leading tools and the best in the industry. It supports a good number of sneaker stores where it has recorded high success rates. While copping Yeezy and Jordan 1 sneakers, the bot has shown high success on size. Though at times it looks inconsistent, it works well often. While it flobs, it comes with a simple user interface, making it a perfect choice for newbies. Eve AIO also allows any sneakerheads to modify and customize the theme. Other than supporting Shopify stores, you can add any custom Shopify website.

Eve AIO is also doing well on restocking, enabling users to get bulk sneakers to resell for profit. The bot gives you several options, even cooking the bot protection. When developers are hardworking and always guarantee you regular updates to evade all the detections. And the new update has brought an improved performance with a good user interface. The bot aims to multiply your sneaker profit within 2 months to ensure that your business grows consistently. Generally, the bot is cheap on the market with a one-time payment and comes with one-month free use.

6. Kodai AIO – Best Trusted Sneaker Bot By Customer

Kodai Bot Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

In online shoe shopping, Kodai AIO is an expert. When it comes to cop limited-edition sneakers, we're in love with this AIO bot. To avoid detection, they constantly monitor which websites are attempting to prevent bots and work on regularly updating to evade such restrictions. Even though other AIO bots have been found and eliminated from sneaker sites, Kodai AIO keeps improving. The bot always ensures that you never strike out on any sneaker release again.

This is an untamable AIO sneaker cooking machine. However, it is only compatible with Windows and guarantees users regular updates and proxy support. The bot is popular for copping limited editions from different sites. It is thus trusted by most of the customers on the market. It is easy and works across the platforms windows and mac, making it convenient for many users. They have proven successful with over 1.75 million successful checkouts.

7. Wrath AIO – Best Sneaker Bot for Supreme

Wrath Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

Wrath AIO is one of the best AIO bots for copping on Supreme and other sneaker platforms. It also ranks among the best bot on the market for many reasons. The Wrath AIO ensures that it maximizes the chances of getting your hands on the limited edition releases or any hyped releases from multiple platforms—these range from major stores like Adidas, Footsite, and Yeezy supply, and over 100 Shopify websites.

Wrath AIO has one of the secure and safe anti-bot protection evasion tools that use advanced technology. Advanced features include analytics, a capture harvester, and a multi-checkout mode. Thus, you can quickly grab numerous pairs of sneakers using this AIO bot without detection.

It also supports proxy and bypassing the Shopify queue has never been an issue. However, due to its perfect success story and proven results, the bot is scarce on the market, and in most cases, you will find it sold out. Never wait again in line before checking out added sneakers.

8. PrismAIO – The Best Easy to Use Sneaker Bot

PrismAIO Overview

  • Platform: Windows and Mac
  • Proxy: Support

Also, on our list of the best AIO bots, we have PrismAIO. It is a reliable bot, sold out in most cases. We will find out why. It is a famous AIO bot on the market due to its clean and straightforward user interface and comes with a modern as well as intuitive design.

Thus, simple and easy to use, even for beginners. But one thing is for sure: it cops limited edition sneakers from multiple sneaker sites. This is because it mimics the behaviors of human beings, which makes it hard for any antibot on the sneaker stores to detect it. But somehow is faster on checkout and supports proxy.

Regular updates with Prism AIO ensure that the users are updated and always ahead of the restrictions. Prism AIO also supports Windows and Mac OS platforms. Thus, most people can use it on their convenient device.

9. Better Nike Bot – The Best Nike Snkrs Bot

BNB all in one Overview

  • Platform: Windows
  • Proxy: Support

Better Nike Bot, always shortened as BNB AIO Bot, is one of the best AIO bots today. This is because the bot has a simple and easy setup process. Also, it supports numerous sneaker sites, including Nike. For that reason, it stands as the best IO bot for Nike sneaker copping.

You can use this bot to register unlimited accounts and carry out multiple tasks. One of the best features of this bot is that they provide 6 months of free updates to keep you posted with every new update on various sites.

Better Nike Bot comes with readily equipped automatic captcha solvers, which efficiently help sneakerheads solve any potential captcha. However, it leaves difficult captchas for you to solve. The bot also has many advanced features that are limited to multithread and cover Supreme keyword finders and CC checkouts, guaranteeing a browserless and superfast process.

However, they do not have a refund policy, and your purchase is final since it is an electronic service. It is also not compatible with Nike stores.

10. Adept Bots – The Fastest All-In-One Bot

Adept Bots Overview

  • Platform: Mobile App
  • Proxy: Support

Last but not least is the Adept AIO bot. This bot is known for its fastest speed while copping limited-edition releases. The pace is in favor of increasing the success rate. You must understand that this is a computer-based bot used for various automation, which speeds up the copping process from multiple sneaker stores.

It also imitates human behaviors so that it can evade detection. The speed puts them ahead of other AIO bots on the market and thus has become popular among sneaker retailers and sneakerheads.

Adept AIO is cheap, but it guarantees you accurate botting and makes sure that it brings your needs to reality. These guys have excellent customer support, and good restock mode. Again, it comes with features such as proxy support, rapid checkout speed, and mobile application. It also supports over 200 sites, including Adidas, Yeezy, and Supreme.

Your phone can still do the magic if you are not around during the sneaker release date. Adept AIO has recorded a robust success rate by helping most of the sneakerheads evade resale prices.


While the AIO bots support multiple sneaker stores,  very few are compatible with Nike stores. Nike is a different sneaker store and has a susceptible anti-bot system set on its site. Thus, if you are interested in copping sneakers from multiple sneaker sites, the AIO bots are the best options for economic reasons. Try any one from the above list based on your needs and distinguishing features. We guarantee you a high success rate in the long run.

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