Top 15 Free Proxy List For Anonymous Browsing in 2023

Are you looking for free proxy list sites online? We have compiled a list of the best free proxies that are easy to use and can work in most cases. Let's check out!

Free proxies sometimes seem like a dream come true but, to some extent, turn into an absolute nightmare. Thus, you have won a jackpot and keep striking the gold when you find a reliable free proxy. They claim that various prospectors online make it hard to find motherloads.

But free proxies are too good when used for web or data scraping. This is because free news works well but gets blocked the more they get used on various sites. But again, premium proxies can also be banned but have limited risks since they are not exposed to the public like free proxies.

The provider has little control over the free proxies, making blacklisting IP addresses easy. Free proxies let you share the IP addresses with other anonymous scrapers which do not care about their proxy viability. They do not even care about the IP rotation, no evading bans.

The apparent advantage of using free proxies is that they are free. Not all free proxies are effective, and this is why we have compiled a list for you on the best free proxy list to keep you anonymous and scrape data online.


Top Free Proxy List 

1. Proxy-List

Proxy-List for Free Proxy Server

Proxy-List is a platform that offers free proxy lists which promise to update them 1O times per day. The standard function they use to sort other free proxies also applies to this company. They have divided their proxies into HTTP(S), SOCKS5 and SOCKS4. These proxies are open for access by the public online.

You can use them to keep you anonymous. The good thing about this company is that you can export their open proxies from the site or database, copy them on the dashboard or save them as text.

They also have a proxy API which you can use to extract these proxies and consume them anytime. The proxies are also effective for scraping data as you only have to copy and paste content and their algorithm extracts for you in IP: Port list. In the database, they have over 1 million proxy servers worldwide. The chrome extension is perfect for web scraping. So, Proxy-List is worth trying out today.

2. Geonode

Geonode for Free Proxy Server

Geonode is a company that is well known for offering free residential proxies on the market. These proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and IPs. For that reason, they also have a premium package besides open proxies. Their proxies work perfectly. Their site provides a list of proxies, locations, and ports for open access, and you can use them for various purposes.

Before using the proxies, you can filter according to the preference or the usage. Geonode has the best in breed user dashboard and real human customer support. You can select a country check on anonymity speed and uptime. They have proxies that support HTTP(S), SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 protocols.

Geonode provides numerous open proxies on its website. Besides texts, you can also export files to JSON  and CSV., displaying information about each proxy. This is a reliable free proxy provider on the market.

3. Free Proxy List

Free Proxy List for Free Proxy Server

Free Proxy Lists is among the best and simplest companies that offer easy yet free proxies online. Their free proxies are checked, and they update them every 10 minutes for maximum efficiency.

The free proxies range from socks, new, US, UK SSL, and anonymous proxies. You can select according to your needs. They have HTTP(S) proxies open for usage, but you must upgrade to a premium package if you need socks.

Otherwise, Free Proxy Lists specifies the country, port, an anonymity option. You can sort the open proxies based on the country, city, and up to the region level. They also indicate the responses and their proxy transfer level.

Luckily enough, they measure their uptime using the percentage aspect. You can download the open proxy list using the App or API. Besides proxies, they have free VPNs on their website.


Spys one for Free Proxy Server is another reliable website that offers an open proxy list with IPs from over  166 countries worldwide. Their free proxy list supports HTTP(S) or SSL, SOCKS5, and live proxy servers. You can sort their proxy server based on the country, ASN, cities, ports, etc. you can also export the proxies as text.

They have an IP checker and perform anonymity text before you use it. The company has elite private proxies, HTTPS. Their HTTP proxies are broken down, and you can sort them into free anonymous proxies as well as transparent. Thus, you can use their site to narrow down the kind of open proxies you are looking for. They also rate each proxy based on latency, uptime, and speed.

As you might expect of an open proxy, each package has high latency but a low speed, with uptime averaging 30%. They also list their free proxies with the check date and time. All the proxies have been checked within 24 hours. However, obscure countries take time to review, and such proxies may be dead.


Free-Proxy for Free Proxy Server, as the name suggests, offers free proxies services on their platform. Since they do not own the proxies, the company does not reveal the source of their open proxies. Their proxies support a large number of countries around the world.

These proxies support all known protocols, be it socks5, socks4, HTTP(s). You can even select the level of anonymity. And when choosing, you can filter based on anonymity and protocols.

Otherwise, they have a list of open proxies on their website that displays the IP address, the port, country, region, and even the city. They currently have over 6156 proxy servers on their database and average speed and uptime. They also indicate their response time and when the proxies were last checked. website is straightforward and displays everything, and is secured.

6. ProxyScrape

ProxyScrape for Free Proxy Server

ProxyScrape is an excellent firm that offers free proxies perfect for scraping data online. They have open HTTP, socks4, and socks5 proxy lists on their website. You can select the type you want and sort based on the country, the level of anonymity, and SSL. They are kept private, and you can only access them upon specifying your need and downloading. Otherwise, they update their proxies often.

You should know about ProxyScrape that they scrape their proxy list from the internet using a proxy scraper. Since they support multiple protocols, it is easy to classify and locate the proxies you need. You can download the proxy list through API access. They also have premium proxy packages for both residential and datacenter.


Hidemy for Free Proxy Server is a company with an online database full of free proxy lists. From the look, you can conclude that it is somehow polished when you compare it with other open proxy companies online. They also promise to check their proxies regularly for ping, connection speed, location, type, uptime, and anonymity level.

However, you must go for a premium plan to export their proxies into IP: Port format, excel, and API access. IN contrast, you can sort their proxies based on the speed, type, and anonymity level. You can also search for a proxy if you have the port number. The proxies support almost 81 countries around the world. Their premium plan comes with more advanced features.


FreepPoxyLists for Free Proxy Server is a simple website and easy to use. They offer proxies that support HTTP(S) protocols. They have a list of the open proxies on their website, which you can select depending on your needs. Like other providers,  you can also sort the proxies based on the protocols, country, and anonymity level.

Their proxies support a good number of countries. We like the company because their proxies have a high speed and uptime, and the response speed is another excellent thing about them.

The list indicates IP address, the port up to even city level or region. However, the site does not allow you to download the proxy lists. Though they update often, they still do not tell us when they update last. Thus, it is a reliable and basic source of free proxy for scrapers. The site also has good customer support when you need help but response time is not fast enough.

9. Proxy Nova

Proxy Nova for Free Proxy Server

Proxy Nova is another website where you can get the open proxy list. They guarantee their clients that these proxies are freshly checked and reliable with average uptime and speed. So, you should keep on refreshing their homepage to get new IPs.

They have large and up-to-date proxy lists online, effectively working and readily available for the public. They check over one million proxy servers daily, and most of them promise that they are tested at least for the last 15 minutes.

This means their proxy list is reliable and free for use. They also say their open proxy servers are compatible with any software, including browsers, where they are often used to hide IP addresses, evade restrictions, and access restricted content.

You can filter their proxies by various attributes such as port, location, and anonymity level. The proxies support all countries around the world. They also have a proxy switcher, perfect for enabling and disabling a proxy.


OpenProxy space for Free Proxy Server is a proxy provider that offers free proxies, slightly different. Their proxies are more of social media usage than other companies online. You can also go online and upload your proxies for others to use them. Thus, it is hard to determine the location of the proxies.

They claim that their proxies are updated regularly, ensuring that they are always fresh. The good news is that you can filter the open proxies and select based on the country.

You can find proxies supporting HTTP(S), socks4, and socks5 protocols. Thus, they are compatible with any browser. You can then use these open proxies for registering multiple social media accounts,  anonymity, and spamming.

However, the company is not responsible for proxy usage. Besides free proxies, they also have premium packages for enhanced and private use. You can go for the elite, transparent, and anonymous in terms of anonymity. They do not display the latency, uptime, and other parameters because they do not manage their proxies.

11. SSL Proxy

SSL Proxy for Free Proxy Server

SSL Proxy is the same as the freeproxylist that has a tagline SSL. These are HTTPS proxies that the company guarantees to regularly check at least every 10 minutes. This seems almost true, but some of the proxies have been checked for the last one hour. Their proxies are sourced from multiple countries around the world.

Like other websites, you can also sort their proxies based on the aspects like country, anonymity, country code, and so many other perimeters. On the list, you can find elite and anonymous proxies. Their proxies also have a google option when sorting. Maybe they originated from google sources, but each is marked ‘No.' They have HTTP and socks proxies, but the package comes on a premium plan.

12. Hide My Ip

Hide My Ip for Free Proxy Server

Hide My Ip is a company that provides anonymity and protection of your identity while surfing online. You should note that this open proxy list is updated daily. The proxies ensure high anonymity and support almost all countries around the world.

They display the IP address and their corresponding port, and the speed. You can sort the proxies based on the country. Otherwise, their proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Besides open proxies, they also have DNS and accountless VPNs on their website. The site is simple and secured.

13. ProxyScan

ProxyScan for Free Proxy Server is a friendly website that offers exclusively free proxies online. When others have tables and restrictions, allows you to scroll down and access different proxies, as you can witness from their homepage. More proxies show up from numerous countries; They have proxies that support HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5. You can find the latest proxies at the top of the list.

They also have a proxy checker, proxy filter, proxy scraper, and API access for downloading the open proxies on their homepage. They also offer rotating mobile proxies. You can select proxies based on various aspects such as country, port number, max ping, proxy type, anonymity, etc.

They promise that all their open proxies are subjected to detailed checks before listing. They control each proxy by parameters etc. The uptime is also another good thing for open proxy. Since the proxies are datacenters, you can expect an anonymous, elite, or transparent level of anonymity. They remove all proxies which do not meet the criteria.

14. Hidester

Hidester for Free Proxy Server

Hidester is a simple website that does not need you to install any software to use its proxies. You can access their proxies on multiple platforms, even on your phone. Other than premium, they have open proxies on their website which are visible to the public.

You can select the IP of your choice with the corresponding port based on the country. They claim that their proxies have been thoroughly tested, real-time updated, and you can export them easily.

They offer simple settings on their website where you can select a country, port type, protocol type, anonymity level, and ping speed, as well as google proxy state.

Otherwise, they have HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS4, and SOCKS5 proxies where anonymity you can select elite, anonymous, or transparent. The site does not require your commitment, like filling a signup form to access the service. It is worth your time and try.

15. Premproxy

Premproxy for Free Proxy Server

Premproxy is our last free proxy list that offers excellent and elite proxies on the market. Elite is a highly anonymous proxies that hide your privacy without revealing your identity. Thus, they have reliable proxy servers. They claim that their free proxy list is updated on an hourly basis. You can sort the proxies based on the IP address, anonymity, last time checked, and country or region.

You can also download or export the proxies in the IP: port format for easy usage. Otherwise, Premproxy displays the proxy IP address and the port number for public use on their homepage. No need to sign up.

However, their open proxies do not show the protocols, which is not an issue today. Other IP addresses also indicate the ISP, city, and country. It is a reliable website, but you can also get premium proxies for extra security and a comprehensive selection list.


1. How to Use the Free Proxy List

Setting up a free proxy using a chrome browser is simple. Follow these steps to set up: successfully

  • Open the Chrome browser and tap on the menu, then choose settings
  • Scroll down to advanced settings and then tap more option
  • Continue until you find the button open proxy setting, then tap it.
  • Go to the manual proxy setting and then enter the port and your free proxy address, and then you are all set.

2. Is a free proxy list safe?

Most of the free proxy list offers volatile proxies that you cannot rely on when performing sensitive tasks like making payment or tasks involving confidential information. They are prone to scam, but you can use free proxies that are still fresh to scrape data online.

3. How to choose the free proxy list?

It would be best to consider multiple things before selecting a free proxy list. However, we have done the task for you, and the above list consists of the best free proxy list that our experts have tested and vetted to be the best and most reliable.


Even though some open proxies frown upon online, they are still those websites that provide free and reliable free proxies. They have only got a bad reputation online due to their slow speed and high detection chances. Still, they are essential in most situations.

If you are scraping data or not carrying out sensitive tasks, ensure that the free proxy lists are reliable. Make a good selection from the above list and enjoy surfing anonymously.

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