8 Best Proxy Server for PS4 Console in 2023

Do you want to set up proxies for your PS4 and enjoy access to geo-targeted gaming websites? Please read our article to know the most reliable proxies and learn how to set them up on your PS4.

PS4 console has an unmatched user experience. You can quickly become addicted and start playing from morning to late hours at night. While you can play online games using your PS4 console, to an extent, you might face some restrictions. The culprit is the IP address of your device.

It would help if you had proxies to unlock the full potential and enjoy the PS4 gaming. Thus, you can circumvent geo-restrictions based on the IP address when using a proxy server. We recommend some of the most efficient, reliable, and cost-effective proxies servers for your PS4 console. Before going into details, look at these benefits of using PS4 proxy servers.


The Benefits of Use PS4 Proxies

Online gamers enjoy many benefits when using proxy servers on their PS4 consoles. Then why proxy servers? Let's look at the individual-based benefits.

Unlock geo-restricted sites 

Unlock geo-restricted sites 

Many gaming sites are only accessible for a specific location around the worldwide country or region is not supported; you will have to use the proxy servers for your PS4 console to play online games from such geo-targeted sites.

Access restricted game sites

Access restricted game sites

Some sites deny you access to their online games due to spamming cases or region restrictions. Still, some schools or workplaces restrict students or employees from accessing online games. This brings in blockage when you try accessing the games. You will have to set up proxy servers on your PS4 console to evade such.

Reduces lag


Playing offline games does not require your attention on frustrating network lags. Lag makes your online gaming experience challenging generally. Thus, it would be best to use a high-speed datacenter proxy to reduce the lag. This guarantees you smooth online gaming.

Hiding IP address

Hiding IP address

When having fun gaming online, you must be aware that there are hackers or scammers online, too, who are likely to harm you when they have little opportunity. You need a proxy server to hide your online identity and game with peace of mind for security purposes.

Best Proxy Servers for PS4

1. Proxy-Seller

ProxySeller Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starting at $1.71 per proxy monthly

Even though not your ordinary proxy provider, Proxy-seller is both IPV4 and IPV6 proxies perfect for online gaming and other services. The proxies come with a stellar speed of 1 Gb/s and multiple subnets. And if you want fast proxies, proxy-seller will undoubtedly get you dedicated IPs with a wide selection.

And if you get any issue setting up these proxies, their experts are available 24/7 to help you solve them as fast as possible. Their socks5 and HTTPS proxies guarantee you high online anonymity and are entirely made for you. Their pricing is based on the proxy type and location, which is generally affordable.

Currently, Proxy-seller supports multiple locations, including the US, UK, Russia, and many more. Thus, when you want a reliable proxy server for PS4, Proxy-seller never goes wrong. They offer an affordable premium package for selection. It allows concurrent operation of up to 100 threads, and they refresh these IPs after every 30 days.

When their private socks5 and HTTPS do not work for the purposes requested, you can still request a refund. However, a refund is only available within 24 hours. But for any technical issue, their experts can help you replace proxies anytime.

2. MyPrivateProxy

MyPrivateProxy Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starting at $2.49 per proxy monthly

Myprivateproxy ranks high when it comes to providing datacenter proxies on the market. One of the aspects of Myprivateproxy is speed, and so, when playing online games, this is the provider you should look for. The Myprivateproxy sources its proxies from reliable and best hardware infrastructure.

This provider has an impressive uptime of 99%, vital for gaming. This is the best proxy provider with the answer and guarantees you unlimited bandwidth with multiple selections. Their IPs are non-sequential. You can select from private, dedicated, or shared proxies.

Myprivateproxy has responsive experts available 24/7 to help you. When you combine their speed and uptime, the quality of their output is incredible. Once you purchase, they activate these proxies instantly.

They also ensure that your security and privacy are on another level. Their pricing varies but is affordable, and a fully automated control panel makes it easy to manage your private proxies.

3. SquidProxies

SquidProxies Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starting at $24/10 proxies per month

SquidProxies is a well-known company for providing private and shared proxies. They have affordable premium proxy packages on their website. To be specific, their private proxies come with reliability, anonymity, and stellar speed. This is because they have a few customer bases.

These private proxies come with unlimited bandwidth and support multiple IP subnets from various cities, non-sequential IPs, and super-fast servers. The proxies are highly anonymous in hiding your IP addresses, 100% compatible with all browsers, and guarantee you access.

SquidProxies has gained the best gaming safety experience for PS4. When you need urgent help, their customer support is available 24/7, and due to their reliability, you can count on them. They also guarantee premium customers 320 days of IP replacement.

The company has servers worldwide and supports multiple payment methods. They deliver within 5 minutes upon payment. And if their private proxies fail to provide complete satisfaction, they also guarantee you a full refund.

4. HighProxies

HighProxies Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starts at $2.30 per month

HighProxies guarantees network stability and high speed, the primary requirement for online gaming. Besides private proxies, they also have social media proxies, classified AD, and shared proxies. They pride themselves on a 1Gb/s speed which matches 99% uptime.

Setting up is simple, and their military-grade 256-bit AES encryption protects data breaching during online gaming. This ensures you have a high level of anonymity. One of the good things about this company is that they provide monthly randomization.

All their packages guarantee you high anonymity and 324/7 customer support. This is one of the cheapest gaming proxy server providers on the market, which supports over 100 concurrent threads. Refreshing their IP addresses after 30 days ensures that no one can detect them. Their location coverage is also suitable for reaching out to multiple cities.

5. SSLPrivateProxy

SSLprivateproxy Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starting at $1.75 per month

SSLPrivateProxy is another company that is concerned about your online traffic privacy. Like other firms, SSLPrivateProxy offers unlimited bandwidth, and users can create up to a maximum of 100 concurrent threads. SSLPrivateProxy has private proxies with dedicated IPs supporting multiple subnets and cities.

They also have monthly randomization making them hard to detect as blocked IPs are replaced every month. The above factors and the fact thatSSLPrivateProxy has excellent uptime make it reliable for unlocking many gaming platforms. It is among the best proxy server provider on the market for PS4 gaming.

SSLPrivateProxy is affordable. They have private and social media proxies, guarantee high anonymity and comprehensive location coverage. Their customer support is available anytime you need help.

6. InstantProxies

Instantproxies Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP
  • Cost: Starting at $10/10 proxies per month

InstantProxies is a company specializing in offering private proxies. These are the best options to look for online gaming. Their proxies are cheap. They even give you a chance to test their proxies before using them only to ensure functionality. Since they are elite private proxies, these guys guarantee you the highest form of anonymity.

They have state of an art network that provides consistently fast responses, making them blazing fast. Their experts constantly monitor the network and promise 99% network uptime. They also have 24/7 live support to help you resolve any problem.

InstantProxies offers private proxies that are 100% compatible with worldwise locations and support multiple subnets. They guarantee you quality. This makes the proxies favorable for online gaming using your PS4. They also have an advanced control panel and come with unlimited bandwidth.

7. Storm Proxies

Storm Proxies Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Cost: Starting from $10 for two proxies monthly

Storm Proxies offers different types of proxies. But when you come to online gaming, their dedicated proxy package is perfect. Their proxies have proxy servers located in the US. Thus, their IPs are based in the United States. We love this provider because their dedicated proxies are faster, and this might be due to their high-performing infrastructure.

You can enjoy the experience of playing online games with fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and multiple subnets. This proxy provider allows up to 100 concurrent threads with multiple IP classes. They also have a 24/7 premium sport. Their private proxies have virgin IP addresses that are effective for PS4 online gaming.

8. BuyProxies

BuyProxies Homepage

  • Proxy Protocol: HTTP(S) + SOCKS5
  • Cost: Starting at $10 /5 proxies monthly

BuyProxies is our last option. It is suitable for providing private proxies for your PS4 online gaming. Their private proxies are of high quality, and they guarantee you excellent reliability and 99% uptime. Thus, it can offer you ample time to enjoy an uninterrupted online gaming experience.

They have the experience of providing high anonymity either using private or shared proxies. They have comprehensive location coverage with the best customer support. They respond urgently and are available 24/7 to serve you. You will get your proxies ready in a few minutes once purchased.

BuyProxies also guarantee customers unlimited bandwidth and supports multiple payment options. Look for their dedicated proxies as a proxy server for you.

How to Set Up a PS4 Proxy Server

YouTube video

Confirm your proxy server by identifying the IP address and proxy server port. Then follow these steps to configure your PS4 with a proxy server.

  • Go to settings on the main screen to get started and select network
  • Click on connect to the internet to set up your network. You can use wifi or LAN cable. Proceed with the custom option or name of your wifi to use. When you enter the password, click done and leave DHCP hot name with the ‘do not specify' setting option. Also, reject the DNS setting and MTU automatic
  • Then, use the proxy server and choose ‘use' to configure the proxy server. Then you will get your IP addresses and port number of your computer and proxy server, respectively. The default port number for windows is 6588, while the mac is 8080. When you are done, tap, ‘next.'
  • Scroll way to the right without changing the setup until prompted with the settings ‘save', then run the ‘test'  as instructed. Your PS4 is now connected to a proxy server.

1. How to test proxy server connection on PS4?

Scroll to the right all the way without making amendments to your connection, and you will be prompted to save your settings and run a test. In the end, the connection will say successful; the PS4 is now ready.

2. What is the Proxy Server Address And Port Number?

The proxy server address is the IP address of the local computer; what you have in your proxy server configuration is what we refer to it as a port. The default proxy server port for Windows is 6588, while macOS is 8080.

3. Can I use a VPN on my PS4?

Besides VPN being more secure than proxies, the fact remains that you cannot set up a VPN in your PS4 since it does not support it. However, you can select the above proxies for maximum security and anonymity.

4. Why is My PS4 Asking for a Proxy Server?

It might ask for a proxy server when it can't identify or find a proper network connection. You can consider resetting your router or modem.


From the above information, proxy servers are vital globally, even for online gaming. They enable online gamers to play games anonymously and unblock geo-targeted gaming sites with PS4 consoles. Follow the above steps to set up the proxy server with your PS4. There are many proxy providers, but the above listing consists of the best roundup. Select the one that meets your requirements and falls within your budget.

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