11 Best Reddit Bots & Tools for Upvotes (2023)

Do you want to take your marketing strategy on Reddit to the next level? Read our article to discover the best Reddit bot on the market and get to success!

Reddit is a front-page social media platform. Marketers and influencers mostly use it. Thus, it consists of many communities touching different topics. Most of the users on Reddit are from the USA. Generally, people share their ideas, participate in voting, discuss and even entertain the community.

Due to that large community and worldwide coverage, most businesses are now using Reddit in promoting their brands. If you want to get more leads, then never miss out on this chance that Reddit presents to you. Because of the time factor and stiff competition, you might need to capitalize on external forces and save your time and effort. This is where you need Reddit bots.

They effectively automate activities, most of which we will cover on our next topic. As long as you can create a Reddit bot, some are not pro in the field. Most tend to go for a premium one. There are many on the market, but few work well. This is why we have decided to spend our precious time and come up with the best Reddit bot to help you get started and enhance your marketing strategy. Read to the end.

What Can Reddit Bot Do?

Upvoting Reddit

A Reddit bot is software that can help you auto-pilot your activities and improve your online presence through commenting, monitoring, and automatic response to the comments. Reddit bots carry out different functionalities, be it complex and simple tasks. The work of the Reddit bot heavily relies on your needs. We have categorized the work of Reddit bots into two, as shown below.

Upvoting posts

This is when you want to create your brand awareness. The bot effectively upvotes your comments and posts on the Reddit account where the name is mentioned. It increases the reach of your brand hence introducing new potential customers. The bots are effective on Reddit to vote, comment, schedule posts, create bulk accounts, and data scraping. These are useful activities that can take you time when doing it manually.

Downvoting opponent

Sometimes, the Reddit bot can be used to downvote your competitor. Through tricks, and seems immoral, but to an extent, it is important. When you downvote your competitor's posts, it automatically ranks lower, and few novices can reach it. Thus, a bot can hide your opponent's opinion and spoil their ads campaign. Sounds funny but is among the few functions of a Reddit bot.

Best Reddit Bots

The list below consists of the highly recommended use on your Reddit account. They are more reliable and cost-effective and eventually will save your time.

1. AppSally

AppSally reddit

  • Offer: Reddit followers, upvotes/downvotes, comments, account, subscribers
  • Cost: Start at $63/100 Reddit upvotes

AppSally is a Reddit bot, and we have vetted it as our best bot because most of the social media marketers use it with their professionals. The bot has active developers, and its marketing team is hand vetted. This implies that their services are reliable since no one wants to offer low-quality tools.

This bot comes with a high-quality feature compatible with the Reddit website. When you use the premium version of this bot, be sure to get upvotes, downvotes, followers—comments, bulk account management, and creation.

They offer authentic Reddit account engagement, which we can rely on as organic followers. It is readily available at an affordable cost to boost your engagement, conversion, adoption and also offers you other services like account optimization, coaching, and graphic designs.

You can even track the growth of your account using a tracking tool on the dashboard. All these high-quality services come with a 15 days warranty. Besides visible packages, you can also request a custom plan from their website.

2. Media Mister


  • Offer: upvotes, subscribers, and followers.
  • Cost:  Starts at $8.0 for 10 upvotes

These guys are perfect at providing Reddit bot and other social media platforms. They can provide you with high-quality upvotes, subscribers, and Reddit followers. Most people need their names to be seen on social media. Thus, the bot offers comprehensive Reddit features.

They have been in business for a long time hence they have relevant experience and expertise to offer a personal touch, targeted services, and excellent customer support. They are also concerned about your online privacy and safety. However, when their services don't live up to satisfy your needs, you as well request a refund.

Though, MediaMister assures high-quality services to help you grow your network. They cover everything under one roof. Using this tool is simple as you only need to enter the details, choose a plan and enter the URL of your Reddit account to complete the payment. They only deliver what you have paid for hence the tiered pricing system based on the engagement you are seeking.

3. GetAFollower


  • Offer: upvotes, subscribers, and followers.
  • Cost: Starts at $8.0 for 10 upvotes

The big deal on Reddit is to get to the front page. There is nothing to worry about when you are with the GetAFollowe bot. They can help you drive traffic to your content or brand with real engagement. Using upvotes, you can increase your posts with considerable votes.

Therefore consider this bot while promoting services, products, and other things to a target audience. They offer upvotes and followers, and subscribers are essential in making your profile stand out from the rest. The bot is compatible with many social media platforms as well.

The bot has become super-popular among users and utilizes advanced technology to promote your post to reach the relevant audience and rank among the search engines. These guys aim at helping marketers save their time, efforts, and money by using their unique features.

If you are new to Reddit but need to gain popularity, this company can root you. They also bring their experience and expertise to the table and target their high-quality services. This is a good option to try out the services.

4. Socinator

Socinator reddit

This is a powerful Reddit bot packed with advanced features on the market. It does not only work on Reddit automation but also other platforms. The features of this bot are second to none in the botting industry. The account manager is a good feature and makes this boot work as a management bot and automation on Reddit, which is wonderful. That is why they claim that it is an all-in-one Reddit bot on their website.

The bot effectively access statistics and reports often performed on Reddit accounts to help you evaluate the marketing strategy. They can also help post your content, schedule the posts, follow/unfollow, in-depth analysis, search and extract targeted users, and get subscribers from the  Reddit community.

You engage yourself using this bot through auto-upvoting or downvoting your competitor. Since it supports proxy, you can use the bot to manage multiple accounts without being detected and enjoy increased security and privacy. They offer a free trial for $1 for five days, but their premium package is affordable. It starts at $9.95 monthly for 10 accounts. Because it is easy to use, we highly recommend it.

5. Followinglike

Followinglike reddit

Followinflike is also another good option. It can offer services as a Reddit bot and a Reddit account manager. The reason for vetting this bot is that it can be used as automation on various platforms other than Reddit. This is because it supports almost all popular sites.

So, when you want a Reddit bot with good features, then try FollowingLike services. The bot offers you the capability of blocking, blacklisting,  and whitelisting users. They also offer a high level of security, high anonymity, and keep your privacy because it supports proxies. Thus you can even use it to manage multiple Reddit accounts simultaneously.

Again, you can use it to auto-pilot content spinning and other relevant tasks. Besides the ready-made, you can also order a custom-made Reddit bot which is cheap for time users but rather expensive for short-term users. The pricing for long-time users is affordable, starting at $106.2 one account lifetime license.

6. ASB Reddit Bot

ASB Reddit Bot reddit

As the name suggests, ASB Reddit Bot is a Reddit bot built by an auto social bot. This tool incorporates the services of Reddit automation. This is all Reddit marketing software. We recommend you try out this bot because it comes with a lot of features optimized for offering Reddit services.

These are unlimited account features enabling users to manage bulk Reddit individual accounts. They come with multi-thread processing speed. The developers update it regularly to fix any issue as requested by the customers. It is a safe bot to use as long as you don't spam too much on Reddit.

Most people find this bot expensive because it is only meant for Reddit accounts but less expensive when compared to other existing automation tools. It is perfect at upvoting, downvoting, scheduling posts, autopiloting following and unfollowing, creating bulk accounts, and keeping you active. Go and try it today at only $39.00.

7. Upvotes Space

Upvotes Space reddit

  • Offer: Upvote, downvote, accounts, wards, comments, and subscribers.
  • Cost: It starts at $5 for 10 upvotes.

Upvotes Space is an online company and number one where you can buy votes for your Reddit accounts. It is the best provider, and these upvotes allow users to get visibility which is a huge boost for driving traffic to your brand. Your post ranks among the top target subreddits when you get more upvotes. From there, you can easily find new clients. Upvotes Space uses a Karma account to get you upvotes to drive the post to the top faster.

It is a valuable Reddit marketing service provider. They are dedicated to sticking your post to the top of other competitors. They have served over 3250 clients, sold over 4k comments, over300k upvotes per month, and 474 accounts. And the customers are happy because the services rely on real users, fast turnaround, and customize their Reddit upvotes speed.

The provider assures you of your privacy and discretion, and in case you have a question, contact them; they will address you within 1 hour. These guys do not want you to get stressed doing these tasks. They can effectively automate these activities. They not only support Reddit but all major social media platforms. They always guarantee satisfaction.

8. Reddit Marketing

Reddit Marketing reddit

  • Offer: accounts, subscribers, upvotes, and downvotes
  • Cost: start at $1.90 for 10 upvotes

Reddit Marketing pro is one of the powerful Reddit bots that effectively carry out all tasks. They offer many services using this bot. From their site, this is a successful Reddit growth tool. They have the best hacking team who works on Reddit marketing and makes your posts go viral. They have been on the market for a long time, thus gaining relevant experience on Reddit growth.

They can help you get more leads, convert them to potential customers and increase your revenue. Their services, like other bots, are based on a high Karma Reddit account. They also generate subscribers and followers to your Reddit account.

The promotion experience of this provider is another level. Besides basic plans, you can also go for an expensive, complex promotion plan costing  $699 per week. Never worry about your budget because their pricing is friendly and affordable.

9. Boost Upvotes

Boost Upvotes reddit

  • Offer: Upvotes, downvotes, and accounts
  • Cost: Stat st $5.99 for 10 Reddit upvotes.

Boost Upvotes is also a good Reddit growth tool that we ought to list.  This bot can automate all activities on your Reddit account that include posting, creating orders, and receiving upvotes. From the orders they have served so far, they have recorded a 5-star rating on the jabber site, which is reliable.

Boost Upvotes has been providing marketing services since 2015 at the lowest cost. They guarantee that their upvotes are from real humans, fast and secure payment and 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

The provider knows their role, and thus they can deliver upvotes and any services within 12 hours. Should you need any support, you can reach them via email address. They have experienced staff who can deliver authentic upvotes.

10. QQ Tube

QQ Tube reddit

  • Offer: Upvotes
  • Cost: Starts at $225 for 1000 upvotes ( 200 per day)

Besides providing youtube services, QQTube bot also offers Reddit services; they specialize in selling upvotes and have over 330 active users.  Since it is one of the largest communities, it has endless streams. Therefore, you need these upvotes to boost your Reddit fame. And among the few providers of the Reddit upvotes is the QQtube Reddit bot. We trust them because, since 2013, they have gathered enough experience to serve you.

QQTube offers one of the most friendly pricing plans on the market.  The bot has a dashboard that can help you have a better overview. However, the minimal number of upvotes you can purchase stands at 10. Make your post count with these QQTube Reddit upvotes. They have 24/7 customer support available to help you. Before buying, you can also try out their services first since they offer a free rail.

11. Socioblend

Socioblend reddit

  • Offer: Subscribers, upvotes, and custom comments
  • Cost: Starts at $8 for 20 Reddit upvotes

This is a digital social media marketing agency. It does promote not only on Reddit but also on all social media platforms. They have clients from all over the world. That aside, Socialblent can help increase your upvotes, custom comments and get more subscribers or friends. In general, all these services aim at growing your Reddit account.

If you are a new Reddit user, this is your great option to help you become p[opular on Reddit and promote your brand. They have experienced customer care staff who are always ready to serve you. The services are risk-free and can keep your user base highly active to attract more traffic for lead generation.

Is it Safe to Use Reddit Bots?

Safe to Use Reddit Bots

Using Reddit upvote bot is against their terms and conditions. But due to stiff competition, you can use it with more care. They are effective in promoting posts to reach the desired traffic. However, you should be smart, steady, and slow when using a bot.

However, when you auto-pilot downvoting and commenting, it can easily trigger a security system as a suspicious activity. When downvoting or commenting, you should be careful because human users can also detect a bot faster and shy away from them.


Reddit is a social media platform where people socialize, but today, marketers use it to generate leads and turn them into potential customers to generate revenue. But the process is not simply a doom and gloom task. However, the above-discussed Reddit bots can help you make a difference to your Reddit account, stick your posts at the top, make you popular and reach your target audience and customers.

Depending on your budget, check out the above best Reddit bots on the market and make an informed decision. They are all reliable and effective in managing your Reddit accounts.

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