Storm Proxies Review

The performance of the subjected proxy provider has been praised by the users. It is all because of the state of the art outcome that it provides to its users. They offer both residential and datacenter proxies and therefore have been on the market forefront.

From scraping performance to the speed of the proxy it is one of the best proxy service providers that are on the market. Both residential and reverse rotating proxies are provided to get the best results for the users. With the service that surpasses all the rivals, it is one of the services that have been always praised.

Storm Proxies Quick Stats

IP Pool70,000+ Residential IPs
IP TypeResidential and Datacenter Proxies
Billing TypeProxy
PricingStarts at $50 for 50 Residential proxy
LocationsUSA and EU
Proxy ProtocolHTTP(S)
IP Rotation3 min / 15 min
AuthenticationIP Authentication
Refund Policy24 hours
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Storm Proxies Residential Proxies

  • Billing: IP: Port Based Subscription
  • Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Integration: Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List
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Storm Proxies Dedicated Rotating Proxies

  • Billing: IP: Port Based Subscription
  • Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Integration: Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List
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Storm Proxies Private Proxies

  • Billing: IP: Port Based Subscription
  • Protocol: HTTP(S)
  • Integration: Single Proxy Endpoint, Proxy List

  • Unlimited bandwidth: Storm Proxies offers unlimited bandwidth, which means you can use the proxies without worrying about data limits
  • Great connection speed: Users have reported that Storm Proxies provides excellent connection speeds
  • Affordable prices: Storm Proxies offers competitive pricing, making it an attractive option for those on a budget
  • Helpful support: The customer support provided by Storm Proxies is helpful and responsive
  • Small proxy pool: With a pool of around 70,000 IPs, Storm Proxies has a smaller IP pool compared to some other providers
  • Limited coverage area: Storm Proxies primarily covers the US and Europe, which may not be sufficient for users who require proxies from other regions

General Overview

Founded in 2016 it is a service that has always been up to the mark and has always fulfilled the different shortcomings that other service providers have. The best part of this service is that it offers the backconnect proxies. These are the proxies that rotate the IP addresses all the time so that there remains no element of suspicion.

With the best tools and the state of the art results, it is a service that has always be the best and state of the art. The backconnect proxies are a highly advanced feature of the service. It is the other name of residential proxies and this is something that has always been the best and wanted by the large customers. SEO is the main industry that requires residential proxies. The tools such as Scrapebox, Ranker, and GSA all require the IP addresses to work with perfection.

The service, therefore, makes sure that the pool of 70,000+ residential IP is provided to the users. As the IP is rotating all the time therefore it is easy for the professionals to pretend to be normal users. The service has been dedicated to providing quality and therefore it has always been the first choice of the users. Some different plans and packages are offered by the company. It is done just to capture the market segment that has a major customer chunk. This also allows the company to get the best outcome with the pool that has been the best of all.

With time the service has started catering to the needs of the more advanced users. A broad range of desirables are being fulfilled and the service has become a general-purpose proxy service that has a large user base. The dedicated proxy is one of the newest features that have been added to the service. These dedicated proxies make sure that fixed IP is provided to the users. This will again increase the value of the business for which it is being used. The static IP is a bit pricy but has a long-lasting impression on the business.

The rotating proxies on the other end are something that has always been deemed as the best. It is because the IP address is changed at the request of the users which makes sure that the pool to which the user has access is fully utilized. The company has more than 70,000 data center proxies and the residential proxies are also on a rise due to the addition of more proxies with time. It is a service that has been one of the best and the most dedicated to serving the customers and therefore it is something that has been highly praised by the users.

Why You Should Choose Storm Proxies?

There is a threshold of 3 – 15 minutes after which the backconnect proxies will change the IP address. The IP is good for the tasks that require a huge number of proxies and therefore it is one of the best ways not to get blacklisted by the websites.

The dedicated proxies are used for a variety of purposes. Different geographical locations are covered by the service. You can choose the USA, EU, USA+EU, and worldwide locations to make sure that the proxies work at their very best.

There are several reasons for which the service is preferred and it must be chosen to make sure that a difference is made. Some of the reasons due to which the proxy service is regarded as best are mentioned as follows:

Money-Back Guarantee

The best part of the service is that it has a money-back guarantee. Once you choose the service and at some point get to know that it is not up to the mark you can always contact the company and ask for the refund within the 48 hours of purchase. The process of refund is simple and there are no ifs and buts attached to it. You can always write an email and get a refund after explaining the issue in full. There have been several instances and the customers have gotten the refunds.

Customer Support

It is another important aspect of the service and therefore it has been related to the service as a highly positive aspect. With the best technical details and knowledge, it is something that has always been at the forefront of the company. To be precise the customer service representatives know their job and they make sure that the customers are fully guided with perfection.

The support is there 24/7 and hence no matter what hour of the day is you can always contact to get the best results. The customer support is also highly appreciated and this is all because of the product knowledge they have.


Well, this is something that every one of us wants. The company makes sure that this element is always preserved in the best manner. This will also make sure that your real IP is always hidden and none of the services that you use get to know your real price. It also means that you get the best prices for online shopping and get the best deals on air ticket booking. The technology that leads to this has been developed in house which means that you don’t have to worry about your real identity. With Stormproxies it is always hidden and secure.

Lowest Price

It is something that all the customers want and Stormproxies keeping in view has made sure that the prices are such that the customers get the benefit. Contrary to the fact that the residential proxies are very expensive as they are hard to get and at the same time are very reliable.

Stormproxies has made sure that the best service and package rates are given. The proxies are not sold on bandwidth base as the rivals would do. These are sold per port base to make sure that you get access to the entire pool of 70,000+ residential proxies.

Ease of Deployment

There are companies on the market that make the deployment of the proxies a very hard task to perform and for the same reason, they are not at all recommended. This is something that does not happen with the Stormproxies product. The ease of deployment is one of the major features for which the proxy provider is very much recommended.

All you need is the proxy change on the device to get access to the residential proxy pool. With the best system that has been deployed everything works at the backend. It also means that you don’t need to manually rotate the IP at all. It is the system that will do the task for you.

Scraping Performance

Many tests are conducted to get the scraping performance of Stormproxies. The results are generally acceptable and almost every test comes up with a 91% success rate. The best part is that with the captcha solvers the errors as reduced greatly so this percentage could go up and can be far more than what the current results show. It is one of the services that have shown to the customers that the scraping has never been an issue as the results are simply awesome.

Best Response Time

This is again something that many service providers lack. It is because the proxies have to divert traffic through their servers that could degrade the performance. With Stormproxies it is not the case at all.

As a result of independent testing, the average response time has been calculated to be 6.144 seconds which is again acceptable because the rotation is also involved. This response time was calculated using the residential IP and hasn’t been tested on the data center proxies as of yet. It simply means that the results for the datacenter proxies are far greater.

Connection Speed

Again as compared to the major players in the market storm proxies have an upload and download speed that is simply matchless. When we compare the results to the price that the company offers the results are pretty good and make you realize that you are paying a discounted price for the level of service that they offer.

The average ping time is 100ms and the upload speed is 13 Mbps. The download speed is even better at 20 Mbps which when compared to the rivals is a decent product outcome that the Stormproxies offer to its customers.

IP Rotation

Let me tell you the fact that the IP rotation of the company is not as good as it should be. The system that has been deployed at the backend provides a minimalistic approach. It also makes sure that the IP rotation is provided per 5 minutes so that the users remain safe and secure. Though it is a good approach when it comes to SEO for most of the activities such as scraping it could present potential problems that are not at all acceptable if you are paying.

Types of Proxies offered by Stormproxies

There are 3 major types of proxies that are offered by the service irrespective of the plan that you have chosen. These are listed as under:

  1. Fresh IP with HTTP Request – As the name suggests with every request that hits on the server you get the new IP from the pool of 70,000+ dedicated IPs.
  2. 3 Minutes Proxies – It is the other kind that is again self-explanatory. The IP address will be changed by the rotation system once a three-minute time stamp has been passed.
  3. 15 Minutes Proxies – It will make sure that the IP is changed after the 15-minute session has been passed. It shows the website being worked on that a legit user is browsing.

The proxies that have been dedicated for the purpose are the ones that have been tested thoroughly and therefore it is one of the services that have been highly dedicated. The best part is that the monitoring of proxies is done with great care. The network or the service monitors the traffic and illegal activities such as hacking and torrenting is not allowed at all.

What are the Limits to use the Proxies?

It is the package that you have subscribed to. It means that the numbers of threads that can be accessed as well as IP that can access the proxy pool are both limited. There is a member area that has been dedicated to the users and this makes sure that the IP address is entered from where the proxy pool has to be accessed. This will make sure that the IP address other than the one specified will have no access to the pool at all.

Proxies Locations

There are private dedicated proxies that are mostly connected from the IP which are located in the USA especially Cheyenne, Los Angeles, and New York. The backconnect proxies are the ones that are connected through the areas that are not specified at all. If you try to explore then for the backconnect proxies it will show the USA, EU, and Worldwide.

There is another location that is shown on the dashboard and it is the USA + EU. The good thing is that the locations can be changed if you want. The location for the residential proxies is the EU and the USA. All the locations irrespective of your package can be changed if you want.

The Packages

Stormproxies provide the best packages. If you browse through their website you will get to know that different packages are offered by the service. There are separate sections on the packages that are offered for:

  • Reverse Proxies
  • Private Dedicated Proxies
  • Browsing Proxies
  • Social Media Proxies
  • Residential Proxies
  • Sneaker Proxies

The packages that are offered in this regard are mentioned as under. This will make it possible for you to decide the domain you want to work on and the package which you should go for.

Reverse Proxies

Below are the packages that are offered for the reverse proxies. These are also known as the rotating proxies that offer a protective cover for the users. The reverse proxies are offered on a per-thread basis and the price is also billed using the same mechanism.

40 Thread Connection – It will be billed at a rate of $39 per month. It means that there are 40 simultaneous connections that you can enjoy. The other perks include unlimited bandwidth, 70,000+ proxy pool access, and 1 access IP.

80 Thread Connection – The monthly cost is $59 and there are 80 connections that you can enjoy simultaneously. The bandwidth is again unlimited and the package also includes two access IPs.

150 Thread Connection – There are 3access IP that is offered in this package. With 150 simultaneous connections, you get the best and the most popular package that is billed at $97 per month.

Private Dedicated Proxies

These are the static IP that s being offered under this package. It is something that the company is focused on and 8 packages are offered by the company in this regard. These are mentioned as under:

5 Private Proxies – It is charged at the rate of $10 per month and this is the lowest cost that the company is offering. There are 100 concurrent connections and 3 US locations are covered.

10 Private Proxies – These are billed at $20 per month and it has all the perks which are offered in another package. The cost per proxy is $2 with this plan.

20 Private Proxies – The cost per proxy is $2 and the monthly billing is $40. With multiple IP classes, you will get 24/7 premium support.

30 Private Proxies – Per proxy cost is lowered to $1.8 and the monthly billing is $54. All the virgin IPs are provided just like any other package.

50 Private Proxies – Per proxy cost is even lowered to $1.6 and with all the other perks the package will cost you $80 per month.

100 Private Proxies – With this package per proxy cost is $1.4 and the monthly cost is $140. It is the most popular package.

200 Private Proxies – $1.2 is the per proxy cost with this package. The monthly cost will be $240 and it will also serve the 3 USA locations.

400 Private Proxies – The lowest cost is $1 per proxy that is offered with this package. There is 24/7 support and the monthly cost would be $400.

Browsing Proxies

3 packages are offered for such proxies. This idea is also taken seriously by the company and the prices are a bit high as compared to others.

200 Proxies – The monthly cost would be $600 and per proxy, the cost would be $3. There is 1GB of network traffic with unlimited bandwidth.

500 Proxies – The monthly billing cost is $1200. With this package, you will get $2.4 as per proxy cost. It is one of the popular plans of the company.

1000 Proxies – The monthly cost is $2,200. It means that per proxy cost is $2.2 which is the lowest in this domain.

Private Social Media Proxies

It is one of the new ideas that have been developed to make sure that social media marketing is done with perfection. 4 packages are offered by the company. These are as follows:

5 Private Social Media Proxies – It will cost you $3 per proxy and the monthly cost would be $15. There is unlimited bandwidth included.

10 Private Social Media Proxies – The monthly cost is $30 and per proxy, the cost would be $3.

50 Private Social Media Proxies – You will be monthly billed at the rate of $100 and per proxy cost will be $2. It is the most popular plan for the company.

Residential Proxies

4 packages are offered in this regard. These are explained as under:

5 Ports – It will be billed monthly at $50 and the per-port cost is $10. There are 1 access IP and unlimited bandwidth.

10 Ports – The monthly cost will be $90 and per-port cost will be $9. The company has a pool of 40,000 dedicated residential IP to serve you.

20 Ports – The monthly cost is $160 and the per-port cost will be $8. It is also a popular plan among users.

50 Ports – Per-port cost is $6 and the monthly cost will be $300.

Sneaker Proxies

4 packages are offered. These packages are as follows:

20 Ports – Cost will be $8 per port and the monthly cost would be $160.

50 Ports – This package will cost $300 and the per-port cost would be $6

100 Ports – The package monthly cost will be $550 and the per-port cost would be $5.5

200 Ports – The monthly cost is $900 and the per-port cost would be $4.5


Storm Proxies is one of the best proxy service providers on the market and hence it is highly recommended. The backend system is highly advanced and therefore it will switch the IP within the time that has been set.

The company has positive reviews and the overall working of their proxies is something that has been improving with time. It also means that the company is leveling up its technical capabilities as the rivals to get the users' premium services. The best part of the service is the self-control of the system due to which the users do not have to do anything manually.

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