10 Best Facebook Bots to Engage Followers Automatically

Do you want to automate Facebook accounts? We get you covered. We will discuss the best facebook bots to help you autopilot your Facebook accounts.

Facebook is two-way traffic. You can use it to make friends or generate leads. Marketers use Facebook to generate leads and promote their brands. Either reason stands tall as Facebook is among the major social media platforms.

Using Facebook to generate leads is not an easy task as the past error is long gone. Marketers must work hard to achieve the marketing stage. However, you can achieve it in the shortest time with a Facebook bot. A Facebook bot is computer software that automatically carries out tasks on your accounts. A bot puts your account into autopilot mode without anyone realizing it. The bots are efficient in auto liking, commenting, accepting or sending friend requests, as well as joining relevant groups.

There are plenty of Facebook bots on the market. So in this article, we are going to discuss the best facebook automation tools.

Best Facebook Automation Tools

Facebook automation can be defined as the automated method of managing Facebook accounts. The automation tools manage your account without your physical presence. It lets you grow your friends, followers, likes and comments. That is well said; you might be interested in facebook automation. However, you must be cautious because your account is at higher risk. To be a pro in facebook automation, you must be an expert in evading detections. Mind the bot you buy to use. Let us now dive into the best facebook automation tools below.

1. Jarvee

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Jarvee is one of our best Facebook bots on the market. We have considered it first because it is not only effective on Facebook but all social media platforms. These include Youtube, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn. It supports many platforms besides facebook automation.

Since Jarvee can automate bulk social media accounts, it also supports proxies. Additionally, it supports spin syntax. It offers the best automation features, and all these come parked with a price tag. It is not only complex, expensive but also complicated for beginners. If you are not a pro, then this is not your choice. Because it supports proxies, Jarvis is reliable, fast and secure to use.

It also has a long history and recorded good customer experience. Another setback of this bot is that it is only a window-based bot. You can grow your Facebook accounts 10 times faster than before. On their website, they have 3 customer packages, and the starter costs $29.95 per month. All subscriptions come with a 5-day free trial.

2. Socinator

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Socinator is also a social media automation tool. It is best for marketers, especially when they don't have time for managing their accounts. This bot also falls under our recommendation list.

It is an all in one bot like any other social media bot. It is well known for automating social media platforms, not only Facebook. You can also use it to manage bulk accounts because it comes with an account management tool. Besides, it also has an image downloader feature. We can recommend this bot for beginners since it is easy to use and affordable on the market. When you struggle to carry out repetitive tasks every day, this is your automation tool to use. When you use it on your Facebook account, expect a bigger impact within a short time; increase your engagement and reach the audience in no time.  However, it supports only windows but is highly recommended for busy marketers.

3. Followinglike

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If you want to improve your social media performance or facebook automation, the Followinglike bot is here to serve you. This is the easiest bot to use. It is designed with the act feature on different modules. It also comes with a Facebook account manager tool which makes it easy to automate different accounts.

They have a flexible payment plan. You should note that their pricing is solely based on the account you want to automate. It ranges from one to unlimited accounts. Since it is a social media automation tool, it works on many platforms besides Facebook. These may include but are not limited to Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.

The good thing about it is that you can order a custom bot when you need one. Again, the packages are affordable but cheap for long term botters. However, short term users might find it expensive. But, it is a full-funnel resource, and marketers can benefit a lot from it. Be is for promoting a brand, increasing engagement and loyalty.

4. Like4Like.org

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Most of you might have used this Like4like.org tool once in your lifetime. This is specifically marketers. This tool is a free network that can help you grow your Facebook presence free of charge. The tool exchanges networks with different people doing different things.

It is all about social media instead of Facebook. When you use this tool, be sure to get free likes, comments, views and shares. The more you get social media traffic, in return you get the points. The points are very important to a market because you can use these points to improve your reach by increasing the likes or more fans.

The tool allows markets to select the audience, and it abides with all Facebook policies. It is a strict no bot platform, safe, simple and easy to use. You can get real engagements without using a bot. This easily raises brand recognition through social media platforms.

5. Jumper Media

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Jumper Media is a tool that can help you grow your business faster than you can. They also offer many services from account management, content creation and increasing engagements. Since everything is done via a phone call, it gives them some degree of credibility. Even though they claim not to use a bot managing social media accounts, we doubt it.

They only assure growth by hand. This implies it is the human hands that do engagement. A group of professional marketers runs it. They don't provide enough information, only leaving us in darkness; the only way out is a phone call. Thus, it is hard to figure out their activities. From customer reviews, they seem reliable.

Though this tool is perfect for IG automation, it has also partnered with the Facebook marketing team and is ready to take your social media account to a greater level. They do not have any visible pricing plan, and everything remains secretive. Sign up and get more details about their services.

Best Facebook Messenger Bots

To build a good business relationship, you need a list of people you can message using a chatbot. This way, you can send them traffic anytime. An email list is a technology gone because we have a new competitor on the market. It is grabbing the spotlight. Facebook messenger chatbot is an interactive platform. It can easily help marketers engage lists that they completely own. When you use chatbots, you affordably build a list and receive better responses.

Messenger chatbot is an autopilot software that sends messages using AI technology in conversing with the audience. They have been with us for a long and can be found on social media platforms. Thus, the Facebook messenger bot is a chatbot found in Facebook messenger.

It is used to converse with millions of people using Facebook daily. For instance, when you message an influencer on social media and receive an automatic response with many options, a Facebook bot is at work.

Chatbots have many daily uses and especially in a marketing strategy.  You can use chatbots to increase your reach(audience), engage customers, and help customers decide what product is perfect for their use by answering questions. Lastly, you can use the chatbot to engage your customers for a long time. You can now see a reason why you need to have a list. Let us now move on to the fun part of it; the best Facebook messenger bots.

1. ManyChat

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This is the leading chatbot creator and is mostly used by many influencers in marketing. Its popularity is due to its ease of use in creating a bot using virtual and dop builders. This way, you can easily compose your automated message in no time. You can create a bot in less than 2 minutes which is insane.

The chatbot has lots of features besides easy automation; you can also go to live mode on a click with a client sending you a message, you can convert people commenting on your posts to bot subscribers etc. The pro version also comes with many features like converting anyone clicking on ads to subscribers and coming up with custom fields to collect personal information.

While the free bot is dangerous, they have premium versions. Payment is based on the number of subscribers. For instance, 1K subscribers can cost you a $15 monthly subscription.

2. Chatfuel

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This is also a leading chatbot that was founded in 2015. Users can also create their Facebook messenger bots. Influencers or marketers use this chatbot in creating autopilot messages. They also employ it in easily acquiring bot subscribers through many ways. It does not need coding knowledge.

It is good for automating marketing activities, generating leads, and offering support to customers. It is easy to create only a drug and drop builder. Many brands trust this chatbot.

Getting started with 1k is free, and you can only enjoy advanced features with a pro version. You easily remove branding, get audience insights, create custom ads, and you can easily delete subscribers who are not active. Their pricing starts at $15 for 5400 subscribers a month. You can use this chatbot by spending less money but getting more leads—no more losing customers to your competitors.

3. SnatchBot

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Snatch Bot has been here with us but is now growing at a faster rate. This is attributed to their long time free plan before announcing a premium version. They offer the most generous free plan of all the chatbots. It is good to use this plan when you are operating on a limited budget. We prefer this chatbot because it comes with many good features. They have Chatbot directories and templates to modify and get started in no time.

This company has a good NLP that's perfect for differentiating intent and entries, thus enabling it to carry out tasks effectively. It also supports multiple plugins and can easily use to integrate with other software to get things sorted. The pro version offers you premium support, and the free version gives you unlimited subscribers.

In terms of pricing, the first tier costs $30 for 10k messages monthly. It is affordable and recommended for beginners.

4. Flow XO

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Flow Xo is also a great company specializing in the provision of high-quality technology. They specialize in designing bots that help manage customers' workflow. The Flow XO chatbot can trigger your workflow in many different ways. Since it is perfect for chatting, their welcome mat is going to amaze you. It can make customers feel your physical presence from the way they introduce themselves to the audience.

You can create a relevant question to obtain the client's details easily, and as well, you can also ask multiple questions. The chatbot can also basic questions; thus, transitioning it with a human being is simple. Lastly, the bot is good at filtering the leads depending on how you ask the question, and you can receive payment via the chatbot.

You can start using this chatbot free of charge with up to 500 interactions with 5 active flows. The standard plat gives users all features and costs $19 monthly. Some of the features include 5000 interactions, 3 monthly logs, 15 bots, removing brands, and you can download user data with many more other features.

5. ActiveChat

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Active chat is our last chatbot. It is growing faster and the best alternative to ManyChat or Chatfuel due to various reasons. First, they mainly focus on creating chatbots targeting e-commerce, grabbing more leads and sales. Secondly, they are targeting to come up with a support chatbot to help influencers answer questions faster. This will ensure the cost is reduced and customer satist=faction is catered for in this case.

Activechat comes with compelling features like virtual chatbot builder. It is hard to find this feature on other chatbots. It helps improve the virtual look of certain sequences of response. It also has automatic calculation, important in making decisions. It has many other features like timers and delay, and many more.

They offer 4 pricing plans; free plan limits users to 500 monthly active users while starter costs $19 per month and active users per month goes up to 1k.


Most Facebook marketers and influencers are very busy; thus, some activities are not performed by a human. Facebook bots give you a competitive advantage over your competitor. Chatbots never get tired; they operate on autop[ilot mode, and they never sleep.

Using an automation tool is the best decision you can make. Chatbots, Facebook messenger bots or automation tools are perfect for Facebook marketing. Get one of the above Facebook bots and revamp your Facebook marketing strategy to a higher level.

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