11 Best SoundCloud Bots to Increase Your Followers, Plays & Likes…

Are you experiencing difficulties getting your SoundCloud music in front of users? Make the whole process easy and fast with our best Soundcloud bots list. Discover the best Soundcloud automation tools here.

Soundcloud is a platform used mainly by artists from all around the globe. The name sounds popular, like youtube. Anyone can create an account with easy steps before uploading your track.

However, becoming popular on SoundCloud is the most demanding thing here. Because artists want the audience to listen to their songs, become famous, and earn revenue. It is somehow tricky when you are just starting. This is where SoundCloud bots come in. Before jumping into our well-researched list, let us first dive into SoundCloud bots.

What are Soundcloud Bots?

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Soundcloud bots are automated software compatible with the SoundCloud platform and can effectively increase the artists' popularity to become successful. The main reason is to increase the watch time and efficiency of your music on this music platform.

Without this software, you can spend years, but now, it only takes you days or hours. This is an excellent way to save time, money, and effort. Instead, you can now spend these resources on bettering your music to fit the audience.

What Need to Know Before Using Soundcloud Bots?

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Before using the SoundCloud bots, there are things you need to understand. While they have downsides, the benefits of using SoundCloud bots outweigh the negative part. some of the benefits of the SoundCloud bots are:

  • They make your music more visible to the audience
  • There are many ways in which providers can be contacted.
  • They are effective in increasing playtime, which is vital for SoundCloud account growth.
  • These bots support many platforms where they can also offer integral support.
  • Bots are effective in giving metrics which is essential for analyzing the growth rate of your account.

There are a few drawbacks to using these bots. First, some of the bots don't offer extra services like sharing your content or liking. And secondly, few bots accept limited payment options.

Best Soundcloud Bots

1. Media Mister


  • Cost: Starts from $2 for 100 SoundCloud plays within 2 days
  • Offer:  SoundCloud plays, comments, likes, followers & reposts

Media Mister is the OG when it comes to marketing on social media platforms. It can help increase your SoundCloud playtime in the shortest time possible. This is because it has been on the market for a long time and has gained enough relevant experience.

You can use this bot to buy play, comments, likes, followers, and repost your content on SoundCloud platforms. This is the only resource you will need to grow on any social media platform. It offers all services under one roof.

The bot can offer you all services you need on Soundcloud, and their pricing is tiered to all different categories. There is specific pricing for growing your Soundcloud account. They guarantee users online privacy, and when you are not satisfied, you can also request a refund. They also have outstanding customer support that alone can make you trust the media mister bot.

2. Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta soundcloud

  • Cost: starts at $10 for 100 SoundCloud plays within 3 days
  • Offer:  SoundCloud plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments & reposts

This is one of the best SoundCloud bots we have ever come across. Consider Mr. Insta first in your encounter. The guys have been in business for a long time. They have undergone many changes but remain at the top list in our Soundcloud bot gaming.

The clients appreciate them not only for their ability to boost their SoundCloud accounts but also for promoting their music on other social media platforms. The pricing is friendly and is only based on what you want to receive.

They have good customer support with advanced and fundamental targeted features. While they have excellent customer reviews, we can trust them to grow Soundcloud accounts effectively. However, they do not offer a free trial at all. But they guarantee delivery, private and safe, guarantee refill, and the service does not require any password. It is a one-time bulk purchase.

3. YTpals


  • Cost: starts at $10 for 100 plays within 3 days
  • Offer:  SoundCloud plays, downloads, followers, likes, comments & repost

This is another Soundcloud bot. It does not offer any free trial as you only receive services you pay for. The good thing about this Soundcloud bot is that it provides good customer support hence legit. This is essential in growing a credible SoundCloud account to be respected by potential audiences.

The service is entirely automated. Since it takes care of your online security, they don't require your password. The services are 100% safe and secure. There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy when you subscribe to their premium offers.

It gets the audience to listen to your content, and they sometimes deliver more than what you order. Over 500k customers trust it. They are also effective on other social media platforms other than Soundcloud. This is a great way to get more comments, play, likes, subscribers, and many more. Increase your SoundCloud account engagement with the YTpals bot.

4. TurboMedia


  • Cost: starts at $10 for 100 plays within 3 days.
  • Offer:  SoundCloud comments, downloads, followers, likes, plays & reposts

Soundcloud is a popular music platform; thus, its importance can never be neglected. TurboMedia realized the importance of shaping Soundcloud accounts nowadays. Therefore TurboMedia bot offers SoundCloud growth services at affordable prices.

With this bot, you can gain online popularity by increasing plays, likes, comments, shares, and followers or reposting your songs on SoundCloud. The bot offers high-quality services and real followers to grow your account. Its best part is its simplicity.

On SoundCloud, TurboMedia never gives its customers free services, unlike other platforms. With the paid plan, they guarantee to deliver within 3 continuously until your subscription expires. It is 100% safe and encourages the audience to play and comment on your track and increase account ranking. Besides, it also increases the credibility of your tracks. Every process is automated with natural growth. Currently, the bot serves over 500k users.

5. SoNuker

SoNuker soundcloud

  • Cost: starts at $10 for 100 plays within 3 days.
  • Offer:  SoundCloud comments, downloads, followers, likes, plays & reposts

SoNuker bot offers a similar approach to the other bots on SoundCloud account growth. This means it helps in increasing the likes, comments, shares, followers, and play. This increases your content engagement hence becomes popular on this platform. It is a perfect way of ranking your songs, increasing credibility, and encouraging your audience to stay active.

The provider only gives users a premium choice to choose from. And, this bot has recorded many excellent reviews from the most trusted 3rd party platform associated with the SoundCloud platform. This bot is simple to use as you will only need to pay, sit back and watch your SoundCloud account grow.

Above all, these people know that SoundCloud is a community platform, and their clients need to make revenue out of it. They are delivering excellent services on it.

6. Stormlikes

stormlikes soundcloud

  • Cost: Starts at $2.99 for 1000 plays
  • Offer:  SoundCloud followers & plays

Stormlikes bot is a third-party service provider that lets you grow your SoundCloud account through followers and plays. It is known to offer the fast and effective but easy manner a Soundcloud plays for your profile to get ranked. They make growth easy. By buying genuine plays and followers, they guarantee to deliver them on time.

They help you promote your music and become famous in all the right places. Again, it boosts your online presence and reaches out to millions of music lovers worldwide. Their pricing is affordable, and it starts as low as $2.99. The cheapest on our list so far. There is nothing to stop you from making it on the SoundCloud platform. Increase play and get genuine followers.

This company has been here for a long time, hence top-rated among people. Many alternatives offer more than play and followers, but it is also worth your attention because of its pricing.

7. SocialEmpire


  • Cost: Starts at $2.49 for 500 plays.
  • Offer:  SoundCloud followers, plays, likes, reposts & comments

SocialEmpire is also another social media bot. It offers both engagement and growth services for Soundcloud and other platforms. From our test, they provide top-notch and genuine plays, reposts, likes, and comments, as well as followers.

To guarantee their services to the customers, this bot uses a safe promotional method to keep your account secure. They also have a friendly refund policy when their services do not meet your expectations. However, they guarantee to deliver the purchased services within 2 days, either instantly or gradually.

Kickstart your tracks on the SoundCloud platform to get more likes, plays, comments, or followers and even repost them. It is simple to work with this third-party software. Using a hyper-optimized marketing campaign, you only need to select your plan, create a campaign, launch, and get started to grow your SoundCloud profiles.

It is simple, automate the process and sit back to watch them work for you. The services are sourced globally and come with a high retention rate. There are no login details required, but instead, they promise to keep you anonymous and discreet.

8. Followersup

Followersup soundcloud

  • Cost: Starts at $2.5 for 500 plays
  • Offer:  SoundCloud followers, likes, plays & reposts

If you want to grow your SoundCloud profile easily and quickly, try out the FollowersUp bot. It offers a much-needed SoundCloud boost. They well know how seriously you need to kickstart your journey. They can easily make it happen by increasing your followers, likes, plays, and reposting your tracks on your behalf.

It is pretty cheap and straightforward. It also increases your track download, thus getting you ranked. They offer a lifetime warranty on their services. This bot is 100% safe to use on SoundCloud without being detected.

It has been on the market since its inception back in 2016 and has built a solid reputation with a high level of customer support. You can contact them through live chat, email, or a ticket. This is a perfect option to rank your Soundcloud profile.

9. AIOStream


  • Cost: Starts at $88.2 monthly ( Discounted)
  • Support: Vista, Windows XP/7/8/10 & MacBook with Windows VM

AIOstreams is a third-party Soundcloud service provider that offers revolutionary tools with advanced functionalities. Marketing your music on SoundCloud is now simple. They work well in increasing your views, likes, comments, and followers. They offer anything you need for you to get ahead on the SoundCloud platform. Find the relevant audience and rank your music profile.

Today, they also offer custom development features that you can modify to meet your needs. The same bot can also be used on other social media platforms. Their pricing is affordable; you can decide on a monthly, annually, or lifetime license. Sign up and see how cheap their services are. This is a good choice when looking for a Soundcloud bot that is flexible with all your needs.

They have introduced new features, and now you can export/import tasks, limit song playtime, hide browsers, export account cookies, and move accounts with many more. If their services don't meet your expectations, you can request a refund within 3 days.

10. FredBoat


  • Cost: Free

FredBoat is a discord server music bot and an excellent option for growing your Soundcloud profile. There are many reasons why we have selected it. First, it's a free bot and offers exceptional services. Besides working on discord, they also provide services on other social media platforms and help change the pitch of your song to gain popularity at a higher speed. It makes the whole process simple and super easy.

Setting up this bot is simple and takes a few minutes to get started. They also have a great design on their website with detailed guidance on using this bot. It offers several commands.

11. Somiibo


  • Cost: It starts at $10.95 monthly
  • Offer: Follow/Like/Play bot

Lastly, we have Somiibo on our list. This bot ensures safety when used on the SoundCloud platform. It can increase your profile engagement in simple steps. Users can also multi-task using this bot, and this is why most of the customers like it.

It is easy to use while marketing on various social media platforms. This is an excellent choice because, other than multitasking, it can also work on other platforms concurrently. The providers are mainly targeting; however, it is a bit expensive.

They are worth your pocket due to the excellent services, and we highly recommend id, and it is apparent that they offer a free trial to run 2 modules and 2 accounts forever.

How to Choose the Soundcloud Bot?

Choose the Soundcloud Bot

Therefore, it is good to consider the number of platforms that the SoundCloud bot supports, the speed of interaction, analytic reports, the budget, and if the bot can follow other online influencers. Selecting the right SoundCloud bot is hectic.

Additionally, there are many things users need to consider first because it entails many tasks. Therefore, to help you get started, it is reasonable to consider the number of platforms that the SoundCloud bot supports, their speed of interaction, which is a crucial factor.

A clear analytic report is also a king during your selection. Besides these, users should also know the plans and pricing if they adapt with your budget and, lastly, the bot's capability to follow other online influencers. This is because it is not beneficial to be alone in marketing.


1. Is SoundCloud allowed to use bots?

Using a bot on SoundCloud is against their terms and conditions. However, if it is a must, use a bot with a good reputation and be sure that it will not go against any terms and conditions. You can only be fine when you are smart enough, and high-quality bots are always ahead of the SoundCloud gaming and keep you anonymous without being detected.

2. Is it safe to use SoundCloud bots?

The safety of a SoundCloud bot depends on its features. If a company is committed to providing advanced features, then there are low risks to your account. This is why you should consider the above list with a good reputation and value customer security. Remember, there are many providers on the market, but most do not care about your online risks, which causes issues in the future. However, you can use proxies to keep your account secure.

3. When should I need a SoundCloud bot?

It would be best if you had a Soundcloud bot to kickstart your journey, grow and gain popularity exponentially in a short period. When you need to save time, resources, and effort, make use of these bots. It is also recommended when you want to manage multiple SoundCloud accounts simultaneously for a limited time.


Soundcloud is among the most used social media platforms for marketing and making revenues. Becoming famous and viral is complex without using a SoundCloud bot. The above bots increase your play and get your SoundCloud profile featured to the relevant audience. These tools can move your music dream to the next level.

The list consists of safe, affordable, and trusted SoundCloud bots. Take your time and check them to ensure that the bot you select meets all your needs.

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