10 Best Spotify Bots to Boost Plays and Increase Income in 2023

Are you searching for the best Spotify bots? Our list consists of the best, vetted, tested, and reliable Spotify bots to help you. They are readily available on the market to serve your purpose. 

Spotify is a music platform, and if you have an account, you are happy your tracks are trending among your prospects. However, finding your target audience is more difficult than anything else. This is because many people on Spotify are trying to become famous tools while others struggle to get the spotlight. So, if you want to stand out from the rest, you need to cut out other things and spend your precious time online to get noticed.

Not everyone gets time and effort to stay online for a long time. Today, people are going for third-party support, which is Spotify bots. Spotify bots can make your Spotify account stand out in just a few steps and within a short time. However, we do not recommend any bot on Spotify as most of them are spammy. To preserve the reputation of your account, consider these Spotify bots. Before that, let us look at the benefits of using bots on Spotify accounts.

Benefits of Using Spotify Bots

1. Grow Your Account Rapidly

Spotify account growth Growing an account is the best thing most artists want to achieve. Sometimes the process becomes frustrating when your content does not reach the target audience. When the account has a limited number of followers, it is automatic that you will get fewer plays because your content reaches limited followers. Without a Spotify bot, it can take you a long time. Spotify bots are the best solution when you want to grow your Spotify account rapidly in a short period.

2. Get More Income

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When your track is streamed, Spotify pays the artist an average of $0.003 to $0.005. The revenue depends on your location, streaming duration, and the percentage of streaming on the platform. This means, the more you stream or play, the more your revenue on Spotify increases.

Best Spotify Bots

1. Media Mister


  • Offer: Spotify followers/listeners/plays/saves
  • Cost:  Start at $2/100 Spotify followers

Media Mister is more than just a Spotify bot. It can serve you with any social media activity. It does not limit your services. And above all, it can easily build your music career on Spotify and other platforms as well. They divided their offers on growing your Spotify account into different services like followers, listeners, playtime, and saves. You can select one as each is important in growing your account and increasing playtime to start earning revenue.

Their pricing is another thing. They have friendly and authentic packages which fall within your budget. You can afford their services as they are aimed at increasing your Spotify engagement. The customer support team is also excellent. They deliver everything they promise you on their website. You only need to focus on creating relevant content and automating the rest of the processes. Check out their Spotify option now.

2. Stormlikes

Stormlikes spotify

  • Offer: plays and followers
  • Cost:  Start at $2.61/100 Spotify followers

Are you looking for the best Spotify bots on the market? We recommend you to check out Stormlikes. They have passion and deliver followers, and Spotify plays. On their website, they seem dedicated to serving their clients. You can purchase each service separately which means, you can only receive what you pay for.

This Spotify bot comes with more advanced Spotify features giving you enough time to concentrate on content creation. Besides, it also saves your effort and resources. This bot is on another level than being generic or random. They can automate your Spotify account by increasing your followers and stream time. Their services leave every client comfortable, which is great. When clients are happy, we trust them too.

Stormlikes makes it easy to buy playtime and followers while promoting your music on Spotify. They can help you step out of the curtain and enjoy long-term outcomes. You can rapidly boost your Spotify account with their services, either instant or gradual. Followers are authentic from real people. These guys are prepared to make you happy. They are better than most companies on the market.

3. SocialViral

SocialViral spotify

  • Offer: followers and plays
  • Cost:  tarts at $1.49/50 Spotify followers

SocialViral bot can offer Spotify followers and play at your fingertip. They can completely help you and make everything diverse. We found them helpful when it comes to marketing your Spotify profile. They can boost your following while increasing the playtime metrics.

However, their followers matter most. They are real and take your Spotify presence to another level. They offer quality that most clients trust at an affordable price. You can choose their followers and deliver genuine people to make your account go viral. Your account will remain safe as they don't entertain spamming bots.

SocialViral puts everything transparent, and that's why we encourage you to catch on SocialViral bot. Their bot does not only help you on Spotify but also other social media platforms simultaneously.

So, these guys can diversify your Spotify music to different platforms and get you the traffic to make your account stand out from the rest. The bot is simple to use and offers immediate results. As stated, their packages are affordable without hidden charges. And the pricing is tiered.

4. Followersup

Followersup spotify

  • Offer: Followers, Plays, playlist plays, monthly listeners, podcast plays, and playlist followers.
  • Cost:  Starts at $3/100 Spotify followers.

Followersup has been on the market as a social media bot for a long time. They have maintained their reputation, and it is safe to use. Their services meet all requirements so that Spotify won't block or ban your account. They are among the best Spotify bot service providers who understand the needs of their customers. Their pricing is extremely flexible and can fall under your budget. They deliver exactly what you pay for them. They offer authentic followers and plays.

Boost your Spotify account and go viral with the Followersup bot. Every activity is automated upon payment, 100% safe, and if you have any concerns, reach out to their support team. No matter your budget, they can help you promote your Spotify account and get the attention of your target audience.

5. Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta spotify

  • Offer: followers, playlist followers, and plays
  • Cost:  Starts at $20/100 Spotify followers.

Mr. Insta is a website-based Spotify bot. The platform offers social media growth services. Their primary purpose in this category is the Spotify followers. The followers increase your audience and rank your account among the famous Spotify platform.

They promise to bring your profile to recognition when you buy their organic followers and plays. This has a big impact on account engagement, which aims to increase your revenue. They also promise to deliver more than what you purchase on their website. They guarantee to deliver, but gradually, and in case of drops, these guys can refill.

Mr. Insta offers safe and reliable Spotify services. Again, this is an open market where you can get any social media services. They pride themselves on their affordable pricing and exceptional services. Visit their website and see how their customers are happy.

6. TurboMedia

TurboMedia spotify

  • Offer: followers, Spotify followers, and plays.
  • Cost:  Starts at $20 /100 Spotify followers.

TurboMedia is also another online  Spotify growth company. They offer various account growth services to boost your Spotify account engagement and plays. On their website, you can also access different services for other social media platforms. They promise to offer you any services based on the budget. It means you can receive what you pay for on their website. You don't have to share your password because they guarantee you 100% safety and privacy.

TurboMedia also has a perfect customer support team. Besides their pricing, they can also deliver more than just your budget. What makes them popular on social media are their free packages. and up to date, they have served over 500k happy clients with outstanding reviews. They can easily bring recognition and credibility to your Spotify account with the organic growth services. Try out their smartest growth ways because they have an effective solution.

7. UseViral

UseViral spotify

  • Offer: Artist followers, playlist followers, monthly listeners, and plays.
  • Cost:  Starts at $10/500 Spotify artist followers.

Several is a perfect Spotify bot. You can use their services to achieve your goal on Spotify. They offer authentic Spotify plays and followers. Mainly, they offer almost all growth services on social media platforms. So when you purchase it, be sure it can serve you on various platforms other than promoting your Spotify music. The offers are long-lasting and effective in bringing your profile to the world and targeting relevant audiences to listen to your Spotify tracks.

Another unique thing is that UseViral has a large network of customers to grow your Spotify social proof. The members interact with your music, stream, follow your profile, and let you stand out while making extra profit.

When you are satisfied with their services, you can cancel the subscription anytime. And if anything goes wrong with the services, they can also refund your money. This is a pretty diverse Spotify bot on the market on our list. They play with the Spotify algorithm to make it happen

8. SidesMedia

SidesMedia spotify

  • Offer: Artist followers, playlist followers, monthly listeners, and plays.
  • Cost: Starts at $10/500 Spotify artist followers.

SidesMedia of more of what people think of it. This is the best Spotify bot we ought to list in our research article. When it comes to automatic Spotify profiles, SidesMedia is a great option. They offer the best, authentic, and organic followers and plays on the market. This makes them stand out from the scammer Spotify bots on the market.

The services comply with the Spotify terms and conditions; hence, your privacy and security are 100% guaranteed and given priority. They easily expose your Spotify account to the target audience, increasing traffic, adding more playtime to your Spotify tracks. This is a good road to attaining real engagement.

SidesMedia has features that can help you promote your music. They can deliver high-quality engagement within 3 days. It is also mentioned as a trusted service provider that you can rely on as an artist or market. The reviews on their website speak a lot, and they praise the company for its authenticity. Check out their deals and use them to beat the Spotify algorithms and save time.

9. AIO Stream

AIO Stream spotify

AIOStream is the OG Spotify bot on the market. They are effective in revolutionizing and selling music marketing software. They can offer you the best and authentic likes, views, and followers on a Spotify account within a very short period. It can simultaneously play, follow, and like bulk music, users, and playlists.

On a daily basis, developers keep on updating to improve its performance while enhancing the exposure of your Spotify profile. They offer different services like plays, follows, accounts saves, exporting and importing as well as moving accounts. They offer different packages, monthly, yearly, or lifetime. The monthly package stands at $88.2.

The bot is simple to operate hence recommended even to new users. It is also efficient in running your Spotify streams and saves time to come up with relevant and attractive content. It comes with incredible features like an account manager and smart technology.

This keeps you anonymous and safe while on Spotify. Though this bot is pricey, it can set your Spotify account to the required standard and start getting revenue. They have a comprehensive feature cutting across all social media platforms.

10. Somiibo

Somiibo spotify

Somiibo is an automatic Spotify bot. It can help you get more organic followers and music streams. This is the best tool to grow your Spotify account because they automate every activity to increase your plays, followers, and streams. Besides that, they offer free followers, plays, and likes when you go for their beta version.

At the same time, Spotify modules enable you to generate Spotify streams. It is safe, and you can use it to schedule your music posting, manage multiple Spotify accounts, and you can mix and match your strategy using multiple module features. Because they support proxy, Spotify can never detect even when running multiple accounts.

Somiibop services never compromise efficiency. This is the kind of bot you need since it works well on other social media platforms too. Even though they offer free services, their premium packages are reasonable, starting from $10.95 monthly. The premium version enables you to access advanced features, run unlimited module time and get priority when it comes to email support.

Tips to Use Spotify Bots

Tips to Use Spotify Bots

Before using a Spotify bot, you should also take precautions and beware of account suspension. It would be best if you avoided this by all means. Every activity on the Spotify platform can be automated using advanced technology today.

But, Spotify is also keen at taking down suspicious accounts with fraudulent streams. So, immediately the algorithm detects, you won't like it. Either they deactivate your account or suspend it, which means you start once again. It would help if you avoided it. But, how do you go about it? Here is the solution:

  • Avoid misusing the Spotify bot because the anti-bot detects it and takes serious action when you constantly use it.
  • Go for the genuine and reliable merchant whose services comply with all the terms and conditions of the Spotify website.
  • Lastly, ensure your songs are high quality to attract a larger audience. No one loves listening to boring content.

The above list consists of the most reliable Spotify bots. These bots can help you market your content by increasing traffic, playtime, and followers. When you have sufficient time, you can create relevant and attractive content. Thus, use this third-party software to jumpstart your journey and increase engagement.

Never settle for any Spotify bot; go for reliable and genuine suppliers. Again, before purchasing, check out for the free trials. Get the best quality and make your account stand out from the rest.

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