21 Best Twitter Bots & Automation Tools in 2023

Are you tired of managing your multiple Twitter accounts? Using Twitter bots makes work easy. Our article has good news for you. We have highlighted the best Twitter bots to automate your tasks at an affordable cost.

Influencers and social media marketers need more exposure on the internet. Some of them have more than one Twitter account. Because of the limited time, it is hard to operate these accounts because they need frequent management. Sometimes, it is hard even to create bulk accounts to use in promoting a brand.

Due to this consequence, developers designed software to help automate bulk Twitter accounts. Hence, the introduction of Twitter bots. They have become common among people worldwide but, what are these Twitter bots?

What is a Twitter Bot?

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Before going into details about the best Twitter bots and things you need to consider before using them, let us define what a Twitter bot is. A Twitter bot is an automated software that can help you handle tedious twitter engagement activities even with your absence.

It automates tasks and can manage multiple accounts simultaneously while promoting your brand on social media. To engage on Twitter, you need active followers daily. But in most cases, people do not have that time to engage their audience, thus need for Twitter bots.

Twitter bots are powerful automation tools that can auto comment, like, repost, and generate relevant hashtags that can promote your brand. It helps you compliment other people's content and, in return, get exposure to a large audience through your tweets. If you are busy throughout, then Twitter bots might be your answer.

What Need to Know Before Using Twitter Bots?

Need to Know Before Using Twitter Bots

There are several things you need to understand or avoid before using Twitter bots. If you avoid them or go against the terms and conditions, it is easy to block or ban your accounts. Read them carefully.

1. Spammy Behavior

Avoid spammy behavior like commenting or liking content at a faster rate. When you use a bot faster, your account will likely raise the alarm as it looks spammy. This tips off the twitter anti-spam software, and your account is at risk to be banned if not suspended. Also, your account might look spammy when you target the wrong audience. This can also tip off the anti-spam software to block you.

2. Bad Experience

Sometimes when a client asks you about a bad experience, you should not generate a response using a bot. It might be irrelevant to the question asked, thus creating a public relations nightmare. This is because it goes viral in a few seconds, and it gives you a headache when you realize this. Therefore, you should also pay attention to your audience and reply either on comment or DM appropriately to avoid a PR nightmare.

3. Go Manual Sometimes

Do not use Twitter as a robot because the followers can quickly realize it by using generic tweets. If the followers realize it, your account will likely suffer due to a lack of actual entity because the audience wants to engage with the real people, which is essential when promoting your brand. Automate a few times but also do it manually a few times a week.

4. Consistency

Your tweets on the platform must have a consistent voice. So, when using generic and manual tweets, ensure you maintain the voice. Else, the audience can notice and shy away from your brands. This also causes a PR nightmare that followers cannot forget easily. Stick to the voice on social media regardless of the method you are using.

Best Twitter Bot

1. Sprout Social

Sprout Social twitter

  • Cost: Starts at $89 per month billed annually
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

Sprout Social is a good Twitter bot. It is preferred for the large businesses that take twitter seriously for their daily operation. Go for Sprout social bot if you are an entrepreneur and need to manage your accounts even with limited time.

The main goal of this company is to eliminate your search for others. Instead, you can use sprout social for anything it takes to grow your Twitter account. This is an excellent move and presents an excellent reason to try them. And above all, it does not only work on Twitter, but you can link all your social media accounts together and post content simultaneously.

The bot can help you schedule, queue, and draft your Tweets as well as publishing. They also offer android and iOS applications. One of their exciting things is that you can multitask or manage bulk accounts easily without being detected.

2. SocialPilot

  • Cost: Starts at $30 monthly -professional
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

SocialPilot is also the best Twitter bot for those marketers who need to diversify their Twitter followers. The developers are constantly improving to make it even better.

They can help you automate every task not limited to scheduling posts, queue, boosting posts, reposting, managing bulk accounts, GIF support, integrating with canvas, drafting targeting audience, mentions, analyzing posts performance, and even scheduling posts from RSS feeds. There are many other tasks you can only command, sit back and let it work for you.

This is a perfect bot for Twitter and all social media platforms and comes with instant call-to-action features. The whole process is easy and enjoyable. Experience no more stress when managing your Twitter profile because you have all the control. All packages are delivered instantly, and you have 14 trial days. You can cancel or change plans anytime.

3. Crowdfire


  • Cost: Starts at $9.9 monthly-5 accounts
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

If you are searching for a simple method of managing  Twitter accounts and other social media platforms, we recommend you try out the Crowdfire tool. It is practical yet simple in automating your multiple Twitter accounts and improving their engagement. It helps you grow your online presence at a smaller charge.

This tool can also help you schedule posts, queue, repost, retweet in advance, and even customize to look appealing. There are a lot of features that make us love these guys. They can tailor your posts to a specific target, it is secure with advanced scheduling, and all these features have an affordable price tag. But again, they offer a free trial where you can manage up to 3 accounts. This is terrific for you to enjoy all mentions, content curations, and analytics.

4. Followersup

  • Cost: starts at $7 – 100 followers
  • Type: Twitter bot

The way Followersup operates offers services, and pricing resembles Media Mister. This means you can only pay for what you want to receive. They not only work well on Twitter, but they are also perfect on other platforms. The customer interface is simple to operate. No need to search the tools; everything is under one homepage. To find twitter features, it only takes you the shortest time possible. You can use this bot to automate liking, followers, and retweets.

It does not have a free trial, but rather, it can offer you free likes and followers on a few social media platforms. Their pricing is visible with no hidden cost. We can consider it as the cheapest premium service provider on the market. Quick delivery, and is 100% safe with good customer support

5. Mr. Insta

  • Cost:Starts at $15 – 250 followers
  • Type: Twitter bot

Mr. Insta is another good Twitter bot, but it also supports other platforms.  When you need to get followers on your Twitter account at an affordable cost, try this bot. It is a perfect Twitter growth tool. However, it only offers followers. But the guys are promising and ready to increase your engagement in a few simple steps. They guarantee quick results when you buy their  Twitter followers. It is safe, private, and secure; they take your privacy seriously.

They also have 24/7 customer support on their website, and when their followers drop, they promise to refill at no cost. Try and let your Twitter account gain recognition with increased engagement.

6. Media Mister

Media Mister twitter

  • Cost: Starts at $4 – 50 followers worldwide
  • Type: Twitter bot

Media Mister is another perfect Twitter bot, and you have probably heard about it.  They are the first to start social media marketing hence have been online for a long time. They have gained customer trust and have a good reputation. They are working hard to make everything happen.

They offer many services that no other Twitter bots can offer. Besides likes, followers, comments, views, and retweets, this bot can also sell poll votes and impressions. When selecting the services, users must also consider the USA, UAE, and a few African countries. The price depends on these aspects.

Due to the advanced features, they are now trending and considered as a reputable site to help you with your Twitter tasks. The pricing is tied up with the services. Customer support is also excellent, but you must not change your Twitter username upon subscription to receive the features.

7. Social Viral

Social Viral twitter

  • Cost: Starts at $2.99 – 50 followers
  • Type: Twitter bot

Social Viral is also our good choice when selecting the best Twitter bots. This is because they understand how things work. It supports most of the social media platforms other than Twitter. You Can use this online-based bot to buy followers, likes, and tweets at your fingertips. These services increase metrics that are important and count for your Twitter growth. Their website claims that their services are authentic and genuine to take your presence to the next level.

Social viral guarantees fast delivery at an affordable price. The services are transparent with no hidden charges. They have a detailed website, and customer support is also available to help you.

8. Agora Pulse

Agora Pulse twitter

  • Cost: Starts at $99 monthly
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

AgoraPulse is a social media platform automation tool. It is popular among users on the market and is considered the most reliable Twitter bot. There is no reason for you to refuse their services. Other than premium packages, they have a free version for the new users through limitations.

They offer a helping hand when it comes to Twitter automation. This is a go-to solution to meet all your Twitter engagements needs. It has many features that are worth your attention. You can use it to manage bulk Twitter accounts and remove any trolls letting your profile down.

It also has pre-planned templates that are useful when replying to comments of your tweets. This is an excellent Twitter bot with a high standard among others on the market.

9. Hootsuite


  • Cost: Starts  at $19 monthly- 1 user
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

This is a Twitter bot company that we are confident about their features. It is the superpower of social media automation. It might intimidate you to get started, but it is a perfect choice to help you carry out Twitter activities. It is valuable and influential in growing your Twitter account.

The tool comes with great features that help you curate your content on Twitter to meet their demands. It also produces unique content that you cannot find anywhere else on social media. This is an added advantage. But again, you can use it to manage multiple Twitter accounts, access all messages in one inbox, schedule unlimited posts and post at the optimal time for maximum engagement. All Premium packages come with a 30-day free trial.

10. Buffer


  • Cost: It starts at $6 monthly
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

Buffer is a Twitter automation tool that works with the same technique as AgoraPulse. It can help you tweet in short bursts and get your account increased engagement. The guys are here to serve you with any tasks on social media platforms. While they can curate your content to fit the audience, they can also help you get the target audience and engage with them. Therefore, this is a great networking tool on almost all social media platforms.

Using this Twitter bot, you can draft, plan, and publish your content on your Twitter profile. It is the best tool due to its sophistication and convenience of use. The bot is effective in carrying out tasks. They have a free version that can manage 3 accounts, but to enjoy complete control, get an affordable premium account that comes with a landing page builder, analytic tool, engagement tool, tailoring posts and shortening links, as well as a multi-channel campaign.

11. Circleboom

Circleboom twitter

  • Cost: Starts at 7.99 monthly billed annually
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

This is an intuitive Twitter management bot, and it falls in the Twitter management tool category. You can use it to brand and strengthen your Twitter account. What makes us value it is that they offer a free trial to get you started. Many of the clients trust them, and features are displayed depending on your category. You can enjoy advanced services when you join their paid versions, either pro, premium, or business. It can also be used to multi-task or manage bulk accounts.

It is one of the perfect bots to queue, schedule posts, and enjoy its design tool. It is super easy to use it to upload your tweets. They always keep everything simple.

12. Audiense


  • Cost: Starts at $39 monthly- billed annually
  • Type: Twitter automation tool

We have included the Audiense bot on our best Twitter bot list due to its popularity. It is the best automation tool for new users. It is easy to use and needs minimal effort to implement on your Twitter account. They have customers around the globe, and using any pricing plan puts you on the same level to enjoy the broad base. You can connect with influence within your brand's niche and use DM  campaign features to reach out to your potential Twitter audience.

Some users find it complicated, but it is so simple because signing up is free. The free version has limited options on Twitter marketing, but the premium one can boost your Twitter performance, profile the report and segment your audience.

13. Tweeteev


  • Cost: It starts at $15 per week.

This Twitter bot is underrated on the market, but it offers honest account management services. They always keep it simple but effective and have an accurate twitter automation tool you need to jumpstart your dream. It primarily targets the audience and specializes in offering real followers.

When you tell them your niche, they automatically find you the real twitter audience to grow your brand. Standard is their affordable entry point that can help grow Twitter accounts and unlock the most advanced features.

It is a safe bot to use and can never expose your account to bans. They have a vast web partner which helps in promoting your account. Expect what you pay for when using this automation bot.

14. Twesocial


  • Cost: It starts at $15 per week.

This is a managed growth company that offers a tool to help manage your Twitter account. They use a perfect strategy to increase your Twitter engagement to your desired level. They mainly offer followers at an affordable price. From their website, they claim that the followers are real hence promoting organic growth.

The packages come with advanced features and expect 100$ satisfaction. If you feel they don't meet your expectations, you can request a refund within 14 days. However, they have over 7k happy customers and more than 10k active users.

There are a good number of reasons why you should select it. It offers advanced targeting features based on the topic of your tweet. You can use it to supercharge your audience. Just set and forget; the marketers will handle everything for you.

15. TweetFull


  • Cost: Starts at $15 monthly

Tweetfull is a good Twitter bot, but it employs a different strategy. Its operation mission tries to employ the Artificial Intelligence technique to grow your Twitter account with real followers. To this extent, they recorded over 48 million followers with more than 92 million leads. Hug goodbye to suspensions and use this bot for faster growth. It is trusted by many businesses and mainly targets influencers, marketers, bloggers, and managers.

Tweetfull uses keywords and competitors to get you clean followers and spark your engagement with consistent content. They have a browser extension, and their pricing is affordable on the market. It also offers a tool to use to unlike or unfollow as it takes your account to maximum potential. All Customers have 7 days to request a refund.

16. Tweet Attacks Pro

  • Cost: Starts at $64.2 lifetime- one account.

TweetAttacksPro 5  also claims that it is the best twitter bot on the market. We tested and found that it was designed to automate Twitter accounts with follows, follow back, tweets, retweet, reply, delete, un-retweet, ads, favorites, and many other features.

Above all, you can use this bot also to customize  DMs for new followers. It complies with the Twitter API conditions and gives each account a different setting when operating bulk Twitter accounts. It prevents accounts from being banned.

You can start with their free version or have complete control by upgrading to a premium one. All of which comes with a 7 days trial version at $7. It is a bit expensive but offers a lifetime license.

17. Manage Flitter

Manage Flitter

  • Cost: Starts at $12 monthly – one account.

This is also a good Twitter bot, but most of its features like follows and unfollows were removed as per twitter requests. Today, they are encouraging people to work smarter using this bot. This is because it aims at saving your time. It is perfect at helping you with PowerPoint features and ranks you, and get more visibility and engagement of your tweet.  Besides, they also offer analytic reports to help you understand long-term Twitter trends.

Also, this bot can help you clean up the account, tweeting, and engagement with limited features. This is one way of growing your Twitter accounts. When you upgrade, you can enjoy immediate access and cancel anytime.

18. Twilert


  • Cost: Starts at $9 per month
  • Type: Twitter bot

Twilert bot uses a google alert technique. It is simple to use. Just connect your Twitter account to the services they offer and give them the keyword. When Twitter accounts start to grow, they always send messages to your inbox to alert you in the long run.

They can work on your account and start getting mentions. This is a good move in creating interaction and gaining new followers or reach. It does not only automate your account but also keeps your reputation on social media platforms.

Twilert is a perfect choice when you need to stay on top of the mentions and interact with an individual as well as group users while promoting a brand on Twitter. It also offers private messages that meet your needs. They also offer a free trial.

19. Tweepi


  • Cost: It starts at $10.75 monthly
  • Type: Twitter bot

Tweepi is a company that offers Twitter automation tools. They work on growth and use this bot to identify inactive followers and purge your Twitter account only to keep engaging the audience. When it comes to knowing your target audience, this is a perfect choice for you.

This is because when you understand them, you can curate content to cater to their needs. It also puts your tweets in front of your followers and replaces inactive clients. Their services are driven by artificial intelligence.

You can use Tweepi to identify relevant hashtags, mentions, retweets, likes, and target users by location and language. It also protects you from possible twitter suspension, and managing multiple accounts has never been their issue. Try and enjoy the fruits.

20. Twiends

  • Cost: Free
  • Type: Twitter bot

Twiend is a solid contender, and we consider it as the best free Twitter bot. They can help you connect with new followers on Twitter. It was mainly designed to help grow Twitter accounts through automation. Their homepage is impressive and features a lot of things that can help rank higher on Twitter.

These guys are honest and can help you grow your audience and track new followers while complying with the Twitter terms and conditions. It uses a discovery method to get new followers. They are listed by country and interest. Currently, they are sevrvu=ing over 50k active users. Buy real promotions and increase your organic reach through their legit promotion that attracts targeted real audiences on your Twitter.

21. TweetAngels

TweetAngels tweeter bot

  • Cost:Starts at $29.99- 500 targeted followers
  • Type: Twitter bot

TweetAngels is a social media bot to buy targeted Twitter followers, engine growth and automatic engagement. It is a self-service growth tool that was founded in 2010. It is also compatible with other social media platforms besides Twitter. On their website, they guarantee to deliver 100% genuine followers.

They offer competitive pricing with advanced features. With their premium package, you can also target the target audience using keyword niche by location. They can deliver their services within 3 weeks and guarantee all customers no drop.


Increasing your Twitter engagement and reach is hectic. It is even harder to promote a brand on Twitter due to limited time. Using Twitter bots saves your time, effort, and resources. Bots are effective in outsourcing your online presence and increasing your target audience. To give your Twitter the best, invest in the right automation bot. Avoid buying fake Twitter followers and use bots to engage your audience when you are away.

Before committing to one of the best twitters from the above list, test. The above bots ensure high quality and have an exceptional reputation on the market.  Choose based on your budget to jumpstart your profile and become visible to the actual audience.

John Rooney

John Rooney

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