The Shit Bot Review

Are you a Nike sneakers superfan? The Shit Bot brings you the best way to cop all your favorite Nike sneakers. This article brings you everything there is to know about this bot.

If you are a sneakerhead, you probably know that the best sneakers are often limited and hard to get. This is especially true with Nike shoes. The famous brand produces some limited edition shoes every month and they are usually sold out in just a few seconds. To be able to buy them you will have to spend hours in queues or waiting for the online release.

Some have been limited release and therefore hard to get hold of, others have been harder to buy because they’re so popular. Unfortunately, even the most popular, seem hard to get at times, because you are never the only one awaiting their release.

But, all this has now been made easier! With a few clicks of the mouse, you can run and buy the latest Nike sneakers on multiple sites at once. All you need for this is The Shit Bot. The bot is made to automate the process as much as possible. so that you can easily snag your favorite sneakers without having to worry about doing it manually (and missing out).

The Shit Bot Review

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The Shit Bot for copping Nike shoes is an interesting concept: a bot that will help you get your hands on some very hot Nike sneakers. It is designed to be used by anyone who wants to get their hands on limited-edition sneakers but doesn't want to wait in line or deal with other people's bad manners at retail locations.

So, The Shit Bot is essentially software that helps you make online purchases at lightning speed. Firstly, the software identifies the website on which your Nike sneakers are available. It analyzes it, learns about its speed, and then replaces it with its own in-built design so that you have a faster speed to shop.

The Shit Bot also includes proxies that allow you to mask your IP address. This lets you run multiple accounts without getting banned. The most important function of the Shit Bot is fast checkout. By adding items to shopping carts and checking out faster than humanly possible, the bot increases your chances of getting the most coveted Nike edition.

  • Wide support location of over 50 countries plus
  • Welcoming and customizable user settings
  • Reliable Support team with regular updates on their services
  • Proxy support is useful in evading bans
  • Compatible with Windows OS only,
  • Valid for Nike sneakers only

Features of The Shit Bot

Are you tired of missing out on hot Nike sneakers every time they are released? Here are some of the features The Shit Bot comes with to get you the best releases.

1. Proxy Support

The Shit bot simulates real-user behavior and makes purchases on your behalf so that you can get the sneakers you want.


However, if you do not use a proxy with the bot, chances are that your IP address will be blocked by sites like Nike after making too many purchases in a short time. So, you need to make it look like the purchases are being made from different IP addresses so that the site does not flag your account. This is where proxies come into play! The proxies help to hide your IP address and make it look like the requests are coming from different IP addresses.

2. Multiple Captcha Services Supported

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Captcha solving services are used to solve captcha codes when logging into an account or making a purchase. The service can be used in different ways, depending on the function of the site where it is being used. However, in general terms, it is used to prevent automated programs from accessing a website by providing human verification.

When it comes to the sneaker release process, there is often a time limit for checkout. This in addition to many sites using multiple captchas, means you'll need more than one program to complete a sneaker purchase. So the captcha technology helps to make sure you don't miss out on the sneaker release.

3. Auto Checkout (Sizes, Profile Data, and Shipping Info Included)

Shit Bot Auto Checkout

The auto-checkout feature allows users the ability to buy sneakers at an incredibly fast rate. This is especially useful when a “drop” is happening. A drop, also known as a release, is a period of time in which a shoe goes on sale. The number of people trying to buy the same shoe at the same time creates competition and makes it hard to get your hands on them. This is where the auto-checkout feature comes into play.

Price of The Shit Bot


With Nike releasing their top sale sneakers as a first come first served feature. The shit bot is the only best Nike bot that you can rely on for a guaranteed fast purchase. The Shit bot sells at $999 per year.

Its retail price, though, is $299. This is a costly charge for first-time users, but for serious sneakerheads, it's a great way to get Nike. If you are afraid of this amount being too much, wait until you see your peers making profits from the Nike editions they resell. Moreover, the Shit bot comes with a 96% success rate. So you are assured of tremendous purchases.

How to Use The Shit Bot?

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The best shoe bots have a lot of sophisticated tagging, but they're also easy to use. The Shit Bot isn't different either. Once you have made your purchase, and have your license, it won't be complicated for you to install the bot.

log in to your TSB and click on [bots] on the left menu. There, you'll find a list of all your accounts and the proxies that you've added to them. To add more proxies, go back to your TSB and add them under [proxies].

Once more you need to make sure you have the bot well set up with your notifications, payment, and check-out details. After all of this, you should be ready to automate your orders for free. There are no restrictions on how many pairs you can purchase, and you can check the status of each order with one click. This is useful if you're trying to sell a lot of shoes fast.

The bot will tell you when it's time to place your next order, so there's no need to keep checking manually. You can also add it as a shortcut in your browser and check its status without opening an incognito tab. After that, it works just like any other browser bot. Finally, add your jobs and leave the bot running.

When you're not around, everything will continue to run on autopilot, even if the proxy is down. However, if someone does break into your data center and flips a switch on the machine, your bot will stop working. This will be as soon as it realizes that it no longer has a connection to the internet (something you may need to be monitoring periodically).

Do We Recommend The Shit Bot

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Among many bots that can make purchases for Nike sneakers. The Shit bot is definitely the best one we could recommend for you.

The bot understands what it's looking for as long as you had your prior setup well addressed. The setup includes providing your size, color, choosing a style and price range, and telling it where to find the shoes. If you are too busy to follow up, the bot will complete matching your preorders and auto-checkout from the site.

So the Shit Bot is the best you can have so far for Nike shoes. When you are ready to make your purchase for the Shit bot, you can always find it available for purchase on the Shit bot website. If you miss out, there is always a restock twice a month. You keep an eye on their Twitter page for a restocking date.


If you have been thinking of getting the best Nike sneakers, you now have what it takes to get the best editions. Consistency is the best way to make it but then you have to be sure you follow up Shit bots website for the latest news about the bot.

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