Oxylabs: A Trustable Proxy Service Provider

The work that you could do with the Oxylabs has no boundaries. What I mean here is that you can run any project using their proxies and the results would be awesome. There are rotating residential proxies which this service provides and you will find the service to be useful in all aspects.

There are 100 million IPs in their pool which makes it one of the best services of all time. It is fast, reliable, and efficient to work with. The authentication techniques that are offered by this service use username, password, and IP authentication. The geo-targeting is also good as compared to the other services and therefore it is one of the services that you would want to enjoy.

Why do we recommend Oxylabs?

There are many advantages of using this service and therefore it is highly recommended to all. If you are trying to get data to verify the authenticity you will be provided with the wrong info and you don’t know it.

This is because the datacenter IP that is being used for the data extraction is detected by the website. The web owners see this as a potential threat and therefore false info is fed. The use of Oxylabs means that you are using the datacenter proxies to get the work done. These are neither detected nor are they blocked as they are regarded as normal users.

This is one of the advantages that make Oxylabs as one of the best services on the internet. With this, you are sure to get the advantages that are not provided by anyone else. Apart from this, many other advantages are offered by this service and this section will deal with all of these.

Hoard of Tasks Included

Many tasks can be completed if you are using the Oxylabs proxies for the work. This means that you can use Oxylabs for tasks such as account management, ad verification, application performance, brand protection, cybersecurity, data collection, fraud protection, price comparison, talent sourcing, and any other task that you deem fit. This is one of the best and most advantageous aspects of using this proxy service. This also means that you can get any project completed that you can think of. The projects that have been mentioned here are the ones that are extracted after data collection from the users. With Oxylabs you get the data by tricking the websites that you are a residential user when the data at the backend is extracted for the business purpose.

Price Comparison

This is another important aspect for which the Oxylabs is used and known for. The thinking behind is that a product that is sold in your region for $50 might be available for the other users at a discounted price of $30 and this is the main reason for which the residential proxies are used. The demographics are always recognized by the businesses and the prices are set accordingly. This is one of the best advantages of using Oxylabs proxies. It is also important that you get enough discounts and more things are purchased and this is only possible if you are using the residential proxies of Oxylabs. The sneaker sites, for instance, make sure that different products are sold at different prices for different regions. The residential proxies of Oxylabs make sure that you get the best prices and ultimately save.

Ads Verification

Ads verification has been regarded as one of the best tools to make sure that the ad companies are lured. This is done by using the residential proxies and it also means that you get the services that are state of the art. By using Oxylabs you will get to know the ads that are displayed to the users that are browsing the internet in the UK and they are different for the users that are using the internet in the USA. The trust that the residential proxies of Oxylabs enjoy is matchless and this also allows you to lure the adverts companies that are partnering with your rivals. The best part of the process is that you never get caught. It is because the requests to the competitor website are routed through the residential connections. The website of your competitor will never get to know that you are extracting data and want to take up the pace to match their level. You can also check that your ads are being displayed as per the agreement with the website and residential proxies make it too easy for you.

Scraping Performance

The scraping is the main idea for which the Oxylabs is known for and the results in this regard have shown that this performance is decent. For the top 10 websites, the data scraping success rate is 87% which is good than most of the proxy services that are out on the internet. These proxies make sure that the scraping is done easily and maximum results are garnered. The best part of this service is that it is backed by the team that is expert in data scraping and has the years-long experience to make sure that the best results are generated. The experience has been incorporated with the services that are provided and this makes this company one of the best. For web scraping, this service is one of the best owing to the success rate it has.

Response Time

This has also been tested thoroughly and we have found that the speed is enough for you to get any project completed. The time that a proxy server requires to receive the response from the target website is known as the response time. The average response time that is required by the Oxylabs proxies is 4.33 seconds which is good because the pool is large and the IP has rotated automatically. For residential proxies, the response time was even lowered to 3.49 seconds and this also means that the performance of this service is decent and you can get it for nominal rates. This response time also gets it to stand among the service providers that are high end. In the proxy service market, Oxylabs has a solid name and kudos to the team that backs the entire service line.

Connection Speed

The data that can be transmitted to and from a website per minute or as the case may be is known as the connection speed. In terms of this speed, Oxylabs has a far greater advantage as compared to the rivals and this also makes this service one of the best. The internet speed tools as well as the overall mechanism that is associated with the Oxylabs network the speed that has been gauged comes out to be just perfect for any size of the project you are working on. The technical aspects are also great and at 81ms ping, 24.31 Mbps download speed, and 17.79 Mbps upload speed you will get the best and state of the art results regardless of the project that you have been working on.

Account Manager

It is also one of the features of Oxylabs that makes it one of the best services on the internet. The best part is that once you get any of their plans you are given the account manager. It is not only easy to use but also ensures that you get to understand each aspect. The different tabs are laid out in this dashboard and you can easily use the service with perfection. It is also easy to get the best and state of the art results and this also means that you will never have to get into issues at all. You can also recharge your account and contact the customer service for the technical issues. With the best and state of the art results, you are sure to get the service manager that is state of the art.

Ease of Use

This is another important aspect that makes Oxylabs as one of the best choices of all times. The dashboard is easy to use and if you take a look at the left tab there are all services listed there. The user manager, IP manager, entry points, and the documentation has all be listed there to make sure that you never get into trouble. The stats and logs are also presented there which means that you will get the overall mechanism that is easy to use and understand. This ease of use is also one of the strongest selling points of the service. The best part is that these are the only 4 sections that you will have to navigate just once to master the usage of the Oxylabs manager. The monthly data usage, as well as the traffic during renewal stats, are also presented to get you the best outcome and gauge the amount of data that is being used.

Trial and Refund

This is not a pro for most of the service providers and there is a valid reason for that. It is because the premium services like Oxylabs do not provide a free trial to the users. These companies are of the view that the portfolio they have is all that they need to convince the new users. In the case of Oxylabs, the scenario is completely different. They do not care that whether or not the proxy users abuse the service as there are some restrictions. The service provides free trial for 7 days and once you are satisfied with the services you can also purchase the service and there is a 7 days refund policy applicable on top of that. It simply means that the company cares about the users and want to expand the customer base to any extent possible. The request form on the website can be filled out to get the 7 days trial. The same form is used for the refund if you are not happy with the service. The best part is that no questions are asked.

Data Center Proxies

Apart from the residential proxies, it is also important to note that the data center proxies are also provided by the service. The data center proxies that these services provide are state of the art and the success rate is greater than the other services that are on the internet. The best part of the data center proxies of Oxylabs is that they cover a wider geographical area. The Oxylabs data center proxies are spanned over 100+ countries and cover 6 continents.

This also means that you get the best and the state of the art services. The issue of their data center proxies getting blocked is also limited. The best part is that the data center proxies that the company provides come with a 7-day trial and there is no requirement of any credit card at all.

Features of Data Center Proxies

Certain features make Oxylabs data center proxies unique. These features are described as under so that you get to know the advancement in the systems of this service and how it surpasses others.

  • There are 1.5+ million dedicated proxies that are offered to the users by the company.
  • The locations base is being expanded with the passage of time and the best part is that currently a wide range is also covered to ease the customers.
  • The uptime for the data center proxies of Oxylabs is 99.9% which is much greater than the other service providers.
  • There are 80+ data centers of the company that is located all over the world.
  • The IP that is provided to the users is completely private.
  • The bandwidth for the data center proxies is unlimited.
  • You can generate unlimited sessions at the same time which increases efficiency.
  • The bandwidth and the targets are also limitless and this also makes these data center proxies more reliable.
  • These proxies can also protect the brand that is the most important thing and this is the intellectual property of yours. It means that there will be a revenue increase and the reputation of the company will also be protected.

The Authentication

Once you ask for the free trial you will get the reply asking for the Oxylabs product that you are interested in. In addition to this, you will also be asked to name the solution that you have been using and the target websites. The key to the proxies will be provided once you provide all the required information. They might also ask how many proxies are required per month and is there any particular location that you are interested in.

You will get the login account proxies once the info has been shared. You login and get access to the proxies that they provide. The company provides you with login, password, and IP whitelist authentication. You can provide the list of IPs that will then be whitelisted and there is no need to login for authentication. The firewall exception is added to whitelist the IP and this also makes the authentication easy and there is no hassle of username and password.

The ports that you have to use in this regard are different and if you are using the login credentials then the proxy port is 60000. In case you are using the whitelisted IP then the port 65432 is to be used to get the work done. If the rotation is being used then it is important to note that the port number 60000 will be used by default. The Oxylabs also asks the customers not to access Google and Amazon if datacenter proxies are being used.

Residential Proxies

This is an IP that is provided by the ISP to the home-based internet users. The geographical websites change their content as per the browsing location. This is the proxy service that will make sure that you get the content that is based on the country of residential IP listed. Numerous uses have been explained earlier. When it comes to the residential proxies Oxylabs has a pool that is very much competitive. They provide you with 30M + residential IP which is a great number. These IPs are legit and you get the access that you require to any specific website. It is the best way to scrape data from any website you want as it is not deemed to be something out of ordinary.

These IP never get banned or blocked and it is because the rotating of the IP is done at regular intervals. The P2P or peer to peer network service is provided to make sure that the ISP provided IP address is used. The best of their residential proxies is also that they are deemed to be ordinary people at home that are surfing the website. The compatibility with the scraping bots, zero captchas, 100% anonymity, great session control, unlimited sessions, and unlimited targets these proxies have proven themselves over time.

Price Plans

Different price plans are offered by the service. The dedicated proxies have different rates for the US and the rest of the world. These plans are mentioned as follows:

US-based plans

Entry Plan – The price is $180 per month there is unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains to target. There are 100 IP included and price per IP would be $1.80

Advanced Plan – This includes 500 IP and the cost per IP would be $1.60. The monthly cost would be $800.

Pro Plan – This plan will cost you about $1500 per month and the price per IP is $1.50. You will get 1,000 IPs in this plan. This is also regarded as their most popular plan of all.

Enterprise Plan – The price per IP would be $1.20 and you will get 5,000 IP at the rate of $6000 per month.

Rest of the World based Plans

The plans including IPs from the rest of the world are a bit expensive and these are listed as below. Please note that all other factors remain the same as compared to the US-based IP plans.

Entry Plan – This will cost you $400 per month and the per IP price would be $4.

Advanced Plan – Includes 500 IP and price per IP would be $3.50. Monthly charges are $1,750.

Pro Plan – It will cost you $3 per IP and 1,000 IP will be provided at the rate of $3,000 per month.

Enterprise Plan – Will get you 5,000 IP and the price per IP would be $2.5 and the cost per month would be $12,000.

Residential Plans

4 plans are offered in this regard and these are mentioned as follows for better understanding. All plans offer city based geo targeting as well.

Entry Residential Plan – It includes 20GB of bandwidth and the minimum monthly commitment is $300. The price per GB would be $15.

Basic Residential Plan – Includes 50GB and the price per GB would be $12. The minimum monthly commitment is $600.

Pro Residential Plans – It includes 100GB of data and the cost per GB would be $9 only. For this plan, the minimum monthly commitment is $900.

Enterprise Residential Plan – The cost per GB is $5 only and the minimum monthly commitment is $5000. The bandwidth that you enjoy while being on this plan is 1TB.


Oxylabs is one of those services that have made a name and it is all because of the best services that they provide. The packages are divided in such a manner that the overall usage of the service becomes easy and straightforward. The packages of the company also allow a wider user segmentation to get the services that will increase the customer base.

The future of the company is too bright as the services are up to the mark and the best part of the company is the fact that it also allows the users to overcome the issues that are presented by traditional services. This is all done by embedding quality in what they do. The user ratings and reviews are also high as compared to the other service providers.

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